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Current Whats on my mind? Oh just war stuffs...


Former military infantryman. That pretty much means I find myself more drawn toward RPs that have anything to do with modern-ish warefare. ANy thing else just ask, I'm open like the YMCA.

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Here's two random facts about me that serve no purpose in the "real" world.

I can hit a target at over 800 yards with an M16.

I can disassemble and reassemble an m249 blindfolded in 30 seconds or less.
Could I be Deadpool?
The beast seethed with rage, its muscles bulging, teeth bared. The woman kept talking her voice caused something inside the beast to stir. It wanted to pounce and tear the small soft human apart, but something is preventing it from doing so. The beast thought of backtracking but the green shield regained its strength and blocked it from passing. When it looked back at the female it picked up the scent of the male she was with earlier.
When he arrived the pipes around the creature burst, it shielded its face with its large arms, only to notice the water rotating around it. The beast would at this point lash out and devour the source of this ability, but, the creature, much like a parasite, draws off the host, the other. The other was cunning, and had foresight, the other also had something else. The beast could detect no threat from the woman, or even from the woman with the shield, but the male made the beast twitch with anticipation.

It sighed a breath, ragged, and coarse. Then relaxed its arms, he stared at the male for a long moment, before turning his gaze back to the female that was talking to him. The more she talked the more something inside stirred. The beast struggled against this invader in his head.
It was no invader, it was the other.

He wanted his body back, regardless of what was done to it.
Wolfe doesn’t like thieves.
This was Wolfe’s body, his temple, no one has a right to it, not even a spirit.

Wolfe got angry.

The beast howled in agony, dropped to the ground and began writhing in pain. White hot flashes of sharp intense pain radiated throughout the beast. IT did not want to let go, but the other’s fury and anger were too much for the beast. It flailed its arms and legs, breaking pipes and conduits.
After a moment it was hunched over on its knees breathing heavily, it looked at the Natasha, his eyes no longer black as death, but blue, bright blue.


It yelled before collapsing in a heap.
The beast charged down the hallway, blind with fury. It seethed with rage, bloody drool dripping from its jowels. It rounded a corner and spied a woman in the distance. She saw the monster racing toward her.

Raising her arm a green flash filled the corridor. The light itself blinded the monster temporarily, he was shunted off balance, when he hit the shield he hit off to the right, then a loud boom and the next thing the creature knew it was staring at the ceiling. Whatever shield that was effectively blocked the creature, but now the shield seemed less bright, less vibrant as if it had lost some power after taking such a hit.

The beast growled, but before it can charge again a scent wafted his way, pheromones, and anxious voices coming his way, the beast turned to face the the newcomers.

I gots my reasons, and I bet dollars to donuts none ya ninjas ever walked in my boots.
Wolfe listened to Tristan speak. He made a good point, Wolfe was technically not part of the Corps anymore, and he didn’t have to lead that life anymore. Although, it wasn’t like he can just uproot from his former position, those he served with became brothers, closer than blood. Those he trained and had serving under him were like his children, and they made him proud. All Wolfe knew was the Corps, but that didn’t have to define him.
Tristan trailed off, and redirected the conversation back to Natasha. Wolfe was trying to pay attention, but he kept getting an itch behind his ear. He casually scratched the spot and changed position, crossing his arms. His stomach began to hurt a bit, and then his heart started pounding, it echoed through his ears, he started to breathe rapidly.

He noticed his heart rate pickup he could feel his heart racing in his chest, beating against his rib cage, sending signals to his arms. Then why did he hear a rhythmatic beating if his heart was racing? Wolfe realized it wasn’t his heart he was hearing, focusing, or trying to focus he began to hear two separate heart beats. He realized it was the other two he could hear. Wolfe became confused, just as his head started to throb, and an intense malaise feeling flooded him.

The smells that flooded him almost overwhelmed him. Tristan smelled of seaweed and salt, a hint of bourbon, the man is a closet drinker. Natasha smelled of pheromones and… trouble.

“Wolfe, are you ok?” Tristan asked.

Wolfe tried to answer but a growl came out, he coughed, trying to clear it away, it became more intense. He dropped to a knee, his muscles tensed, throbbed, felt as if they were to rip out of his skin, every vein began bulging grotesquely. He became hot, sweat began pouring off of him.
He dropped the armor he was wearing, it clattered to the floor, hoping the released weight would help, it did not.

Wolfe let out a small grunt, then it happened. His bones began to snap, it was painful, and every snap brought a grunt or a pained yelp. Breathing heavy, labored, he screamed, his body shifted, the skin becoming ebony, fur began to sprout around his neck and head, down his back into a mane of hair. His arms extended and bulked, finger nails extending into points, claws, like razors. His knees snapped inward ankles outward, the pain was unbelievable.

His face began to change, a snout protruding his teeth becoming spaced, and sharp, very sharp. He tried to move out of the office, and crashed through the door, the secretary screamed. Wolfe screamed back. He still wore his uniform, sort off, the trousers were ripped from the knees down, boots gone, and the blouse remained in tatters around his now massive chest. The wolf pin still present.
When he was fully morphed he let out one more howl, this time long, loud, and sharp. He took a large draw through his nose. The scent from the office had that smell that was trouble, but the beast caught another scent. A scent that the former knew, and with that scent…was…corruption. Corruption was what the former knew well, and he hated it, much like the beast who could smell it. With a roar beast charged down the corridor toward the source of the smell, bounding on all fours mouth agape with large sharp teeth showing. The secretary, paralyzed with fear, did not move out of the beats way, only to be shouldered roughly away and into a wall, she lay on the ground unconscious.

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