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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Status: Cult of the Amano

Heeey, a new IC post!

We livin'.
Machi watched on with his dorm mates as their new teacher took her first turn; The Fire Dorm champ sitting back down to watch the duel closely. She started her turn off with a special summon, and the name of the card sent him into processing-mode. He watched as the monster appeared, blinking as he observed it's form. Things seemingly clicked in Machi's head as his eyes widened.

"Hey! That monster looks like a brachiosaurus!" He said, grinning. He looked over at the others, seeming pleasantly surprised by his observation. "Our teacher must use dinosaurs too! How cool is that?!"

"Look again, Machi." Sinata responded, staring down at the monster. Machi's head tilted slightly as he glanced back at the duel. "You see the tracks? And the rocket launchers?"

Machi blinked, leaning forward with narrowed eyes as he looked at the monster again. Shortly after, he recoiled back into his seat, shocked. "Eeeeeehhh?!" Machi exclaimed, staring down at the monster. "I didn't even notice! What the hell is that about?!"

"Dinomist monsters are machine-type, with water attribute!" Sinata explained. "Makes sense, since she was a Water Dorm student. This also means she can take advantage of the field spell... Wataru might be in trouble."

They watched on as a second monster was summoned; Dinomist Plesios. Kien smiled, nodding to himself. "Heh, he's in trouble alright." He said, observing the strategy on the field.

"Why's that? Terrorking Salmon is still stronger... R-Right?" Kotone questioned, uncertain of how she was going to defeat the higher attack monster.

"Watch." Kien insisted, smile remaining.

. . . . .

The group continued watching, as the duel went on. Their teacher seemed to be gaining the upperhand with the help of her Dinomist cards, and the Fire Dorm was pretty hype about it. A majority of them stood up as their teacher summoned five monsters to her side of the field, planning to mount a full-scale assault on Wataru's life points.

The final blast was huge, and... Poor Wataru had gotten launched away! Though the Fire Dorm students were mostly concerned with the victory, cheering, clapping, celebrating her victory. Machi was on his feet, jumping up and down, fists shaking as he cheered. Kien remained seated but offered a small addition to the dorm's applause. Sinata stood and clapped, while Otoishi's pinkies were in his mouth, his whistling being a loud addition.

Kotone scrunched up in her seat, applauding meekly and getting overshadowed by the group she was with.

"YEAH! That was AWESOME!" Machi shouted, hyped over the duel. Why shouldn't anyone be hyped? Their new teacher just wiped the floor with Wataru, and made a great first impression on the Fire Dorm.

Student defeating teacher... It kind of made Machi wish he had challenged Noburu-Sensei before he left.

He'd duel that man one day. After he's broken his limits and increased his talent as a duelist. However long that took...

@Satoshi Kyou

It makes sense, yeah. Though there's not a lot of creativity in reaction posts, so I'd avoid as many of them as possible. If everyone wanted to do multiple posts to end this duel, I'd probably still wait until it was over to make a reaction post anyways because making more would be more hassle than entertaining.

Personally I think posting it all at once is a good idea.

Generally, waiting for a round of reaction posts in between turns would kind of fug up the flow. The starting turn, yeah that's fine, but if we just did a few turns a post for the rest of the RP... We'll never get anywhere.

Set the trend now rather than later lol
Sorry, life has kind of been kicking me around the last few days, but I finally got a post up.
Not terribly long ago...

The sun shined down on the massive crowd of Fire Dorm students that had gathered atop the volcano. Many muttered to each-other, some in relief, some confused, others saddened. Masao Noboru had taught the majority of them for several years, with a body that looks like he was ready to suplex a Battle-Ox, and the lung capacity to shout every minute of every day. He was straight to the point and kept everyone busy, always saying there's a way to step beyond the limits a duelist currently finds themself at. That was something a lot of students took to heart.

Such words were probably the reason Machi was on top now; Though his competition hadn't made it easy on him. Hell, Noboru-Sensei didn't, either! The guy was so persistent, but that was a trait they shared: While they shouted during class, they got along great during meal time. Though all those fun times were coming to an end, today...

"Listen, all of you!" Their teacher shouted, his voice making almost everyone stand straight. The large, muscular man crossed his arms that looked almost the size of tree trunks as he looked down at his students. "I've spent MANY years training and teaching the students of Fire Dorm to break past their limits and be the best they can be! To--"

"Push ourselves forward with our fiery, burning, passion!"

A great amount of students shouted back, enthusiastic. Many of the students pumped a fist into the sky, Machi included, though some of his fellow top students didn't share the moment. Kien was still half-asleep, simply staring at the scene in a blurry haze, and Kotone was honestly terrified by all of the noise, despite being a little used to it.

Otoishi offered a wave with a grin on his face, though stood out from the rest of the students. The only one who followed with Machi and the crowd was Sinata, who seemed to be energetic due to the atmosphere.

"THAT'S RIGHT!" Masao shouted back, a huge grin on his face. He slowly walked forward, eyes narrowing a bit and smile turning into a straight line as he stood over the official ranked top 5 of his dorm. They weren't the exact image he had for 'best of the best' but they still all had their own beliefs, and passions that they expressed while dueling; Their spirits were extremely strong.

"I'm entrusting this dorm's future to all of you! It's time for me to move on, and find a way to break past -MY- limits! You all are the last students to learn my teachings, and I expect you to continue following them towards success!" He spoke loudly, with a sense of pride. Regardless of the mistakes and idiocy over the years, it was clear he still cared about his students. "And YOU!" He added, snatching Machi up by the shirt and pulling him up to eye level. Kotone quickly flickered over to hiding behind Sinata now that Machi was gone.

"You're the top of this dorm now! You better continue using my teachings the most, because it's what got you there! I expect you to not disgrace the flaming hot teachings of dueling like an I d i o t!!"

"You're asking a bit much out of him, Noburu-Sensei!" Sinata commented, grinning.

Bushy eyebrows stroking downwards in anger, Machi glared down at Sinata. "What the hell does that mean?!"

"It MEANS you better not screw things up!" Masao shouted, the sheer force from the shout causing the boy's hair to blow back.

"Y-Yes, sensei!" Machi responded, letting out a yelp as Masao dropped him to the ground. Machi stood back up, watching as his former teacher turned away, walking towards the edge. He looked down into the pit, giving everyone a moment of thought.

"So... Nobody is going to ask why Noboru-Sensei has a boat up here?" Kien spoke up, glancing at the others.

"He has to sail off the island, right?" Machi replied, blinking. Glancing over, he noticed now that their teacher had brought a sailboat. Only someone with his brute strength could carry something like that up the whole volcano...

"But like, why bring it all the way up here? It'd be a bummer to carry it all the way down..." Otoishi added, tired from just the idea.

Overhearing them, Masao turned; Staring at them with a firm expression.

"I'm not carrying it down."

To the surprise of everybody, the volcano began to rumble. Panic set in for the students as Masao picked up the sailboat with one arm, holding it over his shoulder. With his other hand, he saluted his students.

"Continue your path to success! Prove that Fire Dorm truly is the strongest of all the dorms! I have faith in all of you!"

Without skipping a beat, Masao jumped into the volcano.


Everyone panicked at the sight, and as the volcano shook with more intensity. Machi fell backwards as the volcano erupted, shooting a stream of lava high into the sky. Laughter could be heard, and as the students looked up, their teacher was sailing atop the lava burst! They all stared in disbelief as they watched the boat fly far into the distance, a twinkle appearing in the sky as the man disappeared from sight.

Right now...

While most students considered the speech boring, Fire Dorm was at full attention: They were getting a new teacher, and listened intently to every word... Or, at least most of them did.

"Wake up!" Sinata shouted, elbowing Kien. The chubby boy snorted, eyes shooting open. The new teacher was introducing herself; She was a bit young, and certainly a lot different than Noboru. He felt satisfied knowing that things could potentially be a bit calmer with her in charge, it'd make things less stressful on him.

Sinata personally couldn't be more glad; A strong female duelist as their teacher? That'd be awesome! A former student that came back as a teacher, too... Something Sinata personally thought would be a good idea for herself, which felt more fortified now that she was seeing such a reality in front of her for somebody else. If she tried hard, she could be introduced like that one day.

"She looks a bit softer than Noboru-Sensei..." Kotone commented quietly, finding some peace in the idea. She'd appreciate the lack of shouting everyday, at the very least. Though she did seem very nice.

"She's hot." Otoishi said bluntly, to which Sinata stood from her seat to punch Otoishi since he was sitting a row below her. A comical-sized knot appeared on the guitarist's head as she sat back down, trying to pay attention. Kien chuckled at the sight, simply shrugging as Otoishi glanced at him.

As the talk of the exhibition match came up, Machi was on the edge of his seat. He wished he was the one dueling; He watched Ryuji, almost wanting to jump down there and start a match, though the guy got interrupted by Fire Dorm's new teacher... Who wanted to duel against another teacher! Damn, if only she decided to choose a Fire Dorm student! But two teachers going head to head would be a good duel regardless! Especially since one was the former student of another!

The duel started off strong, too. Wataru proved to be a dangerous opponent right off the bat, which actually caught Kien's attention. "A monster with 2600 Attack Points on the first turn... It may prove difficult to get rid of." He commented, focusing on the match now.

Machi rose from his seat, raising one leg and placing his foot onto the back of a chair in the row below him. He brought a fist in front of him as he shouted down at his new teacher. "You've got this! Fire Dorm is behind ya, roast that fish!"

"Why do you have to make a fool of yourself...?" Sinata questioned, sighing.

<Snipped quote by Deluge>

I haven't played Yu-Gi-Oh or even followed it for a couple years now; I stopped back when the first Kozmo cards were first being released. I don't know what the current meta looks like but the Lair of Darkness deck does look interesting and very strong. A field spell that makes it so that you can tribute your opponents monsters, something that nothing really has a defense against except this decks boss monster, for their own effects is crazy.

Plus, if I am reading the effects right, the fact that you can tribute a dark monster you control to search the boss dragon, then immediately summon that dragon because you tributed a dark monster this turn, because the boss does not have to have been in your hand when the tribute was made to be able to activate the self summon effect.

I can see the field card being limited if this deck does well and maybe the search monster as well.

Lair of Darkness is a pretty good field spell, as with the tribute effect of Diabolos it basically becomes a potential hand-loop /w Kaiju tribute effect stacked on top of it. The single token isn't a big disadvantage to use the tribute effect on your opponent's turn anyways,and on your turn you get a free token for potentially nuking one monster your opponent has, while also making them put a card back in the deck. Even while down to 1 this card could be really good.

Diabolos is just -super- easy to get out. That being said, it's not the be-all end all boss monster. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno is even easier to summon and easily outs Diabolos by either flat-out destroying it in battle or by flipping it (As U.C.T doesn't target with it's flip effect) Though in return if Lair is active then Diabolos can just tribute U.C.T. and call it a day. Though Dinos can combo heavily, so they'll possibly already bait out your effect or use U.C.T as bait for it then make extensive plays.

It'l require some testing though it's looking strong for this year. Pend magicians are getting hit hard, so along with Zefra and Dinos this deck could get high in the tiers with some tinkering. Curious to see the plays people think of.

That's the one. I don't know why, but I was thinking that was a Darklord deck; I don't think the new cards are actually part of an archetype though, they just all work well together.

Well, the new cards are very dark-centered, so it makes sense I guess lol. It's going to be very strong for a structure deck, probably on-par if not better than the Dinosaur one. (Which wrecked the TCG for awhile) with a few meta adjustments.

We'll probably see a new banlist late-april, too. Hopefully like the OCG we get Shaddoll Construct unbanned.

I also didn't know about Grinning Grave Virus (which I will research later, as YGO wiki hates my phone) but no really I mean Full Force Virus.

Yeah, that's another Virus card that's pretty devastating (Hell, all of the Virus cards are painful to get hit with, depending on the deck you're playing). Nowadays it's not difficult to get monsters on the field to use any of them, either.
If you're talking about the one that comes with the Darklord structure deck it's brand new. It's not even out in the TCG as far as I know.

You're thinking of Grinning Grave Virus, which'll come out in Lair of Darkness on April 20th in the TCG.

It's extremely destructive, though. As to be expected of the actual cardgame that continues to spiral out control with better and better cards.

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