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Do you still need the accurate details on the Summerwind holdings or is this enough?

What level of accuracy do you require? Because i have to scale it to the other players and i dont know how many ships i need.

If you need the specific details of the construction of summerwind ships, most of summerwind culture and equipment will be filled in as it becomes relevant to the story. The ships are similar to viking ships, some of which are built for war out of thick wood and still more are cheaply produced trading ships that are retrofitted for war with shields and pikes. Due to the skill of the Salts Shipwright they are very fast in water. Maybe not the most or the only ones, but still very fast.

The animal on the Summerwind noble crest is a Sable, rendered in sable, Sejant on a field of turquoise blue.
Marriage Ties:

Convel and Spedan are both unmarried.

Scions of House Summerwind:

Sister: Spedan Summerwind.
Convels only sibling is his twin sister Spedan. Spedan administrates the clan holdings of its capital city of Salts. She is an avid collector of numbers about her holdings and can usually furnish Convel with some complicated statistical reason for something that she needs him to do. Of which he is obliged to as he must answer to the clan elders and the town eldars, who are usually on her side.

Cousin: Willis Summerwind.
Willis is a young man of only 20 and is the Supreme Commander of the Clan Summerwind fort at Port Pragma. Since an early age he showed interest in all things militaristic. His persueal of the military arts is veracious, so veracious that he has very few friends and no place in any noble court. He has never bothered to attend military college, instead preferring his own reading and travelling to unlikely places for reasons often only he knows. Though on the face of it he seems likely he is a very gifted military historian with an excellent memory. His time and life is entirely devoted to improving the military forces under his command and whenever Convel is in port he is only too ready to provide him with another one of his 'lists', of things he needs to further improve the military, and is happy to explain all of them if anyone could stand to listen to him yammer on about the military for more than 15 minutes. He also has a very large personal book collection at the top of his fortress, where his personal home is.

Uncle: Martyn Summerwind.
Younger brother to Convels father, Henrick and the chieftainship of clan Summerwind that passed to Convel upon the death of his father at sea. Martin is a professional warrior for hire, rider and a sailor of the highest horder. He may be older now but he is still as healthy as a clydesdale. His love of mead and the scrumball game have kept him somewhat out of politics. In truth this is a alliance of convenience for him. Not that anyone could make him do anything he didnt want to do ofcourse. However dont let any of this fool you, he is extremely intellegent and has a large personal library at the Summerwind estate in Salts.

Tutor: Sir Terrence Glywysing "Just refered to as Sir Terrence."
When Convel was young he had tutors selected by the discerning eye and vast experience of his late father. One of which was Sir Terence. Journeying the long distance from the other side of Cobsterra. A native of Tra, Sir Terence's grandfather had been knighted for his actions of valour and clear thinking in a battle in the Tra plains. During the battle the authority of the Crown was usurped by a noble house now buried.

Terrence is the third generation of a somewhat poor knight line. He had served in the long battle and had journeyed all over Cobsterra as part of the kings army, with little coin he had to survive in all kinds of climates and sample, aswell as survive and triumph in many cultures and cities not known to him. After the battle was finished Sir Terence returned to his orchard to once again sew, plant and graft for the next season. His Knighthood came with little endowment besides the land and he thought it more of a funny story for down the pub. Then one day Henrick Summerwind himself had stood at his door. With the preternatural ability to size a man up by eye, he offered him a healthy salary in exchange for teaching his skills to the young Scion Convel. Sir Terrence accepted.

Terrence and Convel soon became closest friends. Convel looked up to him, as Terrence imparted more than knightly skills to him, but some measure of his cheerful soul, his ability to remain in good spirits no matter the situation. Hewn from a lifetimes of having to worry just to survive in wild Tra, Sir Terrence had simply decided to be happy. He has passed now and his bones returned to the orchard. But he cast a great shadow in Convels life, the full extent of which has yet to become known.


Sorry, i am still around.

Character sneak-peek.
@Astral Sables Aspirants

Ok, the dischord is now up. If you want to discuss the charsheet in person i will be in today and tomorrow.
The chapter organisation is built up of the individual companies, which I've left up to be defined by you. You may define things that are within your own company, but there are a few things that are outside of it that you can define, such as the 2 chapter identity details for starters.
@Banzai Tracers So is this a Codex-Compliant Chapter or Non-Codex-Compliant Chapter? The answer will decide how I lay out my Company for this as long as it's still open.

Chapter Facts:

Chapter organisation: Divergent

The Chapter is a Divergent organisation, similar to most of the chapters, specifically; blood angels assault company, dark angels raven wing and death wing, black templar's use of initiates, space wolves scouts and tanks.
I'll think about it. Now its bed time. Spent 4 hours longer on this than intended. Now 3am.

@Astral Sables Aspirants

Want to keep conversations limited to just one board actually. No switching back and forth looking up historical quotes. PM me if you want.

Unless group vote says i should make a discord.

Thumbs up is vote in favour of motion, Laugh is vote against motion. Non-vote is abstain. Forget-to-vote is abstain.

A Sable is acutally usually black w/ brown highlights. The image is an early version discovered in the chapter archives.

As for the turquoise colour you could use it for your company:


If you're still selling tickets, I'd like a ride on this crazy train.

Welcome aboard captain. I await your application with anticipation.

Coming soon:
Chapter Master Charsheet
Rogue Trader Ally

This is a shoddy pic capture of what might be an Astral Sables Space Marine. (source unverified)

Colours: Black greaves w/ steel chains. Black vambraces w/ steel highlights. Dheneb Stone Body and Helmet w/ gold aquila. White pouldrons w/ gold accents. Black Sable crest.
Chapter Facts:

Chapter Purpose: Strategic Prognostication
Chapter Founded: 39th Millennium
Chapter's Progenitor: Unknown
Gene-seed purity: Unknown
Chapter Demeanour: Unknown
Chapter Flaw: Unknown
Figure of Legend: Brother Dreadnought "Prentis"
Deeds of Legend: Discovered a valuable STC fragment
Chapter homeworld: Fleet-based
Chapter organisation: Divergent
Chapter beliefs: Purity of Man. Honour the Emperor.
Chapter friends: Rogue Trader, Imperial Navy.
Chapter Strength: Under Strength (Only 5 companies left)

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