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@OfWindAndRain Actually space warfare is a logistical nightmare even to an advanced society at the peak of fusion energy sciences. The best methods of propulsion end up being more controlled Orion drives that shoot out deadly radiation(Thus engines can be just as much of a weapon as anything else). Most options of capable combat craft turn to drones since habituated vessels have too little Delta-V. And Vast distances take so long to cross, interplanetary warfare is chess played out in days to months with advanced propulsion, with Interstellar being epics of hundreds of years if not thousands(This is paying mind to the absence of FTL).

It takes so little delta-V to change into non-collision courses in space, making missiles the king of combat, and lasers the king of CIWS. Projectile weapons would probably be fore-thoughts, and gambits in combat to say the least. 20mm railguns used to puncture holes into other lightly armored ships wouldn't be unheard of. BUt hey this rp is about fun, big guns, war, and drama so. ^^

The reason why my society uses alot of hybrid cannons, to just plain cannons is experience in fighting against EMP weapons, ECM suites, and whatnot. Not to mention if the power package is lost, good ol' gunpowder doesn't need anything to go off but a primer and striker.
You can work on/develop your own nation as well as expand to touch other sectors. I'm basically in a cluster of stars on the middle band of the Galaxy, makes me wonder where everyone else is. Perhaps at some point we can establish a Galactic map. For now, I'm going to focus on getting my mind set back into this, and finishing up my Nation sheet. Alot of holes left in the military section XD.
I'll get back to it today, sorry for my absence. Standing outside in 110+ F getting your brain fried is fun fyi.
I'm still apart of this, don't mind my absence during the week. Work just takes alot out of me.
I'm not on writer's block. I'll work on something thought this was dead and was working on a project outside of this site.
Bump, anyone looking to collab with me? Just asking been working on my intro.
Writer's block as of late has eluded me. The key to defeating it, is not caring. Just write at first, whatever comes to mind. Make something comprehensible out of it later. That and music, exquisite music that tells the story you are writing through it's notes and ques.

Also be sure to have pants on while writing, it may be a superstition of my. But writing pants-less is unthinkable.
Well any chance of me getting out a intro post is dead this week(12 hour shifts), unless I magically get more time. Couldn't pull myself from world building since I'm a bit OCD about it. Added a lot, just want the FMSF fleshed out properly before I start, pretty much nearly there.
Without telling me? Apparently very busy.

Right, i need a new place to appear.
Any takers?

Naaw, we had gotten so far.
I guess i could use all that in a solo start, having his stuff as npc's. Or something?
Since i added a lot of good stuff in the collab.

Me? ;) Would be interesting to say the least. Since my nation is a bunch of trigger happy, PTSD driven, paranoid survivors. #Xenophobia
I can, once I tear myself from world building. I'll try to get something out today. But more introductory than anything since no one can collab right now XD.
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