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When you go from walking around at 5am like a half shut knife to bouncing out your bed 10 minutes before the alarm goes off within a month of early starts at work. Self-improvement, ho!
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Celebrating the one-month anniversary of my RP starting! 135 IC posts already and still growing. Also still accepting players, so hop on over if you are interested in gritty superheroes. All welcome!
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How to know when your day as a home shopper will be busy - when your boss can't be arsed counting all the orders to pick so he logs the official total as 'mental' :-P
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Best feelings as a GM #1 - Sitting at work cackling because a player has literally set up an amazing plot hook without realising it. *evil chuckle*


Well, where to begin?

I found my love of roleplays through a brief block of sessions of D&D when I screwed up enough and brought an class from an entirely different plane to join the main party. After following the plot to the end - which involved our dwarven pilot flying a gunship while simultaneously controlling 4 cannons by tying string around them - we ended up crashing through a portal onto a different plane. When attempting to formulate a plan, one of the PCs delivered a line that has stayed with me ever since.

"Ask the artificer, he's already done it once."

Since then, I've done a 3+ year RP between two players - using the FATE system - in which we created an entire city through creating mentally unstable characters and callus cold-blooded killers. One particularly nasty NPC came about by a sheer accident, when the melee-build character out-snarked the diplomat. Which was much more fun than it sounds. Had a bad experience with this site before, in which the GM didn't plan far enough ahead to include any NPCs whatsoever, and the other characters had no interest in Player-to-Player interactions outside of their own 2-man group. Needless to say, it died with incredible speed, which was a shame.

But I was tempted back by a friend to play a Pokemon RP despite having no knowledge whatsoever of the topic outside of Gen 1 stuff, and even that was years ago. Despite everything, I've not only been holding my own, but coming up with a completely separate sub-plot from the main plot, and making the GM's life a misery. (Sorry Zan!)

My writing style draws heavily from the likes of Worm and The Dresden Files, which means I can do a great deal of two things. Snark and Escalation. Outside of that, I like to think i'm a dynamic roleplayer, but I prefer sticking to High Fantasy sort of settings. Anything Slice of Life-y doesn't do it for me. Unless i'm slinging magic, psuedo-magic or demons (while snarking at whoever is unlucky enough to warrant it) I feel as though I could be doing something more entertaining with my time. When it comes to RP systems, I enjoy FATE or narrative based things.

My first RP which I am GMing on this site is themed around Dragon Age as carried on from the far superior (in my humble opinion) plot of the first game.

That's pretty much all there is to know about me that people would actually care about. I'll update it as I do with important changes or epic moments. Until then, feel free to PM me if you have questions or invites to stuff, and i'll respond as soon as I can. ^.^

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The Zenith - Xoxi's Super Cool Fortress of Awesome

Above Boston

21st January, 2011

“We… shouldn’t,” Marwa said with a lack of conviction. If they went to help, would they make things better or worse? How much trouble would Praetor get them in, especially if they got in the way? “Some of the more powerful heroes in the city are there. If anything were to happen, Praetor should be able to handle it. Doubly so, alongside Vector.”

Kairi furrowed her brow again. “But some of the most powerful villains in the city are there, too. Vulcan, Caustic, Pipeline, Sickle-Cell,” she said, counting on her fingers. “Basically everyone that people here tell stories about and treat like boogeymen.” With a pause, she corrected herself.

“Well, except The Sisters.”


The Circus Maximus

Victory Road

21st January, 2011

Talion fiddled with the watch on his wrist while keeping an eye on his opponent. Now that his power was taking effect, he’d estimate around 40 seconds before this ‘Gamble’ was out of the fight. All he had to do was stall for time.

Basically, what he’d been doing all his life.

There was a dark flash of emotion in Kaze’s eyes as she watched the armour-clad hero. It was rare for someone to still be standing, even after one attack. She wasn’t a Brute, was she? The attack connected, but did no damage whatsoever. That armour - whatever it was - appeared a damn sight thicker than most materials she’d ever come across. Even tinker tech.

She should focus on a weaker target. That Gamble looked promising. She doubted his ability to dodge an almost infinite number of strikes in all directions. Bringing her knife to the side, she focused on the space just past him and prepared to teleport.

But didn’t.

Who does this bitch think she is?, she thought as her glare fell back upon Knight. It’s bound to break eventually, and when it does…

Her mind raced with possibilities. While she couldn't be sure how much the crowd has seen, if even one person had view of this damn hero making a fool of her, it was one too many. She’d happily restore their fear in her - by opening up her opponent, and gutting her like a fish.

Maybe she’d mount her outside the PRT base.

Catching her knife in a backwards grip, the teleported again. Not away from Knight, but directly past her, unleashing hell as she did so.

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vehicle troubles.
Funny you should mention that. Experience here has been much the same. Been darting back and forward between having 0, 1 and *2* working cars for the past week as the family swaps motors =P

Plus i've been working every day the past week and have a funeral to prepare for. Every time I get a glimmer of time it just vanishes before my eyes =P

Regardless, I can't leave this any longer. Will get a post out tonight, although if it is shorter and less coherent than usual, you'll know why =P

There we go, lemme know if I've mis-interpreted or missed anything ^.^
The Zenith - Xoxi's Super Cool Fortress of Awesome

Above Boston

21st January, 2011

“Kill them?” Kairi asked, voice shaking slightly. “Isn’t that a bit much?.”

The Ward Leader’s eyes narrowed as she watched the screen. “Something’s wrong.”

“What should we do?”

“What can we do?” Aedan interjected.

Marwa thought for a moment. “Probably nothing - for now. Just be ready to move if we’re needed.”


The Circus Maximus

Victory Road

21st January, 2011

As Gamble’s knee hit his hand, Talion pushed out his power through it. Subtle, nothing that either would notice if he didn’t know he’d done it. That was always how it started. With a smirk hidden by his mask, he listened to the man’s bravado while dodging or turning away his strikes.

“I’d be less worried about what she has on me,” he hissed, “than what I have on you.” The last word coincided with Gamble’s last attack - which Talion made no attempt to block. The familiar agony of blunt-force impact swelled through his knee, and at that very same moment, the same pain shot through Gamble’s.

Talion laughed. “You might have ‘Lady Luck’ on side, but you aren’t the only one capable of flirting.”

Kaze watched the faint-blue-clad assailant bolt towards her, and she smiled with a wicked grin. “Awww, poor baby, didn’t anyone tell you how this ends?” With a kick, she shot off the top bar of the arena and blinked in her direction.

Before slamming into the blue wall.

A flurry of scratches coated the armour, but left no visible mark whatsoever. Kaze, now flush against the obstacle and moving back towards her perch was slammed into the cage with a roaring clatter, knocking the wind out of her. Afterwards, she fell and thumped onto the arena floor, mumbling in rage. Her eyes set firmly on the girl, now, eyes blaring with contempt.

“Alright, girly, you’re on.”

Since her target fled and angered Kaze, Zabaniya began clearing the smoke with all her effort. It made little effect, because more seemed to appear as she cut through. The source soon became noticeable in one of the corners above the arena. With a flick of her wrist, a barrage of shadow-spears howled towards the thickest part of the smoke in an attempt to stop the flow and reveal what was causing the haze in the first place.

@Migyudon@Lasrever@Old Amsterdam@SkinnyTy@PlatinumSkink@Duoya

No problems with either ^_^

Will try get a post up tomorrow night.
@Old AmsterdamSorry about the wait, today has been hecticness of the highest calibur. The culmination of several days chaos that has seen us go down from 1 car to 0, back up to 1, now we have 2 and in the meantime, the shower broke.

Although we now have a new one of them, it may not have been broken after all, because the old hose is apparently knackered.

So it is anyone's guess now as to whether the old shower was actually broken.


@GardevoiranGiven that you are one of the most enthusiastic posters I have ever seen on this site, I am sure I can let you away with posting this time. ^.^

Although, also because of that, is everything alright? Not like you to leave even so much as a half hour gap between my post and yours. =P
@Old Amsterdam... I totally missed that. My bad for reading and posting while sleepy :-P

I shall add a little to my post later today. Sorry about that ^_^
@Old AmsterdamKaze can't attack, Zabaniya is trying to deal with Knight/clear smoke and Talion is focusing mainly on Knight. I was holding off to see exactly who Gamble thought was the biggest threat.

If nothing else, you could give Talion a reason to take note of you. Gamble v him is a fight I'd love to see :-P
Slightly ahead of schedule, but there we are ^.^
The Zenith - Xoxi's Super Cool Fortress of Awesome

Above Boston

21st January, 2011

“I guess so,” Marwa agreed with a shrug. “It’s all the same to me.”

The others sat, almost transfixed by the display. “It’s more brutal than I imagined it’s be,” Aedan said with a look of disdain. “Dunno what I expected from Wonderland, though.”

“Well, the Protectorate match is up next. Let’s see our mentors kick some ass out there.” The Ward Leader reached over and turned up the volume a few notches with an eager smirk.


The Circus Maximus

Victory Road

21st January, 2011

Pipeline’s glare fell upon the woman who had so rudely interrupted his speaker. “And what do you think you are doing?”

Conflux’s grin was wide and sweet, dripping with a sensual femininity. “I apologise for the intrusion, but my fighter needed a drop of motivation to really get going. For the time being, I promise to refrain from interfering further.”

His eyes met the flat of her helmet where her eyes would be, beneath. “Very well,” he declared after a moment’s pause. “I shall allow you to return to spectating, but make no mistake - I shall not tolerate another stunt like that.”

“Duly noted,” she said with a nod.

Meanwhile, Black Kaze was in motion the second Ifrit’s arm moved in her direction. In the space of a second, she had blinked up to the top of the cage with the sound of clattering and scraped metal deafening the room around them. As the black smoke rolled out below, she lost sight of her targets and sneered. It was a perfect environment for both hunter and hunted, so she locked her legs through the top bars of the metal cage and waited, poised to strike the second an opportunity presented itself.

Talion, on the other hand, didn’t show the slightest interest in the dart. It pierced into his skin without even provoking a grunt of acknowledgement. His eyes had tracked it’s arc, however, and he knew he’d been hit. The contents of it may have been unknown, but as he monitored his internal mechanisms, only a slight slowdown was noted. It appeared not to contain any lethal drugs.

Which was a shame, he thought, as it would have made things so much easier.

Nevertheless, he soon found himself blind by the rolling fog. Zabaniya reacted out of instinct and immediately drew in the shadows to her aid, forming them into a typhoon of whipping blades around her. They branched out at random arcs in an attempt to blow away the smoke and gain some form of visibility. Talion noted her location from the wind blowing across his arm.

Ahead, he noticed a faint blue light - a wall of stopped time. Knight. She’d left a number of tiny cracks on its surface, however, and the man smiled. “Zabainya!” he cried out, as she used her shadow-tendrils to clear a line of sight to him. He pointed out one of the gaps in the light. “Skewer her.”

With a wicked grin, the shadow-bender’s whips quested out across the wall, revealing the locations of the tiny gaps - before they formed pinpoint spears and screeched through them. She felt like a magician pulling off a magic sword trick, which would make Knight her glamorous assistant.

It was too bad she wasn’t a very good magician.

Before Talion could fully appreciate the spectacle, however, a fist rather rudely hammered across his face. The man stumbled - mildly disorientated - until he could make sense of where the attack had come from in the smoky haze surrounding him. From Zabaniya's efforts, however, he could make out a figure a little distance away seemingly flailing his arms about wildly. Narrowing his eyes, he drew a short dagger with a curved blade from the belt behind his back, holding it in a military stance with one arm atop the other. Watching for a break in the figure's antics, he swished the blade towards their throat.

And under the guise of the faint, launched his free hand to grasp their face.

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