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1 day ago
Current Hawaiian Pizza is great.
2 days ago
Evidently I've not been ghosted. Or maybe I have. Who knows. I'm not used to Tinder matches.
2 days ago
I'm just waiting for the ghost shoe to drop.
4 days ago
Vitamin B12
4 days ago
I am glad you are amused


So yeah, this is Blaze. I'm sorry you had to see this. I do 1x1s of the we're all going to hell variety. 29. Living in Japan. Male. Uh... Stuff. PM me for RPs of questionable moral fibre.

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Doubtless strong, but I don't think he'd be anywhere near the strength of characters like Gilgamesh, Ozymandias, & the likes. Deified or not. When you say double up, do you mean two servants or just two characters?
That's a tough one. Obviously I'd prefer to play as a master, since I'm kinda odd about playing preexisting characters. As for the servant role, I'd rather propose a servant by true name then see what roles they best fit into... Probably someone out of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, though, such as Guan Yu or... Well, still gotta muse on that.
Hell, I've been trying to work out one of these for a bit, but didn't want sole DMing stuff. I'd be glad to join this though.

*Goes back to grinding for stuff to ascend Gorgon*
Sure, I'll necrobump
@KiraVanhelsing not really. We can work out details via pm
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