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Let me know if this works. I think it does but I've never made a discord chat before.

When spending points, yes. But have no fret, you will have the opportunity to evolve to a full grown xenomorph.

With the host distracted, it is too easy. The host struggles for several moments but is soon incapacitate. For now, everything is dark


All is dark as the incubation period sets in. The facehugger give the last of their life to you as they crawl away to die. Nothing more of them is to be. Fragile creatures for what follows the cycle and yet..without them your cycle would never begin.

You all awake, but the first light gives sight to things unnatural. Some kind of field keeps you all contained yet separate from one another. Observing the surrounding indicates a strange room. Several humans are talking. They occasionally turn to glance to you all but quickly turn back to each other. Above the room, a glass panel reveals an observatory with two shadowy figures that watch everything.

There are several options. Xenomorphs are know to be able to vomit up acid residue. It's possible that even a youngling could, though kt would greatly weakem your fragile form. The option remains to always wait and see. Though there is a third option. You sense it, beyond the room. Another xenomorph roams in the vents. A full sized drone. It's egg must have been separate and hidden well. It is possible to call it to aid through the telepathic connection one shares with the queen.
You leap into action. Both of the hosts look directly at you due to the screech. While you land on the hand of one host, the other immediately moves to knock you off. Perhaps announcing yourself before the leap wasn't the best idea. However, before the other host can knock you off, a second facehugger lunges.
The host never gives up trying to shake you off. The wound in his hand does not slow him down as adrenaline pumps through him. For a moment, it almost shakes you, that is until it trips on the unconscious host behind it. This gives you the perfect window as everything for the host goes black.


You lunge at the other host who is sufficiently distracted. He struggles for a bit but it is too late. For the host, everything goes black.


The host never saw what was coming, within seconds, they lie motionless on the ground. They will serve as an excellent host...or they would have. You don't understand what's going on, but you feel something pull against you. It is too early however, far too early. Something fights you, an external force threatens to pry you from your host. You can feel the grip from your tri jointed digits weakening. On instinct, you tighten you tail grip around your hosts throat, unfortunately, that is all you can do. The host continues to pull.


Due to the commotion, you patience would not be rewarded. The host turns around to notice the facehugger leap from the box. The host immediately runs up the the unconscious one and grabs the facehugger and begin to attempt to pull it off. This host seems strong. The slowly begin to pry the facehugger off. They are not successful yet, but they may succeed if not stopped.
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Sorry for the double post. Internet freaked out on me.
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I will determine the result. Though I'm sure it will be a desired outcome.
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A host is rendered unconscious when a face hugger latches on to them.

When everyone has latched onto their host, I will initiate the next phase.
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You silently skitter into what you hope to be a prime position. As you move, so do you sense the movement of others of your kind. The suitable hosts move as well. Beams of light pierce the dim light and mist. Several move past you. You your acidic blood melts ever so slightly through the vent. The sizzling of you acidic blood draws attention from the nearest host. They move to check the sound. In a dash of hope to ensure the survival of the species, you leap. Everything goes black. Within a second, the body of the host slumps to the ground.


The box. Easily capable of hiding your form. Your tapping creates a distraction, easily attracting something. You do not know what it is, though it does not matter, a suitable host is just that. A host moves over to inspect. He ever so slightly creaks open the box, however, the sound of a slumping body turns his head. The box is open yet it does not notice. Your instincts tell you to pounce.


A host moves toward the darkness past the others. He does not see you and the dark creates hesitation. As the host inches ever so closely, he stops. A slumping sound draws it's attention at the edge of the darkness. If you pounce, you may yet get it. However, it is a leap. You could be quick enough but your timing must be impeccable. Though the option to wait is always there.


The journey to the cieling is a close one, almost spotted several times. The paranoia of two hosts draws them ever closer but more cautious. Your sense detect movement of your kind. Another has grasped a host. This sound draws the attention of both hosts near you. They may turn and leave which may cause of loss of opportunity. Though your digits are strong, the distraction is nearly perfect but costly. If you both pounce at once, there is a chance. Though if one misses, it could cause ruin.
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Yes. That is fine.
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