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Current i love gming!
8 mos ago
Managed to land a good job as a developer+final year of Uni. It's the final stretch!! The light is at the end of the tunnel!!
8 mos ago
I know it's cheesy but I love revolutionary girl utena so much
9 mos ago
Devilman crybaby was actually a pretty good anime! Not bad netflix!
9 mos ago
sorry if my replies are slow. going through a slowish time rn. Pls be patient. Ty <3



let's b homies

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In testy 3 days ago Forum: Test Forum
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I'm pretty much done with this thread. pls delete?
This is pretty amazing. I could probably post every 3 days or so... but i've never made a sci fi character before. In fact, this would be my first sci fi rp. You mentioned Halo but do i need to have knowledge of halo before starting this? Just wondering! Because id love to do this but im feeling a little intimidated
tired and behind
hi!!! welcome and have fun!!!

So I'm starting a Phoenix Wright inspired/ detective/crime mystery rp with a friend offsite. It's going to be a 1x1. I was wondering if a third person wanted to join in as a GM. It's just that with this being a crime and mystery inspired rp, it seems fitting to have a GM to throw twists and plot at us. We will be plotting with you as well, your workload won't be ridiculous. But yeah-- just someone to throw twists and sort of semi-guide the story. Or you can have complete control of the story and plot. We'll just discuss it with you over discord, if you have it. pls have discord.

The rp will take place over gdocs as well. Annnd-- let's see, I think that's about it. If you're interested, please shoot a PM. Thank you!
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