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Orky rolled out of bed after a bit. He uncounciously stretched even though he doesnt need to because of his cybernetics. But he goes through his cabin door to hear some talking in the directions of the holographic room. Headed that direction to find everybody in there. He didn't hear much but he knew that it was another mission for them. Orky walked in yawning,"So lookes like we got another mission. Finally i can show these kids what an Orc can really do, with some added parts.

He head over to Legion and patted it on the back. "Legion ol pal, if you could I need you to calibrate my limbs to make sure everything is in tip top shape before we get out."
Character Name: Orky
Time of Day: Morning
Location: Kitchen then Common Room
Interacting with: Willow(@shard), S'hraa (@Lurking Shadow) Everyone in the Common Room

Orky then said in Orcish,"Nalal ro couruke!" Which means 'Well Of Course' in common speak. "I would love to but sadly it would take to much of my time in order to do so and I have to do many things today. Such as go to my classes and pick up my uniform. But, oh yes the name is Orky, it's a pleasure to meet you," Orky then cut off about 20oz's off his steak and threw it into the air near S'hraa knowing very well the Tosuri would catch it and eat the steak. "May that be a token of our friendship, S'hraa,"

Orky then finished what was left of his steak after giving a portion to S'hraa, and then proceed to clean himself up from the juice and blood mixture. "Man I feel my blood fully restored after eating that bloody steak. But now that I finished I must go to retrieve my uniform, so I will all see you later. If you wish to come with me, I wouldnt mind the company," Orky then proceeded to stand up and throw his plate in the trash. Then he he walked out of the kitchen and headed to the common room. He looked over at everyone having a conversation. He saw the dwarf which was a first for Orky, but he was no stranger to creatures smaller than him. But then that's when Orky saw her, a Sun Elf, in Orky's opinion a very attractive one at that. When Orky saw her he was dumbfounded and only said "Wow Mama". While still enchanted Orky didnt notice that we was walking right into a book shelf. When he had hit it the bookshelf made a noise that was if someone was knocking on a door. But from the impact a book got loose off one of the shelves and had hit Orly rigjt in the head, leaving him rubbing his head.

He had noticed that someone of the group had directed his attention towards him and all he could get out with his red and flustered face was, "Uh Hi."
Character Name: Orky
Time of Day: Morning
Location: Common room then Kitchen
Interacting with: Willow(@shard), S'hraa (@Lurking Shadow), Thalia (@CaptainMarvel)
Orky nodded and listened to the gnome, who apparently was a teacher. She discussed how no magic was allowed outside of the classroom, Orky had already broken that rule but no one seemed to notice so he was relieved. When the she started call roll Orky made sure to take a mental note of all the names of his fellow classmates. Orky was baffled to find out that mummy was in fact a student named Marius. But when he was called he beat his chest to make his presence known to her. Orky concluded that the ones who werent there were the ones in the kitchen. After roll had formally finished he didnt wait to hear the part about the cafeteria, because he was already on the way to meet with his new friend Willow. But he decided to make a detour by the cafeteria and pick up meal. Orky had order a very rare 60oz steak, some could say mooing could still be heard from it. With that now he headed to the kitchen to eat with Willow

He made it to the kitchen where Willow still stood cooking aswell as the other enuri who he was talking along with a...Tosuri? Orky didnt know they still existed, but Orky wasnt one to judge any race so he wasnt really bothered by it. He went into the kitchen and gave Willow a good hard slap on the back, while letting the smushed garlic down on the counter. "Willow, I believe your name is, my friend, let is ease your heart to know that the mummy threat has been taken care of. Turns out it was actually a student." Orky let out a hearty laugh. He then took a seat at the table with his steak splashing a little juice on it. "Please everyone take a seat Ms. Lhuna and Mr or Ms. Tosuri. I hate to eat alone." Orky then started to chow down on his large steak, like a wolf who hadn't eaten for days. He had a meat juice and blood mix all over his face and shirt.
Character Name: Orky
Time of Day: Early Morning
Location: Kitchen;Hallways;Common room
Interacting with:(@stitches) (@shard)

"Look, I know what I saw! IT'S A FULL BODY MUMMY" Orky had exclamed. Orky then turned his attention to what Willow had been chopping up, fresh garlic. That's exactly what Orky thought he needed to combat a mummy. He reached and grabbed a handful of the chopped garlic. "I see you have already chopped some up for my convenience! Thank you friend, I will never forget this act of kindness," Orky said with a glint of of a happy tear in his eye and award winning smile on his face. Orky had knelt down into a running position while keeping the garlic securly in his hand. The tattoos, that are covered by his pants, started to glow,showing through his pants.

It should be noted that the runes on his legs are attributed to speed. Then Orky had blasted off, he was fast enough to see but definitively fast enough to out a sprinting horse. He had created a gust of wind when he passed, needless to say his foot steps were loud because of the force his legs had been putting out to become faster. He shot through the hallway and came to screeching halt at the common area, with the glow on his tattoos dying down after he deactivated them. But to his surprise the supposed mummy had already seemed to have been taken care of by a teacher. Orky hasnt really met the teacher but he knew of her, he never got the chance to talk to her. He hoped that she could teach him some new things about blood magic, but now wasnt the time for that. Orky had to thank the teacher for taking care of the mummy. He went up tot the teacher and made a perfect 90° angle bow. He then stated, "Ma'am I am eternally grateful to you. You have seemed to apprehend the mummy for me. Please know if there is anything I can do to repay in your act of kindess." Orky had kept the bow for the whole time he was speaking and returned to tower he was when he had fell silent.
Character Name: Orky
Time of Day: Early Morning
Location:Hallways then the Dormitaory
Interacting with:Anyu (@ShwiggityShwah) (@CaptainMarvel) (@Shard)

Orky had jumped a little at the boom from Marius opening the door. Orky turned in the direction of the heavily wounded Marius, see when Orky was younger Mama Mera used to tell him stories about the undead, and she didn't hold back on the scare factor. So ever since then Orky has been terrified of any undead. Thus when Orky laided his on Marius only one thing ran threw his head, MUMMY. "EVERYONE RUN FOR YOURLIFE ITS A MUMMY!" Orky had screamed with every ounce of air in his lungs, his scream echoed though the hallways of the Dorm and outside of it. Orky then tripped slightly while bolting for the hallway, but before leaving the common area he threw a cup of water that was laying on the night stand at the general direction of the supposed 'Mummy.'

He then left the common area and headed for the Kitchen. He had made it to the entrance of the kitchen when he had to move politely move the enuri that he didn't have to much time to indroduce him self too. He had gone into the kitchen there was yet another Enuri but even still he was still in panic mode. He stared rummaging through the pantries hurridly looking for something. Orky then asked himself, "Garlic is good against mummies right?" After a bit of searching he got frustrated and pointed at Willow and then asked in a voice that was slightly harsh but more worried than anything, "Where is the garlic!? We got a mummy out there and garlic is the only thing that can kill it! Well at least I t-think!" Orky was also starting to put on a cold sweat at the time.
well its a bit weird but Orky snapped back to his usual self but since he was temporary blinded by the dust he cant see that far, but he should be close enough to see Gangraena and her anchor about to come down on something he amsumes is a person. But since his sight is a bit off also his depth perception, he cant really tell where she is. So i want to see if Orky is lucky enough to save the Holy Woman, (Orky doesn't know that yet though) by guessing where she is.
i would like to roll for luck

@A Lowly Wretch

You warmed my big green heart
Character Name: Orky
Time of Day: Early Morning
Location:Hallways then the Dormitaory
Interacting with:Anyu (@TaliPaendrag)

Orky, had just gotten out of the storage room from all the uniforms. He was being fitted for a uniform because according to his guide, "Such clothes do not fit the image of a Guild of Alsijan student." The clothes he had been wearing, and is wearing now, was a bland long sleeve tunic that was a little tight around him, and some gray pants that were too short for his legs, he was also sporting to worn out sandals. Normally one is found an appropriate uniform that has already been made an in the storage room. But because of how Orky is pretty much walking tower of muscle, no uniform they had in stock could fit him. When Orky was walking back he took a gander to the outside through a window. Even though he had been in the city for a few days now he couldn't help but be amazed at how lively it was. The village he lived in with Mama Mera had been so busy. He couldn't wait to go out and see all the sights, then go into the shops waste his money on things he doesn't need. He continued his stroll back to the dormitory with no more distractions.

He opened up the door to dormitory, which he had to duck under slightly, to his surprise there was a very small pale Enuri standing in the common area. He didn't recognize her since he had seen most of the of his other classmates. When he had came through the door they made eye contact, Orky freaked out a bit since literally no one else was there. It had been almost a full minute of awkward silence when Orky spoke up with his rough voice, "Uh hi, I'm Orky, w-whats your name." Orky's eyes had shifted around the room trying not to show that he was terribly nervous.
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