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As expected, Arthur's father hadn't taken the news of the injured lad well. "You brought an unknown man into Camelot's walls! Arthur, I've taught you better than this!"

Arthur resisted rolling his eyes. Barely. He had been standing here for nearly ten minutes now, going back and forth with his father. He was beginning to grow impatient, but he wasn't trying to show it. He tried with his father. "What kind of prince would the people see me as if I had left a man to die?" Arthur asked, the feeling in the fingers he was squeezing tightly behind his back almost gone, "Or, what kind of king would they see you as if you raised your son to be such a way?"

His impatience and annoyance bled into his tone, if King Uther's pinched brow was anything to go by. "Do not take that tone with me!" he said, giving Arthur a warning look, who didn't break eye contact. The young man stood tall and proud, sure of his words, and King Uther noticed. He took pause, whipping his cape out of the way as he sat back down on his throne. "I suppose there is some truth to your words."

Arthur puffed up a little with pride. "Why, thank you, Father," he said, nodding his head in acknowledgment. He knew he was right, but any praise from his father was like a fresh drink of water after a long day of practice. Arthur sought his father's approval like a starved dog sought meat.

"But, that doesn't mean I am thrilled with what you have done. A armed guard will be placed at Gaius' door until we find out more about this man. Once he is awaken and able to move, I want him immediately brought to me. Understood?"

Arthur thought his father was somewhat overreacting, but his father hadn't seen how near-death the young lad had been. "Yes, father," Arthur bowed before he quickly left the throne room. Outside in the hallway, he nearly knocked Morgana down when he ran right into her. "Morgana!" he said in surprise, catching her arm just in time to right her.

Morgana huffed, stepping away and taking her arm from Arthur's grasp. "Did anyone teach you how to walk? Surely one of the servants or caretakers did," she said in a tone of voice that meant she was upset about something else, but was taking it out on Arthur.

"Did anyone teach you to not eavesdrop?" Arthur shot right back, fighting off a grin at the brief flash of shock that crossed Morgana's face.

"I was not- a lady-"

"Of which you are not. Did you hear anything of interest?" he asked, placing his hands on his hips and allowing a smug smile to cross his face.

Morgana huffed again, cheeks darkening. "I was coming to talk to the king myself, and happened to overhear. What of it? I only discovered that the mighty Arthur does have a heart." she teased, her lips twitching upwards.

The smugness left Arthur's body all at once, being replaced by a scowl that was more of a pout. Something that Arthur would not admit to. "Oh, jealous, are you, Morgana? Perhaps you'll grow a heart eventually, though I do not see it happening soon," he brushed pass her, not willing to keep fighting with her. She was taking her frustrations out on him, but it was not as if he didn't do the same. With a shake of his head, he went off to practice with his knights. He doubted the boy was awake, and he had some pent up aggression he needed to get out before checking in. At least his father agreed to care for the stranger, yet how long? Once the stranger was healed, he was indebted to Arthur, thus Uther. It would be the king's decision.

After a few hours of bruising up his knights, Arthur ended up at Gaius' door. If anything, King Uther was a man of his word; an armed guard stood outside the door. Arthur ignored him. He was messy from his practice; he had taken his armor off, yet his hair was sticking from where he ran his hand through it to get it off his sweaty forward. His cheeks were still red from the intensity of his training session, his lips bitten red and chapped. He never went easy. He entered without knocking, for he was the prince. He did not knock in his home... unless it was to his father's chambers. "Gaius! Any improvement-" Arthur stopped in his tracks when he realized the unconscious lad was no longer unconscious, and blinked in surprise. "Well... that answers that, then," he mumbled.

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location ➤ front gates
interactions ➤ lauren (@Zoey White); npcs; mentions strange singing woman (@RumikoOhara)
»»————- ☠ ————-««

It wasn't uncommon for Ryder to feel overwhelmed. He ran a decent-sized operation in the middle of an apocalypse where not only did they have to worry about getting eaten, but they also had to worry about people putting a bullet in their heads. Being overwhelmed was almost normal at this point. The real trick was how a leader handled being overwhelmed. Before shit hit the fan, Ryder worked an overwhelming job. He had his own business - of course it was overwhelming. He had to make sure his business was the best of the best, not only stayed afloat but was successful, and that he kept everybody in line. This gig? Wasn't too terribly different. He had to make sure his group was the best of the best, not only survived but thrived, and that he kept everybody in line. He had the mindset to deal with all these stressful things going on at once. Natalia, this injured woman, the possibly crazy doctor outside their gates. He was able to keep the tension out of his shoulders, and the stress from causing a hardness to form around his mouth.

Ryder stopped his frown from being too obvious when it was confirmed this was Natalie's idea. That shit wasn't going to fly. He taught her better than that. At the pause, he gave Lauren a once-over, and waved his hand at her. "C'mon, darling, spill the fucking tea," he used his bat like a cane, putting his weight on it and returning his gaze to the injured woman and a fidgety Walter. They did need to speed this up, after all, since that strange woman was about to be at his gate. He didn't like that at all. The gate was well-built, like the walls, of course. He wouldn't let this place be open game, but he still didn't like strangers just waltzing up on horseback singing.

At the mention of the Saint, his eyebrows rose up. He had always been interested in the mysterious person that left angel wings on walls around the city. He clicked his tongue, straightening back up, and chuckling. He smiled so big, his teeth could be briefly seen. "Well, well. You might have saved this woman's life, after all. I would not fucking mind having the Saint as a guest in my oh-so humble home," he gestured around, winking at Lauren. "Fun, indeed, darling. Fun, indeed." his smile slowly dropped, his playfulness giving away to seriousness, going straight back to business.

He pointed his bat at Walter, who immediately straightened up the best he could while having the woman's dead weight on his shoulder. "Bring her to the infirmary. Watch her. I doubt she'll be moving anytime soon, but don't let her out of your sight," he demanded, always mistrusting of newcomers. In this world, one had to be. Honestly, Ryder was mistrustful of everyone before this new world. It benefited him much better in this world. Walter nodded and rushed off to do as Ryder said, heading towards their makeshift infirmary that was stocked with their medical goods.

He turned his attention back to Lauren, and stepped closer to her. "I want the story on what the fuck went down out there later. But, right now, we have to deal with this bullshit outside. You know the drill when a stranger approaches - stay. On. Fucking. Guard." with each word uttered, he motioned at her with his bat, looking her straight in the eye. After a moment, though, he grinned, reaching out to give Lauren's shoulder a quick squeeze, his touch lingering. "You damn well know that, though, don't you, darling?" he didn't bother waiting for acknowledgement, turning around and giving a sharp whistle while spinning his pointed finger up in the air. "Open up the gate!"

The gate was operated by a lever on a platform secured to the top of the gate next to it. Somebody was always there, much like the guards on the watchtowers, to see who went in and out. Of course, there were more exits, but only a selected few knew about those. Two men came up behind Ryder and Lauren, guns drawn, as the gate began to slowly slide open. Ryder didn't bother drawing the pistol on his hip. He had enough firepower around him, and he didn't need to a gun to be intimidating. "It seems like this Doc makes house calls," he said to Lauren, a large grin on his face as he spun his bat before using it like a cane again. He looked very relaxed, not a care in the world, a happy man. He was anything but, though everybody around him would never know that.
I'm still here as well, and I think C would be best at this point. A smaller, more dedicated cast seems to be the way to go at this point.
Jessie Donald
Interacting with: Mariah Donald

Jessie was the last Donald to step foot onto the block, where the smell of food was carried along the summer breeze, and the sound of small chit-chat and children playing circled the block. He really hoped his parents wouldn't notice him trying to pretend he was standing on the sidewalk this whole time, watching the on-goings. It wasn't his fault that this morning, he happened upon an anthill in the backyard. It resulted in him studying the ants with his magnifying glass... and giving them cracker crumbs. He had forgotten that his mom said to make a good first impression, and now there he stood, in a wrinkled white t-shirt with some dirt on it, and jean shorts with some grass stains, his magnifying glass poking out of his back pocket. Maybe nobody would notice... right?

He shifted awkwardly on the sidewalk, his hands in his pockets. There were so many new faces, and not many kids around his age. He could feel his heart racing a little, stomach twisting and not from hunger. Actually, he could smell the cooked meat, and it made his nose scrunch up some. Being a vegetarian in a household that ate meat could be really hard, sometimes, but he had been doing it for nearly five years now. He had adjusted by now. He looked around, spotting Dane talking with some cute guy that looked Dane's age. Jessie was too nervous to go over there. What would he talk about to a college-aged stranger? He didn't want that type of pressure. He noticed Julia playing with some kids her age. Was it strange that he would feel more comfortable around the younger kids, than anybody closer to his age, or adults?

Though, his saving grace came in the form of one Mariah Donald. His older sister sought him out, and when Jessie spotted her, it felt like a weight was lifted off of his chest, and he could breath again. She wasn't talking to any intimidating college-aged kids, she wasn't busy playing with kids her age. No, she, maybe, felt as out of place as him. Either way, Jessie grinned big, to the point the sunlight briefly gleamed off of his white teeth.

"Mariah," he fake-scolded, trying to not laugh at her mocking. He hadn't overheard that particular conversation, but he could fill in the blanks. He followed the direction in which she nodded, tilting his head at the woman's plate of food. Honestly, sometimes, his own plate looked like that. It wasn't often there were many vegetarian choices, after all. He just had a lot more salad on his. "Maybe she isn't very hungry..." he said, redirecting his focus onto his older sibling and finally noticing her outfit. He smiled. "You look really nice, by the way," he told her, reaching over to take a dumpling, but then stopping. "Wait... do they have meat?" he asked. Admittedly, they looked pretty good, but he wasn't willing to break almost five years of no meat for one dumpling.
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Addy nearly rolled her eyes when the other woman spoke to her. Though, she resisted, since she attempted to take the higher road when it came to matters like these. She stepped out into the hallway, looking both ways. Nobody was running up to stop her. She glanced back at the others, and shrugged. "It looks like we may have a little freedom now." she said before she began to walk down the hallway, not waiting for the others.

location ➤ checking out the crazy singing lady on horseback > front gates
interactions ➤ npcs > lauren (@Zoey White); mentions strange singing woman (@RumikoOhara)
»»————- ☠ ————-««

The instant Ryder's foot met the ground outside of Alek's bar, the grin dropped from his face. Emotions were running wild through him, beating around like hummingbird wings inside his head, but he had to shut it all down. It certainly wasn't the first time he had to push through an overwhelming day, and it certainly wouldn't the last. It came with being a leader of such a large and powerful group, after all. On his way to the tower Clyde was perched on - he could see the idiot looking through his binoculars gawking - his walkie came to life. He stopped mid-step, heart lurching itself into his throat, hoping it was Natalia.

The voice that came through was Robbie's, one of his best scouts, that had went with the group that checked out the first sight of explosions. He sounded winded, panting into the walkie, "Come in, Ryder."

Ryder immediately felt foolish for his reaction, and straightened himself out. He gave a quick glance around, to assure nobody had saw, before bringing the walkie to his mouth. "Well, well, it's about damn time. Quite the shit show out there, gentlemen. Assuming you got caught in the main act?" he said, continuing his walk towards the tower.

"Yes, sir, we did. Barely escaped. We... lost someone." Robbie said, an undertone of sadness in his voice.

"Well, shit," Ryder whispered to himself, shaking his head. He didn't enjoy losing good men and women. But, it was a risk they willingly took when they stepped outside the walls. "Where are you located?" he didn't bother asking who. Just another soldier, lost, in this war against the undead.

"On the other side of town, towards the South. The horde was thick. We're going to follow the mountains and get back that way." Robbie sounded like he managed to catch his breath, and Ryder could hear the crunching of rocks beneath boots. No sounds of a truck, though.

Ryder stopped beside the ladder, his other fingers tightening around the handle of his bat. "Where's the truck?" he asked slowly. When no response immediately came, Ryder whispered into the walkie, "Are you not going to answer my question?"

"Y-yes, sir, I am!" Robbie quickly said, a streak of fear in his voice. Ryder's lips twitched upwards. Ryder didn't get off on causing other people fear or pain, but it was a damn good and effective way to lead. It was obvious he was successful by Robbie's reaction. "We lost the truck. During the escape. Wrecked it. I'm really sorry, Ryder." it all came out in one quick breath.

What the fuck else was going to happen today? "Get back here within an hour. Run if you fucking have to. If you aren't back within an hour..." Ryder let the threat hang; the small scouting group already knew they would be punished for losing one of the trucks. Ryder just wanted to make them sweat more.

Ryder didn't bother waiting or even listening for an answer. He knew he wouldn't see them within an hour unless they managed to find another vehicle, which was highly doubtful. This was part of their punishment for losing the truck. The climb to the top of the tower didn't take long; it was easy to master once one did it for as long as Ryder had. Everybody in the group had to be young, fit and capable of pulling their own weight, or else they weren't allowed to stay. They wouldn't gain points, members weren't allowed to help those they weren't working, and they would just starve or have to leave. Even eating in the mess hall took some points, unless somebody was higher up on the food chain. Like Ryder, Natalia, and Lauren. A couple of others were allowed to eat for free, too, but majority of the group had to pay.

He walked over to Clyde, staring at the man who didn't even realize he was there. Ryder rolled his eyes. He was surrounded by dumbasses. The chair Clyde was sitting on the edge of was a simple folding one, one of the only ones light enough to haul up there easily. The fact the man hadn't heard him coming was beyond Ryder's understanding, but Ryder had quickly learned Clyde wasn't the brightest in the group. He did what he was told, and that was about it. Clyde was balancing the chair on its two front legs, elbows propped on the railing as he looked through the binoculars.

Ryder slammed his foot on the back of the seat, causing a loud bang as the chair was forced to sit on its back legs. Clyde jumped up, whirling around with widened eyes, placing a hand over his heart. "Wow, Ryder! You scared me half to death!" he said, shaking his head, and shakily holding out the binoculars.

Ryder chuckled, leaning his bat against the railing and taking the item. "How you didn't even hear me come up is beyond me, Clyde. Keep that up, you'll be taken off watch duty, and put back in the fields." the leader said, holding the binoculars up to his face.

"O-oh, yes sir, sorry sir!"

Ryder ignored him, searching out the source of supposed singing. He couldn't hear anything, of course, but when he spotted her, he could tell she was singing. "What the hell..." he whispered under his breath.

Somehow, Clyde heard that, but not Ryder coming up the ladder. "I know, right! I wasn't sure I could trust my eyes after seein' 'er!"

"Clyde," Ryder said calmly, and at the man's acknowledgement, he continued, "Shut the fuck up."

"Yes sir!"

Ryder sighed quietly and continued to watch the woman. He wasn't an idiot. That flag meant she could be a doctor. But, again, he wasn't an idiot. It could be a lie. She seemed a little crazy, coming up on horseback, singing. Ryder hadn't seen anything that stupid in a while, and he saw a lot of stupid stuff on a daily basis. He took in what she had on her, from what he could tell. The horse looked nice and healthy. She looked clean and healthy, from what he could tell. There seemed to be a weapon on her back. He felt himself starting to grin. Oh, if only she knew what she was walking into. A lot of people had an issue when they were told to give up all of their weapons, they were checked over twice, then confined until Ryder had a few talks with them and trusted them enough to let them wander around. After it was all over, and they realized how good they had it, though, they sung a different tune.

He observed the woman a couple more minutes before doing a quick sweep of the area. He knew Lauren should be getting back soon. He saw dust picking up in the distance, a small flash like the sun glinting off something metal. Like a truck, perhaps. There Lauren was. He looked back at the woman, just as his and Clyde's walkie came to life. Lauren's voice came through, almost like an echo with the two walkies right next to each other, "Toxo base, this is Lauren and the pick-up truck crew, we're almost back to base and... Who the hell is that?"

He chuckled, grabbing his walkie while still looking through the binoculars. He watched the truck avoid the woman on horseback. "Welcome back, princess," Ryder said into the walkie, eyes still locked on the horse rider. She was growing closer, and soon, she would be at the gates. "We're wondering who the hell that is, as well," he answered as the gate was being opened to allow the truck inside.

He shoved the binoculars back into Clyde's hands. "Keep an eye on that woman. Any funny business, radio immediately," he commanded, and didn't wait for Clyde's acknowledgement as he made his way back down. It didn't take him long to approach the truck that had just rode in. He was walking up in time to see Lauren handing over an injured woman to one of his men. A woman he had never seen before, either. He frowned, waving his bat in the air to catch Lauren's attention. He was relieved to see she had made it back okay, yet he didn't have time to linger in the emotion.

"Hold the fuck up!" he shouted as the man - Walter, if memory served - began to rush off. Walter immediately froze at the sound of Ryder's unhappy tone. Ryder grew closer, eyeing the injured woman, and looked at Lauren. "What the fuck is this? Do you think our fucking medical supplies grow out of the ground or on the trees or some shit?" he demanded, swinging his bat and glaring at each of the three members of the little scouting party. "Whose bright ass idea was it to risk life and limb for a fucking stranger that will only waste our resources?" he eyed Lauren, highly doubting it was her, leaving only one answer. Natalia had said to get that woman help. He'd have to have a long talk with her once she got back, because she would get back.

Location ➣ The church
Interactions ➢ Wyatt Carver (@Helo) and Luca Petulengro (@Metronome)
»»————- ☠ ————-««

While Father Luca went to dig something out of a cool-looking chest, Lilith helped herself to another biscuit. Those, plus her coffee, were helping her feel more human on this cold morning. It was also making her feel warmer. She loosened her scarf a little, keeping her jacket closed so her guns wouldn't be noticeable. She wasn't sure how the father would feel if he knew she was packing. She had already cursed in the church. She wasn't going to push it. She didn't want a face full of holy water or to have a Bible hit her in the forehead like a palm.

She scoffed into her coffee at the mention of the woods, eyes glancing up at Father Luce. "Of course it's the woods. It's always the woods." she grumbled, though it was loud enough for the others to hear.

When the map was in Wyatt's hand, Lilith slid up behind him, making some noise so he was aware of it. Hunters had good reflexes, and she didn't want an elbow to the gut. She would spill her coffee, after all. She got on her tiptoes to look over his shoulder at the map, not realizing how close she had gotten. She hummed a little, studying it. She was starting to think this wouldn't be too hard. Usually, small towns had people who were willing to talk about newcomers, or anything strange.

When the map was actually shown to her, she danced a few steps away from Wyatt, getting a better look at it. Lilith grinned at Wyatt's question. "Oh, Wyatt. I ain't lettin' you get away from me that easy. We haven't hunted together in a long while, have we?" she said, but her grin slowly dropped. She sighed, rolling her eyes to the high ceiling. "Though, we would get more done if we split... if we do, I'll miss ya, Wyatt," she dramatically sniffed and dabbed at her eyes, turning away from the other hunter.
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