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Tobi was sad the mission was over for the time. Red was happy he got to prove himself to the team. He grabbed the PDA and put the recording logs and data into it. Something was different however. Tobi extended his arm to give the PDA to SAL when his arm suddenly stopped. The visor had finally turned blue again. Please...don't. The visor turned red again as the PDA changed hands to SAL. There isn't anything to worry about. We proved our value. Tobi then turned around and walked off. He had decided to get repairs and headed down to maintenance to male sure everything was still in proper function.
Niryrk nodded and bowed at the Kells request. "I will take one of the other Ketch. I'll transfer in a skiff now and turn course." Niryrk turned around and began to walk off before a hand landed on his left shoulder. Niryrk turned to see Keliks. "Be careful. With all that has happened, I fear you will find more trouble." Niryrk smirked. "I'll be fine. It's you that I'm worried about. See the a medic already." Niryrk walked to the hanger with his personal squad of vandals. We he got to the hanger, he could see the crew gearing up and ready. They boarded their skiff and transferred over to another Ketch that followed.

Niryrk was greeted by several vandals and murauders. "So where are we going?" The vandal asked. Niryrk issued them to follow. "We are scouting out a abandoned facility. Our experiences on the dust bowl of a planet told us we need to lie low for a little while until we can gather up better gear." The Ketch soon began to turn away from the others that accompanied the Kells ship.

Niryrk let out one final transmission before going radio silence. "I'll contact you if we find anything. Glory to the House of Ruin. May you continue to lead us to an age of glory Kell."
Tobi listened to Marcus but only for a short time. Tobi moved behind one of the crates in the cargo area for cover. That's when it started to go wrong. We need to stick to his plan. I do not detect any flaws that would result in failure. Thus far, this is the best option. Tobis visor began to flicker red. I've held back for too long. No, you are going to get us ki-. They are gonna deep throat my barrel.

Tobis visor stopped flickering and stayed red. Tobi ran in a separate direction and wasn't seen for several minutes. Machine gun fire began to pick up as Tobi flanked them. He ran up to the closest person and jammed his gun into the man's stomach. Tobi opened fire, bullets began to tear into him leaving a hole in his torso. Tobi shoved his gun barrel through the created cavity and lifted the man off the ground using his gun. I'm borrowing this. His voice was scratchy and demented. Tobi pressed his attack and continued to charge the others while using the man as a meat shield. He continued to fire though the hole in the man's stomach that Tobis gun was lodged in. He emptied his mag and reloaded. After which, Tobi kept running while pulling out a cluster grenade. Tobi then activated the grenade and jammed it into his meat shields mouth. He then stopped his running causing the body to slide off his gun. While the body slid, Tobi kicked into a small group of people. The explosion from the cluster grenade caused viscera to paint the boxes and Tobi himself. The other pirates who saw this watched in horror. Tobi was not done. He holstered his rifle and pulled out his pistol. He rushed toward another group of people. Their armament was formidable but their trembling hands along with Tobis plating prevented them from taking him down. Tobi rushed, shooting two of them in the leg. He grabbed the first man closest to him.

Tobi tossed his own pistol into the air and channeled more power to his arm hydraulics. The other man could see as Tobis rapid punches turned the man's face to mush. Them man's brain matter and blood painted Tobi further. The man tried to crawl away but Tobi was faster. Tobi grabbed the man by the leg and pulled him back. Tobi then placed his leg on the man's back and proceeded to rip the man's leg off. The crunching of his bones and flesh tearing echoed through the cargo area. Tobi laughed as he tossed the man's leg to the side. Tobi then stuck his arm out catching his pistol and executed the man by shooting him in the back of the head.

Tobi was happy. Tobi finally got to prove himself to his team instead of fighting simulations.
Niryrk and the others held their defensive perimeter until their evacuation ship arrived. A Ketch had reached them and landed between the ruins. Niryrk ensured the Kell was the first one onboard. After that, all the other servitors, captains, vandals, and dregs loaded up what equipment they could salvage onto the Ketch.

The Ketch roared as it took off. It quickly cleared the atmosphere of the planet and continued to flee. The sight of war ships soon faded. The massive battle below was more than a distraction enough for them to get away unseen. Niryrk approached the small command center within the Ketch. Several other captains also made their way into the room. They began talking about what they had salvaged and gave their reports. Niryrk spoke up. "You saw what?" He said to one captain. The captain spoke up. "A massive four legged vehicle. It was purple and could have easily stepped on the spider walker we have." Keliks began to get worried. "We saw what we are dealing with. Those massive war ships, a beast that played with a what appeared to be a tank like it was it's own toy. We are severely outmatched." Rahn then spoke up. "Its become apparent we need better equipment. The dreadnought we possess is powerful but we would not be able to stand against such forces for very long. I suggest we stay low, salvage what we can from abandoned worlds for now." Rahn paused. "It makes me feel pathetic saying it but we aren't strong enough." Niryrk silenced the crowd. "Transmission from the Archon." He pressed a button revealing a hologram. The Archon Priest spoke up. "Kell. While you were away, the servitor managed to find the other signal. The one the dissapeared almost immediately after it was detected. We have the coordinates and the data leads to an abandoned research facility. We couldn't find data on what it might contain but I believe it is worth looking into. An abandoned facility did lead the Devils to the nanotech known as SIVA."

Niryrk turned to Ephsor. "The other Ketch ships have regrouped with us. I suggest following the signal. I could take a small force to check it out. If it's something big, I can send a transmission back to you, if it's nothing then I can easily return. We should make the desicion once we regroup with the rest of the house."
Niryrk, Keliks, and Rahn moved in, they were fired upon by enemy tanks. After the dust had settled. The others could see Niryrk pulling rubble off of Keliks while Rahn provided cover fire with his shrapnel launcher. The weapon could destroy a yank but it was still a weapon that was not to be taken lightly. Niryrk pulled Keliks out of the rubble only to notice Keliks didn't let go of his scorch cannon. Keliks was injured and couldn't walk on his own. Morale was draining when suddenly, they noticed their Kell arrived. This inspired them and brought up their confidence even though they were ordered to retreat. Niryrk picked Keliks up through the blaster fire and began to run toward cover where the others were regrouping. "I'm not letting you die here. If you did, I wouldn't have a proper rival with a sword." Keliks laughed though it soon turned to coughing. Rahn followed behind giving cover fire. Soon, they got to safety. Niryrk set Keliks down. Rahn looked around. Did Loksis survive the fire?"

The elder Vandal made his appearance. "I'm fine, this fight is getting more hectic than anticipated. What is our move?" Niryrk looked up as covenant ships began to descend onto the planet. He recalled the vandal snipers. He then turned to Ephsor. "We should leave the planet. I don't like losing the opportunity on good salvage but this isn't worth th reward. With you here, it's puts the house in more jeapordy if we are to become stranded."

Keliks leaned on his scorch cannon as he stood up. "I agree.i don't like it either but we need to leave. If it makes it worth anything, the enemy troops used turrets to attack us. We managed to salvage a few in working condition. Our engineers could reverse engineer them. So we gained something at least."

Rahn looked about. "A servitor found the signal to what ever seems to be so valuable in that vault writhing minutes of activating the terminal on that station were on before this planet. It's possible they have found many more signals to others. We can still make use of it. I'm sure the archon and his servitor already have knees to tell you when we get back. I also think we should leave this planet."
Niryrk pressed on his firefight. His soldiers had the advantage. One by one, the thugs and few Republican troops fell. Niryrks troops were to well positioned and the surprise attack also helped give him the tactical advantage. While several Republican troops including what looked like their commander fled deeper into the ruins, the thugs timing was pour and most were shot down by snipers as they tried to run. Niryrk charged into what was left of enemy forces. They concentrated fire on him but it did not go well. A purple beam came from the servitor and shrouded Niryrk in a purple aura that made him immune to the incoming fire. He stood there boasting as the enemy realized their weapons were ineffective. While their morale was low, the rest of the vandals and see rushed in and shot them.

Niryrk barked. "Salvage what is left of their armor and weapons. We will move deeper into the ruins soon." A few minutes later, two Ketch ships emerged. Niryrk had given his position to his Kell before the firefight and was glad reinforcements arrived. Two more servitors and captains dropped down as well as more dregs and vandals. One captain wielded a shrapnel launcher and the other had more devastating weapon, the scorch cannon. The servitors scanned for trap mines while the dregs began to pick up what weapons and armor remained from enemy soldiers to salvage.

Niryrk and the other captains could here the other firefight. "I'm sure they will have much more attention we will have." Niryrk said. Keliks, the captain with the scorch cannon, spoke up. "We are in for a fight as well." He turned towards the dregs and several vandals. "Cover this point. We will need a proper escape route." One servitor would stay behind. A elder Vandal named Loksis would take command of the remaining forces until the captain's came back.

Niryrk, Keliks, and Rahn followed a servitor deeper into the ruins while several dregs and vandals followed behind. The were determined to get whatever salvage was within the vault.
Personally, I don't think they would. After the prophets found out that the humans were at one point, on the same level of technology and were just as old as the forerunner, they waged war against them because that knowledge would break the covenant in two. They might form an alliance or they might hate you. I dont speak for the covenant in this scenario though.
Niryrk and his party followed the servitor as it tracked the signal. Niryrk ended his communications with Ephsor. "Understood." He gave his full attention to the task at hand. The servitor stopped dead on it's tracks. It made a slight wail. Niryrk ordered a vandal with a wire rifle to check it out. It's agility was impressive as it easily scaled the ruins walls. He aimed his wire rifle and shortly after, retreated down the wall. "There appear to be forced setting up a defensive point captain. They did not spot me and if we attack, we have the element of surprise." Niryrk contemplated the idea. He started to give out orders. Vandals with wire rifles began to climb onto vantage points for sniping positions. Several dregs and vandals awaited orders.

Niryrk used his comm system to reach Ephsor. "Found a position they are fortifying. Our snipers can see the entrance deeper into the ruins but the others block our path. We are going to engage. I'm having the servitor send you our location directly to your personal servitor." He ended the comm and prepared for a fight.

One the thugs turned his attention to hear a slight wail. He took a step to investigate when his body hit floor from an accurately placed wire rifle shot. This caused the others in his location to take cover. They weren't fully prepared so Niryrk had the advantage. The cause of the wail became apparent when a blast of void energy struck a turret rendering it nonfunctionable. Niryrk turned from his cover and opened fire. The dregs and vandals with him also began to open fire. The snipers in positions continued to look for anyone who poked their head to shoot. The firefight had begun.

Ok. Just wondering. It wasn't specified how big the group seeting up was and I wasn't sure if there were more defenses inside the ruins themselves and such.
If I engage the republic troops setting up defenses, can I kill them? I won't make it an easy fight but I wanted to ask for permission first.
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