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I would be interested to go on an adventure.
The shuttle ride was nice. Some bits and pieces of awkward silence every now and then but nothing Tobi didn't care about. He was humming to himself most of the time anyway. His visor remained red the entire time of the ride.

After stepping one the shuttle, he took his weapons down to maintenance. The gasps of over crew members as Tobi walked by did not concern him in the slightest. He walked over to a small station table and began to take his weapons apart to clean them. He was well isolated from most of the people in the area. That was until SAL approached him and said they needed to speak in tech lab. Tobi turned and looked at SAL. Why do we need to go to the tech lab? I've done a good job of killing the hostile forces. I'm sure that's much more than any simulation could show....Ah well. Sure, but I should probably get cleaned up first. I can tell a lot of people don't like the new coat of paint. Just give me a moment and I'll be there. Tobi took his time in maintenance getting cleaned off. Bits of viscera and be covered in blood made cleaning rather tedious. After the cleaning was done however, Tobi headed directly to the Tech Lab.

Tobi entered the tech lab and looked at SAL. He then sent a private message through his A.I. directly to SAL's private messaging server. Normally, a quiet tone coming from an A.I. like you or me is very serious. Do I need to kill someone on this vessel?
Team B

Brimstone Avenue was certainly a place for demons and the damned to visit. Astiroth mostly found his way through the casinos. Never before had he seen so much sin in one place. One might think that seven deadly sins themselves would be here watching. Asiroth shadow hopped from demon to demon. His purpose was simply to help them cheat and he would get a portion of the winnings. Normally, they are very keen on spotting cheaters but who would be able to see a shadow in such a crowded place. Asiroth heightens ones abilities, if cheating was one then congratulations, you just got better at it.

Eventually, he had tired of it. Looking at the time, he realised he was going to be late for a meeting with the Big Red himself. His shadow moved through the crowd until found it's way outside. It then physically manifested into Astiroth. "I think I know where I'm going." Astiroth seeped back into the ground and began to move throughout Brimstone Avenue to find the meeting location. It wasn't long before he spotted the hotel. "That looks like it." He manifested himself into full from and walked through the front door to see Big Red and a female demon standing there. "Sorry I'm late. I lost my way. My name is Astiroth. You have a job for me?"
Name: Astiroth

Appearance: I'll get that later

Class: Marker


Shapeshifting: Astiroth can alter his from and appearance by altering his shadow.

Shadow scent: Astiroth can track and detect others through the realm of shadows.

Shadow blend: Astiroth can move and blend in with the shadows making him difficult to detect.

Shadow bond: Astiroths specialty. Astiroth is able to bond to another persons/demons shadow. This bolsters their existing abilities and aids in unlocking their dormant demonic heritage. Astiroth can also move and act independently although restricted by 10 meters of his bond.

Shadows sweet Embrace: A much stronger form of shadow bond, this significantly bolsters the abilities of the bonded figure as well as grants them Asiroths abilities as well molding that individual into a far more deadly collector than before. However, Astiroth can not act independently of his host and is completely reliant on them except in thought.

Weakness: As a shadow, holy light burns Asiroth far more than normal for a demon. Asiroth lacks physically, while still a demon who shouldn't be underestimated, he is weaker than the average demon. When bonded to a host, his fate is tied with theirs, if his host dies, so will he. While capable of blending with shadows, he is not undetectable. Those trained to do so will sense his malicious intent or could simple shine a light into the shadow he is hiding in

Backstory: Astiroth had no intention of being a collector. His weak nature made him less than a favorable pick at first. One day however, a collector couldn't find a partner to help with a certain debt. Asiroth was unsure of joining but decided to aid since it would have been his first taste of being a collector. While his abilities over the shadows made him useful, it was when the unexpected happened that made his abilities sought after. An encounter with three blessed humans made survival almost impossible. That was when Asiroth first used Sahdows Sweet Embrace. The demons abilities were bolstered enough and A long woth the collectors experience, they were barely able to escape. It was here after that Astiroth was discovered to make the perfect partner. His shadow bond made many demons far more successful than before and eventually, more and more collectors sought his aid.
I'm thinking of a demon that enhances his allies though music like a bard.

My other idea is a demon that is like a shadow, he would be a tracker who is weak on his own but could bond woth the shadow of another demon to enhance that demons abilities.

I haven't looked at what roles are have the least people though cuz I want to help make a well rounded team.
I will put a cs up shortly. Have some ideas but unclear on what to go with.

The call for help was heard. In a single moment, a drone broke through the vent. A nightmarish creature who's eyeless face still stares into the souls of the scientists. They all scramble and scream in terror. The drone would kill them under normally circumstances but now was not the time. The drone vomits acid onto the containment cases. The acid melts away the material but your body is conditioned and is not injured. The drone grabs up the chest bursters and puts them onto its dorsal tubes where your tails could easily wrap around them. The drone turns yo exit back through the vent but a white gass starts to seep through. The drone backs away, it seems cornered as the gass begins to fill the room. This drone looks around. A mental command tell you to hang on as it leaps onto the glass wall that's part of the observatorium. It's weight easily smashes the glass as it falls into the ungassed room. The man standing runs away while the man in the chair rushes the xenomorph. The drone side steps and throws the man into the gass filled room. As the drone takes you through the vent, you notice the man stand up through the poisonous fumes.

From this point, the drone crawls into what appears to be a blood stained room with bodies lying about. While you would not know it, this is the morgue. Th ere is a chance here to fees and and grow, yet if you believe this is the first place they would look, it is possible to leave.
Tobi opened fire in short controlled bursts. His visor flickered red but remained blue for the most part. The vikings using the metal panels was a smart move but Tobi has a very easy solution.

Tobi reached and pulled put a cluster grenade. The force of of impact would break a couple arms if it didn't shred the panels. He reached to pull the pin but stopped when his scanners picked up a chemical substance in the air. His cluster grenade might burn out the toxin if it exploded. Blue didn't let himself get frustrated for someone using a tactic that a simple filter could negate. He held on to the cluster grenade, while blue would hesitate to pull the pin, something stopped him. Red wouldn't let blue pull the pin yet.

Let me know if this works. I think it does but I've never made a discord chat before.

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