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Double check, anyone still here? also, Earth Dorm is completely clear to post by the by, you got no restrictions here if you want you can either recap what they have done or just go from the scene


last week I kinda had to go through a bad inflammation so I couldn't focus my bad.
@King Cosmos she was actively looking for her so I thought you could do something, the only other thing i could have done besides that and make that response as you did suggest would be "meanwhile Sana was still looking for Jasmine" and let's be honest that would be erm... me repeating the same thing.
@King Cosmos just to remind you, you left me confused with what to do with Sana, remember she went to look for Jasmine?
that's one hell of a way to leave a guy hanging, like what the heck do I do with her, all I can think of is Sana just wandering around aimlessly but perhaps this is a good thing
@Scarifar this is a more character focused RP scar, rather than focused on the game itself, or least that's what i want to say
@FairyPrincess all good, you can post it in the Character tab
@FairyPrincess yeah I don't see an issue with the sheet myself but... such a major part of her character is primarily left out of the history, like did she have this persona BEFORE or AFTER joining the academy?

like I would love to know myself, is it because she watched a ton of magical girl shows as a child or did she have this persona because of something happening in her life? did she create this persona to be more confident like tell me more

also, if it is before why earth specifically?

consider yourself accepted after explaining this
I would say there are some mythical elements but not as much as the show but if you want characters with those elements I’d welcome is so far Naoki is the only character that is truly affected by something

Don’t expect many mythical things happening unless I decide to alter some of the plot around these elements

Also welcome you all
just some quick mentions to see if people are still here @ThePlumbum@MidKnights@King Cosmos@Eklispe

Kou pretty much expected the reception he got, being the fifth position of his dorm "Well you got their attention, now what?” he thought to himself.

A few moments later, someone else popped in to introduce herself in a rather cheerful and friendly manner, it vaguely reminded him of Sana. “Oh, the name’s Kou. Nice to meet you!” Kou responded in a polite manner, but then he realized that nobody actually called him by his name.

Wait, hang on… AM I THAT PLAIN!?” he almost shouted out loud but managed to keep himself from looking like a fool.

“Am I forgotten that easily? We went through 2 years in the same classrooms and you all don’t remember me?” Kou asked the group. ”Anyway, I’m just here to make myself known and perhaps make some friends here. It's another fresh year here, and we don't really speak with you folks too often.
“We gotta start making changes, especially now that alliances are a factor here. So, in case we end up as allies, it’s nice to finally speak with you guys... even if it’s rather awkward.” Kou spoke to the group, uncertain about if he got his intentions across properly.


Kaito noticed the dark dorm students looking at him. “Ah you guys were in the middle of something?” he asked.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be here for long if you guys are busy. I’m just here to start the year off on the right foot and talk to you all at the start of the year. Ah, by the way, the name’s is Kaito Nonaka in case you forgot. I’m happy to see you all once again,” Kaito formally re-introduced himself to the group despite knowing them for a while. “How about it? You guys up for hanging out for the day?”


Naoki was about to walk to the wind group but said group happened to find her instead. Or, rather, their leader had. “Ah, Yute! How are you doing today? ...Actually, truth be told, I’ve been looking for you. I was wondering if we could just talk for a bit,” Naoki cheerfully asked. Even though she wanted to duel, she wasn’t the type to just walk up to someone and challenge them out of the blue.
Sorry If I am inactive all the sudden one of my youtube idols died and I need some time to process this
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