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Current Managed to land a good job as a developer+final year of Uni. It's the final stretch!! The light is at the end of the tunnel!!
5 mos ago
I know it's cheesy but I love revolutionary girl utena so much
5 mos ago
Devilman crybaby was actually a pretty good anime! Not bad netflix!
5 mos ago
sorry if my replies are slow. going through a slowish time rn. Pls be patient. Ty <3
6 mos ago
playing any instrument requires skill BUT in my experience, jamming on the drums was also a huge workout, which also kind of added to it's difficulty xP
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let's b homies

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I've got two takers and still looking for more! Gonna bump this up!
Hey there!

So you're probably wondering what exactly I mean by my title. I get that it must be a little confusing. I'm real sorry about that. Well, let me explain.

This may get a little long winded but I just want to make sure I am communicating clearly!

So I'd like us to GM 1 player pokemon roleplays for each other.

I would like to GM a pokemon roleplay for you. You will create your character(s) and I will construct the world around you. I will play every NPC, I will be your rival, I can play a romantic interest, etc. If you've played DND, or a choose your own adventure roleplay, then you're familiar with this concept. I am your GM but I am well vested in your story about your character and I want to create a rich player experience for you. Your character(s) will be the star(s) and it is your character(s) personal stories of growth.

As your GM, I will be bouncing plot ideas off of you but for the most part, I'll probably try to surprise and keep things as interesting for you as I possibly can. Feedback is great, as always, and I'd love for us to have a back and forth! I will be doing most of the planning and yes, there will be rules, as I'm not terribly interested in GMing an uninteresting story. These rules will mostly be to challenge you as a player and make sure you're not too overleveled or advanced in the story without plot progression. You know how it goes! I'd love to construct a story for your character from humble beginnings to great achievements, or in other words, have you start off with a beginning trainer who works their way up.

I hope you're excited because I do have a lot of ideas for you, but I'm also kinda hoping you can do the same thing for me?

I've been wanting a choose your own adventure/1 player rp for awhile. But it seemed selfish to ask for it without giving something in return. I love GMing and this would be a great way for me to be a GM, but also enjoy being a player.

Few things to note:

  • I don't have a min or max post length requirement. Just interact with the story. This is supposed to be fun, not stressful.
  • I can do all pairings, I accept all characters of different identities and such. I am hoping you can do the same for me!
  • I won't do smut.
  • Gdocs is my fave roleplaying medium, though I can be flexible!
  • This will be tabletop-ish. Again, not too much fiddling with numbers and no hard stats, but this is quite DND inspired.
  • Discord for ooc communication is crucial. I'm sorry but it is way too hard for me to communicate through DMs. Instant messengers are just way more fact, convenient, and easy for me to respond to.

I'm hoping we can discuss the details on discord. Please PM me if you are interested! Do not post here please!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
This is pretty amazing. I could probably post every 3 days or so... but i've never made a sci fi character before. In fact, this would be my first sci fi rp. You mentioned Halo but do i need to have knowledge of halo before starting this? Just wondering! Because id love to do this but im feeling a little intimidated
tired and behind
hi!!! welcome and have fun!!!

So I'm starting a Phoenix Wright inspired/ detective/crime mystery rp with a friend offsite. It's going to be a 1x1. I was wondering if a third person wanted to join in as a GM. It's just that with this being a crime and mystery inspired rp, it seems fitting to have a GM to throw twists and plot at us. We will be plotting with you as well, your workload won't be ridiculous. But yeah-- just someone to throw twists and sort of semi-guide the story. Or you can have complete control of the story and plot. We'll just discuss it with you over discord, if you have it. pls have discord.

The rp will take place over gdocs as well. Annnd-- let's see, I think that's about it. If you're interested, please shoot a PM. Thank you!
love your avie and username! welcome!
The gameplay is going to be repetetive QTE bullshit. But dont let that distract you from the bright colours and milquetoast voice acting.@cosmicsherbert

well idk that one boss fight with the roller coaster ride looks fun and i'll be honest... I like easy-medium hard combat games so it's fine for me.
The kh3 trailer made me hype then dissapointed me all in one fell swoop. Theres no doubt the gameplay is gonna be fun asf but i feel like im just gonna skip all the cutscenes tbh.
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