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@DX3214 I'm around. And can still roleplay.
I'll be anticipating the All Father's *cough* Theodorable's acceptance.
HAD no idea this was still going. Any chance I can still participate?
It is safe to say that IC posts are still welcome though. With many participants still pending to submit their actions. Perhaps Theo's absence is a gift in disguise from the All Father himself ;).
I'll probably choose the forge in that case. Make trinkets for mortals I like and be called "The Maker" :P
I wanted to go with a dark and foreboding appearance, I guess Bathial likes to put people off so he can see their true personalities. His true look is much more classical.

@Ascendant I guess the most likely domain he starts out with is wisdom, or something pertaining to knowledge. But that's up to the GM. I want Bathial to interact with the world(Gods and Mortals) as much as possible per turn. And give his personality and powers development through his travels rather than owning a domain and being all powerful over it.
An application for a new god. Since I'm butting in this is the first character that came off the top of my head, if Murtox and jimapple are against the idea by all means I'm accommodating.

Making a nation sheet, whether in vain, or just in the right time. It will no doubt be indubitably detailed. Alas nation rp's are hard to keep going, so I will persevere to help as much as I can.
@Leidenschaft So when we do split off into separate collabs. I suggest we use PP or Google doc as our medium. Then you the GM, partake in each collab. Since you will be playing the NPC's (Though not in the literal sense since we have freedom). That and since you run game mechanics. So any questions, and adjustments that any given collab may take will be transparent/quick.
Yay, entirely open to anyone who wants to interact with me. But given the fact this is just a intro, going to out of the way to create those interactions seems a little goofy. However, @FantasyChic and @Tenslashsix since both of your characters are in the CIA/Intelligence community they might recognize Lance. Not to mention both your characters might know each other. I'll flesh out some AAR's (After action reports) so you guys can find a hook to reel our oc's into a conversation.
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