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Will put character up shortly. Are all guns crystal powered or can I use 21st century weapons also? (Ex. .45 cal semi-auto etc...)

Will there be airships? If so...
<--- Sky pirate. Nuff said.

Please submit in the OOC for approval before posting CS here.

Long have the Night Wardens guarded children as they sleep. The vaunted history of these stately bears of the night is fraught with terrors born of the dark. Sadly the nights only seem longer... and the bears fewer. Each passing year moves away from the tried and true Teddy Bear guardians for young children. The Night Warden brigades have no choice but to open recruiting to less.. conventional children's toys and stuffed animals.

The newest round of recruits have just arrived at Miss Eva's Nursery. The old creaking building quite possibly the longest running children's shelter in existence. Theodore Bearstraud has held this post for months now without relief. The old bear is running out of steam. Just recently having lost an eye and no one yet to repair it. Ragged old cloth covering weary limbs he rises each night and defends his children, as is his duty. The attacks have grown worse. Each sunset brings more powerful horrors to Miss Eva's. These new recruits must be prepared...


1: Characters must be childrens toys or stuffed animals. Nothing very large or extra small. Preferably stuffed animals but if someone wants to pitch action figures/barbie/dinos etc... submit and we can discuss.
2: Primarily looking for fighters and the like but again I am flexible. Not to say a character might not have special abilities. Just not full blown magecraft.
3: Looking for at least one post a week from players. If there is more response I will step up my story line posts as well.
4: Despite the childlike subject I intend for the tone to be more serious and often adult in humor. The action may involve violence and cursing so be appropriately aged and whatnot. I doubt there will be much romance involved but if so fade to black where appropriate by forum guidelines.
5: Casual to advanced writing I am willing to work with people who have a genuine interest in the story.

Each character when coming alive at night will assume some basic shared "powers" unless otherwise specified by the player. Higher than standard resilience for a stuffed animal/toy, the movement speed you might expect from a human, able to jump several feet (height of a bed). I do have a story line with events planned but much of the in between is going to be driven by the roleplay.

Hope there are some interested peoples out there! Any questions feel free to ask or PM me if desired.

Anyone looking to join please submit character sheets in the OOC.
Heh. Seems like we have the interest, I will get the board up later today. Hopefully we gain one or two more but lets get this party started. Naturally post any characters in the OOC when it is up for approval.

@Sophrus @Pathfinder @Taytay @Mokley
I like the tank idea. Give them some real teeth.
I have the interest check posted in two places. 3 interested so far hoping for one or two more.
I have the interest check posted in two places. 3 interested so far hoping for one or two more.
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