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Rainer sweatdropped at Abbygails graphic example of him being chased around for the rest of his life from bounty hunters. “Come on only one in five of bounty hunters and Marines are worth worrying over!" He heard Musashi say, which gave him a small spark of hope that everything would be ok. "Though you could get unlucky and meet an admiral! That would suck!” She finished.

Rainer fell to the floor in a comicly depressed manner, his soul looking like it was leaving his body. "With my luck I'd probably be hunted by all of them." He said with tears.

After a couple of moments, Rainer shook his head and stood up, pushing thethought away till after they got somewhere safe. He then listened as Mark told them to hide under deck, "Yeah, that'd be a good idea for now." He said before noticing Saki, "Ah, who's this?"
@Duoyayeah your characters all good to go.

@Bizzarbitrary Well whichever you do I'm glad to hear.

*Ching Ching*

“Ah! Come again!”

The bell atop the door rang as a highschool couple walked out of Kaito’s as the owner waved to the two from behind the counter. The cafe hummed with noise as a small group of friends conversed in the corner near the door, and soft light shining through the windows of the café, illuminating the whole room and provided most of the rooms lighting.

Kaito sat behind the counter on a stool as he brewed himself his own cup of coffee. It was a slower than usual day and he had nothing better to do then enjoy his own brew. As the water boiled, he flipped through the pages of a gossip magazine one of his patrons left behind before chuckling to himself.

“ ~Boogeyman scares children in local school~? Jesus, they'll report about anything these days.”

*Ching Ching*

“Hello, welcome to Kai- OH! Mr. Yumiki!” He said as an older man with tied up hair in a business suit came in. “Welcome, are you here for a coffee?” Kaito asked asked with a small strain in his voice.

“Good afternoon Kaito.” The business man said as he placed a briefcase on top of the counter. “And no, I'm here regarding our ‘night shift’.”

Kaito chuckled. “Y’know, people are gonna spread even more rumors about me if you phrase it like that.”

“Yes yes I know, and we wouldn't want that now can we?” The older man said sarcastically. “Anyways I came here to tell you 2 things. One.” He started before pressing the latches of the cases open. “Thanks to your help with the prototype, I was able to create a final product.” He said as he opened the case. The insides contained what looked like a dozen or so black watches, with the screens widened and extending up the arm an extra 5 inches.

Kaito immediately went wide eyed at the sight. “O-oi what the hell.” He yelled in a hush voice as he turned the case to a he side, away from the customers eyes. “Didn't I tell you I didn't approve of this? If these were to fall into the wrong hand bad things can happen!!! Which by the way, WHY are there multiple copies?!” He asked as he picked up the case.

“Hey, I don't remember needing your permission for anything. Besides, whether you approve of them or not, you're going to need it.” He said as he grabbed the case out of Kaitos hand, fumbling and causing all of the watches to fall to the floor.

“What do you mean by that Yumiki?” Kaito asked concerned.

Yumiki smirked, a dark look in his eyes as he began to slowly walk backwards towards the door. “What I mean … is that our night shift starts .. now.”

As if rehearsed, the light in the room began to fade as the sky outside began to darken rapidly, turning the bright Cafe into a dark room with only a single light shining above Kaito. “Y-yumiki, what did you do!” Kaito asked panicked.

Yumiki rolled up his left sleeve showing that he is wearing one of the devices. “Ah ah ah, I'm sorry Partner but I can't have you ruining things just yet!” He said as the screen began to glow. The whole room began to follow, walls the roof and the ceiling all glowing before the light shined so bright it was blinding.

When the light fades, all the patrons open their eyes to an unfamiliar sight. A strange hallway with vines along the walls and lights coming from between them.

“No … a Domain” Kaito said shocked. Before anyone could ask anything, a low growl filled the air. Around the corner came a sight none of them were probably expecting, a lions head and legs appeared around the corner but was completed by the back end of a giant ant. The lion and ant chimera roared as half a dozen more marched out from around the corner. “Shit! Myrmecoleon!!!” He yelled as he looked around only for his eyes to land on the pile of watches that Yumiki dropped. Kaito immediately went over and grabbed one before putting it on his wrist. “Anyone who wants to fight grab one of these!!! Everyone else hide behind us!!!” He said as the screen turned on.

Identifying … Kaito Tsukitora. Registering … Complete. Logging in … Access Granted. COMP activated, Harmonizer Activating.

Kaito’s body glowed for a bit as energy courses through his body. “These COMP’s will make you stronger, trust me!!!” He yelled as one of the demons charged at him, which he responded with a punch powerful enough to knock it back.

The rest of the monsters split off to attack the patrons of the cafe individually.
@Duoya Well take your time. I'll definitely be posting today or tonight but I'll make sure we don't get past the intro before ur done.
I'm probably going to post the first of the RP tomorrow.
@Bizzarbitrary Nice name. 10/10 would read again. And everything on ur character . @Vertigo Hama and mudo don't instant kill in this. I didn't 100% want to go in the direction o 7 sins because i felt it'd lock people into something early on. Also ur characters approved as well.
Name: Kaito Tsukitora

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Occupation: Store Owner (?)

Alignment: Lawful Good


Personality: Kaito is a usually calm and levelheaded person with a gentle smile, but has a much more strict side when situations are stressful. He's a pretty friendly person as well as observant, having polished both his people and observational skills while working in his cafe he is a master of small talk.

Skills: Bufu, Dia
I made the RP post. Its HERE.

Shin Megami Tensei: Hollow Authority

The Kaito Cafe, a small quaint little cafe near the heart of the city with what is described by many as the best coffee in all of Shinjuku. Everyday a variety of people come in and sit down at the cafes tables. From businessman to high schoolers, as long as you can pay, Kaito Taketora will brew you up a cup in no time!

So, on a typical Monday afternoon, it was strange that the Kaito Cafe was where the Beginning of the End would happen.

The occult has always fascinated the general population, from conspiracy theorists to government officials everyone in one way or another believes in some form of mysticism. However in recent years people have begun to believe more than ever before with strange things happening all around the world. In the Americas, there are more “Bigfoot” sightings in the last year than the last decade! In Germany, a large amount of people have been reporting that they’ve been seeing ghosts follow them around. And now there's a conspiracy going around that the governments of the world are summoning monsters in the antarctic?! Some of these rumors are about our friendly local Cafe Owner Kaito himself.

This is Shin Megami Tensei so that can only mean one thing. Demons have appeared in Shinjuku, the world is coming to an end and the patrons of Kaito’s Cafe are gonna get sucked into it whether they want to or not. So tell me, were you unlucky enough to want a cup of coffee today?

- Basic Rp Rules
- No posting in RP or Character Tab until approved
- Cursings fine just don't curse AT anybody unless it's in the RP
- I might change the rules later on.
- *Important* If you want a specific demon to be recruited or appear in the story PM me before introducing them to the RP. *Important*

So for magic I was thinking I'd do it like persona Q, where you start out with skills that just evolve with levels. Example, My guy has Zio, Gram Slice (light phys) and Dia, then like a third into the story My guy would upgrade to Zionga, Fatal Slash (Medium phys), and diarama.

what do u guys think?
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