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"S-six hours?!" Aster asked shocked. He didn't know he could get kicked out for something like this. He understood that they needed to prove themselves, although his pokemon were strong Aster himself is a relative beginner and it made sense he needed to prove himself. But still this was really frustrating! This Tsurugi guy had just been rude for no reason!

As the two walked away from the Project official, Aster sighed. "He didn't have to be so rude about it." He grumbled as they walked. " But still, whats an alolan ninetails doing here in sinnoh? Aren't they usually in ... alola." He said in a matter-of-fact way. I mean, it was in the name.
Enma eyes dialated at the new arrivals by flashing light. First he wakes up in a new place and now he's blinded by light and ringing in his ear? Was this a prank? Did someone use a flash bomb? As he opened his eyes and looked at the new arrival of hardhats he became confused. "U-uh whats ... happening? Wait, do those hard hats look familiar?" He asked more to himself than those around him. He had a feeling he had seen these hardhats a million time but where? Before he could ask, he turned and only then realized that some of them had disappeared!!!

"W-woah woah where did THEY go?!" he asked now just utterly confused, forgetting the hard hats. As the air around them grew warmer and as the sun began to reach its peak, Enma became increasingly nervous.

What were they here for?
As participants began to choose where they’d fight, some decided to move to have a view of the competition while some moved to specifically avoid the competition, Riku specifically. With Riku on the western battlefield, many of the weaker contestants thought to hide in the east. And those hungry for points followed them. Soon all participants were in place, with most grouping up around the eastern mountains or above the southern ocean, and the battle commenced.

With Blade moving to the south side, Naoki followed in hopes of seeing him in action taking a position to Blades left. On Blades other side Naoki sees a teenage girl (Hanako), glaring out the corner of her eye at Blade. Seems like Blade had made enemies here already, not that he could judge having a whole gunpla club go after him for some reason at the start of all this. Past her was the Shark, seemed like he was going to be in the south as well.

“All participants, please dock and prepare for launch. In 15 … 14 … 13 ...”

As the countdown continued, everyone around the table began to get ready.

“Yukihiro Naoki. Become a reality, Graze Customized!!!!!” He yelled as the gate opened, showing the wide ocean.

Immediately entering the ocean area, all that where there were assaulted by the Wing Zero Gundams long range double buster rifles, dancing in the air as he fired blasts and signifying his presence and location to the other 3 battlers.

Hanako dodged and weaved around the cannon's blasts as her eyes were trained on Blade. “Unlike my brothers, I excel in the air!!!!” She yelled over the comms as she blasted forward, charging at Blade with unreal speeds for an Astray before she strikes at him with her beam saber, ready to parry any attack he countered with using her shield.

Naoki meanwhile flew low before diving underwater, knowing full well that despite the nanolaminate armor of his Graze he would still receive heavy damage from those buster rifles. As he cruised underwater he viewed the battle above while eying the now mountain standing Jun.

In the mountainous East, all three contestants seemed to have the same idea of using the map's naturally mountainous area to hide behind and assess the situation. All three fighters forgoed immediate fighting in order to get more advantageous positions.

Although not directly between the two, Kai sat with enemies both to his left and right.

Hamada, a college student piloting a gold Buster Gundam, sat to the north as he tried to get a lock on the other battlers energy radars. Slowly realizing that all three had hid outside of their radar's reach, Hamada changed plans, he sat in a small valley as he positioned his cannon upwards, firing mortar shots all around the mountains at the other 2.

The other pilot, Kishimodo, a young woman piloting a straight-built victory Gundam who was hiding closer to the coastline wasn’t confident with her plan. Hiding during the first round and not really understanding what was now happening in the second, she hid as she saw the other 2 do the same. Now as the buster gundam bombarded the area she panicked and began firing rapidly in the direction of both Kai and Hamada in hopes that one would hit.

In the East, Riku stood in solidarity as he stared out into the mountains that contained the rest of the battlefield. The valley was quiet and uninteresting as only Rikus Metal Angel stood. As time ticked on, a reflective light could be seen shining from cave entrances in the mountains before disappearing, reappearing at different cave entrances every so often. Rikus' instincts had immediately told him what was happening. He was being scoped out.
Meant to post yesterday but my power went out. But now Jun is ready for mortal combat

Yeah man that's fine since no one else has really posted but that brings up a point, is 2 days not enough time? Am I rushing? I have a lot of time after work every day but I forget that's not the case for everyone.
Aster panted in exileration at the narrow avoidance of the legendary pokemon, glad that Eclorians plan worked without a hitch. As Eclorian called Asashi for our next task, Aster examined the beautiful moltres feather he had gathers. "Should've grabbed a second." He whispered to himself, hoping to have one for himself as a momento.

"Mount Coronet?" Eclorian said to Asashi as he talked about his Magnezone. Mount Coronet? Wheres that?
Eclorian looked at Aster as he was lost in thought. "What do you say, shall we find this guy at the mountain while we're here anyway? It's supposed to be this place of legend, where time and space meet. Who knows, the Project is luring us towards another legendary Pokemon!"

Asters ears perked up at that. Time ... and Space? "A place where time and space meet? Where there's possibly another legendary pokemon? You'd have to stop me from following you!"
"Sounds like a Plan!! Echoes, Pick me up!!" Aster said, trusting his judgment, as he ran forward, grabbing a feather and running towards the railing, his noivern swooping up from below to catch him as he jumped off. He was grabbed by the shoulders as the noivern began to dodge the moltres while also heading towards the waterfall.
The new post is up and the conclusions for round 1 have been released! As well as how the arena looks. Just for context, even if you are standing next to each other you probably won't launch RIGHT next to each other but rather like 50-75 meters away.
With only 50 seconds left, both tables began to feel the intensity as all combatants entered what would be extremely dangerous firefights.

In Table A, the top 3 combatants now stood in the same area above the sky. 2 different weapons were thrown at the Destiny Gundam, destroying its left and right arms, and as the pilot tried to aim its long range cannon at the now close enemies it was immediately kicked and destroyed in a pink explosion by Jun and had their cannon taken.

The sun began to set on the virtual battlefield as everyone knew there was little to no time. The last 2 airborne combatants made their move. Jun fired an array of lasers down at the Zaku Origin, using the last of his energies to forge a path of destruction. Kai blasted forward like the red comet himself, using the last of his energies to break through all in his way. Lasers began to close in on the approaching red blur, grazing the red suit lightly as it charged forward with no stopping, and as the two battle worn suits began to enter 20 meters from each other … they stopped.

Everything stopped.

And a robotic voice yelled for all to hear. “TIMES UP!!!” And with that, the two gunplas fell to the table, damaged but not out and frozen in time aiming at each other.

Meanwhile at Table B, The two new allies quickly moved on Rikus advice, commencing their counterattack!!!

"I'll take the rat who thinks he can use my own gambit against me!" Rikus voice said through the public channels as his missile volley launched towards the peeking Taurus. Nishiyama cautiously backed up and returned fire, trying to wonder if he had maken a mistake in his plans as explosions filled the air around him as they struck the side of the canyon. He needed to retreat! He could always get points in round 2 right? It was fine to run right?! He transformed his taurus and tried to gain air in an attempt to escape but was shocked when automatic fire began to rain onto him. Now in the air and defenseless, the taurus blows up into pink smoke at the insistent barrage.

Simultaneously, Blade had transformed and headed into the desert, dodging and weaving the blasts from the Astray as he closed in, firing its two rifle shots forward in an attempt to destroy Hanako's unit. Hanako shot back, before jumping out of her hiding spot to perform an evasive maneuver and flying into the air. Blade transformed as he approached and the two clashed beam sabers, Hanako parrying Blades first attack despite using a much slower unit. The two reared back before charging at each other.

However, before either of the two could fully end the battle, a robotic voice yelled for all to hear. “TIMES UP!!!”. The gunplas fall to the table. Both the wing and the ashtrays have the handle of their beam sabers pressed against each others chests, showing that if the battle had lasted a second longer both would have perished.

“TIMES UP!!!”. The robotic voice yelled to Naoki as the match ended, the holograms around all contestants began to unravel. Naoki panted as his heart raced watching the battle at the end. He released a breath he didn’t know he was holding. What was that? It was like he had seen two world class fighters with how intense the fighting between the two of them felt. Or maybe it was just his imagination again. Still, their skills were real.

“THE NEXT MATCH WILL BEGIN IN 15 MINUTES, PLEASE MAKE ANY REPAIRS BEFORE THEN. I REPEAT. THE NEXT MATCH WILL BEGIN IN 15 MINUTES, PLEASE MAKE ANY REPAIRS BEFORE THEN.” The robotic voice of the tables said as the 2 sets of 10 hexagonal tables began to slowly move towards each other, eventually creating a large 20 hexagon battlefield. Above the tables a scoreboard popped up.

3 -Kusaka Riku
2 -Blade
1 -Kai Asakura
1 -Takamaki Jun
0 -Yukihiro Naoki
0 -Hanako
0 -Koga Kyo
0 -Hamada
0 -Kishimodo

2 -Kudo 0 -Hamachiyama 0 -Kobayashi
0 -Tanaka 0 -Komi 0 -Seiichi Seo
0 -Akihiko 0 -Mitsuki 0 -Nishiyama

At the announcement, Naoki moved to one of the work stations in the arcade to begin repairing his gunpla. He thought of Seo and the rest of Seos teammates. It was a shame they couldn’t take part in the next round, but that's what happens when your gunpla is destroyed during an elimination match, as opposed to a point based tournament that some shops do. As he repairs his Graze, Shinrai approaches his station, a tablet in hand. “Hey Shinrai, did you SEE the end of that fight? It was amazing!”

Shinrai nodded before speaking, “No. I was actually watching the other table, and theres something I wanna show you that surprised me.” He said as he turned on the tablet to show the near end of the Table B battle, when Blade offered help to Riku. “Interesting right?”

“Definitely … I’ve seen what the Shark and the Reaper have done in person now, there's no denying their strong. And with Rikus current placement I can confirm he’s skilled. But this guy is a complete mystery to me … I need to see him in action.” He said as he finished his repairs, replacing the beyond repair left Leo arm with his Grazes original left arm.

Shinrai nodded at Naoki's reasoning, leaving to go observe the other contenders.

Soon, the second round was about to begin and all remaining contestants gathered around the table to see the new map. It was a large mountain range with a large river running down its middle. At the north was a dip in the mountains that housed a mining town, complete with a large mine shaft just large enough to hold a mobile suit. Near the south, the mountains turn to cliffs overlooking the ocean, a large body of water with strong tides at the border of the map. In the east the mountains continued for as far as the eye can see. And finally in the west, there is a large valley, easily visible by all.

As the fighters surrounded the table to their starting positions, most combatants avoided the west and instead gathered around the other 3 areas. 2 heading towards the mountains, 1 heading towards the mines and Hanako heading towards the cliffside oceans respectively. Naoki waited as he watched Blade, deciding to follow him.

(The table is now 20 hexagons big!!! Battles that take place on one side of the map might not be seen or heard by those on another. Everyone please decided if you will be entering the arena from the North, South, West, or East )

(Edit: added where Hanako was placed.)
"Hey!" A cloaked man called out to Kukui. He turned and moved over to face the fighter. "I guess it's you and me, right?" The cloaked figure looked around. "And you don't look like you can fight either. Which means we're closer to equal, right? Right?" The figure paused as it nervously skittered towards the young man with green hair. "It's fair, a fight between us, isn't it?"

Kukui gulped before staring. What should he do now? Fighting this man wasn’t even an option to Kukui, neither of them wanted to truly fight each other and Kukui understood that this hesitation in both of them would give him a chance to escape. But with the whole cage around them being seastone he was unable to escape through the ground like he’d usually do. His only option now was to create a “Path” to escape.

Kukui held his hand up, palm forward. “Please sir, forgive me!!” He said with a plan forming in his head. Dull poles of wood began flying out of his hand at the cloaked man, shooting around him but in reality he was aiming for the spaces in between the bars. At the same time he was creating something within his body, a sort of shield in case the worst outcome.
@The Irish Tree@Conejitoooo@Crimson Lion
I've got a few questions for you guys.
1. Wanderingdragon has left the rp for personal reasons. I was going to continue on with the three of us for awhile, but I was curious how you guys felt about the matter. Should I recruit another player, or should we go it with the four of us?
2. What's your opinion about discord? Normally I prefer communicating through here, because of mixed results with the site, but if you guys want I'll set up a discord for this rp.

1. I'm fine with continuing. And I'm also fine with future recruitment.

2. Discord works for me.
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