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My English Finals was to perfectly recite the theme song of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I've never felt so much accomplishment.
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Both J. Cole and Gambino dropped new music. Loving my life at the moment.
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But I'm not a rapper.
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I just wanna chill with squad and play shitty PS4 games. Why does school fuck life uppp


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@Dirty Danalright. Why is he still at the orphanage?

I figured that he could stay behind to help facilitate/tutor the children. As well, he could be assigned as a sort of 'protector', keeping the kids safe when or if a danger is presented.
The usual, I'd say. Overuse leads to exhaustion/pain? Although, in his case, overtaxing his powers leads to his skin itself beginning to burn itself from the inside, due to the energy's inherently toxic nature.

Name: Alistaire Ver Monte
Age: Nineteen.
Power: He possesses absolute manipulation and generation of a viscous, indecipherable, shadow-like energy, the color of black and purple. It writhes and thrashes like the violent current of an ocean, yet it could also be sharp, to the point, and finely controlled, like a bullet or spear. The energy itself is as cold as ice, but burns like fire, and is extremely sharp to the touch. It is unknown how this energy came to be, but in the wrong hands, it would be extremely dangerous. In Alistaire's's no less dangerous, but at least he uses it to protect. - - -
Bio: Not much is known about Alistaire's life before the orphanage. He basically grew up here, the oldest 'child' of the orphanage and the surrogate 'older brother' to most of the younger kids. He sees himself as the Guardian of the place, and deals with trespassers and others of malicious intent with overwhelming ferocity. He does, however, have a slight French accent, and is very articulate and polite, leaving others to believe that he was originally born to a noble family.
Eh, I guess it doesn't matter in the long-run, regardless. If the GM likes the idea, then we could make one, and the people who are cool with it could talk OOCly there. The ones who aren't cool with it don't have to. Personally, I don't really use Discord for real life stuff, but I can see how people would.
<Snipped quote by Raineh Daze>

Fair enough.

I like the idea. It's pretty hard for me to feel uncomfortable in a Discord chatroom.
@MonkeyBusiness Oh, that sounds pretty badass. Yeah, we can go with that.
@MonkeyBusiness Makes sense. To be honest, I'm hitting a wall with attempting to redo Tetsuo's history. I'm thinking about revamping him a bit more, probably make him a Chuunin or Jounin, and act as a sort of go-between for the Senju Clan and Hikaemena Village. No idea yet, though.
@ItsAnan Gotcha. Looking forward to it.

@MonkeyBusiness Yeah, man, I recognized Aimi! The way it died out was a shame, haha. I was actually lookin' forward to it. We had a nice cast of characters.
Yoooooo peeps. I'm gonna guess that this is still open?
I have a Senju genin from an RP that never quite took off. 'Scuse me while I think of an affable reason for him to be in this village.

Edit: I'll just plop him here for the GM to take a gander at, while I redo his history to make sense with the setting.

Heyyy there. I'll go ahead and throw in my interest.
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