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Varrus turned his gaze away from his equipment and toward Kotze. Just an examination on the shoulder? Are you sure? Varrus tilted his head downward to mimic disappointment since his face couldn't really give others a reading. That's a shame, the potato scooper really would have help bring out those pretty eyes. He said as he slowly put away an actual potato scooper. He walked over to Kotze and then stepped behind him to examine his shoulder. Did you dislocate it? That's what it looks like. I'll pop it back in place. Just relax. It's your first time with me so I'll be gentle....sorry. That came out wrong.

Varrus bent the affected side's elbow to 90 degrees. He began to grip the the elbow with both hands and apply a traction away from Kotze. Taking one hand off the elbow and placing it on the forearm. He slowly externally rotated the elbow. He continued to maintain traction on the elbow with his other hand. He listned for a popping sound and felt the shoulder. He waited to feel the ball of the humerus back in its socket.

That should do it. Varrus took his hands off of Kotze and walked over to his table. I'm required to document all the injury and the procedure taken to fix the injury. I also need to document if any medications are administered. Would you like for me to pescribe you something? I could give you something simple for the pain though it won't be unbearable. On the other hand, my specialty in the medical field was augmentation and biochemistry, I'm always looking to test new chemicals I have developed. I could give you something I created and see the results.

Varrus walked over to one of his cases and opened to reveal several syringes and vials of strange liquid. You don't have to if you don't want to but I'm sure I could pay you back. I'm a doctor, I do have a fortune that the alliance never got their hands on. I could pay you for the time. Varrus then turned to face Kotze. I could help with other things as well. For one, those weak exercises you do to keep us out your mind won't do. My specialty was forcefully extracting info from someone's mind during interrogation. Also, as Illtihids, telepathy is our main form of communication. Keeping us out is always more difficult. I could train you to strengthen your mind if you wish.

@Vampire Stepdad

Varrus sat at his desk in the med bay looking at the data he recorded. I thought looking at it would help more but it doesn't. Perhaps I should start over. He gazed at the door way and had to do a double take when he thought he noticed someone. He stood up from his desk and walked over to the door to open it. Sorry, I was unaware anyone would actually show up. Please, come on in. Kotze would notice a voice in his head that was not his as Varrus spoke. Varrus moved to the side to allow Kotze into the room. Varrus then lead him over to a chair. Have a seat if you'd like. Can I get you anything to drink? I wasn't sure anyone would show up so I'm a little unprepared. Varrus said as he filled to cups of water. He approached Kotze and handed him a cup. My name is Varrus. I'm the new medical officer on board. I joined yesterday so I don't have anyone medical information just yet. That's why I sent out the message to everyone. In most tests, they require you to only wear undergarments but the equipment we have won't make that nesseccary unless there is a issue or injury I need to observe. Before we begin, are there any questions you have? Varrus stood up from his chair and began to prep some of the equipment. Oh I almost forgot. This may sound insensitive but being we are a rather meant for suicide missions, I was wondering if you would sign a waiver to donate you body to science. You don't have to sign but I would be... His facial tentacles twitched a bit. Ecstatic if you did.
Varrus stayed in the quarantine room of the medical bay through most of his time. He left only for small things like getting equipment or for food and water. He removed his suit and set it aside. Opening a case, he pulled out a syringe that was filled with a purple liquid. He walked over to his helmet and turned on its recording device. Test 137 of chemical FTM-43 will start. Varrus injected himself with the substance inside the syringe and waited for several moments. He then walked over to the door the went out the quarantine room. He opened the door and walked out of the qarautine room and simply waited for the results. He began to cough violently and his skin began to bubble. He quickly moved back into the quarantine room and sealed it off.

Varrus walked back over to the helmet he had recording. Until I look at the data collected by the nanites, I can only make assumptions. From experience, chemical FTM-43 allowed my lungs to mimic the natural atmospheric conditions required in foreign environments...however, it did not allow my body the self reproduce the enzyme on my planrt which our bodies have become reliant on. Due to this, I can't leave my suit unless I make modifications to the qarauntine room. On the bright side, I was not temporarily blinded this time. Regardless of the dosage, if my body cannot produce the enzyme, then all progress in other aspects is worthless. Varrus looked over at his data pad. Better get everyone in here eventually. Medical exams can be a pain but are very important. The waivers I give them and wether they sign them or not may determine their treatment. Varrus sent out a message to the entire crew reeling them they needed to report for medical examination though it didn't need to happen immediately so long as they showed up today.

Should I test another chemical before anyone comes in? I guess so, doubt they will show up anyway if Stryker told them anything about me. He looked into the briefcase and observed several syringes. I feel like this would look really fucking suspicious to other people. Whatever, I'll just put them away for now, don't want to look like a drug addict infront of people. Varrus closed his case and put it away. After putting his suit back on, he left the quarantine room sat down at one of the desks. I'll just look over the data the nanites collected.
Varrus gave himself a tour of the ship. It was...adequate anyway. After his brief personal tour and introducing himself to some of the crew members, he entered the medical facility and examined it's equipment. Glad I brought my own tools, these would never get the screams I want. He continued to examine the room. The quarantine chamber was in good shape and the operating tables were nice. The lights weren't bright enough to cause the new meat any discomfort though. He set his bags on one of the several counter tops. Should I put my equipment here or in my room? I suppose I'll leave the normal things here and take the rest to my room.

After unpacking his 'normal' equipment in the medical bay, he left to visit the vacant room closest to it. These rooms accomadate more than I thought. He took the time to get his 'fun' equipment out of his bag and organized. Time to get things started.

Varrus exited his room and headed straight toward the kitchen. Upon arrival, he introduced himself. Hello everyone, my name is Varrus and I am your new medical officer. Rest assured that I will be more than capable of taking good care of you. I wanted to help out around while I had no patients however and was wondering if I may volunteer to help prep meals for the crew. It must be difficult woth so fee cooks and so many mouths to feed. Varrus was proud of his speech, it sounded normal enough...he thought atleast. Talking to people wasn't his talent. Reluctantly, Varrus had to talk to people to get accustomed to his new life.

The chefs accepted his help and without delay, Varrus put his steady hands to work. One of the chefs even commented on his skills to separate and perfectly cut slices of meat. Varrus didn't posses the physical capability to smile but if he could he would. Well, I think it goes to show when it comes to it, I have more experience than anyone when it comes to cutting into meat. With those words spoken, Varrus was accompanied by the awkward silence he was familiar with. I'm just gonna get back to helping prep.
Is this still accepting?
I'm up for it.

As Stryker got to the meeting point, Varrus was not in sight. Though a cold hand was placed on Strykers left shoulder from behind. It's good to see you again Stryker. A cold and horrid voice echoed in Strkyers head. The alliance has grown...concerned. Varrus rested his other hand on Strykers right shoulder. Your recent spike in casualty rates was rather alarming. Especially on a mission containing such valuable.....assests. Varrus hunched over, leaning his head over Strykers left shoulder showing Stryker it really was him. You see, with such a dramatic increase in casualties, the alliance was worried about our favorite little team. Varrus took his hands off Strjyer as his four facial tentacles coiled around Strykers neck but only for a moment. Don't worry you have seen, I keep my experiments in very good condition. I'm so happy to have new..'material' to work with.

Varrus stood straight and turned his back toward Stryker. I'm going to go greet my new subje-...friends on the ship. As Varrus began to walk away, he stopped for a moment. Don't look so tense, this station will be here after we leave. Which reminds me...i can't wait to show you new agents I developed. I'm sure you will have night terrors about these. I can't wait for the team to here the blood curdling screams. It's like a symphony. With his final words spoken, Varrus headed toward the ship.

Tobi wasn't sure why he had to return to the lab. He was there for awhile and did what SAL instructed him to do. After the ship docked, Tobi had plans, he was gonna go shopping. He wasn't sure what he was gonna get but a new wire for strangling people sounded good to him.
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