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Yeah I wanted to show that the other 4 actually have some skill. Hachiyama especially since in my head he’s the front line fighter.
I've posted! Sorry it took so long, I wanted to look it over after work.

I am pretty excited about the Zenshin vs Imagine battle! I think I've finally given background grunts 1-4 proper personalities.
Takemori POV

Takemori continued to record the Zenshin High battle, examining it and editing the reforming on his tablet. As the coach of Team Imagine Victory, his job was important. While Naoki was the brains inside the arena he would be their outside support.

Switching back to the battle of Imagine Victory vs Noa Family, he brought up a diagram him and Naoki had been working on. It was a web chart with Naoki in the middle and the other members circling him, grey lines connecting their portraits. He moved along the line connecting Riku and Kais portrait as the color changed from grey to green. “Seems like these two are working well together, this’ll help with future line ups.” He said to himself as he examined the chase team. Drawing a green line between Jun and Tomiyoka, “These two work well together too, I was hoping to measure Blade as well but I guess the mid battle upgrade was a good thing none the less.”

Still though. That meant he and Naoki would have more options and would need to change around the plans for the next round's battle.

Before any more planning could be made, a voice interrupted him. “Takemori-San!!” A voice called making him turn to 2 new arrivals. “Oh you two must be here for Riku.” He said as the two approached.

“So... how's he doing?" asked the older woman with a pause before she continued. "And the rest of the team, of course." she also said, including the rest of the team.

"He's probably fine." said the younger one, not looking too worried. Takemori could see that the younger one had little doubts on Rikus performance. Good. Having people confident in you can be a big boost. "I'm more excited to see that new 'trump card' of his in action. The way he talked it up, it sounded like he had cooked up something amazing."

Takemori chuckled at that. “Riku is doing fine. Great in fact since he seems to have taken out their big gun early. The team as a whole is doing remarkable well, although …one of our “Wings” was damaged but they’re still flying.” He said as he looked over to the monitor with Blade and his new gunpla.

“Ah that remind me, You over there!” He yelled towards Hanako, who jumped a bit in surprise from her spot a bit away. “You join us too since it seems like your here today .. as a friend.” He said with a hint of accusation in his voice.

This girl had helped them, yes. But he knew she wasn’t on their side, or more accurately not on their team. She was a Gunpla fighter, the same as Blade and he had recognized her from a different team.

‘Team Shining Stars’ He thought to himself as the girl quietly joined their group. ‘It seems we’ve caught your eye.’

No POV - @Blade17

As the Gundam Snow White cut through the trains, bisecting it in half with its beam saber, the train derailed as one half fell to one side and the other half to the other side. The Taurus models inside now have their pieces broken and scattered around the wreckage.

“Objective destroyed. Great job Blade! Didn’t think you had a trump card like THAT on you!” Naokis voice said over the comms. “You can either stay put or head back to the ship, but honestly I think this battle .. is over.” He said with a satisfied tone.

Naokis POV - @KenjuGuy

As the Yamato finally got into visual range of Jun and Tomoyoka, Naoki continued to smile. It seems like his 'back up' wouldn't be needed.

He watched as the Miracle had boosted into the air and grabbed a core fighter with its hook before launching it down at the GN sniper on the ground.

“Just like Kai, a fighting genius.” He commented as he watched Jun and Miracle then board the Zeta. He wasn’t wrong, Jun and Kai were both great pilots with great battlefield awareness and presence. He had honestly wanted to put the two of them in a two man team that could devastate the battlefield, buuuut.

He looked down at his and Takemoris' chart, a bright orange line connecting Kai and Jun that signified a worrying combo. They both were battlefield heroes, commanding attention from enemies. And putting the two of them together too soon might cause problems if they can’t sync up properly. A strategy for the future maybe.

Still though he was happy with what he was seeing, not just because of Jun but also at Tomiyokas performance. Teaming him up with Jun had shown Naoki that Tomi had more skill then he realized.

Tomiyoka POV

The speed was insane. The velocity was insane. The pure skill the core fighter had as it flew circles around Tomiyoka was insane.

But .. “If you can't do that, then just believe in me! Everything will be fine!" Was what Jun had told him. And he remembered that this insanity was a team battle and that he wasn’t flying alone.

"Believe in you huh,....alright then" Tomiyoka resigned as he felt the Captain Miracle latched onto the Zeta, before they combined their boosters.

As Tomi tried to adjust to the new speed, he struggled as he felt the weakened control he had over the Zetas new velocity.

He eventually locked onto the core fighter, following the plan as Jun fired a barrage of attacks at the core fighter to keep it in place. “I-I can do this!!” He yelled as he finally got behind the core fight and began firing shots at it.

The core fighter dodged, but not well enough as it veered into the path of one of Juns attacks, blowing up the core fighter and the last potential enemy in the area.

“We did it? We did it! We got him Shark-san!!!” Tomiyoka cheered over the radio.

“Nice work you two, excellent team work!” Naokis voice said to the two over Comms. “Now both o-“ but he was interrupted by an alarm.

Third Person POV - @Double@Shiyonichi

As Rikus sensors picked up the Taurus location, a warehouse near the middle of the base, the battle started.

Fujiro, the father and leader of the Noa Family stood strong as the enemy Zaku charged them. He smirked as he saw the Zaku change course before exploding, leaving a smoke cloud. “One down, focus on the other!” He said as he watched a volley of missiles fire from behind cover.

“Under st-ah!” his wife's voice cut out as the gatling armed zaku suddenly disappeared from his peripheral. Being successfully assassinated by Kais underwater assault.

“What?!” He asked confused as he jumped into the air to dodge the missiles, all going under him. “Nijiko come in!” He yelled as he looked at the point counter. 3000. Then it quickly moved down to 1000. He was filled with dread as he realized that he was the last of their team.

Suddenly an alarm went off as 3 blips appeared on his radar, behind him. “Hmph I see.” He said as he felt himself resign. Homing missiles. He should’ve accounted for homing missiles.

As the three missiles looped back around for him he smirked. “Well played .. Team Imagine Victory!” He yelled out as the missiles hit the Full Armor Gundams back, forcing it to fall and crash to the ground.

His team was defeated. His enemies had invaded. And their cargo was destroyed. “I, Admit defeat.” He said as he pressed a button on his console.

No POV - @Shiyonichi@Blade17@KenjuGuy@Double

The whole battlefield stopped, all the plavsky particles deactivating as the hologram deactivated to reveal the large table, gunpla spread around.

Team Noa Family has lost all their points, the winner is Team Imagine Victory!

The screen above announced the results, and Naoki immediately raised both hands in the air. “We did it!! Imagine Victorys first win, believe it!!!” He yelled as he turned to all his teammates, before looking back behind them to the table Takemori had set for them, the older man holding up a thumbs up in agreement. “Its not over yet!” He yelled back to Naoki as he pointed to the screen, Team Zenshin Highs battle still going on.

“Everybody, use this time wisely! Repair whatever needs to be repaired and get ready, because our next fights are gonna be a lot more difficult.” Naoki said to the group as they walked back to the table they set up at, Takemori, Chisato, Yuna and Hanako standing nearby.

“Here.” Takemori said as he handed NAOKI HIS Tablet with the recordings of Char and Ryoichi individual fights. “These two are more bad news then we expected. We need a new strategy, NOW.” He said and Naoki nodded, following the older man to the back of the table to make plans.

Hachiyama POV - @Renny@Dezuel

Hachiyama almost popped a brain cell as he heard Char order over the radio. "Seo! Let gramps handle this one, If you engage in this fight you might hit the wrong target. Let's keep our energy for the next fight. You do want to win don't you?" What? Was he serious? They had such a clear adva-

“Hmph sounds like a plan, everyone re-“

“YOU CANT BE SERIOUS!!” Hachiyama yelled over comms, anger boiling to the surface as he surprised some of his teammates. “Seo you can’t be serious, the enemies RIGHT THERE!” He repeated as he continued to fire blasts at the Scorpio.

Seos voice fired back. “Hachiyama fall back and let the Mercs deal with it!”

Hachiyama was having none of it. Not today. He immediately cut of Seos line and threw away the GN sniper, they were both useless for this fight.

He charged forward in his red GN-X, hands empty before closing them and getting ready to fight close range like always.

As he saw Ryoichi close in and pelt the giant Mobile armor with bullets he saw the opportunity he needed. With the enemy distracted he could move in easily!

Dashing low, as the Baelstorm was distracting it from up high, Hachiyama activated Trans-Am and used his Gunplas new speed and dashed behind the giant. Immediately after getting in place, he reversed his thrusters, sending a full powered backwards kick to the back of the Mobile armors leg and causing it to drop, no longer able to move around.

“Oi Merc, It's all you now!!” He yelled as he disengaged, watching the arms of the giant swung back trying to hit him in the place he previously was.
I’m alright. A bit overworked as well but good all things considered.
At the ships rapid acceleration, Kukui fused his arm to the railing in order to prevent him from falling off. “I. Hate. This.” He heaved as he looked up, only to go big eyed as the ship collided with another, shaking Kukui’s body around as his fused arm kept him attached.

Kukui tried to readjust himself, moving back to his feet as he looked back, dizzy. “P-please no more. I .. can’t .. handle this shaking!!” He managed to yell out before his body began to grow weak. Using his powers over and over again when patching up the ship, plus the sudden shaking that struck his core had made him incredibly weak and disoriented.

With the last of his strength, Kukui grunted as he resigned himself to whatever happens next. He proper himself to sit against the railing, partially fusing his back to the railing for support as he began to slowly drift into unconsciousness.
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Swooping down with incredible speed, Echo swoops in to grab Chomps as he sees the small Pokémon snatch the feather in its mouth. “Small you are. Big you’re impact. Let’s get you out.” The Pokémon said

Saber, for his part stayed back in order to attack anyone who gave chase.

Just outside the gate, Aster stood nervously. As he tried to distract himself he thought about their assignments so far. Recovering a Moltres feather, and now recovering a Zappos feather. I wonder, could the Sinnoh mountains have had an articuno there? “Hey Ecl-“ he was interrupted by a sound from just past the door. The winners had arrived.

"God dammit, have you never been in a fight before? Pathetic." The Navi within the screen sighed in frustration. "If you can't fight then I'LL do it for you! But theres a step you need to do first! You have a blank chip right?"

Enma for his part nodded, as he rustled through his pockets at the other item he'd gotten from his box, a hand full of chips. Looking them over he realized some of them were without pictures. "T-this right?!" He asked panicked, still on the floor as he looked at his caller..

The Navi nodded. "Yes. Now listen carefully, this is the technical part. You need to stand up, and get close enough for the card to activate. The card will give you the ability to copy an ability of your enemy. Now listen," The navi said with a serious tone. "You NEED to pick Actualization! And then once you finish, insert the chip immediately!"

Enma scrambled to stand up, his eyes still locked with the Virus. "A-and then?" He asked as he took out the chip and began to inch towards the Virus. The chip beginning to glow as the process began.

"And then?" The Navi chuckled. "And then I'll show you how a real man fights!!" He yelled as Enma chip began to glow, an image burning into the blank square.

The second the process finished, Enma scurried back as he quickly activated the chip. "A-ACTUALIZATION!!!" Enma shouted in panic. D-did he do it right? Would this really be enough?
Hachiyama POV

Hachiyama sighed, switching his comms from the groups frequency to a private one between himself and Kobayashi. “I .. Don’t like this.” He said as he continued to look through the sights of his GN sniper. It felt so .. unnatural. Holding a gun. Long ago, Hachiyama watched a gunpla fighter on TV who used only his fists, and he wanted to be as cool as him so he had decided against training in long range weapons. Now having to sit back and use a weapon he couldn’t hit a barn with was annoying.

“I agree,'' came Kobayashi's voice. “Usually Seo sends Komi out first to scout enemies, and if he wanted to bait someone he would usually send out Tanaka. These mercenaries … Seos’ not even thinking of us.”

And it made sense. Hachiyama thought. When we joined the group Seo had put us all through trials in order to find our strengths and weaknesses. Back then, we were a well oiled machine with Seo at the wheel who placed 2nd in Regionals last year. Now? Well, ever since he’d been ticked off by Naoki he’d been blinded by rage.

“If only we could’ve gotten rid of Naoki and Riku in the last tournament, then we could get things back to normal.” Hachiyama sighed. They both switch back to the main frequency as they hear the tale end of Seos plan against team Imagine Victory, again. For the third time today.

“-And finally once we separate him from his squad, we’ll flank and finish him off. The rest will be easy pickings after that. Understood?”

“Understood.” All four of them parroted absentmindedly. Not really paying attention and focusing on their scouting.

As the sounds of battle from the North and South continued, the group failed to notice as the scorpion-like Mobile armor continued its silent advance.

Hanako POV

Outside the Kishimoto Arcade in front of its entrance, Hanako paced as she walked back and forth, deciding whether to enter the store or not.

‘It would be fine, right? He had told her about the tournament today so it was fine to just show up, She was just showing her support! But it would be weird since we’re not on the same team! Still though,’ She thought with a pause as she looked down at the gunpla case in her hand. ‘He might need this.’

Walking into the arcade, at the very front stood the arena with multiple screens above showing the battle between Team Imagine Victory VS Team Noa Family, the battle just beginning. “Drat, just missed it.” She cursed as she walked to the side, watching the fight unfold.

As the Asshimar and Wing crashed to the ground, Hanako flinched, watching the wing obliterate. A suicide drop, a common tactic in WARS and something she used herself as an expert aeriel fighter.

As she saw Blades Unit get destroyedhe began to wonder what his next move was going to be before she heard a slam and saw Blade walk out of his holographic battle station, GP base left behind. “Blade, what are you doing?” She asked as she ran up to him. “WARS isn’t like other formats, You can’t leave your team hanging even after defeat!” She then pointed at the scoreboard.

Team Imagine Victory: 9000p
Team Noa Family: 4000p

“The battle doesn’t end,” She then held the Gunpla case out to him, “Until one side has 0 points.”

Naoki POV

Naoki pulled out the anti-ship sword from the Apsaras II at Rikus' command, “I hope you know what you’re doing!” Naoki said as he jumped off the Apsaras and used his thrusters to get back onto the Yamato. He wasn’t sure if Riku could actually end this with only its cannon damaged. Never the less, he decided to trust Riku again to finish off the Mobile Armor.

Now higher above, Naoki could see the whole battlefield and zoomed in on Kais' fight. He smiled as he watched the rocket grapple/chain gun combo, followed by a throw to the enemy behind him. The red Zaku crashed into the other with great force before Kai shot at the red one, blowing them both up.

He was always impressed by Kais fighting. Clean, fast, efficient, and most importantly unwavering. Despite gunpla battles being a proxy battle, many people still hesitated and flinched when fighting. It was human nature to respond, and with Gunpla battles advanced holograms people could be greatly immersed.

Naoki suspected Kai had combat experience, outside of Gunpla. He reminded him alot of an old friend of his. But honestly he was unsure if it was appropriate to ask. The team had only been together for 2 weeks and they’d only met up a few times.

Knowing Kai was fine he turned his attention to Riku, watching as he flew and aimed his blade at the underside of the Apsaras. Riku's blade pierced through its underside and its whole blade was buried within the machine before Riku reached its core.

‘Why Riku? What was your plan?’ Naoki worried confused, Before he could contemplate more however, he saw the shine of Rikus' hilt as particles began to flow into it, and was hit with a wave of nostalgia. He had seen something similar before, a World level gunpla battle from long ago. The blade with a shining light cut upward as the Shin Musha Hyaku Shiki flew up and sliced the giant MA in two with its glowing gold blade. The two parts of the machine veered off as they fell to the sides, huge explosions simultaneously covering the battlefield in pink smoke in a dramatic finish.

Naoki smiled. Despite Riku and Kai both being ‘bad boys’, he could tell after a week of building and training there was a lot of difference between them as well. Riku was a fighter just like Kai, but he was also a builder through and through. And thanks to that knowledge he can fight creatively. He switched out gunpla to take advantage of his new terrain, and he even took advantage of the Apsarases own generator spot and used it to power his own attack.

Naoki smiled, he truly did get lucky that last tournament to find fighters like these. He opened comms with his two other squad mates. “Kai, Riku, great job both of you.” He said with a satisfied smile, “Get back on board and use the catapult to launch towards the base. With a defeat like that they won’t be able to recover their full force, there’ll probably only be 1 or 2 of them there. I’ll take the Yamato and head towards the others, I’m afraid … ” He paused, looking at the unit status screen, a page only available to team leaders, and saw Blades unit had been destroyed and was now on a countdown. 38 seconds before he could redeploy. “They might need backup. Haro, lower down so we can pick up Kai.”


As the two of them are launched towards the base, while descending from the sky they both saw that in front of the base, out in the open, stood a lone mobile suit. Covered in extra green armor and two large gatlings, a sole Full Armor Gundam stood as the last line of defense. “Come at me- No.” As he said that, a volley of gatling fire shot from beneath the lakes water, the bullets flying at them as they finally landed. “Come at us!” He said as an armored Zaku Cannon with a gatling emerged from the water.

The two of them in their last attempt of defending their base fired a volley of bullets forward at the two.

Sojiro Noa POV (Guncannon Grandson!)

As the Guncannons head was ripped off its body, Sojiro cursed over the public channels for Jun to hear. “You! You!” Sojiro trembled before remembering something. “You should’ve learned to go for the chest!!” He said as he mimicked his grandfather and the Guncannon broke apart to reveal its own core fighter. He flew into the air out of the Miracles range.

His grandfather's voice came through the comms. “Sojiro, help me get rid of the enemy plane! Without it the Miracle won’t catch up to the train!” Sojiro smiled.

“There’s no way you're escaping us, my gramps is a former SDF pilot! He’s got skills for days!” He said as he watched and joined his grandfather's pursuit of Tomiyoka. Sojiro would NOT let this flier get away from them. His gramps had taught him everything he could about flying and he would not disappoint him!

As the two flew out of Juns range, before he could even react, a single shot hit the Miracles shoulder, staggering him for a moment. Approaching from the base was a single GN Sniper, their body low as they slowly walked forward.

‘Perfect.’ Sojiro thought looking down, ‘Out here in the desert there’s nowhere to hide. Hijiki will hold him here, at least long enough for the train to reach its destination.’ He thought smugly. Hijikis plan was working perfectly!

Akuma POV (Red Virgo)

Akuma was annoyed, incredibly annoyed. He had put too much faith in that damn Haro to destroy the base while we distract the enemy, but there’s only ONE here! But worse of all was that it could dodge every shot they threw at it!!!

As four of their six planet defensors were destroyed, the powerful barrier protecting them weakened dramatically. Damn!

The Baelstorm zigged and zagged out of sight before reappearing in his peripherals. Akuma jumped upwards and avoided the horizontal slash. His second in command? Not so lucky, as his Virgo was bisected. “You missed asshole!” He yelled as he watched the Baelstorm spin, and like a true demon, it transformed into a form with a feral hand and grabbed a tree, throwing it at Akuma.

Akumas 2 remaining planet defensors moved in front of him, being instently destroyed on contact and hitting his midair Red Virgo with its remains. Before he could even recover, he watched as Ryoichi executed his remaining two teammates. Their Leos not able to survive going against the superior machine.

“Bah, pathetic all of them, just an instant waste of points.” He said with a scowl. “I need to make some distance from that arm.” He said as he began to retreat, but was cut off as the Baelstorm began transforming before firing again. “Diieeeee!!” He yelled in desperation as he charged forward, seeing no way out.

As the Virgo charged forward towards the Baelstorm on autopilot, quickly set his Virgo to self destruct and disengaged, losing control of the Virgo.

As the count down timer clicked down, he set up preparation to take control of the Scorpio.

Oniki POV (Yellow Pisces)

Oniki struggled to dodge the first strike from the four armed mobile suit. When he grabbed the arms of the machine to hold it down, he was surprised by what he saw. A monster. It looked like a damn black and orange monster with four arms and a single eye. As Oniki let go of its arms and dodged two beam sabers from its secondary arms, he began to wonder how his opponent was even able to do something like that!!

A friendly assault of missiles shot at the monster, allowing Oniki to escape and recoup. “Hit him hard and don’t let him get close! Those sub arms are bad news!!!” He warned his squadmates as he joined in the volley, watching as the Creusherazade ascended and countered with its own volley of bullets, intercepting their missiles.

Smoke began to surround the battlefield, obscuring his vision. “Anyones got visual?” He asked, only to here a sudden scream from one of his teammates. He turned around to see the Creusherazade slam one of his teammates to the ground, before flying back into the air to finish off the other in a barrage of gunfire.

"Look upon me and tremble! Hahaha!" Charmaines voice mocked over the comms.

Oniki blasted upwards again, he wouldn’t fail this attack this time! As he grabbed the Creusherazade arms one more time, he revealed his pisces hidden twin beam weapons. “YOU’RE MINE!!!” He yelled firing the rifle.

However, it backfired against him and he was attacked himself!! He let go as he heard, "Submit to me!" Over the comms. Ending his unit in a slash.


As Char looked around for more enemies, and Rypichi dealt with the charging Virgo shaped bomb, a voice over the team comms yells out to both Char and Ryoichi.


POV Hachiyama

“MERCS YOU NEED TO GET BACK HERE IMMEDIATELY!!” Seos voice yelled over the radio as we continued to fire at the suddenly appearing Mobile Armor. It had attacked them out of nowhere, from completely silent to extremely loud in an instant! The Scorpio seemed to have some sort of cloaking function, and once it was out of the forest's cover it transformed and used its planet defensor generating shield to block the GN rifles blasts. It then started shooting at them, and had already destroyed one of their control towers.

As the large 24 meter tall unit destroyed Tanaka with a blast, Hachiyama began to regret joining this tournament with a stupid gun.
Great to see everyones posted! I'll try to get something up today or tomorrow.
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The Noivern nodded to his ally before firing a dragon pulse in a line to divide Metagross from their enemies.

When the Metagross told him of Chomps situation, Echo almost immediately dived before flying straight to where the Metagross had motioned. Echo was strong, the strongest in Asters group, he was sure his trainer would want him to look after the others. "Endangered ally. I will fly fast. Let us hurry."

Saber for his part was immediately annoyed with the Cinderaces escape. He was scared! Scared that Saber had ended his friend so easily. Saber immediately used shadow sneak to appear underneath the escaping pokemons legs. Before grabbing the pokemons legs and tripping it.

Haha!! That is what you get for running from the amazing me!!!

The Honedge raised its cloth and grabbed onto the greninja arm as he ran by the fallen Cinderace, hitching a ride with his teammate as he watched the duos back.

With Chomps, he continued to wander around through the bushes of the arena, ignoring the thunderous booms around him as he'd been used to thunderstorm when he lived on Mt. Cornet. He continued to sniff around as he smelt something cooking (burning) nearby and started to follow the scent out of the bushes hiding place.

The Zapdos flying above screeched, not noticing Chomps as it shot down thunder down onto the earth.

Chomps, his eyes covered and following his nose, doesn't flinch as he passes across the battle field, lighting striking but not affecting it's body. 'Where is this weird smell coming from?' He wondered as he circled the arena trying to find this scent in the air. A zapdos feather flutters around, unknowingly luring Chomps around.
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