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8 days ago
Current Managed to land a good job as a developer+final year of Uni. It's the final stretch!! The light is at the end of the tunnel!!
17 days ago
I know it's cheesy but I love revolutionary girl utena so much
1 mo ago
Devilman crybaby was actually a pretty good anime! Not bad netflix!
1 mo ago
sorry if my replies are slow. going through a slowish time rn. Pls be patient. Ty <3
2 mos ago
playing any instrument requires skill BUT in my experience, jamming on the drums was also a huge workout, which also kind of added to it's difficulty xP
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let's b homies

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hi!!! welcome and have fun!!!

So I'm starting a Phoenix Wright inspired/ detective/crime mystery rp with a friend offsite. It's going to be a 1x1. I was wondering if a third person wanted to join in as a GM. It's just that with this being a crime and mystery inspired rp, it seems fitting to have a GM to throw twists and plot at us. We will be plotting with you as well, your workload won't be ridiculous. But yeah-- just someone to throw twists and sort of semi-guide the story. Or you can have complete control of the story and plot. We'll just discuss it with you over discord, if you have it. pls have discord.

The rp will take place over gdocs as well. Annnd-- let's see, I think that's about it. If you're interested, please shoot a PM. Thank you!
love your avie and username! welcome!
The gameplay is going to be repetetive QTE bullshit. But dont let that distract you from the bright colours and milquetoast voice acting.@cosmicsherbert

well idk that one boss fight with the roller coaster ride looks fun and i'll be honest... I like easy-medium hard combat games so it's fine for me.
The kh3 trailer made me hype then dissapointed me all in one fell swoop. Theres no doubt the gameplay is gonna be fun asf but i feel like im just gonna skip all the cutscenes tbh.
archivist sounds so fascinating! welcome and have fun!
Welcome! Love your avatar and username!!
<Snipped quote by cosmicsherbert>

I mean yeah I like the idea in principle but how would you go about making the selection process fair??

I'd put a prompt like: the character you are adutioning for has to rescue a cat from a tree, or any scenario really. Then i'd see how they write the char and put their spin on it.
I actually love the idea. Too often are roleplays scattered and not coherent enough. I love themes, foils, alllllll that good stuff. I love characters representing different ideas, I love concepts that have been shown in interesting ways through characters. To me, I wouldnt mind this at all. Sure, give some leeway for people to be creative with their character, but i love the idea of characters filling out story roles and having their roles relate and deepen the story and show something. With most groups rps you just don't get that cohesion and charqcters working off each other tbh. That's why they end up boring me so much. I actively ask my 1x1 partners to create characters that are foils to mine. Or i ask, 'what sort of themes can we tackle in the roleplay? How will the characters struggle or show their theme? How can it tie in different ways?' For a gm to have this insight beforehand, while also working with the rp'er to make a fulfilling arc with their character and development, is ideal. You can do it without the pre made roles too, but people may abide more to the theme of the story with their pre made roles.

It also makes rps a little more diverse i would say.

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