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I think the answer is obvious.

We don't have enough players to support adding more dorms anyhow
@The Irish Tree

Well they did say that decks don't have to fit the attribute of the dorm, they just need to fit the characters.

So you don't -have- to use water attribute decks.
You just generally go for the non-interactive decks, I see.

Very fun.
Anybody going for water? Was thinking of running either paleozoics or atlanteans (because mermails bore me).

Mermails bore you but Paleo doesn't?

-sets 5 cards and passes-
I was still attending locals with Heraldic Beasts. Everything is broken when compared with Heraldic Beasts.

As a guy whose only IRL decks are Ancient Gear and Toons in 2018, your deck inferiority at locals is truly understood.

I'll still fuck someone up at locals at least a few times with either of them tho

Unless my friend lending me his True King Dino deck before they got nuked counts... Most meta deck I've ever played and liked lol.


I can sum my counter responses up even shorter.

-Zoo killed my entire family

-Konami gotta make dat moni by making us require new cards

-On the positive side, a lot of the big hitters are being killed off. Dandylion/Level Eater/Gofu are all gone now, so rip free tokens. They kept Grinder Golem at 1 for some reason, probably because they hate us

-If everything is scripted there's not much to worry about concerning the board, though I see your point.



Watching your threads. The more I look at this type of RP, the more they look the same.

YGO RP's do tend to be kinda samey. Comes with the territory, though.

<Snipped quote by KOgaming>

Because links suuuuuuuuuuck.

Killing any and all deck variety for the sake of shoehorning in a poorly thought-out mechanic which was supposed to slow down the game and only ending up accomplishing the opposite? No, thanks.

Don't talk about my link babies like that, you meanie. Personally I'm loving Extreme Force format, as it's actually given us access to some neat cards that make more rogue decks viable, while also applying nerfs to the best decks and some degenerate strategies. Admittedly, yes, MR4 does hurt a few decks (RIP Madolche) but I have a much easier time playing Ancient Gears at my locals in MR4 than MR3, as MR3 presented boards that just made me wanna quit the game with how broken and utterly unfair they were.

I think the game's in a good place ATM as we don't really know what's good this format and that's leading to a lot of experimentation. It's certainly a slower format than we're used to, and though it might not be as slow as some people might want, it's still a good improvement because of the banlist. I love old school Yugioh as much as the next guy, but I also enjoy the current game.

Though people have the right to like and dislike what they want though, and it's understandable why people dislike Links. It was understandable when people treated Xyz/Pendulums/Synchro the same way. Hell, I -still- hate pendulums, and never was a huge fan of synchro though I never had an issue with it. Fusions are love, fusions are life.
@Satoshi Kyou @Ammokkx

The NPC's have been fully replaced with new 4th and 5th position characters. I think things should be fine, now.


Sorry it took so long. Was trying to figure out new decks.
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