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Time To Panic

As other slime figures surrounded Masrith he found himslrf getting increasingly more nervous. His fingers tapped on his staff repeatedly as he thought of what to do next. Alright, just think this through. The creature is not like other slimes though it is similar. As far as I know, it ails to fire though this is only an assumption at best. It said the last time a scholar visited, this means she acknowledges me as a scholar. It's possible then that I could offer to teach something in exchange for my life. It doesn't know i could teleport so there isn't a need to freak out just yet. If i could convince it to let me summon one more friend or perhaps obtain the notes of this other scholar. Masriths eyes glanced to the dead human body.

I'm certain that is the scholar. Perhaps if I could summon an undead, his body could be used. If I could get a hand on his notes then I might feel more comfortable. As far as combat goes, if I could summon an elder lich, I would feel better. It secretes a poison that acts like a drug. I won't allow myself to fall prey to that. So long as I remind myself of the fate that awaits then I feel I could resist. An undead may also be able to resist since they are just bone and rotten flesh. I'm not sure how my Angels will handle this though. My armor has pretty good stats but this world is different.

Masrith looked around to ensure no slimes had moved closer to him. Well now, you didn't have to show me that you had more friends than I did but thanks for bragging. Masrith did his best to remain calm though his panicking thoughts ran rampant to degree. I would to say I wouldn't consider myself food. I have a feeling I know what happened to that scholar that taught you that ability. If you wouldn't mind though if you were to show me his notes, I'm sure I could make sense of it all. Masrith was hesitant on how to progress. His Angels were still on guard and as long as they followed orders then he would have a moment to cast a teleport spell. He would glance at his Angels for a moment to make sure they were fine. He waited nervously for the slime figure to respond.
Don't Panic

The events that transpired would only leave Masrith in complete confusion. Before Masrith could even try to speak to the creature that he had resurrected, it had committed a horrible deed. Masrith covered his ears as it panicked yet it did nothing to shield him from its psionic screeches of agony. As he watched it willingly surrender itself to death in such a horrid fashion, it gave Masrith a chill down his spine. Though his biggest concern was wasting his mana on something that wanted to kill itself. Masrith recoiled a bit when he watched as the slime began to glow. He was surrounded and he immediately glanced toward the exit he had marked. He quickly looked to ensure he was not standing on loose ground. Being in a trap would only make things worse. He looked around trying to keep his composure. He was ready to order his Angels to attack when he saw the slime take form.

The creature that approached Masrith spoke but it did nothing that would actually ease his mind of the predicament. When the woman shaped slime approached, Masrith raised his staff in a cautious manner. He was not demonstrating aggressiveness but he made sure that he was not comfortable and would fight should he need to. The creatures voice was sweet which did in fact through Masrith off but it only made his suspicions worse. What you are saying does not make what I'm seeing any less disturbing but if you truly have no intention of harming me, then what you will here me say may sound offensive but it is not meant to be hostile, just cautious. Masrith did not take his eyes off of the woman that stood before him but he did direct his voice toward his Angels. Archangel, take to the air, if any slime is to try to drop down on us, use your superior maneuverability to kill it. Principality, back to back with me, should anything move closer to me in any direction without my being notified first, eliminate it with extreme prejudice. My Angels, for now, consider myself and you two the only friendlies here, do not engage in combat unless the situation as described happens or unless I order to do so by speech or by my endangerment. Masrith gathered his thoughts, he was ready, he didn't want to fight but he was more than willing to to save his own life. He wasn't sure how his Angels would do against these slimes but he had no choice. Though with all the bodies here, he was sure necromancy would help if needed.

He full focus was no toward the slime woman though he never took his eyes off of it. Mind of Undeath. Masrith castes this spell to help protect him against mind altering magic. He didn't know what caused that beast to want death but he didn't want the same thoughts or fate. Before you say another word, I'm going to ask several questions. If you stray from answering them then we are done. First question, where am I? Second question, why did that creature dive into the slime like it was going for gold in the Olympics? Third question, when I revived that creature, the moment its senses came back, it made no hesitation in its suicide. Why is that? He immediately knew he was no longer in a situation where he wasn't inside this things. That dead man up there has rotting face that seems to be smiling. It would seem it is like an addiction. My last question, what are you?

To say Masrith was on edge was an understatement but he was already thinking if a way out. He had no intention of sharing the same fate as so many other creatures. He would turn everything in this cavern to ash if he had to. Masrith held his staff up, he was ready to attack should it be needed, he was focused and determined. His heart practically beating out of his chest, he would not let his guard down no matter what. He was unsure of how the creature would respond. This whole situation was unnerving but Masrith knew had to stay calm and plan a way to escape if needed.

Alone In The Dark?

As Masrith ventured forth in the cavern, he found himself slightly shuddering away from the blue skies that coated the walls. As they flinched away from the light, Masriths worry eased lightly. He'd hate to think of what these things would try to do if he had not carried a light with him. The slime that reached out however freaked him out slightly. Blue slimes. I'm sure we had those in YGGDRASIL somewhere...sapphire slimes maybe. I don't remember them being like this though. I never really encountered them much though. Better keep moving before these things decided the light doesn't scare them anymore. With that said, Masrith moved deeper into the cavern until he reached the large chamber.

He glanced around to get a look and to make sure his angel still followed him. He took a step forward until he heard a crunch which made his heart sink a bit. He glanced down to see the bones all across the chamber floor. Angel, on guard. The angel lifted its sword ready for combat. Masrith kneeled down to examine the bones. It's possible these were left by the slimes. It could be a dumping ground for whatever they couldn't digest. I wonder what it was. I think my character knew a resurrection spell but I'm not even sure what I'll be ressurecting. Masrith paused for a moment thinking of his options. It could be a human that got trapped by the storm like he did but ended up with worse luck. The shape and texture of the bones could possibly be from the acid of the slime. I should summon another monster before I try ressurection. I have no idea what I'll be bringing back. Summon Angel 4th tier: Principality Observation. As the chamber was larger, this Angel would have room to move. The light shined as the Angel rose from it.

With two Angels by his side, Masrith felt more comfortable. Even if they were weak compared to him, they were something that could get in the way of whatever tried to kill him. On top of that, summoning them didn't cost any noticeable depletion in mana. Not sure how resurrection will work. I'll try to focus on just bringing one creature back. Masrith took some deep breaths before committing to his words. This new world was something he would have to get use to. Ok. Here we go...7th tier spell:Ressurection! Masrith wasn't even sure if it would work but he would ready himself and his Angels just in case he happened to ressurect something hostile.
Into Darkness

Masrith had found himself dozing off. The treck down the mountain had made him exhausted. It was in his light sleep that the noises began. Masrith tossed and turned slightly and began to mumble to himself as the noises echoed louder in his head. As he jumped up from his sleep, it was dead silent. His breathing was heavy and it felt as though his heart was ready to jump out of his chest. What the hell? Masrith glanced around unnervingly. As he stated down in it the darkness that was further into the cave he felt himself screaming internally. I guess I chose on hell of a spot to rest. Masrith stood up and found himself constantly looking toward the exit of the cave and the darkness that led further down into it. He was debating on whether or not he should leave. After what had happened during his light sleep, he felt as though the cave wouldn't let him rest.

I can't just stay here and do nothing. I should give myself a pep talk. Come on me, don't that really all I got to comfort myself? I guess I'm fucked then. As Masrith began to step out of the cave, he heard a loud wail that rattled his bones. His foot stopped mid step toward the exit of the cave. Do I really want to deal with that? Either a big ass monster out there or paranoia in here. He debated his options in his head, none of them were pleasant but he had to make a desicion. Summon Angel: Archangel Flame. A flash of light further illuminated the cave as an Archangel Flame rose from the light. It certainly wasn't the most powerful angel but it was the only one he could summon that would fit in the cave. I would much rather step into the abyss then deal with whatever monstrosity is out there. Atleast I can see in complete darkness, I can't see through a blizzard. Archangel Lfame, protect me as we explore deeper into this cave.

With that said, Masrith would step deeper into the darkness that surrounded every crevice of the cave. The angel he summoned would remain close to him and every twenty steps, Masrith would place a YGGDRASIL coin on the ground so he would not get lost and hope to find his way back should he ever wish to do so. So what, they're plenty of abyss' that I walked into in YGGDRASIL, this one can't be any worse. Masrith said nervously. His descent into the darkness would be slow and cautious but he would make progress.
I'll be posting tonight, I need to visit the hospital first but after that I'll put a post up.

I am fine with a vote, it seems fair. But I wouldn't want that to put pressure on the people who just want to be a part of this rp.
Saying Good Bye

John Clarke..or, Masrith sat at the height of a small hilltop. He gazed upon the artificial sunset that he had become accustomed to loving. He was not alone at the time. Another player sat with him as the gazed outward. I can't believe it's all going to end. It's been a long time since we started. His friend nodded in agreement. Masrith looked toward his friend. I understand you have a meeting early tomorrow so I understand if log out now. I'm glad you stopped by though. It was nice to have it all end here...where it all began. I hope we will meet again in another virtual world. His friend waved goodbye before logging out. Masrith was alone on the hilltop where he had first began his journey. He was glad to end it all in that same spot. Masrith watched as the timer counted down. He closed his eyes and waited with smile. Good bye YGGDRASIL. It was fun while it lasted. Those were his last words before a blinding flash of light emitted infront of him.

A New Journey In A New World

Masrith lifted his left hand to his eyes to help dim the bright light that flashed in his face. As the light faded, Masrith lowered his hand from his face. Why am I cold? He wondered before opening his eyes. For Masrith to find himself on top of a snowy mountain was more than surprising. What the? He mumbled to himself as he looked around. Masrith crossed his arms and huddled his posture. This feeling wasn't normal. It felt like he was actually freezing. He moved his hands around to no avail. Why can't I call the a gm? I can't get my console up. I can't even pull up a map, what the hell is going on? Masrith continued to look around in shock. He wasn't sure what was going on and had no idea on how to grasp the situation. All I know is in freezing. I need to get out of this now. With that being said, Masrith gave himself a goal to get on the right track.

Masrith began to slowly work his way to the base of the mountain. Being at the top of the mountain made the winds and snow more brutal than he desired. Masrith lifted his left hand to help shield his face from the wind. The cold winds continued to slow Masrith down. His feet dragged in the snow as he slowly made his way down. He held his robes tightly and held them close to his chest to wrap up and preserve his body heat as much as possible. His teeth began to chatter. D-D-D-Dammit. I refuse to freeze like this. Masrith ended up coming to steep side of a cliff. I have no other choice, I need to get down quick before I freeze.

Masrith to a leap of faith off the cliff and began to slide down the mountain side. He lifted his left hand and dug his dragon-like claws into the side to help control his descent. He was doing fine until he lost traction and slipped. He tumbled down until falling into a pit of snow to soften his fall. The winds weren't nearly as bad but he was still freezing. He looked around to see a on opening. I shouldn't be out in the open in this cold. I'm not going to be able to keep going at this rate. Masrith followed the base of the mountain. He eventually came across a small cave. He slowly made his way inside. He looked around but saw nothing. I can see? But there isn't any light. How is that possible? Masrith lifted his hand to see claws. He was shocked. Wait. character? He was so focused on not freezing that he hardly had time to notice.

Masrith sat down and huddled for warmth. Wait. If I'm my character then I might be able to-. he lifted his hand outward and simply hoped. Fire bolt. Fire raged from his hand and onto the cavern floor. The fire stayed there and continued to burn. Well atleast now I won't freeze to death. It was a lot to take in. The magic would have been helpful much earlier but he was so focused on survival that he hardly had time to think about it. The fires glow was bright and anyone near by would be able to see the light illuminating from the cave.
@Vampire Stepdad

Varrus smirked at Kotze. Well, his face kinda moved in a way that might resemble a smirk considering his biological make-up made it extremely difficult to make anything other than a poker face. He began to put away most of the vials he took out though he kept one bottle of pills. It's nothing special. Just some pills to ease the pain. Your shoulder is going to be sore for alittle while. Varrus said as he handed Kotze the bottle. Take two a day, one when you wake up and one before you sleep. Also, a dislocated shoulder is more likely to dislocate again. If you happen to find your shoulder doing it again, fill free to come back. Though I hope next time you come back is because you will let me use the potato scooper. Varrus walked back to his desk and sat down. You go ahead to breakfast. I need to stay here to make sure anyone else who comes by gets examined. Though if you happen to meet anyone down there could you please send then my way. Varrus said before sending Kotze off. Though before Kotze would leave the room, Varrus would say in a rather disturbing tone that would echo through Kotzes head. Thank you for your time.
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