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Here is the thing though i would love to see personality to show why they are in wind not just oh hey he runs a wind deck just put him in wind, i will tell you this due to the way you described him, the teachers would put your top 3 in Light for their highly skilled nature and personality rather than wind just because they have wind decks and the latter 2 would fit just fine in wind

personality and deck combined determine where they go. though even though your top 3 use a wind deck they are likely more home in Light rather than wind
@KOgamingalright enough is enough, time for me to speak up...

Okay the intend of this rp is to focus on the Character and let the game just be part of the excitement, hence the fully scripted nature of the duels

I took a look at your characters and I found my own problems here.

For one... What is Hibiki's personality? like seriously is he a genius who doesn't care about others? is he simply a duelist? what is he? all I read in the personality segment were things I wouldn't even call part of a personality.
heck, I checked all of them and I didn't find a good character in any of them other than the final 2. I had trouble finding character since I was trying to skip most game talk I see in the sheets because I don't care about the game in this RP it is not duel focused despite the way the academy works

also, Ammo isn't in the right to kick you out even if he doesn't want you here. I am the one who gets the final say after all

Also, minor thing which is likely a typo. 4 years? it is really just 2 years not 3 it should be 2 years and starting a third

And yes Sure they can be in wind because they have wind decks but they don't HAVE to have wind decks heck Kaito has a Pendulum deck while he is in the Xyz Dorm with no hint of Xyz in his deck
alright, review day has arrived.
from this point on there will be no waiting period before anything is judged or reviewed.
@KOgamingeven if we could have added it I had everything planned out for a smaller group of 6 players at most
Kaito doesn't wear his uniform at all, and instead was asked to don a brace with his dorm insignia to compensate

so hey you can wear that purple clothing for all I care the characters are assumed to be 3rd years
@KOgaminghonestly I didn't want to say anything, I don't want to use Links for the dumbest reason ever.
Links haven't happened yet in-universe
@AdmrlStalfos19Leopold wouldn't be the type to do so, he strongly believes his dorm is better than any other dorm and wouldn't want to see anything else but his dorm succeed it's not about him it's about his students, he is like that because he strongly believes his students are better than anyone else
@Delugeminor note 1st and 2nd years have their own rankings and cannot be part of 3rd year top 5’s
Naoki Sora
Naoki has jet black hair, its length bordering on what most would consider long. She usually keeps her hair in check by tying it up into a ponytail, having it float right above her shoulders. She’s got hazel eyes and is a little taller than an average female, being a bit bigger than Kaito. Naoki wears a Kuriboh pin on her dorm uniform, given to her by Kou as a good luck charm. She has a few other mementos given by other friends of hers in the dorm, some of which she keeps in her room and others she lets hang off her bag.
Naoki is generally a nice person, as she’s always helping people out in any way she can. Contrary to what you’d expect of a collector, Naoki’s pretty charitable and doesn’t mind giving her friends some cards in her collection if it would help them out. She’ll couple it with some advice, of course, wanting people to improve and better themselves. She isn’t worried about the cards she gives out, even if it’s one of her last ones, as she believes that with enough hard work she can get all of them back and their new owner would make better use of them anyway.

Naoki dislikes when people fight with each other, especially if they’re normally friends or in the same class as each other. Naoki always tries her best to break up any fight she witnesses, reconciling and helping the two parties to be better friends with each other. Most of the friends Naoki makes in life are through her helping people out like this, though her naïvete and blind optimism makes her a little too trusting of others.
Naoki was an avid card collector, even before her academy days. She enjoyed using her collection to her advantage, using a large variety of cards to change up her strategy whenever she wanted to. One day, however, she found a certain card: [Number 78: Number Archive]. This card piqued her curiosity, leading to her to research these Number cards. When she found out there were 100 of them, it convinced her to try and collect them all.

As time went on, however, strange things started happening. As Naoki’s collection of Numbers grew, she felt a pain course through her. A constant, unrelenting pain that would grow slightly more intense with each new Number cards. Eventually, voices started talking to Naoki inside of her head. The voice told her that the pain would subside if she collected them all. The girl, not knowing any better, decided to trust the voice and continued to collect Number cards. The pain has grown quite intense, causing her to have to make slow and careful movements.
Deck theme + list of example cards

The 4 NPC's

Welcome to Harmonia United!

You third years in your final year it's time to prove yourself! Will you go pro alongside your friends, or will the competition surpass you?

The academy has existed for a hundred years now. It started as a simple, modest academy founded by Hideo Haseo, with the idea that friendly competition would improve people's will to become better duelists. He was right, as his legacy has made the academy successful even long after his passing. Show the world and the academy you are strong by taking said world by storm. When you graduate to become a professional duelist, don't forget the most important thing: enjoy yourself and hold no grudges!
Academy Rules

Dorm rules

Each dorm has a strict hierarchy and individual leaderboards. There is a strict ‘worst’ and ‘best’ duelist that transcends year of admission. From the bottom rank to the 6th rank any member can duel each other freely to gain or lose rank in a sort of ELO system, however, the top 5 becomes a strict hierarchy. Number 5 is the vanguard which the 6th ranked player at that time will have to beat to get admission in and become the next number 5. From there on, they have to beat each following rank to become champion. The third years are ranked in a separate bracket from the second and first years.

First and second year students are not allowed to go outside of your dorm during nighttime without surveillance of at least a third-year student.

You have to wear your dorm uniform at all times, unless you have an agreement with the teachers not to. Those who do not have an accessory with their dorm's emblem on it to easily identify them.

You can make use of your dorm's special privileges freely, but are forbidden from partaking in other dorm's luxuries unless the academy needs to use it.


A global leaderboard is kept to track each dorm. Each dorm is assigned a rank with its own points, with all of them starting on equal ground. When one member of a dorm beats a member of the other, their ranking within their own dorms calculates a total that affects global ranking. For duels between the top 5 of each dorm, it will always have to be a public duel that people watch for it to count. The lower end of the top 5 usually gathers the least amount of spectators while the champions garner the most, though this can vary depending on the charisma of the duelists.

There is a set 'Tournament' era within the academy, which happens about three times a year. This is a week without classes where students are encouraged to duel en masse, with each day featuring matches of the top-ranked duelists of each dorm. Changes to rankings are doubled within this period, with them serving as ‘exams’. Based on a duelist’s performance and the dorm’s overall ranking at the end of this period, students are awarded grades. The top 3 dorms also get accommodated depending on how successful they were, with preferential treatment going to them.

The Synchro and Xyz dorms share accomplishments with the dorm they are allied to. Ranking changes are shared between the two, so if one does poorly the other goes down as well. However, allying with a dorm usually leads to a great boon as these dorms make for excellent tag partners and add variety to the roster. They can never be ‘first’ place on their own, however, they are rewarded generously if both they and their allied dorm make it to the top three. Synchro and Xyz can ally with any dorm of their choosing.

Harmonia is set on a remote island off to the coast of Japan. It's not too large, but houses enough space to accomodate a student and teacher population of about 500 people. Most of the students who go here are Japanese and do speak the language, but it's not unheard of for a foreigner or two to sneak in. Foreigners aren't looked down upon in Harmonia, and their inclusivity is known world-wide. Locations on the island include:

Character Sheet

You can use the code inside of this hider as a baseline for your character sheet or edit it into a different form. All we ask is that you have clearly filled out all the sections, even if some are named or ordered differently.

Also, we will not immediately review character sheets. We will wait a week after this thread goes up and then go through them. This makes it so people have a fair shot at contesting the spot for a certain dorm if they want it. After this week period is up, however, the first person to be accepted will get the spot. In the event nobody was accepted but two or more people had competed for the same spot, we'd let both try again before reviewing.

Now stand up, and claim victory over all others!

@AdmrlStalfos19good to see someone shares my sentiment, duels that play out as real duels are lame, this is not the game this is a roleplay it can turn a supposedly pro player into a loser
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