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Current PSA to fellow arachnaphobes. Mix equal parts pure lemon juice and water. Soak a cloth in the mixture. Wipe around door and window frames. Congratulations, enjoy your spider-free accomodation!
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@Poohead, I bought Turtle Beach headphones and still can't get over the fact they loop your own voice so you can hear yourself. I keep thinking we have one more in the group than we actually do.
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Tex, I have a gritty superhero RP on the go with an awesome group. Everyone has been posting pretty damn quick. I can only manage one every two days or so as GM, but that hasn't stopped the rest.
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Mae, Autumn is by far the nicest time of the year. Pagan festivals, brilliant colours, and a plentiful supply of children to ritualistically murder. This is the only time they actually come to you!
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Praedyth sounds like the kind of person I'd get on well with :-P Also, Andromedai, if you need a sounding board or plot/NPC ideas, hit me up! I'm damn good at both, even if I do say so myself ^.^
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Well, where to begin?

I found my love of roleplays through a brief block of sessions of D&D when I screwed up enough and brought an class from an entirely different plane to join the main party. After following the plot to the end - which involved our dwarven pilot flying a gunship while simultaneously controlling 4 cannons by tying string around them - we ended up crashing through a portal onto a different plane. When attempting to formulate a plan, one of the PCs delivered a line that has stayed with me ever since.

"Ask the artificer, he's already done it once."

Since then, I've done a 3+ year RP between two players - using the FATE system - in which we created an entire city through creating mentally unstable characters and callus cold-blooded killers. One particularly nasty NPC came about by a sheer accident, when the melee-build character out-snarked the diplomat. Which was much more fun than it sounds. Had a bad experience with this site before, in which the GM didn't plan far enough ahead to include any NPCs whatsoever, and the other characters had no interest in Player-to-Player interactions outside of their own 2-man group. Needless to say, it died with incredible speed, which was a shame.

But I was tempted back by a friend to play a Pokemon RP despite having no knowledge whatsoever of the topic outside of Gen 1 stuff, and even that was years ago. Despite everything, I've not only been holding my own, but coming up with a completely separate sub-plot from the main plot, and making the GM's life a misery. (Sorry Zan!)

My writing style draws heavily from the likes of Worm and The Dresden Files, which means I can do a great deal of two things. Snark and Escalation. Outside of that, I like to think i'm a dynamic roleplayer, but I prefer sticking to High Fantasy sort of settings. Anything Slice of Life-y doesn't do it for me. Unless i'm slinging magic, psuedo-magic or demons (while snarking at whoever is unlucky enough to warrant it) I feel as though I could be doing something more entertaining with my time. When it comes to RP systems, I enjoy FATE or narrative based things.

My first RP which I am GMing on this site is themed around Dragon Age as carried on from the far superior (in my humble opinion) plot of the first game.

That's pretty much all there is to know about me that people would actually care about. I'll update it as I do with important changes or epic moments. Until then, feel free to PM me if you have questions or invites to stuff, and i'll respond as soon as I can. ^.^

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@DuoyaAwesome ^.^

@KiddoI was going to say Sickle may notice the dropping girl when he turns to see Dragon, but he may also be too terrified to do anything, so you might have a point there. =P

@PlatinumSkink"When frozen, I want Septima’s portals to banish the frozen fields" That is actually a terrific idea. I'll admit to not having thought of it myself =P
Thinker Cup Cafe

Downtown Boston

21st January, 2011

It had taken a massive amount of self-control to pull herself away from the base, given the events spiralling out of control in Dorchester. Her last received report placed the Covenant on-scene. Vulcan was itching to step up to the plate, but sending in any more Gladius reinforcements would ramp up the Protectorate response - if more weren’t already on the way to handle Sickle and his gang of misfits.

Still, it stuck in her throat to let him walk free.

That’s why she was here.

The cafe looked quaint from the outside, but otherwise unremarkable. It was the perfect place for a low-key meeting between parahumans, she noted. Was that intentional? This ‘Toxic Taint’ seemed as though she knew what she was doing, but that was an easy thing to fake, if you put your mind to it.

Whetstone glanced into a nearby car window to check she was presentable. She wore a simple suit, with a knee-length black skirt, white blouse and a heavier black business jacket to keep the winter cold at bay. Wrapped around her neck was a bright red scarf - the same one she wore in costume, but it looked like any other scarf, so wouldn’t cause a problem. Stylish, slim sunglasses hid her eye colour and shrouded her face while also providing protection from the low winter sun. Win win. Her shoulder-length, brown hair hung down rather than the way she wore it normally. Anything to make her a little less identifiable to the general public was a bonus.

Satisfied, she entered the cafe.

Within seconds, she very nearly walked back out. The entire room stunk of burnt coffee and people. It was a sickly sweet, nauseating aroma that reminded her far too much of a faculty office. Nevertheless, she was here on business. Swallowing her disgust, a girl caught her eye at the back of the room. Crossing with purpose, she offered a hand to her.

“My contact, I presume? You know who I am. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

@Old Amsterdam

Gladius Border Territory


21st January, 2011

Sidestep’s senses exploded with information as her head snapped towards the street. Something was coming, and she sure as shit didn’t want to be here when it did. Kicking into gear, her fears were assured when her attacker yelled to run.

When an enemy tells you to run because of an ally, you do it, no questions asked.

She cleared the rooftop seconds before her previous position ceased to exist. Flipping off the ledge, she began to freefall. Using the single surviving chain, she wrapped it around a metal balcony and swinged closer to the ground. Curbstomp noticed her descent and used his power to give a platform to jump to.

Once she’d landed, he allowed the pillar to return to street level.

“Appreciated,” she said.

He shrugged. “Don’t mention it. We might wanna get out of here.”

Sidestep nodded. “Not getting paid enough for this shit.”

The two took off down a nearby alley.


Askaryan lightly chuckled. “That’s fine,” he said under his breath, “i’ll just enjoy the view.”

Pain flared up across the back of his leg, which he’d managed to forget about in the heat of combat. Adrenaline was already beginning to crash, though, and the knife wound hurt like hell. This chick was certainly handy with a knife. She’d be a good fit in Wonderland, he thought with a half-serious snigger.

“Few streets away,” he said. “Address is on Raven Street. I expect it’ll be pretty busy with people setting up to come here. Might have left by the time we get there. Doesn’t really matter, either way. So, what’s say we get going before we get banged up?”


The woman with the glowing pink powers tilted her head. “Of course, sweetheart. I went to all the trouble of saving you just so I could have you all to myself.” Carefully moving her hand, she ruffled the young girl’s hair. “No, stupid. If we wanted you dead, all we had to do was watch. Attacking Pipeline was a ballsy move, kid, even without that rampaging brute in the way. Just… try exercise more self-preservation in the future.”

Beside her, the scruffier man scratched the back of his head. “So… who are we running interference against?”

Shrugging, the jester kept spinning his cane.

“Anyone bar the Wards, I think,” the woman said. “And try not to kill Sickle.”

He chuckled. “No promises. Well, let’s get to it.”

As if on cue, the jester clicked his fingers together and a hole opened in a nearby wall, tinged with orange energy. These two stepped through, and it snapped shut.

“Best stay behind the shield, kid. Things are gonna get fun.”


Awwww, Sickle thought, she looked like she might have been worth my time.

No. Focus. That was right. He wasn’t done. Going through his mental checklist of stuff to do, he’d ticked off box one. Drive off Dragon. His intel hadn’t been lying. She was pretty unreal. Recruiting her could come later. Right now, he just needed her gone. It looked like she was retreating. With a bit of luck, she wouldn’t come back.

Number two. Ascertain the situation of the Wards. From his position, he could see Septima, Gestalt and Anomaly battling out the VTOL. He breathed a sigh of relief. Their new cape was one he’d heard about, but never seen in combat. Knight. She created frozen blocks of time, shaped into weapons and armour, and other useful tools. Not unlike himself, except with time, not blood. So that was Retribution’s daughter, huh?

Number three. Maintain the Wards safety by becoming the biggest threat on the field. This was a sticking point, though, as becoming the biggest target would then put him at odds with the people he was trying to protect. That being said, he could pull his punches. Goons wouldn’t. So. Time to get to work.

Coiling his arms around his body, he spun and launched both sickles at nearby goons, controlling the finer details of their movements manually. The first hit the neck of the Gladius member before spinning all the way around it, slicing it clean through. Blood spouted from the wound and ran down his body. The second dug into the goon’s heart, flooring him and making him bleed out.

Raising his hand, his four spears flung at Dragon leapt to his command above his head. One still had the screaming form of a Gladius soldier attached. Sickle grimly smiled under his mask, before using the other three spears to impale the man, clenching his fist and sending all four spear straight through his body. Blood rained down around him, the droplets stalling in mid air.

A disk of frozen time pinballed off Wonderland goons, sending them cartwheeling through the air. Sickle decided to play clay pigeons with them, impaling one mook with a spear each. Focusing on the droplets of blood in the air around him, he crystallized and hardened them, making a swarm of razor-sharp shards. With a click of his fingers, they began moving around him, getting faster and faster with every passing second.

One idiot decided to level a gun at him, but a single thought sent a flurry of shards through the man’s eyes and out the back of his head. With the shard storm catching the attention of pretty much everyone, he finally recalled his sickles, catching one in each hand.

“Alright!” he roared above the crowd. “I’m getting bored. I’ll give you to the count of five. Take the head start and run. It’ll make killing you that much more entertaining.”


Pipeline, seeing Sickle’s entrance, used the time to hobble off down the street in the direction of the Wonderland base. He didn’t have time to waste, and didn’t want to kill him yet, anyway. He was such a good fighter in the Circus.

@PlatinumSkink I'd say the force remains the same. If it didn't, she could feasibly create a massive field and crush everyone in a huge area. This would be hilarious, but also a bit fatalistic :-P

And that's fine, I'll edit the last post to have the VTOL roof tear off instead, and inflict light injuries to Gestalt.
Pro tagging strats right there. Accidentally mentioned @Username.

@POOHEAD189 Fixed. There we go.

@KiddoHe probably won't given your display. Contrary to his boasting, he's trying to drive people off rather than murder you all.

He'd have brought more blood in that case =P

The Streets

Downtown Boston

21st January, 2011

When the phone rang, it was instinct more than anything else that answered it. A voice down the other end of the line - sounding extremely exasperated - didn't even give a chance to say hello.

"A scuffle has broken out between Gladius and Wonderland in Dorchester," said the voice, recognisable as a Consortium handler that was responsible for handing down missions to operatives. "Every faction in the city, practically, has now gotten involved. Naturally, we can't let an opportunity like this pass us by without seeing if there is any potential for profit."

"Make your way to Dorchester. I need eyes on the scene. Engage any parahuman you can feasibly take down and eliminate them." The man's tone became even sterner, if such a thing was possbile. "Under no circumstances reveal your status as a Consortium operative. As far as anyone is concerned, you are an independant taking advantage of the situation. Should the Protectorate gets their hands on you, don't even think about telling them anything. Even if you are locked in a cell, you won't be safe from us."

"Are we clear?" barked the voice. "Good," he interrupted without giving any time to respond.

"Get moving. I expect results."

@ProPro@hagrodenSince you aren't embroiled in any specific conflict right now, I'll give it another few days. From now on, if everyone is alright with it, what I'll do is give people a week. If, after a week, they still haven't posted, I'll make a post to advance the scene using their character as an NPC. That way, if you can;t post or aren't around, we aren't holding anyone up. I will try to keep the post as in-keeping with the attitude of the character thus far, though.

I won't be able to post that much tonight since I'm super busy on work days, however I will make a sort IC post for Poohead so he can get his character doing something. The rest of you; I'll respond tomorrow ^.^
@PlatinumSkink Always feel free to ask if you have questions. If I'm giving you complete artistic license, I'll tell you then.

Septima can, yes, so they aren't dead. Although some would prefer to be. :-P

Sidestep and Mary can't even see one another, so you can't see them. Askaryan and Automaton are both visible, but not an immediate threat, so you likely won't notice them. Freakshow and Curbstomp are moving between cover and holding each other at bay, ducking in and out of alleys. Dragon is roughly dead centre and very visible ATM, and is probably the first thing you'll see. The Covenant won't be entirely visible, but you will see both Vegas protecting Holly and Mandy, and Sickle-Cell walking into the fray. Vice will be out of sight of you ATM until he makes another big move.

Gladius are highly trained soldiers, and have been outgunning Wonderland from the word go, and the fight has well and truly gone in their favour. The arrival of the Covenant has spooked both sides, with the braver members grouping to attack and the smarter ones turning tail. Dragon, Sickle and Vegas are the most visible things to you right now. You have touched down behind Wonderland's lines. Beyond them are Dragon and The Covenant. Beyond them are Gladius.

You'll know the Boston capes belonging to a faction. You won't know Sidestep, Curbstomp, Freakshow or any of the PCs except Anomaly. But knowing is not the same as seeing. You might know what the Boston capes can do, but actually witnessing it firsthand is another thing entirely.

The thing about the paused time is a good point. I can reword it later tonight if you'd prefer. Maybe you extend the area to stop the roof tearing off, and slightly over extend yourself. Would that be better?

Awesome ^.^

I certainly plan to do the same.

Now then, if you have anything else you want to know, don't hesitate to ask. I'm more than willing to give artistic license, just run any ideas by me first ^.^
@Banana[@PlantinumSkink]Found the support :-P

Also, since it's becoming more and more relevant - and I'm on break at work, but don't feel like trying to type an IC post with a phone keyboard - I reckon I'll give you all a primer on combat in Boston.

I personally hate autoattacking. I much prefer when people narrate their attack and allow the target to narrate the damage. With a decent group - which I feel you all are - it makes for much cooler, streamlined struggles like between Askaryan and Automaton. Obviously, I can't stop you doing it, but I will give NPCs plot armour to survive any attack that you narrate connecting automatically.

Outside of that, however, no NPC has plot armour. That isn't to say they can always be killed in combat. Named parahumans and high-ranking faction members will function similarly to Alien Rulers from XCOM 2. They can be killed, but it will require a combat win on several different occasions. Victory over a cape, though, will have narrative consequences for them. Maybe they now have a visible scar and people don't take them seriously anymore. Maybe they now struggle to follow orders or go up against your faction. The severity of the consequence will be directly related to how creative and stylish your victory over them was, and will either be decided on by me, or we can work together to come up with one.

For @Lasrever's victory over Askaryan, she's gained a contact who just might be willing to provide information on Wonderland ops that will put her in danger, for instance.

And Knight's creativity by supporting the VTOl roof instead of the entire VTOL has been rewarded with the fact it actually worked without any physical injuries.

Keep this in mind going forward, and we'll have one of the best quality RPs on the site, with our little group right here :-P
@Old AmsterdamYou can have Alice arrive if you like. I was trying to get Maxwell's response to you before doing so, but he has his hands full atm, and I dunno when he'll have time to write and post it =P

I'll handle Whetstone showing up and striking up a convo in my next IC.
<Snipped quote by Sickle-cell>

This was 7 days ago. What's the haps my man?

Life, I'm afraid. I am trying, but between work, my own campaign, co-GMing shenanigans with old Amsterdam and the fact that my friends are desperately trying to get me back into competitive LoL, my free time lately can only be measured with a negative value =P
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