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After Savaris released his pressure, he didn't expect the hollows below to take notice. They did, however, forcing Savaris to either have to change up his strategy or take on all the hollows head on. "Back against the wall as always." He thought to himself as he expanded his body to slow his fall. They were all aiming for the wrong person. Savaris was brash and sometimes flashy but he was also very wise for his age, and very skilled for his class. Generally, he wanted to join Squad 2 to continue his family legacy, on the contrary, his skills were more suited for the Kido Corps. His reiatsu suddenly began to focus. Savaris starred down his foes now turning his body to dart down towards them.

He places his right index and middle finger in front of his face. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man!" He uttered the first verse as he extended both his hands towards the creatures below. By the end of the verse, a red orb would appear small in size at first but, growing substantially. "Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!" Savaris roared the final verse as the orb grew to its maximum size. Just in time too because the hollows had closed in on him. "Hadō #31. Shakkahō!"

Suddenly a red blast of pure flaming energy erupted from the ball. This was a signature technique taught at the academy and also one that Savaris mastered early in his years at the academy. Savaris packed the Hado with the intent to completely annihilate everything in his path.
Savaris scurred around in such a hurry he didn't notice the doors around him closing everywhere. That was until he came face to face with a wall. A loud thud sounded as he fell back on the floor. This, however, couldn't have been any better. The blow to the wall acted like a slap to the face, calming him down. He let out a sigh of relief as he stood and looked around. "All the doors seem to be either closed or locked. Even the hallways?" He thought about the map he was sure he memorized and how the passageways weren't there. "Tch. You bastards just aren't gonna make this easy on me." He let out another sigh this time shrugging his shoulders as he walked the only path that was left available.

It wasn't long until he saw the door that led to the opening. He took a deep breath and instantly his reiatsu was suppressed. Not entirely, but it would take someone with high skills to be able to sense him. He stood in the doorway doing warm-up stretches for his entire body. He got into runners pose. It was then that he noticed a few "things" descending from the ceiling. His eyesight was good but not good enough to pinpoint exactly what it was. "Brother. Sister. Guide me." "Ready or not. Here I come."

With a flash he instantly disappeared from sight and sensory. His flash step was both brilliant and magnificent, taking only a few strides to get to his destination. With one final push, he leaps into the air appearing above the group. Finally exhaling his breath he releases the full brunt of his reiatsu. A crimson red aura appearing around him making him take the appearance of an exploding star. He creates a small tile out of reishi and uses it to kick straight down like a rocket. With one powerful punch he aims to strike down a hollow near the center of the group. The very air around Savaris began to increase in temperature.
Wait so do we already have our released zanpakuto?

all except me.
Savaris sat back in his seat folding his arms. It was true, Savaris tended to overstep his bounds. Luckily he had friends to help keep him in check. Nemuri answered his question...vaguely. He still wasn't sure what this division was nor what it was meant to be. A few members also asked questions. They were all good questions. Still, none really gave purpose to what they were supposed to be doing. It was then that a loud screech entered the room disturbing the balance.

Savaris leaped to his feet. "That's?!" He yelled out in complete shock. He knew that sound very well. That was the sound of a hollow. The lights went out and a map appeared in place of Mayuri's head. He had a very good memory and took a mental picture of the map. He knew it would probably come in handy later. He studied the map as best he could. The map was replaced by a camera feed of another room displaying a fire. It was then that a figure stepped into view.

Savaris took a couple steps back as fear started to creep across his very soul. "...hollow...." He muttered. Before anything else could be said or done. Savaris took off into the maze of the barracks, running for his very life.
Definitely interested in joining this.
feel free to rummage through the corpses for loot.
Savaris looked Saishu up and down before rolling his eyes and folding his arms. "Apologize for what? I feel like I was being nice to the creature." Savaris would say, really not finding any problem in his speech. Savaris then turned his back to Saishu. This wasn't the time or the place to pick a fight, though, Savaris wanted to anyway. No more than ever considering his requests were just ignored. "Hmph. Well, %^*# you too." Savaris muttered under his breath. He overheard the words spoken to Saishu about the captain. Which caused Savaris to roll his eyes once more before saying "I'm shaking in my boots." sarcastically of course.

Savaris followed the annoying woman into the bowls of the hole. At the bottom, he noticed the couches and plopped down where he felt would be most comfortable. It was then that he saw the floating Mayuri head which made him shutter down to his very bones. He found captain Mayuri creepy at best. Ever since the first day he laid eyes on him, the creepy image of his face haunted his dreams. It seemed that the assistance was now making it a point to separate Savaris from the group by not recognizing him as a prodigy. This didn't seem to effect Savaris however. He knew what he was and what he wasn't. Even though he might not be considered a prodigy by the skills of everyone else in the room, he was still on a level of his own.

As the woman continued on with her explanation of the events, Savaris couldn't help but feel intrigued all of a sudden. The very thought of being able to pull out the best of someone's skills purely based off of their Genetics was in itself genius. Savaris found himself looking at Captain Mayuri in a new light. Savaris raised his hand. "Um, Nemuri-sama?" Savaris tone this time was much sweeter. "So if our job is to survive. Does that mean we will be taking on life-threatening assignments?"
@Pseudo Stygian there is 1 zombie left fighting Rio. but for the most part your correct
Ririsu has a CS at the end of page 2. I don't think there is one for the others.
Savaris accompanied his friend and new squad mates to where the barracks were to be. Instead, they arrived to see nothing more than a flat square. However, in no time the floor opened up revealing a hidden laboratory. Savaris was amazed but not impressed. They better had a good explanation for all of this. Before they knew it a woman was popping out of the whole to greet them. Still amazed not impressed he watched the conversation between the mysterious woman and Ririsu, also mysterious to him, unfold. It was clear that he learned 2 things from that convo. This chick was a ditz and obviously worked for that weird captain. "Yo. Were here too." Savaris said to gain the strange woman's attention.

He listened as Takuya expressed his concern. This was not how the court guard squads did things however, Captain Mayuri was always known for being unorthodox. That and the captain commander being way more lenient. "Ooooh so your one of Captain Weirdos "pets". Savaris slung harshly towards the woman. He pointed at her. "Look lady, we demand some answers. First, wheres the captain?" He said in a much less harsh tone than before. "Secondly, where is captain Mayuri? We need to talk. Tell him Savaris Shihoin needs to speak to him immediately. I know you "pets" have a way of communicating to your master." He folded his arms "And lastly where can I get some grub and hit something really REALLY hard." He said the last part of the sentence with a menacing glare.
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