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I started working on the post and I feel bad because I realized how short it was gonna be. But yeah, the team in now set and I am hoping to continue the story quickly after introductions.
Naoki POV
My smile widened as they shook hands and Ryoichi declared his passion for victory. "I expect nothing less." I said back as I began to quickly try and finish my coffee and cake, theres no time to lose now!

"I can't believe I'll be on the same team as that guppy..." Ryoichi commented as I finished my cake with a snarky expression. "I owe him a beating y'know? I keep my promises."

I raise my eyebrow at that, "Which one are you talking about? Blade or Jun? Either way if you really want to keep that promise I think the first step would be to meet them face to face, shall we?" I asked as I stood up, a finishing my coffee before motioning Ryoichi to follow.

Takemori POV

As I watched the two hotter heads of the team bicker, with Tomiyoka standing to the side desperately trying to keep up with the two I chuckle. Damn, have I already grown attatched to these twerps?

... I feel like an old man.

As I sighed to myself at the thought of going through an age crisis in my 20s, I notice the sight of 2 people approaching the store, Naoki and the boy that Blade fought in the previous tournament.

Well ... 50% recruitment ain't to bad right?

"Everybody! Eyes up! The captains here." I yelled trying to get the attention of the the two in front of me, as well as Riku who was to the side with the 3D printer and Blade who had stepped to the side to think.

Naoki walks through the door with a big smirk on his face, jumping onto one of the arcades tables (something I told him repeatedly not to do), before announcing, "May I have everyones attention!!! I'd like to introduce the 6th member of Team Imagine Victory, Ryoichi Seiten!"

I begin faux clapping at the theatric, "Nice to have you on board kid." I yell out to him.

Naoki smiles before turning to the boy he led here, "Anything you wanna say to your new teammates pal?"
Happy New years everyone!! Lets hope to get through alot this year!!

I will probably be posting either later today or tomorrow to start out the new years!
@Crimson Lion Quick question: Are we adding our own points to our new gunplas or are we still stuck at the 25 point limit?

Its supposed to be a limit of 25 but honestly when I made the point system I don't think I really balanced it properly. At this point I've been thinking about changing it to a range of 25-30. then later having everyones 'final' gunplas be capped at 35.
"THAT, is new." Fefnir stated as he watched the now navi looking Mettaur stand. "Honestly I don't know if it'll be a complete weakling or monster ... ENMA!!"

Enma took a step back in shock at being called as he tried to stand around 10 feet behind Fefnir for cover. "W-whats do you need?!" He asked paniced as he kept shuffling through the abilities he had for Fefnir.

"Get me some support in case things go badly."

Enma nodded as he shuffled through the list. "Maybe this? Candle 1!"

As he activated the chip, a small candle appeared floating over Fefnirs shoulder giving off a soft light. Fefnir immediately runs towards the Navi/Mettaur, firing a barrage off fire blasts, but ready at the moment to dash back in order to dodge an attack. "BURN!!"
Happy Christmas eve Everyone, I hope you all have a relaxing next 2 days!!
Hey everyone! Just posted, sorry for the day or 2 delay. I had an emergency followed by a final and lets just say I proudly *barely* passed.

In other news I am sad to say that dezuel is stepping out of the Rp for now. irl life gets all of us every once in a while sadly.

So for now I'll be reopening the RP up.
Naoki POV
I smiled, at first confused about what Ryoichi was talking about before remembering the Gunpla Dueling League. “I actually did! It was pretty impressive in my opinion, although I have a bias as a Von Schroeder fan.” I responded as I looked at the clock, before looking back down at my email, still showing no response from Charmaine. Guess I couldn’t reach him.

I turned back to Ryoichi as he talk about his mentor and the GDL. “Competing in the Gunpla Tournament League is definitely a great way to get invited to the Gunpla Dueling League. In fact Takemori-san, our coach/manager, was actually invited to a match after his debut on the world stage.” I told him as I took a sip of tea.

“I’m happy to hear that you have a goal like that, I actually have a similar goal myself.” I admitted before continuing. “So I’m sure you know why I asked you here. Team Imagine Victories current objective is to compete through this year's tournament and compete in the World tournament. I believe the people in our group are talented enough to bring us to Worlds, but I think what we need is someone with more battlefield experience and comfort in battle, even when things turn sideways. When I saw you fight the other day, you were completely in control of yourself even when you ran into dangerous situations.”

“I think I need someone who's willing to jump into the fire with me for victory, and that's why I’m asking you, Join Team Imagine Victory!” I asked with an outstretched hand.

Takemori Pov
“I know it's supposed to be for the team only, but... can I use it to help Yuna with her Gunpla?"

I chuckled at Rikus' question. I guess when it comes to asking for something for others he’s a little more hesitant. “I just got an order of extra carts so go ahead, just don’t print more than you need, Naoki said something about making a new gunpla as well so I don’t know how much he’ll need as well.” I responded.

I was surprised how fast his friend had jumped into gunpla, but not to surprised. When you see an amazing sport of any kinda, and have the opportunity to experience the sport then of course you’d jump on it. Especially when its also an excuse to spend time with friends.

“Actually, if Yuna is really interested in Gunpla, perhaps you should invite her to the Gunpla Festival.” I said as an excuse. You never know where talent will spring up from.

After giving Riku permission, I turned to Kai as he asked about the events. “The 5 events I listed are the big 5, where almost everyone will be watching. But if you’re looking for a real intense challenge that can put you in the spotlight for combat I suggest the Solo WARS. They are 1v1 battles where the competitors get 3000 points each, basically 3 mobile suits, and get to fight until one of you runs out of points. There's also the Duos Mini Tournament if you want to show off your support ability, you can partner with a stranger for a little extra fun, or even an extra challenge.” I said, an idea coming to mind. “In fact, duoing up with a stranger and carrying them along would be a pretty flashy show of strength as well.” I finished as I tried to strike a flame within him.

A solo battle would really let Kai shine, but a duo battle with a stranger is a completely different beast. And I think Kai experiencing something like that could really bring out the best in him. I didn’t have my hopes up, however. I wasn’t saying Kai couldn’t fight in a duo, he’s shown in the last tournament that he has at least a marginal amount of team coordination. But I can’t imagine he’d willingly let himself be weighed down by a stranger.

“Hey Blade and Jun, what’re your thoughts on the events? Have any in particular you’d like to try?” I started as I turned to the two other fighters of Team Imagine Victory. “Any thoughts on the events? I personally would like to see how far you can make it in the Gunpla Racing Event, Blade. That new suit of yours is perfect for speed.” I told Blade as I mentioned Snow White. The gunpla was still amazing in my opinion. Either Hanako or Blade have a good sense of building.

Tomiyoka chimed in at this, turning to Jun. “Jun senpai! You should definitely join the Performance event! During performances your face and audio are broadcasted for the whole audience to see you’d do great!!”
Also sorry that I haven't said anything recently I've been swamped since Finals are starting. I'll try to get a post out by friday or saturday if possible.
<Snipped quote by Shiyonichi>

Sooooo I fucked up even harder then. Lol

Meh its fine, I think everyone understands what happened.
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