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Hi! I'm Dodi! I like medieval Roleplay and fantasy roleplay!

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Hey guy, I'm really really busy...I will actually have to post on Friday since this is exam week for me.. sorry
Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted! I've been really busy! And will be tomorrow and Saturday!
"It's great to see you too Dawn! Wow, I just can't believe that we were like, ten or eleven when we last saw eachother!" She was about to keep on with her banter, but then the room went dark.

Well, at least it was finally orientation, but all of the stuff that Mr.Lovette said was really just common sense in a way, right? Oh well.

When the lights turned back on, her friend Britney tapped her shoulder and told her that she was going to head to her dorm. Once she left, Lux eyed Dawn and sighed. "Well, I should probably get going and find my room key." She gave her a European kiss on both cheeks. "We should totally catch up later though!"
With that she sauntered off and found her room keys. So she was roomed with Esperanza Ciervo. Hm, wasn't she associated with a cult...? As she was about to leave, she noticed another familiar face from her childhood as she passed by him and grinned. She tapped his shoulder. "Psst! Toby, remember me?"
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"I see, so you must be pretty new to terramancy, or magic in general?" She guessed that was the case. But she couldn't help but feel her heart rise a bit when the Williams girl mentioned that she didn't know most of the people here.

So this girl needed information? Well then, that might just be enough to get this girl on her side. "Your family must be very isolated from the magic community. Well, dear, you're lucky to have me. I can give you some quick info on quite a few people here."

She turned to notice the boy near to them and turned back to Britney. "The guy sitting a little ways from us is a Schipper. My mother defended his brother in court," she whispered so he couldn't hear. Then she pointed across over to Kora and Larke. "The tall girl is a Norrevinter and the guy is a Sterling. Their families don't exactly get along..." She then glanced at the guy that they were with earlier,"I have no idea about the little guy that was with us earlier, he's just a nobody in general I guess...Though it still annoys me." She admitted and then looked around the room and pointed to a girl with a smaller figure and long black hair. "And that's--Oh my goodness that's Dawn Memoli!" She stood up. "Please excuse me sweetheart."

She practically glided toward Dawn and hugged her from behind. "Dawn! Oh my god! It's been so long!"
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Unlike Britney and Herman, Lux took her time to take in the sights around her. She took her papers, giving the receptionist a complement on her outfit, and making her way down the hall and scanning her papers. She entered the common room and headed for the table of food.

It was easy to say that she couldn't help but notice a tall girl, probably a Norrevinter, attacking another boy, who she guessed was a Sterling, since from her research, the two families didn't quite get along. Oh the things she could do with this situation, but now was not the time. Now was the time to recruit disciples.

She kept Britney in her sight, but kept her distance, not wanting to offend her and loose her trust. She didn't feel like making enemies just yet. She could get this girl's trust eventually. She was sitting near her and studying her before a teacher entered. She recognized him almost immediately as a Lovette.

She had done a fair amount of research on the faculty members. This man was from a matriarchal based clan, which probably explained his taste in clothing. She paid close attention to his little speech while taking bites out of her breakfast. When he was finally done talking, she scooted down the table so that she could be across from Britney. "So, pretty girl, tell me about yourself," she had a calmness about her tone, with a bit of interest in her voice as well. She rested her chin against her hand and grinned her friendly grin.

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Lux couldn't help but feel a satisfied smile creep onto her lips when the girl introduced herself as Britney Williams. So her intuition was right, as usual. "Britney Williams. I like that. It's simple, yet charming. I must say, Williams isn't a name that would stand out as a terramancer. I bet that there is some other dirt in your roots that has a better known history of terramancers." She winked.

"Oh and of course I can help you out. I am absolutely starving myself." She turned to the boy that Britney was helping and oil his bag from him and slipped it onto the bar of her roller case and scooted it back to him to carry. "Here. This will make it easier for you to maneuver."

Like hell was she going to carry an extra bag. Instead, she chose the clever route of making it easy for the boy, and taking a little bit of weight from her load. "Now do us all a favor and haul ass, honey." She ordered in a sweet, yet authoritative tone.

She then turned to Britney with her friendly little smile again. "Miss Britney-Can I call you Brit-I have a feeling that we will be very good friends." She declared and began to walk.

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@Mr Allen J nah it's fine, i just have had experiences where I use black to describe somebody and then another person gets offended and so I just use dark skinned to be careful.
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