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Bump, anyone looking to collab with me? Just asking been working on my intro.
Writer's block as of late has eluded me. The key to defeating it, is not caring. Just write at first, whatever comes to mind. Make something comprehensible out of it later. That and music, exquisite music that tells the story you are writing through it's notes and ques.

Also be sure to have pants on while writing, it may be a superstition of my. But writing pants-less is unthinkable.
Well any chance of me getting out a intro post is dead this week(12 hour shifts), unless I magically get more time. Couldn't pull myself from world building since I'm a bit OCD about it. Added a lot, just want the FMSF fleshed out properly before I start, pretty much nearly there.
Without telling me? Apparently very busy.

Right, i need a new place to appear.
Any takers?

Naaw, we had gotten so far.
I guess i could use all that in a solo start, having his stuff as npc's. Or something?
Since i added a lot of good stuff in the collab.

Me? ;) Would be interesting to say the least. Since my nation is a bunch of trigger happy, PTSD driven, paranoid survivors. #Xenophobia
I can, once I tear myself from world building. I'll try to get something out today. But more introductory than anything since no one can collab right now XD.
@CowboyCommando I am making my start with @datadogie, so i'm a bit centered where i can be.

Edit: Lol, checking your CS, my roommate is from Östersund :P

XD, I was using a more surreal naming system for things, always fun. Also I should've known it was the Swede who would be power hungry and create a tech level 1. :P
So anyone want to do collaborations with me? PS yes my sheet is super WIP still. Just been enjoying working on this 24/7. For an idea how detailed the military will be, look at FMMC Equipment and vehicles, and PDF Vehicles.

Federal Meridian Union

Unity, through Victory.

History of the Meridian Belt

During the expansionist era of Humanity, probes and ark ships filled the void. These expeditions were funded by then multi trillion dollar corporations and conglomerates, TAA playing the largest role. A gold mine of habitable zones had been found by TAA. Their Xeno-terrestial survey team fascinated by this cluster of stars. Situated in the mid point of the galaxy between the rim and the core. The star cluster was coined "The Meridian Belt", as derived from Earth's imaginary mid point.

Archive photo of a TAA interstellar Probe

Colonial Era

With the discovery of the belt of habitable worlds it wasn't long before TAA set out with an large investment into colonization and exploitation of the resources in the area. The initial settlements were based on all the habitable worlds within the area. Which totaled to 14 star systems, and 15 planets with a population of just under 6 million in 103 years of development and investment. With another 282 years of relative progress, the population sky rocketed to 995,280,000 million; the colonies became self sufficient and were earning TAA 107% of what they initially invested. Unique goods, fauna, and animal products from the Colonies flooded the markets. Art, science, and culture rapidly progressed too in the quadrant far from the home of Sol. The Meridian Belt was the quintessential shining gem of the TAA.

Many hardships were endured in the early days of settlement, as the colonists adapted to the worlds. Mingling with the various people of different cultures that worked alongside them. The major races apart of this were Americano, Dautchse, Jao'urasian, Grecoarabian, and Norte.

The colonies were registered into official records as, New New York, Perth, Michigan, Holland, Dresden, Yellowstone, Olympia, Tiāntángmén, Beijing, Tiananmen, Freystadt, Östersund, New Athens, Meshchyora, Beringia, and Molsbjerge.

Technology by the end of the time had reached 2.8 standards. Advanced nano machinery had been integrated into society, Antimatter was being accrued in the largest amounts ever recorded in human history through the ingenuity of Norman Bach. Culture had taken on interesting turns as the races mixed, mingled, and new ideas and values adopted to the different challenges encountered in the Meridian Belt.

Archive image of a young New New York, an alpine planet, with a relatively large barren world obiting. About 3x the size of the moon. It was a tourist attraction for naturalists, though the forests have been reduced to a few several thousand acre expanses amongst a otherwise industrialized world.

Orbital view of Olympia a lush and diverse world, reportedly the most similar colony to Earth. That was the leader in research, and the cultural center of the Meridian belt.

New Athens was a more hostile world, though the atmospheric pressure is nearly dead on with human standards, 101.2 kpa. The world's ecosytem died long ago from harsh asteroid collisions, any oxygen producing species long extinguished. Instead, due to the planet's history, it is notably mineral rich. Especially in radioactive materials. The world became the industrial base for the colonies. Especially in ship building.

Ostersund, an wild vibrant tropical world with indigenous life forms that facinate scientists to this day. Settlment was especially harsh, and challenging here. As plant life, predators, airborne and infectious spores symbiotic to several species plagued colonists with troubles. Naturally Ostersund had become the epicenter for advancements in the medical field. Today, Ostersund has been more tame as passive solutions were found to several problems the ecosystem had presented through viral genetic modification.

Yellowstone, an interesting prospect for habitation due to its underground ecosytem, and system of geothermal vents that when tapped into provided sources of carbon, hydrogen, and water. These allowed development of mega-domed cities.

First Contact

Humanity for a long time now had known they were not alone. Even the Meridian colonies were prudent enough to establish an interstellar militia. The MDF(Meridian Defense Force) were practiced in the standards of Human warfare of the day, and well equipped for a colonial military.

But whatever standards, or contingent plans the MDF had, they were to be fruitless in the Virgo incident. In the Gamma Hades star system, where New Athens and Olympia are situated, several unidentified objects appeared in the orbits of both New Athens and Olympia. Black, colorless balls dotted the skies. The MDF held fire, as first contact protocol was to maintain neutrality at all costs.

Investigative teams weren't able to find much, passive sensors were barely able to pickup a thermal signature against the background of the void, and active sensor signals were absorbed, even LIDAR. Ten minutes there after the objects disappeared experts identified the objects as probes, which was sooner than later to be confirmed.

Right after all colonies excluding New Athens, and Olypmia experienced the same. The interval of time the objects remained in orbit the same. Then there after every orbiting body even asteroids of every colony were surrounded by the assumed probes. Images of the Black dots rampant in media. The entire event perplexing, as there were no signals, no greetings. Silence was more worrying and perplexing than clear intent.

Broken Silence

MDF was placed on high alert, planetary emplacements were built and military spending skyrocketed under emergency edicts, under the pretense of you could never be to careful. Time passed, after 1 year 6 months the emergency edicts were lifted by public pressure; the wave of fresh recruits dying down to a trickle after the bonuses had been extinguished. Training standards faltered under the wait of too many trainees, and too little leadership to run the program after the major budget cut threw out career veterans for the smallest things. Another 2 years past and the encounter had been long marked as a silent observance by another technological advanced species. Benign in nature.

Then it happened again, a repeat of the Virgo incident. The probes dotting the skies of every inhabited body of every colony system. But these weren't the original probes, they were larger, more easily picked up by passive scans. They launched themselves into the gravity wells of the planets, screaming through the atmosphere. With only a 18 minute notice the low manned defense emplacements were able to intercept a few of the objects. Some exploded on impact, massive conventional bombs, others buried under the surface. All MDF units were mobilized within 2 hours. Intercepting crash sites, cities lay ruined. The opening attack overwhelming the emergency infrastructure of the colonies. Communication was confusing and limited.

An model of the Virgo Incident probes based in the Athens War Memorial.

Digital photo of the first attack, Athens War Memorial Archives


The wars began, they were termed the Xeno Wars because there would be long periods of between assaults. Sporadic and terrifying, intense and short. Each time a different strategy, or several strategies combined thrown recklessly at the colonies. The events and attacks were broken up into events, descriptive of the nature of the assault. MDF command turned into the Meridian Coaliton, there was no way to detect the origin of the attacks though many attempts were made. The attacker's FTL technology well ahead of their own and unique.

Nano-Plague- After the drones had entered the orbits of every planet. The ones that hadn't exploded on impact began receiving signals and infiltrating the planet wide network with quantum speed. Before coalition forces had found them, and destroyed them with heavy ordnance; what had once been an integral part of Colonial society had turned for the worst. Implants, and nano robotics alike turned into monstrosities. Quick matter buildings became Gothic horror's entombing occupants, implants heated to lethal temperatures while nano machines melded with flesh. The nature of this attack completely altered the landscape of all the colonies within days before petering out. Making all too aware of how vulnerable to cyber attacks and otherwise they were. Their enemy had the upper hand.

Under such duress communications with Earth and TAA were made of the situation. Relief was sent, and a small expeditionary force able to make it through the tumultuous distances. The assistance they were able to offer was meager, though any help at all was seen as hope.

Casualties- 19,988,082

Xenophage- 2 years after the first and second attacks. The relief force had deemed they had fully recovered and that there was no threat to them. This was widely opposed, but there was nothing they could do as the ships slipped away into void.

Another six years passed, relative peace allowing the Colonies to recover, and prepare. An shower of meteorites peppered a few planets in the span of 5 months. Too many to stop, and too small to cause enough damage. Authorities at first signed it off as a natural occurrence.

A seed that had been planted though, in the cores of the small meteorites bore fruition of a creature. Entire hives of Xenomonstrosities purposely created to exterminate sentient forms of life, with all but invisible means of communication attacked settlements one after another. They became referred to as "Bugs" do to their exoskeltal, hive mind like nature. The call for help echoed again in the void. But communications with TAA and Earth had been few and far in between, trade had faltered over the years. There would be no help.

Planets fell to these invaders and they eventually became space born. Conflict rage both in land and sky. Refugees flooded to the more secure planets. While Coalition command struggled to combat the unorthodox creatures. Their mass charge tactics devastating and lighting fast. Norman Bach, head of the Xeno-Warfare team created the Novalan solution, an retrovirus derived from Ostersund's gene tailoring virus. That caused Bug's to die from nutrient deprivation since their blood couldn't carry the needed gases. It was first tested on New Athens, where it was successful, then Olympia where it's partial success allowed Coalition forces to destroy the menace.

However it had been found that there after the Bugs had become resilient to the retrovirus. Even immune, to the point that the war had shifted back to conventional warfare. But the amount of ground gained from the Novalan solution was a turning point. Coalition forces able to defeat the Bugs, however the planets that had been over taken were irredeemable. The wartime emergency government initiated the Casanova protocol, space forces nuking the planets from orbit before sending down forces to clear out the hives, tunnel by tunnel. Down to the man.

The death tolls exceeded comprehension, the destruction nigh but repairable. The aftermath left a bitter, harsh reality for the remnants of the Colonies to pick up, and start rebuilding.

Fallen planets- Dresden, Beijing, Freystadt, and Molsbjerge.
casualties- 111,383,848
War time span- 18 years.

Memorial in a small city plaza dedicated to a company of men and women who gave their lives to protect evacuating civilians. Inscribed on the plaque to the left is the company commander's quote to his superiors when disobeying direct orders to retreat. "So that others may live."

Chimeric Invasion- Time passed, mourning had long been pushed away, as weakness was death. Communication and ties to Earth and TAA had all been long lost. A new Era of peace washed over for the next twenty two years and three months. Under these conditions, an summit was held on Olympia with all the representing members of the Nation states, originally referred to as the colonies. The need to unite had been decided, and the Federated Articles of Union were created and signed. The emergency Coalition reformed into the more organized Federal Meridian Armed Forces.

Zeng Ru the first Chief Marshall of the Federal Meridian Armed Forces. The highest ranking member with executive control of all branches and services of the military; note that the uniform seen is an old coalition uniform before they were phased out. She had served 3 years as an officer of a Destroyer, 6 of a cruiser. Then 4 as the commanding officer of an 6 entire battle groups. Leading the campaign that ended the Xenophage war. Her speech upon promotion had been a phrase that has gone down in history. "Unity, through victory."

Marlon Holt first Chairman of the Union, which held the power to veto bills, or military action. Propose either, and enact policies. A survivor of Freystadt, and opposed to extreme military actions such as the Casanova Protocol.

The Meridian Armed forces had been more prepared then ever, the military complex taking up over 52% of Union industry. With military servicemen and women comprising of a insanely high 9.3% of the total population. But being prepared, and actually prepared are two different things. Patrols of the surrounding star systems had soon spotted installations of alien origin. Automated, well defended, but no space forces to be seen. Right away the entirety of the Armed forces was dispatched, with a few reserve forces left to protect the colonies.

The offensive operation named "Bái lóng" or white dragon. Upon destroying the installations from orbit, it was found that reproducing adaptive machines had infested many of the star systems. Xeng Ru continued the onslaught, but only to see the machines begin to copycat, then even exceed their own technology. Thus they were termed the Chimerics, after an mythical beast on Earth. What could have been a lighting fast victory turned into a prolonged, dangerous war.

The Meridian military barely able to contain the machines from expanding in their 5 remaining systems. The creation of tactical EMP weapons being the primary and most effective weapon against them, and pure high mass, and high velocity projectiles being the second. The war spread to the planets, but especially to Olympia and New Athens. Where entire shock waves would rack the atmosphere as the Machines FTL'd into orbit and speed downwards; the machines having developed teleportory FTL of the like which hadn't been seen since the Virgo Incident. Machines assaulting the Planetary Defense Forces and destroying entire cities.

They were losing badly, to the point where the FMAF(Federal Meridian Armed Forces) were on the defense. And with only 4 habitable planets remaining in a fighting shape. The rest too war torn, and taken over by the machines. The defense of those planets turned into guerrilla groups, and civilians sheltered in underground tunnel systems. But a group of scientists who worked alongside the Xeno-warfare team. Had found a weakness, by using the machines own way of communication against them. They studied the effects of the brute force cyber attacks during the Nanoplague. Adapting it to target Chimerics.

The cyber warfare worked, the machines being driven back in droves. The signal infecting each Chimeric, then passing onto another. The FMAF making sure to keep up with the momentum, throwing all remaining forces at them, and sending the signal as far as they could. But the war wasn't to end with such an easily obtained victory. Upon reaching the last remaining Chimeric system. A blinding flash filled the skies in the Gamma Hades system for Olympia had been pulverized by an unknown kinetic strike.

It was found that the Chimerics had developed an FTL weapon of unprecedented power, one that could destroy entire planets. The war ended with massive losses, and a society standing on its stilts. But survival had been attained.

Fallen Planets- Olympia, Perth, Michigan, Holland, Tiāntángmén, Tiananmen, Meshchyora, and Beringia.
Casualties- 588,544,653
Total casualties- 719,923,583
Remaining pop- 475,356,417
Surviving planets- New New York, New Athens, Yellowstone, and Ostersund.
War Time span- 43 years

Horrifying scene of Olympia's destruction. Captured by a satellite.

Elysium memorial on New New Yok. Dedicated to entire fallen PDF divisions, FMSF Battle groups, and FMMC Companies.


Union Census

Capital Resurgem, New Athens.

    Total Poulation
  • 35.081 billion

    Total Colonized planets
  • 10
      Total orbital habitat swarms
    • 21
        Population of habituated planets
      • New Athens: 6,938,029,325
      • New New York: 9,390,203,789
      • Ostersund: 4,230,103,356
      • Yellowstone: 6,973,928,802
      • Shanhaiguan: 2,988,826,629
      • Galashki: 996,275,543
      • Landjut: 711,625,388
      • Vologda: 1,707,900,931
      • Atlanta: 284,650,155
      • Volos: 569,510,300
          Total Population of habituated objects, Habitat Swarms, Stations, Asteroids, and Small moons.
        • 290,459,342

    Racial Demographics
  • Norte: 27%
  • Americano: 21%
  • Grecoarabian: 19%
  • Dautchse: 18%
  • Jao'urasian: 15%

Union Government

The Federal Forum of the Union. Host to the senate, where many decisions of the Union is made. Resurgem, New Athens.

Government Description

The Federal Meridian Union is a military democracy. Shaped by the XenoWars. Though freedom of expression, the right to bear arms, and tolerance of religion is maintained. There are many stigmas to them. Prior service members, and active duty members especially are elevated above normal citizens. Only prior, or active members may bear arms, run for Chairman, Vice Chairman, Federal Minister, or Federal Senator. The benefits of military service are so high, that even with rigorous training, and tours. The current military size is 5.2% of the population in a less wartime oriented environment.

Government Chain

  • Chairman- Figurehead of the government. With power to veto military or senatorial actions and bills.
  • Vice Chairman- More of a figure head then anything, has diplomatic and ambassadorial honors. Manages the cabinet.
  • Federal Minister- Governs a planet, or colony.
  • Minister- Governs a county, or region.
  • Mayor- Governs a city, town, village, space habitat/s.

  • Federal Senator- Convenes at the Federal Forum of the Union, primary power is voting on new bills that effect everyone and everything in the Federal Meridian Union.
  • Senator- Votes on new bills that effect everyone within a planet, or colony.
  • Congressman/woman- Votes on new bills that effect everyone within a county, or region.
  • Consular- Votes on new bills that effect everyone within a city, town, village, space habitat/s.

Federal Meridian Armed Forces

In Meridian society, the military is held high above all else. Though human rights are not entirely sacrificed in the name of it during peacetime. Service is voluntary, but this is made up for the fact of huge benefits and comparable pay with civilian jobs. The service terms are universal, and due to life prolongation treatments it has seen the longest service times in human history, up to 40 years. With retirement benefits starting at 20 years, and only getting better with every 5 years mark.

Total Service members: 1,824,227,785

    Service Terms
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10

Command Hierarchy

-Chief Marshal of the Federal Meridian Armed Forces
--Admiral of the Federal Meridian Space Force
---Joint heads of staff

Federal Meridian Space Force

The FMSF is the most well funded branch of the FMAF. The theory of preventing threats before they can reach or even touch Planets or Colony's well accepted among Military leadership. The FMSF plays a vital roll in vacuum operations, transportation, and supply of ground forces.

Federal Meridian Marine Corps

The second most funded branch, the emphasis of the FMMC is mobility, versatility, and capability. FMMC forces are able to be dropped in "Hot" through the atmosphere or land on barren rocks, tanks, artillery, AA, SPAAG's, IFV's, AFV's, APCs; you name it the FMMC has it and can deploy anywhere, anytime. Though a large sacrifice to having this capability is for lighter designs with life support systems able to be properly deployed; is that they are in essence weaker. This is made up for on a focus of elite infantry training, and equipment. A well known stigma for joining the FMMC, is that no matter your MOM(Military Operating Mission) that you must serve 2 years as a Marine Rifleman.

Planetary Defense Force

With history going back to the days of the colonies. The PDF has carried over alot of tradition. The main funding of the PDF is the planetary installations for missile silos, and CIWS systems. Secondarily the PDF has a Air Force, and a heavily mechanized ground force. Members of the air and ground forces recieve alot of flak for poorer training and less funding. Though considering the fact that they are based primarily on breathable terrestrial worlds. The equipment they can use is actually superior in fighting quality to the other branches in terms of terrestrial combat.


Miscellaneous Information
Oi the only founder that is OP is the curators. All other npc factions are subjected to the same rules and RNG players are going to experience.
Before I put it out there at some point this week. Would a remnant US nation sheet including Trump and some original Generals, and cabinet members be fine? I was thinking of it as the main Remenant US Faction. Witholding some of the greatest military power, and operating maybe a tenth of the original bases in the US. While the territory wouldn't be impressive. The true power would come through other means. Firepower, intelligence, proffesional manpower. Mass militias. Were some of my ideas. But the negative would be, being overstretched and too many US supporter factions requiring help.(Oh and btw I'm still working on my interest, work and the combo of ppl losing interest. I slowed down development.)
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