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i will be here as long as people are interested
With that my post is finally out and I feel guilty about it, with that I want to triple check, who is actually still in this?

and be dead honest, if you don't want to be in this or dislike this RP just say so
Kaito looked at the dark dorm and smiled “Izumi? You mean the new teach? Yeah she is my older sister” Kaito responded to the question Kame but directly answered Elliots as well “She is a former champion when she attended this school best of water dorm 7 years ago, you didnt know?” Kaito asked Kame quickly before looking at Feli nodding at her pulling out a pendulum card to let her confirm

Kaito looked at Elliot after he accepted the invitation “Great, how does the mall sound? I think i need to get some supplies my pens are running out after that we could maybe hang out at the Arcade in our dorm, old man Noir for some reason doesnt mind that other students come in, he said something about arcades should be open to everyone”

Kou vs Gaku

Kou looked at Gaku, who seemed to be pumped up ready to duel consider he appeared to gesturing for him to duel “You know, that sounds like a challenge to me, I Accept your challenge!”

Gaku was pleased, “Alright, let’s get this thing going! Make your move and kick this thing off.”

Kou scratched his head “Xyz Dorm has the house rule of challenger goes first so i’d like to honor my Dorm and stick with those rules, next time we duel perhaps we will forgo that”

Gaku seemed confused. “Well that’s stupid. The challenger took the first move to challenge, so they should take the second move to play. Whatever, I’m in a good mode so I’ll go first.”

Lance seemed amused by the whole thing and shrugged to himself, taking a few steps back to watch and gesturing for everyone else to do the same.

Tina chattered away happily, “Oh this should be fun, it’s always nice seeing Gaku get fired up about his duels.”

Hiroji simply said, “Gaku I hope you know better than to lose against a rank 5 from another dorm.”

Tina cheered, “Hey that was a good fight, I think that’s the most even match I’ve seen Gaku fight.”

Lance had a neutral expression. “Hey, it was pretty back and forth I’ll give you that. I think Gaku might’ve been taking it a bit easy on you though. If that’s all you came for I guess we’ll see you around.”

Hiroji seemed vexed but didn’t say anything. After all, Gaku technically hadn’t lost. “Disappointing.” Was all he said before stalking off.

Akane seemed to have written some notes down but it was hard to tell given that she always seemed to have her notepad out and scribbling something down in it, whether or not it was about the duel was anyone’s guess.

“Alright you did pretty good, but don’t think that’s the end of this. Tomorrow we’re dueling again, and we’ll see how well that defense of yours holds up in round two.” Gaku said vigorously, having recovered very quickly from his disappointment with the duel.

“Tomorrow!?” Kou called out surprised “Well if you insist, My dorm pride will never die you know” Kou responded clearly pretending to be cool walking off to his dorm thinking to himself

While silently searching for members of the Xyz dorm, Yute comes to an abrupt stop after hearing his name called. Recognizing the voice Yute rushes up to her. “Naoki, Hey I was actually just looking for you myself. What did you want to talk about?,” he asked wondering what she had wanted with him, and making sure to keep it in the back of his head to bring up the alliance.

Naoki was surprised to hear he was looking for her. “Nothing important,’ she replied.”I was hoping we could just talk. You know, talk.” Naoki simply replied thinking of a way to transition to talking Yute into a duel.

Wanting to get straight down to business Yute decides to not bug around the question “I was looking for you because I wanted to talk about a alliance between the Wind and Xyz dorms.”

Naoki was shocked to hear that immediately “W-well... that was a sudden change of pace,” Naoki was surprised to hear that coming from someone she doesn't get to talk to often but quickly straightened up. “Sure, we can talk about that. You’re not thinking of starting one now, right?” Naoki asked to make sure Yute knew what he was getting himself into.

“While I would usually do more research for certain things like this, my group seems to think we need one immediately.” Thinking on it for a second, a brief moment of confusion washes over Yute’s face. “Wait, did you not come looking for me to talk about an alliance?” Yute asked, thinking that he might be missing something a bit important.

“I was more hoping we could get to know each other a little more... I don’t really know much about anyone, other than our own dorm and a few others outside of it.” Naoki explained, but shortly after had an idea: “But since you brought this up, why don’t you show me what you can do?” She activated her duel disk as she finished her sentence. “If you win, we’ll join up and start an alliance. If not... I’ll just decide based on your performance.” Naoki tried her best to come up with conditions that would disguise this duel as something official, rather than a duel for fun. The thrill of a duel like this did secretly excite her, though.

“Right… After this regardless of if I win or lose we’ll get to know each other,” Yute replied. Feeling nothing wrong with her terms for forming the alliance, he raises his duel disk. “ I’m vastly different than from my first year, and with the Xyz and Synchro dorms power i’ll be even better.” While his face displayed the same look he generally had, Yute was a little more excited than usual since he’d be facing off against Naoki, a number one from another dorm.

“In that case in xyz dorm we always have our personal rules of challenger goes first,which in
this case oddly enough would be me,any objections to that?” Naoki asked politely

“No objections here” Yute said with a unintentional stern voice.

“Let’s get straight to the point then shall we?” Naoki said inserting one of her decks into her disk with a rather seemingly forced serious tone

Yute inserts his deck into his duel disk, only giving a slight nod to Naoki, showing his agreement.


“And that's the end of the duel,” Naoki said to herself before looking at Yute “Ah I don’t like lying, so I’ll be honest immediately that wasn't actually a test I um… just wanted to duel someone outside of my dorm, you are not mad or anything right?” Naoki fiddled a little bit with her fingers

“I am mad, but that wouldn’t be my reason,” Yute says with a unbreaking poker face. Rather than say anything more he just silently stares at her, pondering his loss.

“Well I’ll consider your alliance offer for now. I think I better check up on Ren though,” Naoki said to Yute before running off to Xyz dorm.
@Ammokkxif I don't mention someone I probably know they are around
Sorry for being so silent, been a bit distracted by other things and I would love to know if anyone is still here and or interested

@King Cosmos@FairyPrincess@Tenma Tendo@Eklispe (you just posted a few days ago but still)
Double check, anyone still here? also, Earth Dorm is completely clear to post by the by, you got no restrictions here if you want you can either recap what they have done or just go from the scene


last week I kinda had to go through a bad inflammation so I couldn't focus my bad.
@King Cosmos she was actively looking for her so I thought you could do something, the only other thing i could have done besides that and make that response as you did suggest would be "meanwhile Sana was still looking for Jasmine" and let's be honest that would be erm... me repeating the same thing.
@King Cosmos just to remind you, you left me confused with what to do with Sana, remember she went to look for Jasmine?
that's one hell of a way to leave a guy hanging, like what the heck do I do with her, all I can think of is Sana just wandering around aimlessly but perhaps this is a good thing
@Scarifar this is a more character focused RP scar, rather than focused on the game itself, or least that's what i want to say
@FairyPrincess all good, you can post it in the Character tab
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