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happy october

owen. he/him. eighteen.
💉 13/04/21

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because preventing people from making derogatory comments about protected groups and getting away with it because it wasn't individual harassment is totally the same as saying "we are never going to ban black people ever".

there were lots of deliberations in the past because the guild rules only ever covered targeted harassment of individuals; nothing was ever said about groups of people. that's why the change was put in place.
good evening
'houseplants' ---> 'crocker' pls and thank you
thank you for the candy cane ive been on the baileys today and started crying
@sassy1085 @houseplants @Fabricant451 @Carbonatter

How are we doing on your respective interest/sheets. I can start delegating once I know what the situation is.

had an incoherent conversation with joe last night and fell asleep at my desk but woke up to more than i expected i had done. big things coming
I expected multiple different points-of-view of characters living in the United States, though.

dw im planning on running solo
That's certainly enough people to sustain it and expand this concept with a simple sheet and some more info. It'll be up by the end of the day at the earliest.

convert "end of the day" for britbongs pls
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