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You got your answer, Balthazar. :D
Above Downtown, the Capital City

Balthazar would soon get his answer.

Whereas the demons chattered and rampaged throughout the city's CBD, and humans and angels alike sought to try and grapple with the demonic hordes, a meteorite-like fireball fell from the heavens and away from Achilles' rendevous. At the center of the flickering flames, a pair of baleful eyes stared out at the destruction below them. They saw the destruction being wreaked on GOD's creation, the suffering being inflicted on the LORD's children, heard the foul laughter coming from the airborne lieutenant of Hell's army and the bearer of those eyes felt only one thing: hatred.

Just as the falling flare seemed to be less then a kilometer above the ground, the light cleared and the now-revealed angel adjusted her posture. White-feathered wings flared from a spine encased in polished metal armour and the angel let out a cry of wrath as - still falling just above the speed of sound - she slammed sabatons-first onto the pavement. Unknown to her, she had landed well in front of the two in-betweener travelers who, even now, were beginning to make their way deeper into the city.

Rising from the crater she had just punched into cracked and ruined cement, Aquilina unslung and readied a gleaming, double-edged glaive in a gauntleted hand. Her eyes and voice were focused on the distant (but e'er present) Balthazar and its minions.

"The fires of Hell will die out this day, fallen spawn of Hell!" she called out in challenge. "The Hammer of Demons comes for you!"
Phew! That's one exoucia finally done!
Posted a draft of my OC, Aquilina. Just may need some advice regarding abilities and whatnot that'd be suitable for a combat-orientated exoucia.

I'll complete the remainder of the sheet in due course.
The Wrath of God

“In Hell's darkness, I will be His light.
In doubt's bitterness, I will keep His Word.
In War's rage, I will master its craft.
In just retribution, I will give no quarter.
In Armageddon's fire, I will have no fear.
In death's embrace, I will have no remorse.”

Name: 'True' name unknown – speculation towards Raquel or Camael
Nickname: Aquilina (personal nickname)
Age: Null
Race: Angel
Rank: Exoucia (Second Sphere, Third Order)

Compared to the judicial, rational inquisition of Zaphiel, or the just righteousness of Achilles, Aquilina could be described as arbitrary, remorseless and (dare one say it to her directly) heartless. Often called on by Heaven to be the final arbitrator of God's wrath, Aquilina's bitterness from the millennia of conflict between Heaven and Hell has been hardened to the point where – while she will not pursue 'minor' sins – an 'in-betweener' who hurts or kills another, or otherwise enables the armies of Hell by their actions, will often be summarily executed. Thus, this Exoucia has a poor reputation as being a bit of a 'blunt instrument' when nuance would otherwise be needed – a 'fanatic', at worst.

If there was a beating heart of emotion or humanity beneath her breastplate, only man's Father in Heaven would know now ...

The heaven-shattering fall of Lucifer, the once-Morning Star, and a third of Heaven's host was the crucible that forged Aquilina. Raised from the lowest choirs, Aquilina's new purpose from the LORD was not to grant authority to others over nations, or to record and retain knowledge, but to become the form that GOD's holy and righteous wrath would be embodied. To act where coercion, calls for repentance and the then-infant Zaphiel's Inquisition could not. To - if need be - charge into the depths of Hell and tear it apart.

Restrained by the LORD's mercy for humanity, the crucifixion and resurrection of the LORD's Son and the passing of years as GOD's Word spread across the world, Aquilina remained in the boundaries of Heaven, liaisoning and training with like-minded angels for the day when the final clash would be unleashed. The constant stream of information regarding her fallen brethrens' machinations with GOD's children, as well as the few moments where she had to go to Earth to enact the LORD's judgement, only hardened her heart further.

Now, with the final reckoning upon the world and with Lucifer and his lieutenants rampaging across the world, Aquilina's time has now come. The remorseful sinner will be brought back to GOD's mercy by those more knowable and able in this aspect. Aquilina, however, will show none...

Notable Skills:

While it is not normal for an exoucia to become directly involved in the fight against Hell - many instead acting as delegates of power and authority to those on Earth - Aquilina had dedicated herself to the cause to the point where, thus far, she is one of the few exceptions to the normal delegation of roles among the Choirs. She is expected to know combat maneuvering, swordsmanship and unarmed combat at a minimum, but has also taken on training in how to handle a lance (the latter has since supplanted the sword as her primary armament).

While this skill would imply that she is skilled in the nuances and summoning abilities of daemons, Aquilina cannot - and will not - willingly bring forth a minion of Hell. Instead, this skill represents the insight taught and ingrained in her of most of the spawn of Hell and how best to counteract them, whether it'd be a minor fallen angel, a Deadly Sin or one of Lucifer's lieutenants.

Knowledge of the Scriptures and Gospels
Of all the weapons and defenses in the 'arsenal' of those angels and mortals called to fight against Hell, none is as sharp as the LORD's own Word. As Christ embodied the Word and rebuked demons and Lucifer alike with the Word, so those angels who are called to war must rely on the Word to rebuke the enemy.

When tempted or attacked by the Enemy through words or concepts, Aquilina can rebuke the foe by drawing on the Scripture, often unbalancing or staying the foe from 'getting into her head'. However, this is not something that can be used flippantly – Aquilina must be as precise as possible with her recall of the Word, or the enemy will now have a new avenue of attack (her erring scriptural knowledge).


Angelic Physiology, Angelic Constitution (see Zaphiel)

Mortal Guise
Aquilina's true form is not known to mortal eyes and were she to appear to a man without a guise, the individual in question might die out of shock. Thus Aquilina adopts the form of an armoured human woman (winged while in flight or seeking to intimidate) in order to assure that accidental deaths are avoided and to be capable of interacting with the world - at least, until the hexes and bullets start flying.

"Deus Lo Vult"
Like her fellow angels, Aquilina has some command of ability from Heaven that can be utilised on the mortal plane. While not as powerful as, say a Seraph, and weaker in some miracles then others, Aquilina can pull off some feats that can only be described as miraculous to mortal eyes:

Angelic Flight
Just like it says on the tin. Aquilina is able to fly from points A to B, even down to within a second (if enough power is drawn on and she knows where she needs to go).

Blinding Flare
Drawn from the light that shines from Heaven, Aquilina can summon a flash of light that can clear away darkness or fog, and blind or even scorch her foes in a limited area. Cannot inflict fatal harm.

Visage of Heaven
Projecting the inner righteousness and power of her physical form and authority, Aquilina suddenly takes on a far more terrifying appearance to demons and sinful in-betweeners alike.

Hands of the Righteous
Even while divested of armaments, an angel can still be dangerous. Grappling with her foe's head, Aquilina can attempt to purge the possessed and demonic, exorcising demons and casting them back into Hell with a quickly-muttered rite. As a general rule, the more powerful the demon, the longer the time required and consequent lower chances of success.

Malleus Daemonicum
Should all other options fail, Aquilina will drawn on all her energy for one final, pure blow, whether it'd be in the form of lunging forward to plunge her sword into the heart of a Greater Demon, or slamming her lance into the ground and cause a shockwave. Whatever the form of this final act of defiance may take, the results are usually spectacular and - consequently - fatiguing, verging on near-fatal, for Aquilina.

Full plate/chainmail armour and cloak, holy lance, sword belt with "hand-and-a-half" longsword and scabbard.
*shrugs* Fair enough.
Hello folks. Seems like a pretty interesting idea; I'm willing to give this RP a bit of a crack (if it is still open for applications, that is).

I'm currently leaning towards apping as an Angel - specifically (if one follows the old manuscript 'De Coelesti Hierarchia') an Exoucia.
Whoops, did everyone just fall into the October slump?

Battlestar 'Lysander'

On the bridge of 'Lysander', a shout went up from the Battlestar's comms station. Snapping her head up from where she had been looking at the positional map table, CDR Cunningham inquired, "Yes, Ensign?"

"Transmission intercept from the surface, ma'am." the fresh-faced officer replied, twisting a dial to try and get better reception. "You better hear this."

That got the Commander's attention. With her XO nodding to her to accept it, she ordered, "Put it up on speaker, Mr Evans. Channel 1MC."

With a click from the speakers, the somewhat garbled, rambling transmission filtered in over the bridge's tannoy:

The tail end of the transmission dies with a crackle of static and Ensign Evans killed the line. Sighing, Cunningham paced her end of the table, examining the still sketchy terrain dradus map that had been compiled by her pilots over the past month.

"Co-ordinates for that transmission, Mr Evans?" Stephanie gritted.

"Dradus bearing 484 canum 159." Evans rattled off; he hastily jotted down the latitude and longitude before passing it up to Cunningham's XO.

"Ma'am, that grid places us within several clicks of Base Alpha's location." the Major added, passing the slip of paper to his superior officer. "But Varrnes' men won't be able to make it on foot. Not in time, if this is anything to go by."

"Agreed, Major. I want a Marine platoon and a flight of Assault Raptors scrambled. Get Green and Red Squadrons off of CAP and have them escort the birds in."

"Yes, ma'am." Major Paulson replied, reaching for his tannoy receiver.

Cunningham reached for her own receiver and, once the brief 'ping' of white noise died, her voice boomed over the ship-wide tannoy, "All hands, go to Combat Alert Level 2. Scramble Blue and Grey Squadrons for CAP. This is the commander..."
@Lmpkio@CHammer Do we want to collab our stuff before I post, so we can get it all out at once?

I wouldn't mind, either, however I'm probably going to be extremely busy today.
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