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I think a bit of mystery will do everyone some good? Aside from the initial mistrust strangers normally have for one another, looking back at one's history can easily be used as pivot points for possible character growth and whatnot.
Interested too, but will hold off posting a character. The brainstorming though, starts now.
I'll be withdrawing from the RP.
"I'm...I'm....I'm afraid of cupcakes!"
@olcharlieboi But the sharingan did make you go blind, unless you get your bros eyes.
@olcharlieboi Basically sharingan, huh.
@fishguy Somewhat similar background, but Searc's definitely more mature than my character! And probably more honourable and kind-hearted lol.
@Kreutzer.... we could say her chest size is a mutation?

@Ryougu So all the girls so for have mutations. Definitely gonna be a group to watch out for if they decided to form a team.
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