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Current o h. s h i t. i t. k i c k e d. i n.
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what's good, yo?
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got something in the works.
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i am an ambivalence engine.
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ahhhh, no. it never stops happening.
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Hey, there. I'm Crumbs and you are you. I like that about us.

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@Kronshi Hehehe, then I hope you're gonna love what we've got in store!

I haven't done any TT gaming in quite some time. I rather miss it, if I'm gonna be honest.
@Roughdragon1Well, then! Welcome aboard and I hope that we can provide you with an adequately interesting experience for your first sojourn! As it was with @Kronshi, all I ask is that you do two paragraphs per post (with, of course, appropriate grammar and punctuation; though I doubt that will be an issue from anyone). That's a minimum, and I always appreciate more, but it'll suffice. ^^

As things are, now, @ScreenAcne and myself will begin work on the OOC sometime tonight or tomorrow. I would like another Player, before the OOC is complete and posted, but we'll see how things go!

Hope you guys are pumped~

Minor Edit: Sorry, @Kronshi, I totally forgot to do the Mention in my first run of this post. I know it won't send a Notification, this way, but it only seemed right.
@Virgil Yeah! You can expect pertinent information to appear in the OOC. Race selection will be pretty open, as will a lot of things. There will be a lot of freedom given to the Players, in this scenario. As things are, right now, the setting is a fairly basic fantasy world. Almost any 'standard' race will be expected and accepted; but we're pushing for creativity in some of these areas.

However, I think you guys should gird your loins (yeah, I said it) for a lot of unexpected surprises. Being in the dark, for several things (through the course of the plot) is part of the role of yourself and your character. I mean, even Death was vexed at what is to happen next. Like stated, though, there will be a good bit of information with the OOC; since people at least want to know where the hell their character is from and that kind of stuff.

Also, thank you. I'm doing my best to be super on-point about stuff (at least with timely replies), since I've come back. ^^
@Virgil Get ripped, man! This is THE PERFECT PLACE to make some muscles.

Thanks for the interest, and welcome aboard~!

Alacratic Edit: I'm thinking one or two more people would be awesome. Yes, definitely. That number would be sweet to add to this number.
@KronshiHehehe, that's fine! As long as you think you can put up about 2 or more paragraphs per post, I'll count you in. As a general rule of mine, that's the minimum. I don't imagine that we'll be speed posting or anything, so you'll have plenty of time!

Welcome, and it's nice to have ya!
@rush99999 Yeah, I would love to continue some MGB! Give me a little while to read over what we've done, again, and I'll shoot you a reply! I'm glad you're interested~

Edit: Also, it's pretty good to be back!
@rush99999Dude, yo! It's been a while! Glad to see you! I'll totally take what you said as an expression of interest and COUNT. YOU. IN!

Welcome, welcome!

Hi, there! I'm Crumbs and you are you. @ScreenAcne is here, also, and we'll be serving as Co-GMs in this foray into kooky territory. As you can see, this is a fantasy setting that won't be taking its self too seriously. There's a lot of stuff that we have in mind, but for now I thought I'd try to grab your attention with a spiffy flavor intro. I hope it worked!

So, yeah! This here's an idea that's somewhat different from what I usually do, in terms of how things are gonna work. For the basis, you're going to be playing a Hero (either one of some renown, or a fledgling) working with other Heroes. As per standard proceedure, you'll be starting straight into the fun...with a dungeon! All sorts of characters and the like will be welcome, given that this is intended to be a fairly open experience...or, uh, we'll at least take what the budget can handle!

I don't want to give too much of the story away, given the nature of things, but I hope that Chapter 0 gave you an idea as to how 'grim' the situation may be. The setting its self is only nebulously formed, to be true, but more information will be given about that in the OOC.

Of course, any and all questions are welcome. Some may not be answered completely, if they stray too close to something that might be spoilers, but we'll be here to do our best to fill you in on all the sweet details!

Thanks for reading and I hope I may have snagged some interest from you!

Hearts and stuff,
Got a few takers, so that's pretty awesome.

I think I'm gonna take time to say, now, that I'm always accepting requests for 1x1 stuff. Though I may start making certain plots 'off-limits', if I have a version of it already running.

Mind you, I am also open to plot suggestions from those interested~
Thought I'd drop a line and say that this is still open to one more person. Dunno if that matters to anyone...

Still, though! There's that.

As a note...I plan on finishing the third fragment of the intro post sometime in the next couple of days.
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