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Orky stood in awe while Meili changed sizes. Needless to saw he was dumbfounded by the powers of the pixies.

"Man I wish I could do that, it seems pretty cool. All I can do is clean up barf and hit things," Orky let's out a little chuckle at the end of saying it. The shuttle begins to take off as he started to sit next down to the sisters. Along the ride there a few bumps and shakes with Gorchek giving his distaste on it. It took a minute or too for them to each the ground but when Orky heard the thud and the shuttle open he knew it was time to go.

He started to walk around, taking in the scenery. He went over to Gorcheck to ask him a question.

"So Gorchek where exactly do we go to leave are things for the tradition," Orky asked while holding the talisman in his hand.
Orky was gathered up with everybody when he saw Vincent come down and make his flashy appearance. He couldn't help but let a little giggle out. Other than that he didnt know much about him other than him being a dark elf. Orky remembered raiding a dark elf tribe once, he doesn't like the memory so he decides to block it out.

Gorchek began to speak about the specifics of Trozzk. Most of it went in the ear and out the other, especially the science stuff. While Gorcheck was talking Orky remembered how he was very thankful to Gorcheck. He was thankful for how he let him on to the ship and taught him some civility in order to live with people other than orcs.

After Gorcheck finished speaking he made his way to Artemis and Meili to ask them a question he has been dying to know ever since he met them.

Orky makes his way over to them and blurts out, "So how come you guys are like 5 foot when all the Pixies I ever heard of they were like this small." He gives an example of it by making a gap between his index finger and thumb about six inches apart.
Hey guys I was just wondering if there should be like a deadline for when you can post, I honestly dont want to single anybody out or be rude but I also want to keep RPing. But that's just me
Orky is on the ground making sure to clean up all the water when he notices Marcus approaching him. Orky thinks to himself, "Looks like it's time to have a conversation. This is the moment you've been preparing for Orky. All those sleepless nights preparing for conversation with someone will pay off!." Marcus approaches Orky and said something along the lines of helping and being a newbie. But Orky was to busy trying to think of the perfect thing to say to make him a friend. Orky didn't even notice Meili greeting him.

After a few awkward seconds of not saying anything Orky knew what say. He was going to the tell the joke about how the drunken orc manages fit a whole elf and human in his mouth, that always got him laughs back at his tribe. Before he could say his terrible joke, The Captain made the announcement of how they were ducking in 10 minutes. So he knew he had to go prepare.

Orky stood up, towering over most of the people of the ship, and said, "I have to go get ready," while also grabbing his mop and bucket. He then head down stairs to go put his armor on.

While in his room Orky remember the Captain said something about bringing something to leave. He thought a bit and looked at the talisman the shaman of his village gave him before he left. It was a crude stone with many bones, from all kinds of creatures, wrapped around with a string with the tribes name written on in Orcish. Orky said to himself,"This'll be pretty cool to being." So Orky grabbed the talisman, put on his Orcish armor from his raiding days, while grabbing his war hammer, then went up to the deck to join the others.
Orky didn't bother going off the ship to Vlana, because he was fully stocked on cleaning supplies. He was mopping up a mess made by a drunken crewmember when he heard the engines rumbling and knew the ship was about to start sailing. After thoroughly cleaning up the mess he picked up his mop and bucket, he made his way to the deck to join the other newbies in watching the ship take off.

Orky didn't make it in time to hear the captain say "Hold on to something," so he fell on his butt with some of the dirty water spilling.

"Looks like I got to clean something else up," Orky said exhausted.

When the ship went got through the turbulance and the hole, he took some time to witness the beautiful sight in front of him. The mixture of colors and shapes he had never seen before left him in awe. He stood there gazing for a short few until he heard Virum talking about a huge star. Then he continued to clean up the but of water that was spilt.

Name: Orky
Age: 24
Race: Half-Orc
Height: 6'10

Plane of Origin: Naktesha - An Apocalypse in all of the sort. A complete wasteland of a world with a dwindling population of humans and demi-humans. Many half races are born from the raiding and pillaging of tribes on one another. But this world does have heavy deposits of many precious ores even to the multi-verse.

Backstory: Orky was a wanderer after leaving his tribe of Orcs. He left because he wanted a bigger purpose than raiding and pillaging. When he was walking through the giant desert that is the planet The Stone Turner appeared out of the cosmic pathway in front of him leaving him in awe. At that time he knew this was the purpose he was looking for. He managed to wave down the ship and board. He had explained the world to the current crew of Stone Turner and showed where many ore deposits where. As a thanks they let Orky join the crew as a janitor, since he didnt know how to do much more than fight. With his Orc heritage giving him inhuman strength he became a reliable crew member of the ship.

Notable equipment: When on the ship he usually is carrying his mop and bucket his name plastered on it. But when off the ship he is usually carrying his extra large war hammer, about 6' tall. And wearing heavy orcish armor that is nearly his weight with no helmet.

Notes: He is very shy and usually keeps to himself but if you manage to keep talking to him you wont get him to stop making bad jokes. Also he hates pickles with a passion. Also because of his years of raiding he has many scars across his muscular body and will gladly tell you about them if he can remember how he got it.
Before I make a character sheet, I just wanted to know what type of demi-humans (if any at all) there all in the midnighters. Orcs, Elves, etc.
Hey I'm new and I really would like this to be my very first rp. If you any one could help with some of the questions before I make my character. Can my character be a half-orc? I didnt know if that exists Yerin but if it does I have a story to explain it. Would it possible for a character to enter the WARDENs with little magical aptitude but inhuman strength, hense the half orc. Finally, how do I do the character sheet?
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