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Holy fuck I just had an idea. The RP is called Condemned right? If you could somehow work Darian into killing Serani and framing it under Lanik and Erudessa then that would cause a shit-storm that would be worthy of the namesake, bahaha. What do you think? Or what direction do you want the story to go?
In Condemned 21 May 2017 0:23 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

Lanik is one hell of a ranger but he isn't exactly the most communicably charming.

Also, I ended the post off for the three to go shopping in the morning. Something to break the ice for the little trio, but if you're going to introduce any sort of plot directive or new character now's the time to do it. Everything from me will mostly be getting the characters a little more acquainted. I'll leave you in charge of story direction.
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Will I ever be free?

Lanik watched her shrink into herself, and a pang of guilt quickly overtook him. He didn't know how his brother did it, or any of the other slave owners to be completely honest. The captain was never a materialistic man, living simply and humbly despite his position in Imperial hierarchy. It was a big jump, to suddenly being responsible for an actual person -- an elf no less. They were a proud and dangerous people, ones not to be trifled with if the whole ordeal with Marcus had taught him anything. And yet here was one, docile. He could let her go but.. . from what Darian had told him progress on the Aetherion front was overwhelmingly successful. If the Imperial war machine continued on the path it usually does, it wouldn't be long before Aetherion would fall and elven slaves would be common place. He couldn't imagine what some of the other slave owners would do to her. Despite being an Imperial Lanik was not cut from the same cloth as those with more barbaric tendencies. Perhaps she would come to an understanding in due time that he was only trying to save her life, and spare her some morality during her stay here. Would she ever be free? He sincerely couldn't answer that question.

Lanik diverted with a command, "Put on the collar and follow me, I'll show you the estate,"

Lanik led the two to the kitchen. It was an exquisite build, shimmering of vintage origin something akin to a woodsman's cabin. There was an island in the middle, the counter constructed out of a solid hunk of a tree trunk that Lanik had made himself for his final project in the Carpenter's Guild. Above it hung garlands of exotic herbs wildly colored pink, blue, red and green. There were pots as well, assorted utensils and plates all neatly stacked here and there on counters riddled with jars of spices. As fancy as the cooking area was, it looked like it hadn't been used in ages. The Captain was never a talented cook, and father and daughter usually frequented nearby dining establishments for anything culinary related.

"The kitchen's here. If you can cook, you're more than welcome to.. uhh," he picked up a spatula, inspecting it closely then putting it down, "If not Marië and I usually go out,"

He then took them to the living room, the first place Erudessa would have seen when entering the Wintergate home. Antique furniture dotted the place, all pieces Lanik had built himself. They were beautifully crafted with exceptional attention to detail. Against the far wall was a fireplace, a large-bellied pot suspended between two iron hooks inside. In the corner was an old guitar and an older violin, an instrument Marië had just begun last year. Above the stone mantle was a picture of the legendary Gregoir Wintergate, Lanik's father, poised triumphant with gray hair signifying his seniority both in achievement and age.

"Here's the living room. Marië or myself are usually in here. You'll have to excuse the violin, Marië's just started and needless to say she has a bit more practicing to do,"

He turned, striding past the elf and walking outside through the backdoor. Going outside they entered the garden, a true spectacle boasting of all species of fauna. It was a large lot, a greenhouse in one corner, and lugubrious shed in the other and the rest of it sectioned off into neat squares of vegetables and other produce. It was still night out, but the moonlight essence illuminated the outside just enough to cast faint shadows against a blue twilight. The moon was big and bright with stars twinkling overhead, sending blessings to the earth from millions of miles away. Lanik turned to face Erudessa, about to give another one sentence explanation before locking a gaze on her figure. Maybe it was the way the nightly ambiance accented her willowy outline and starlit hair, because Lanik up until that point had never noticed it before... but it was there, despite being coated in his old baggy clothes. He stared at her deeply for a moment.. . then looked away, obviously flushed and blushing.


"And this is... the garden..," he stammered for a bit, something unusual for him, "We.. . do garden here," he gulped, cursing under his breath once more and pushing past her quickly and leading the two to the attic.

Lanik's footsteps clomped hard against the simple oak staircase that lead into the highest point of the house. It was here where Lanik and Marcus would stay when father made his political expeditions into the heart of Midhaven. The captain pushed open the trapdoor, climbing in and extending Erudessa a hand when he was inside. It was a fairly small space. A dusty bed tucked away in one corner and a single dormer window the only source of illumination. Webs clung onto the top corners of the room where ceiling and roof met. On the far side of the room was a desk with a rickety chair to which Lanik walked over to. On top of the desk was a picture. He picked it up and stared at it for a awhile, as if lost in the moment.

It was a picture of Marcus and Lanik, young and innocent with arms slung around each-others shoulders, a big smile plastered on both their faces. Back during a time where the two boys held no responsibility other than to themselves and to each other and the youthful pursuit of happiness. How times were much simpler back then, something Lanik longed for even now. He glanced up. On every wall was a poster size schematic little Lanik had drawn up as a child. Some of them were outrageous ideas, like vehicles of war made out of wood and stone propelled by a magical engine with tracks that could crush any obstacle. And some were docile, realistic, like more efficient models of windmill components and siege weaponry. Lanik picked up one of the scattered schematics off the desk, studying it for a moment before realizing his guest. He pushed the photo of Marcus face down, almost forgetting Erudessa had been there all along.

"The attic will be your quarters during your stay with us, at least while we're in Midhaven," he glanced up to her, "Excuse the mess.. . I haven't been up here in awhile,"

He brushed himself off then walked to the trapdoor, "Settle in for the night. Marië and I will take you out to the market in the morning to get you some clothes. I'm sure you don't want to be garbed in my things for any longer than you need to,"

He began to step down through the trapdoor, but he stopped, looking over his shoulder.

"I don't know if you'll ever be free Erudessa, the way the Imperium works makes it hard to say," he sighed, "Just.. try to make yourself comfortable. It might be awhile. Plus I know I'll --," he held his breath, redirecting his statement, "Marië will enjoy your company,"

Good night.

Lanik descended the stairs, his footsteps getting softer as he distanced himself from the attic.

Charlie Wing

ENS Kira Lawrence

Kira had zoned out, the idle chatter around her distilling into a faint blur as she waited for Commander Knight to arrive. She could feel a stirring in her gut, a sickening mixture of anxiety and hesitation framed with excitement and eagerness. It was unusual given that Kira had never felt in such a way since.. . ever. Out of Eden's academy she was a force to be reckoned with, and she knew that wholeheartedly. But now with all the shit that had happened her mindset was given a quick reality check as if a cinder block had been plopped over her head. Every pilot here was a capable one, as far as she was concerned. It was up to her to live up to those expectations.

It was then that Commander Knight entered the room and instantly she could sense an air of authority to him, much akin to her own father. He floated to the front and spoke sternly, starting with introductions and typical housekeeping conversation. Kira perked up, straightening herself in her seat when the actual mission briefing had begun. Hanging on every word, Kira soaked in as much information as she could muster.

"The 7th Battlegroup, consisting of the Galatia, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Zeuss will be rendezvousing with elements of the 11th Battlegroup, who arrived in the Vega System 72 hours ago to establish a beachhead."

Kira followed along on the screen in front of her, watching the small holograms zip across,

"Now, from all reports and accounts, the 11th have not had a very good time waiting for us. Reports suggest that the size of the enemy is considerably larger than we had expected. As a result, the advance force have lost roughly 40% of their of their fighting power. The TNS Verdun has retreated to the Sol jump node to undergo emergency repairs, and is for all intents and purposes out of the fight. Likewise, both of its escort ships have been disabled and one has gone missing. This leaves the TNS Athena and its escort ships as the remainder of the forward element still in play."

"Onto our specific orders. The Direwolves pulled the short straw so we'll be engaging in recon missions immediately after exiting hyperspace. You should be seeing individual assignments on your datapads now."

Kira grinned. Recon? You don't say.

Her eyes glazed over the information displayed on the data pad. She picked up her name quickly, slighted just under another.

>LTJG Rezzik Velana

Hmm. Kira perked up, glancing around the room to see if she could get a glimpse of her fly guy. Her stomach sank, suddenly remembering that she was a new face amongst a room full of strangers to her. Of course she wouldn't know who he was. She looked back to Commander Knight since whoever this Rezzik was she would be meeting soon enough.

"Ask questions if you have them, if not, suit up and report to the flight deck."

Satisfied with the information given to her, Kira waited for dismissal before standing up almost too eagerly and floating to the exit of the room. She was the first one out, haste charging her every step.

Ensign Lawrence was in the hangar bay shortly after, cross legged on a supply crate tucked squarely away under one of the wings of her assigned T-88. She was outfitted in her hardsuit, a sleek marvel of engineering combining the most advantageous elements of nanoweb and nanosilk technology. It was a custom piece created through the many connections her father knew, and Kira was thankful for that. Any career pilot worth their salt knew to invest in three things: a good hardsuit, a good bed and a good coffin. You were going to end up in any of the three sooner or later.

Maintenance and pre-flight personnel scurried like mice around her, every minute adding another check to their list followed by another minute of pacing, glancing down at their notepad, and continuing the cycle. Kira stood, placing her data pad on the crate and glanced at the flight craft before her. She walked down its side, running a hand across its body in an almost loving way.

"Miss me?" she murmured.

Kira couldn't quite place the exact time she last flew a T-88. Needless to say it had been awhile. She didn't doubt her abilities to fly, so why did she feel such unease? Her train of thought was interrupted by a stammering voice to her right.


Kira looked over. There stood before her was a lanky.. . boy? He didn't look any more than 18, though she could be wrong. He stood at attention, saluting. He didn't look military at all, mostly because of the horn rimmed glasses that covered nearly half his face and enlarged his eyes like a magnifying glass. Kira noted the boy's rank patch on the side of his maintenance jumpsuit. Private.

"Private P-p-Parts reporting your pr-pre flight check in,"

Kira nodded, the private lowered his salute. Kira frowned.

"Your name is Private Parts? You're kidding me right?"

The boy shook his head, "No m-ma'am. Monty Augustian Parts. I've b-b-been assigned to you as your pre-flight deck h-hand from here on out,"

Kira tilted her head, "And they gave me a private?"

Private Parts shrugged, "P-personnel has been t-tight, ma'am,"

Kira mouthed an unimpressed uh-huh, "You nervous?"

The private shook his head, "N-n-no ma'am, been talking th-this way since birth," he stammered, but straightened himself, "B-but b-believe me, I'm g-good. A-ain't nobody can slug a wr-wrench the way I can," Kira could pick up on a feint Southern drawl. Judging by his calloused hands she could only assume he was from a farming colony, "I-I've got l-lot's to prove. And I know I can,"

"Sounds like we have something in common, Private," she spun around, walking the other direction to the nose of the ship, "Follow me Parts, let's go over my flight requisitions and stat-lines,"

After a bit of time hurrying her new Private about with requisitions and expectations as her deck-hand, she finally found some alone time. A migraine had slowly been emerging from when she had first woken up, and it seemed it had reached it's pinnacle just now. She winced, reaching into her duffel and emptying two pills from prescription containers, popping them quickly and guzzling them down with a swig of canteen water.

When Rezzik would arrive Kira would stand up, addressing him.

"Rezzik? I'm Kira Lawrence, but they're calling me Blondie now. I guess I'm your flight partner for this op," she offered a firm handshake, then brought up her data pad, "I've been looking at ways to outfit our team, now, I may be new to the Direwolves but I'm not new to flying recon. I've only ever operated on a spotter and point system for two-man missions like this. Spotter ensures perimeter security while point-man gathers necessary information from the specified nav-points," She glanced up to him, "I suggest whoever's spotter equip themselves with Spitfire missiles and a Lance gun, while point mans just a Gauss and radar burst missiles. It'll be up to point-man to relay co-ordinates to the spotter to ensure accurate targeting should anything go awry but...," Kira paused to think, "This way we'll be able to gather information faster,"

"Of course, you're senior here. You know how you guys operate best, and if this isn't it then say so,"

In Condemned 18 May 2017 23:58 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Haha no! Apologies, this week has been a little hectic for me. But I'm planning on posting this long weekend.
@Kessir Tarkin I'll be getting a post up later this evening!
In Condemned 16 May 2017 1:43 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Lanik watched the two converse, more specifically though, he watched the way Marië held on to every word the elf said. It made reminded him of himself once upon a time, lying under the stars and asking a relative string of questions to Marcus who could never answer them. As far as he was concerned any catalyst that prompted a child's mind to delve into the wonders of curious imagination was a good one. It was healthy. It's what makes being young so special, when eyes are innocent enough to see beyond the wickedness and savagery of the world presented to him. He paused, letting the thought sink in -- which was quickly broken with a projectile card colliding dead center in between his eyeballs. Lanik squinted his eyes suspiciously at the silver-haired vixen. Cheeky elf.

"I'm young as elves go," she continued. "I am two hundred seventeen years old, two hundred eighteen in two months. Most elves can live for up to a thousand years. A friend of mine lived to be nine hundred. Humans normally can't live that long without magic, and I've heard of some who do just that to extend their lives by a few hundred years. It's really advanced, though, and I haven't learned it yet."

Lanik watched her lean forward to meet Marië's gaze.

What do you say we figure it out together someday?

Marië's eyes widened, and she nodded several times. Her eyes scanned the elf carefully, and what was once suspicion, a doubt in the reality of the scene slowly morphing into awe and wonder. The little girl's expression reflected this, her tilted head in curiosity and fierce eyes changing into a bright smile of excitement. She bit her lip, then nodded again.. . then jumped forward, colliding hard with the elf in a childish hug that sent the two sprawling back onto the bed. She made one more grab for Erudessa's ear, pulling it then smiling, grabbing her hands in her own.

"I've never had an elf friend before!" she grinned.

Lanik decided now was as good a time as any to make his presence known. He opened the door fully, stepping in the room.

"Marië," he said, his voice stern and authoritative.

His daughter darted her eyes over to the sound of his voice, scrambling off the bed and standing a ways in front of him, brushing off the hem of her dress and looking at the ground.

"Captain," she said, already knowing she was in trouble.

"Marië," he put one foot forward, getting in a kneeling position and speaking eye level with his daughter, "What did I say about being alone with the slave?" he paused for a moment, letting the question sink in, "Go to your room, finish unpacking, I'll speak with you before bed,"

Marië nodded slowly, "Sorry papa,"

Lanik didn't speak. He only offered one of his cheeks to which Marië promptly kissed. She gave him a hug before exiting the room, not looking back once.

Captain Wintergate stood up, "She's got the liveliness of a fox sometimes, it makes it hard for me to keep track of her sometimes,"

Lanik pulled a nearby chair, sitting in front of Erudessa. He stared at her for a moment, sharing a momentary silence before speaking what had been on his mind for quite some time now.

"I guess I haven't formally introduced myself so," he brushed of his knees, "My name is Lanik Wintergate, I'm the commander of the Wintergate Rangers and Captain under commission of the Imperial crown. Normally we're not allowed to take slaves but I uhh.. ." he paused, ".. . made an exception for you. I appreciate what you did for Finnigan. He's a good man, and deserves to go back home with at least a fighting chance,"

He proceeded to the core part of what he wanted to say.

"But let me make myself clear. You're a slave here. I didn't take buy you out of pity. I didn't buy you out of spite. I bought you because unlike a lot of my kin I have a sense of obligation and.. . honor. Whatever my reasons are it doesn't change this fact: you're legally bound to me. Under Imperial law I can have you killed at a whim, and I won't hesitate to if you try anything, especially with Marië," he eyed her carefully, "Do you understand?"

He let her answer before reaching in his back pocket and pulling out the Limiting collar.

"I need you to put this on, as a precaution,"
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Haha, what do you mean? I think its fine.
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"Okay! Watch this!" she immediately got to it, a fierce determined expression furrowing her brow. The little girl reached into the front pocket of her dress and pulled out a deck of cards. She closed her eyes mumbling an incantation to herself. In slow but sure motion the cards each began to singularly file out of the box, stacking themselves on top of each other. In front of her she held her hands in a triangular shape, then in one swooping motion she looked as if she were chopping the air. The cards matched the movement instantaneously, all spread out neatly all the while levitating a foot off the ground. Marië through gritted teeth spoke. The whole ordeal was obviously taking a lot out of her.

"Okay.. . pick.. . a card.. ,"

After Eru would pick a card Marië would clench both her hands, and the spread array of cards would move into a neat stack. She then placed both hands face down, on on the other, and slid the top one forward. As she did a single card separated from the pile, moving out and flipping to face the elf. Whether or not it was the right one was irrelevant since in just a few seconds the card would burst into flames, Marië letting out a little squeak and plopping back to the floor on her butt. The deck of cards fell, scattering. She sighed and tilted her head, shrugging.

"They don't let me do magic at the art academy, but I practice when I can," she grinned.

Whatever the case, the spectacle was impressive especially for a ten year old. Marië stood, wiping off the hem of her dress. After a cleaning up a bit she jumped forward, placing her hands on Eru's knees and staring intensely at her, shooting off a barrage of questions.

✱ ✲ ✳ ✴ ✵

Lanik sat in the kitchen with Darian both sipping on some foreign blood import. Darian had brought a leatherskin of the stuff over, and it was considered wholeheartedly rude in Imperial culture to refuse an offer of the drink. Darian's composure had changed since the last time he had saw him, which Lanik supposed was a good thing. He had brought over Marië who was as they were speaking unpacking things in her room. That made Lanik happy. Marië always did. Darian and Lanik resorted to idle chit chat before delving into deeper conversation.

"So, why'd you buy her brother?" Darian asked, grinning. He had mixed his bloody drink with several types of wine, so to say he wasn't a little drunk would be a fallacy.

"Buy who? The elf?" Lanik feigned innocence.

Darian let out a chortle of a snort that resonated throughout the whole house. He laughed afterwards too, tearing up.

"Obviously the elf, dear brother. Don't play dumb with me,"

Lanik rapped on the table with his fingers, thinking about what to say next. To hell he would tell Darian of her involvement with saving one of his rangers. That would complicate things. He scratched his chin, supposing he would play the part.

"I've never been with an elf before, and you said yourself before I should try one," he almost cringed saying that, but he shrugged instead.

Darian raised both eyebrows, "Well I didn't think you'd take me seriously," Darian stood up, wavering but eventually doing so, "But don't you worry I won't tell Serani. I own over a hundred slaves brother, one isn't going to hurt you," he raised a finger, suddenly remembering something, "Ah, don't let me forget,"

Darian reached under the table pulling out a branding iron with the Convenant Rangers Fox sigil on it's end and a Limiter collar. Darian looked at Lanik.

"A few presents for your purchase," he stumbled towards the door, Lanik stood up and immediately jumped to his side, slinging his arm over his shoulder and aiding him to the door.

"You'll be okay getting home, Darian?" Lanik asked, holding the door open for him.

"HAH!" Darian walked down the path leading to the front door, near the middle he opened his arms, spinning around, "Lanik! I am home! This is the Imperium, right!?" he laughed and stumbled to his horse. Lanik watched him ride off.

The captain just shook his head with a cheeky grin on his face, remembering Lanik dancing in the bloody moonlight not long before. Night had fallen, and having had a long day he was ready to hit the sack. But before doing such he went back to the kitchen, inspecting the gifts Darian had left for him. He picked up the branding iron, running a hand over the end. It was skillfully made, the blindfolded fox with barred teeth more menacing than ever. He sighed, and while he wished he wouldn't have to use it if he were to continue this guise as a slave owner he would have to act the part in some ways. Branding was one of them. He cringed, imagining the tip soldering hot in cherry red.

He turned his attention to the collar, looking at its design. Interesting he thought.

That's when he heard voices in the main bedroom. Lanik frowned, had Marië finished packing already? And wait.. . she's not alone with that elf is she? Lanik hurried over quietly to the main bedroom, cracking the door open just a little to see what was happening inside.

There was his daughter, hands on the elves knees and spouting questions in her face. It didn't surprise him, she had always had a curious demeanor not unlike himself. He grinned listening to her shoot them off like a machine gun.

Why are your ears pointy?
Why is your hair silver?
Can you do magic?
I'd like to announce our two Co-GMs for this RP: @Naril and @BellBottomBlues, who will be helping me with managing all the different heads we have around here!

Also, Database update: T-88 Seer scout fighters are now included. Don't get too excited, its essentially a re-purposed Dirk.

Ah! Just remembered, I'm going to edit Kiras profile to accommodate the new craft specialty. Sounds like something she'd be flying from the get go.
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