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I will flesh out the sheet but I'm thinking of calling him a guild adjutant. Sort of the one size fits all or Jack of all trades master of none. Unless it involves delicate diplomacy. No job he won't take so long as its worth his time. You know the old motto... Dragons rescued virgins slain no job too easy no price too high.

I was thinking more along the lines of having been ship wrecked surface side as a youth. Not necessarily very old just a bit more rough and tumble than civilized folks. (Pangolin seems like a good choice for hardy survivor.)

Before I submit I should ask is it alright for me to cast my characters background as having lived on the surface world instead of on the sky islands?

Yes very much, I will get it posted today. Been trying to find a good pic for a pangolin but I suppose the old describe it will have to do.
Will put character up shortly. Are all guns crystal powered or can I use 21st century weapons also? (Ex. .45 cal semi-auto etc...)

Will there be airships? If so...
<--- Sky pirate. Nuff said.

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