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Current "The fears we don't face become our limits." - Robin Sharma
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"Hope is what makes us strong, it's why we are here. It's what we fight with when all else is lost." - Pandora, God of War 3
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"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." A.A. Milne
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"Find something to believe in, and find it for yourself. When you do, pass it on to the future." - Solid Snake
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"A hero need not speak. When he is gone the world will speak for him." - John 117, Halo.


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@RoccanIronclad Sorry to hear that. I didn't realize it was going to be moving at such a pace either but if everybody is keeping up with it then I'll be trying to maintain it. If you ever decide to come back just know that you're welcomed.
The shuttle sticks around for about 5 minutes, giving everyone time to settle in and finish their conversations. After all it isn't a military vessel and there aren't any strict deployment codes. The ships don't all leave at the same time and by the time Vincent gets into the cockpit and Gorchek is ready there are two shuttles on their way down. The windows on the shuttle allow for a view of your descent. On the way down Gorchek is standing up, many hands positioned on the guard rails and other random fixed items in the shuttle to keep himself steady.

"Hope you're all as excited as I am! It's gonna be great, just don't get your head popped by the pressure as the doctor ordered!" He laughs, his pincers flexing in and out. As you near the ground and the shuttle slows Gorchek shakes. "Oooh! I've always hated this feeling, like being in a really fast moving elevator!" He spares a few extra hands to hold on. Before too long you reach the bottom and a whistling can be heard throughout the hold as a noisy exhaust port vents steam through the top of the ship. Eventually the gears stop cranking and the engine dies down, then the back of the shuttle drops open and hits the dirt below with a thud. "Go crazy kids!" Gorchek yells.
Everyone is doing a great job so far, I'm glad you're all taking to the game well! I have a good feeling about this roleplay.

EDIT: @RoccanIronclad I wasn't sure if you were planning on posting again in this rotation but I am heading to bed and I wanted to give everyone a chance to post tomorrow without having to wait for me. Sorry if it got a little ahead but don't worry, I didn't do anything major.
Virum listens to Gorchek intently, picking apart every word mentally to ensure he followed directions to a T, no need to make a fool of himself on one his first landings. He followed Gorchek and the rest to the shuttle as the remainder of the crew splintered off into their units. As he passes Vincent he nudges his shoulder.

"Hey just remember to slow down before we hit the ground, eh?" He chuckles and keeps moving, obviously quite proud of his morbid quip. As he reaches the shuttle he gets inside and takes a seat, letting the other passengers go about their business in private. As he buckles in he reaches to his belt and slides out an ornamented dagger forged from a see-through material. He looks it over, turning it in his hand. He had never used it before and didn't even know how, but he thought it would be good to have some kind of protection. That being said he had decided to leave it behind. A representation of his dedication to a life of exploration and learning as opposed to violence.
As the crew is gathering on the deck Sir Gorchek is standing in front of them, half his body flat on the ground whilst th e other half is raised upright like a human. If you didn't know him you'd think he was a monster due to his centipede like appearance and the large pincers on his face. Thankfully everybody on the ship has had some form of interaction with Gorchek and most of them know he's a really nice guy. On top of being the ship's quartermaster Gorchek is also like the resident dad. He watches over everybody and treats the crew like his own.

"Hello everyone and welcome to Trozzk!" He throws up 20 or so arms, the giant star burning in the distance behind him. "I know you're all really excited to get down there but there's some stuff we need to cover first! Safety and all... Hello Vincent thank you for joining us!"

Gorchek leans his body grotesquely over the railing of the ship. "If you'll all look down you will see our landing zone. Trozzk is pretty barren for the most part, not much lives here, but that doesn't mean it's not dangerous! If you wander off too far, you'll die." Gorchek now points four of his arms toward the back of the ship. "The Stone-Turner processes Drinnium fast enough that, by burning through about a thousand pounds an hour we can produce a limited atmosphere! You'll be able to breathe and move around just fine as long as you're within a mile of the Ship. Now keep that in mind because I can't bear another funeral this year!"

Gorchek turns back to the crowd and begins to take a head count. "Alright... Looks like we're all here! We'll be keeping the Stone-Turner in air while in Trozzk, that way it can better provide the oxygen we need to a larger area. So everybody get to a shuttle! Shuttle one is going to be... Virum, Lanestol, Orky, Artemis, Meili, Marcus, and myself. Vincent, would you care to be our pilot?"
Im thinking we should all just be respectful you know? I don't really see the need to wait for everybody to post in order if we're just on the ship or doing something with less consequence. Obviously if we're in a major battle or we're going to a new universe for the first time I think we should definitely give people a chance to get a post in but if they fail to do so then yeah, let them write a post to catch up and be forgiving of their absence. It is casual after all.

But yeah, I'll say for now if we've been waiting on a post, or if you're engaged in an interaction with another character that doesn't involve anyone else, feel free to keep moving forward (within reason).
I've been considering the same thing Orky. As this is a collaborative project I'd be happy to hear everybody else's thoughts on the matter. Personally I would like to say that a post is expected within 48 hours, however that might be too strict. Let me know what you all think.
Captain Brovik grunts and smiles, looking out over the healing wound in the sky as Vincent asks his question.

"Aye," he says is a gruff, gravely voice. "Trozzk is a place most of us old folk visited back in the old days. It's a rare occurrence in time, being able to watch the last star in a plane burn out. Afterward, Trozzk will be dark and nothing will be left." He steps up from his seat and begins to step down to the side. "The young ones come out here to mark the start of their journeys. I still like to make routine trips here for all the recruits we pick up."

Brovik heads around the control panel to the front of the command deck. he looks out a large window at the Star burning off in the distance and then he grabs hold of a magnifying horn. He speaks into the horn, causing his voice to echo across all rooms in the ship. "Get yourselves ready, children. You'll be heading down onto the surface in ten minutes, Sir Gorchek will be your guide." He turns back to his seat and re-adjusts himself to a comfortable position. "Will you be going with them, Vincent? It's a tradition to leave something here. We all did it once."

Virum is climbing down from the crows nest along rigging that holds the sails up. He's very cautious, not wanting a repeat of last week when he fell and sprained his ankle. It's good to have Lanestol around, he thinks, but lets not give him anymore work than we have to, aye?. He casts a glance at the janitor cleaning up his water but makes a point to head to the very front of the ship, squeezing through as much of the crowd as he can. He spots the girls, he can't remember where they are from but he knows their names.

"Artemis!" he calls, "Isn't this crazy?" he says, shouting over the rumble of the ship.
No worries @Catmint, you replied within the same day its not like you ghosted out!

I feel that this is a good time to talk about how discovery and stuff like that will work. Obviously we only have a few realms listed and there are tons out there to find. I want everybody to be able to have input. If we are within a plane that is a first time discovery then feel free to give input. Say something about the wild creature flying through the sky or about how you found a flower that could talk. I want everyone to take part, however if a plane has described rules or is already well established (such as vlana) don't take too many liberties. I trust you guys to keep it fun for everyone. Also if you have an idea for a universe you'd like us to visit you can post it in the OOC or pm me if you want to keep it a secret from the others until they discover it.

The main thing is that I don't want to be the only person deciding where we go and what things are like. This is a collaborative effort. If you don't like someone else's contribution just try to go with it, remember there is plenty of other space out there to be customized and explored. The things you want to see and play around with can all be out there. However of course if you really, really cannot stand what another player is doing then again feel free to pm me.

Anyway I'm working on the next post.
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