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Current Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch as everyone around you runs around in circles..


Hello! I'm Dar! Nice to meet you ^_^ I only really play Male Characters and they tend to fall into the "Bad Boy With A Rough Past But Kind Heart" type, though I do enjoy mixing it up. Also I do enjoy doing Fandoms, specially if it's a MxM Romance Twist! Ask me if you have an idea for a pairing!

Also I love making up stories set in the Future as well as Fantasy and Medieval.. I can't really pull off Steampunk, Action or Comedy very well =3 No idea why just can't really write them haha.

Oh! I generally only play Males, but there are times I'm willing to play a Female.. Though it's mostly only Fandom Female Characters I do, if you want to know who just ask! <3

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We still need the last 2 spots filled before we can start =3
I'm getting ready for work so I'll get mine up tomorrow after I get home =)
@Dealdric Ya that's the reason I asked lol since a lot of the stuff wasn't really right in the Marvel version =) if it's the real Loki I'd totally be interested in playing him =)
@WritingWolf Sweet! I've added the updated version to the list of players ^_^ by the looks of it we only need one more Auradon Kid (if you are still interested @Majoras End that is <3, if you are stumped though I might be able to help you out in more depth, just shoot me a PM =) )

@Burning Kitty Are you still interested in doing Snow White's Daughter?
This sounds interesting, I do have a question about Loki though. If I were to pick him would I need to know how he acts and such in the Marvel Movies he's seen in?? I haven't really watched the Thor Movies so I don't know what he's like in those =3
"Ohh that hurt Fox-Lady. I'll have you know I'm a very good Body-Guard! Just ask the Narrators! Oh wait you can't hear their replies, huh can't believe I forgot that. Oh well! So Yumi-Bunny you are the kid of a god? That's awesome! *I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Yumi-Bunny is getting more and more interesting.* By the way Yumi-Bunny,the voices? Ya it's people called Narrators, they are fun to talk to. Not suppose to hear them but ya know, I'm Deadpool so it's kinda my thing." He said laughing it off as if it was totally normal, and for him it is normal. Looking back to the Fox-Lady DP tilted his head slightly to the side, studying her a bit closer.

"Fox-Lady, question for you. Why is it so bad if he remembers eh? I mean he's got a headache just trying to.. Will it make him explode or something? Well not explode explode but um *Do you mean mentally explode DP?* ya mentally! That's it mentally explode?" He asked, bit surprised by the hint of worry in his voice. *Well ya I am! I don't want Yumi-Bunny's mind to break over something like being a God Kid!

Looking back to Yumi Deadpool laughed a bit. "Though, you being a God Kid and all makes sense.. I mean you were a BUNNY when I first found ya at that shrine." He said closing his eyes to show he was smiling under the mask. Maybe one day he'd have the guts to take it off.. No way! That would traumatize poor Yumi-Bunny! I mean sure I think I'm gorgeous but not everyone agrees ya know.*
My days have been really messy XD I'll be on and off a lot the next week or so since I've got a few job interviews =3
Glad I could help =) I'm off to bed lol If you could update your CS post I'll add them in the one on the list tomorrow =) Night!
@WritingWolf Why not have her be someone who was apart of the Horned King's Kingdom but when Noon was born she ran off and left him with his father? That way you don't really need to go into much detail =) just say Noon never knew her and his father refuses to talk about her
@WritingWolf Awesome =) Doing a kid of the Horned King from The Black Cauldron is a good idea XD I was kinda hoping someone would use him, it was one of my favorite movies as a kid ^_^
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