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I'll put my interest forward. This sounds like fun :D
Dani Carson

Interactions: @13org, @Allycat
Location: Cafeteria

”I’m fine. Kind of used to things like that really,” Dani responded to the mystery woman as she brushed herself off, though that was more out of reflex than any real need given how clean Nox was. The strange language the woman had used at first was, of course, completely lost on Dani, whose knowledge of foreign languages was limited to the few odd phrases of French she had retained since being homeschooled. As far as Dani could tell, it was just some sort of exclamation of surprise in the woman’s native language, so she didn’t dwell on it too much.

Now that she was closer, Dani could tell that the mysterious woman had an aura of age about her that reminded her of some of the older vampires in her family. It was rather disconcerting coming from someone who seemed to be just a regular human, though Dani was quite aware that looks could be deceiving at Nox. A lot of species that had representation among the students and faculty at the academy could have passed themselves off as human even without the veil after all.

Though Dani was admittedly relieved to find that the exotic woman was understanding about the whole situation, she was more surprised to realize that she had somehow failed to notice the flamboyant, pink-haired man that had joined the woman until then. It was more than likely because someone standing between them had blocked her view, but it was still hard to believe that she could have somehow failed to notice someone with the bright pink hair he had.

The man chimed in shortly after the woman had asked if Dani was okay by stating that she had nothing to apologize for and inviting her to join the two of them for a bit, both of which were sentiments that the woman echoed as she held out Dani’s water bottle in order to give it back. Figuring that it would be rude to refuse their offer, and seeing as how she didn’t really have anything better to be doing at the moment, Dani accepted their offer and took a seat next to them after returning her water bottle to the side pocket of her backpack.

”That’s right,” Dani responded with a small nod when the woman correctly surmised that she was older than she looked. While the fact that the Nox administration didn’t let really let kids run around the place meant that it wasn’t particularly common for people to assume that she was a child, it was still nice that she didn’t have to explain that she wasn’t a child to the woman. That was really the part that got old.

Before she could introduce herself properly, the woman had turned her attention back towards the pink haired guy in reaction to the fact that he had called her a cutie. Once she had explained that that wasn’t a compliment she received very often, the woman informed them that she was new to the academy and introduced herself as Nenetl.

”My name is Dani, and it’s a pleasure to meet you too,” Dani said simply once Nenetl had finished speaking. ”I’ve been here for a few years, so feel free to let me know if you need any help finding particular rooms or anything like that.” Though there were a number of questions that Dani wanted to ask Nenetl at the moment, she held her tongue once she had finished introducing herself. She’d be able to ask them after the pink haired guy had introduced himself as well. Plus she had a number of questions she wanted to ask him, and it would be a lot easier if she knew what his name was.
Dani Carson

Interactions: @13org
Location: Dorm -> Cafeteria

Humming softly to herself along with the quiet music she had playing in the background, Dani stepped back and surveyed the wintry landscape laid out on a cardboard sheet atop her desk with a satisfied smile while she absently picked at the glue that had dried on her slender fingers. It had taken her longer than it normally would have to finish the arctic-themed puzzle due to being busier than usual over the past couple of weeks, but now it was finished and all she had left to do was wait for the glue to dry so that she could hang it up alongside the other puzzles she had finished so far this year.

Once she was finished admiring the finished picture laying on her desk, Dani started getting ready to head out for the day, a task which primarily consisted of washing the glue off her hands and changing out of her loungewear and into something more presentable, namely one of the old-fashioned black and white dresses that she had hanging in her wardrobe. Considering the fact that it was the middle of the afternoon, Dani also made sure to slip on one of her dark gray hoodies in order to help reduce the chance of being accidentally exposed to sunlight. The academy itself was pretty careful about making sure that such weaknesses were not overly abundant, but it never hurt to be careful anyway.

Seeing that she still had quite a bit of time to kil before she actually had to be anywhere in particular, Dani figured that she might as well head to the cafeteria to get something to eat as she left her room, grabbing her backpack and slipping her arms through the straps on the way out. Though she admittedly wasn’t feeling too hungry at the moment, she had a magical education class later in the day and didn’t want to risk being hungry when it started. She had made that mistake before and it had been tremendously unpleasant to put it lightly. Plus, the cafeteria was, at least in Dani’s opinion, an excellent place to read or do a bit of light work because of its calm, comfortable atmosphere and the fact that it provided ready access to food and drinks.

The path from Dani’s room to the cafeteria was not particularly long, and so it was only a short time later that she found herself entering the dimly lit room and attempting to get a glimpse of the exotic, strangely dressed woman she had heard people talking about as they left the cafeteria. Normally, Dani would have just ignored the whispers, but her curiosity had gotten the better of her this time. After all, how often did the students at Nox refer to someone as being strange or exotic?

Regardless, it didn’t take particularly long to find the woman that everyone had been whispering about and upon seeing her, Dani had to admit that exotic was a good adjective for describing her. She appeared to be a human woman of Central American descent, but she was wearing robes that had a primal and ritualistic appearance given the usage of feathers, scales, and bones as decorative pieces of adornment. Despite her appearance, it was pretty undeniable that the mysterious woman was quite beautiful as well, which probably only furthered the whispers about her among the student body.

Curiosity satisfied for the time being, Dani attempted to slip away before the exotic stranger opened her eyes and caught her looking. Unfortunately, before Dani could make any noteworthy progress on her escape, a rather burly individual who was presumably hurrying to catch up with his friends ended up bumping into her as she tried to merge with the crowd and sent her sprawling face down in front of the strange woman instead. Thankfully, Dani had remembered to zip her bag shut before she left her room, so the only thing that flew out of it was the empty waterbottle that she had placed in the side pocket, which merely rolled forward until it bumped the side of the woman’s foot and stopped.

After the initial shock had worn off, Dani scrambled to her feet. ”I’m sorry about that,” Dani said, a little concerned that the mystery woman wouldn’t take too kindly to being interrupted while she was savoring her beverage. Hopefully, she would be rational and understanding about the whole thing. ”Someone was in a hurry over there and bumped into me.”

Here's my character. Sorry for the delay in getting this finished. Let me know if I need to change anything! :)
I am also interested in joining this if you guys still have room. Hopefully I'll be able to have a cs up sometime tomorrow evening
Okay guys, I threw together a list of possible classes that the first year students can take. :D Everyone is required to take the core classes and at least one elective, though they may choose a second if they wish. For convenience sake, go ahead and fill out the Current Class skeleton and add it to your character sheet post (or the character sheet itself if you would prefer).

If you have any ideas for additional classes that your character might want to take, feel free to shoot me a message and let me know so that we can work something out!
Character Name: Anyu
Time of Day: Early afternoon
Location: The practice fields
Interacting with:

As Anyu and the other Meadowmist students followed Den to the section of the field where they would be demonstrating their magical abilities, she couldn’t help but feel rather anxious about the whole thing. Though she had come to realize that she probably didn’t need to be afraid of being punished by the Guild for using magic, Anyu was somewhat afraid that her inability to properly control her magic might get her into trouble. What if everyone thought that she was just refusing to participate because she couldn’t get anything to happen? She had never really tried to use her magic on purpose before. And even if she could get something to happen, what if she ended up hurting someone due to her lack of control? Just thinking about the number of different ways her demonstration could go wrong made Anyu’s stomach churn.

And so, when Den instructed them to line up behind a white line on the grass while he explained a little bit more about how their demonstrations were going to go, Anyu made sure that she was behind everyone else and off to the side so that she could see past her larger classmates. Once Den had finished explaining the procedures of the test, he called for the first student to approach a white square that had been painted on the grass a short distance away from where the line actually began.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Marius ended up being the first student to step forward to take the test. Though Anyu was probably not the best judge of the magical talent of other people, she was absolutely amazed by the power and skill that Marius displayed throughout his demonstration. Of course, it was also a little frightening for the small feline girl. Marius was a heroic person who seemed to want nothing more than to vanquish evil. What would happen when he discovered that she wasn’t really a good person like he was? Trembling at the thought, Anyu resolved to avoid letting him get to know her for as long as possible.

Sylvana, the strange Sun Elf girl who had been laughing during Marius’s demonstration, was the next to take the test. Though she ultimately didn’t really display the same level of skill that Marius had, Anyu was decidedly more astounded by the Sun Elf’s performance. Of course, that was really only because Sylvana had the courage to make one of the teacher’s clothes fall off with the use of her magic. Just the thought of having that kind of anger directed at her by an authority figure made Anyu squirm with discomfort, but Sylvana seemed completely oblivious to the teacher’s outrage as she lay on the ground and laughed hysterically.

The next student to take the test was a pale girl named Artemis. As it turned out, she was the first student whose demonstration didn’t involve causing substantial damage to the environment or using magic on a teacher. While that meant that her performance wasn’t as exciting as the others’ had been, Anyu was still amazed at the skill and abilities that Artemis had displayed. In particular, Anyu found it incredible that Artemis could use her magic to teleport and make objects appear out of thin air, though this was mostly because Anyu had never seen or heard of anyone using magic that way.

A silver-haired girl named Rahele took the test after Artemis had been evaluated. So far as Anyu could tell, Rahele’s performance consisted largely of summoning a pretty rude crow and talking it into bring her a stick before using magic to make the stick strong enough to break a rock. Overall, Rahele’s demonstration seemed to be rather simple and straightforward when compared to those of the students that had gone before her. In a weird way, this was somewhat comforting to Anyu. She would have felt pretty bad if she had been the only student whose demonstration ended up paling in comparison to those of Marius and the others. Of course, Rahele’s display was still probably much better than Anyu would be able to do, but still.

Brandon, the Dwarf who had been so strangely nice to Anyu earlier, was the next to take the test. Much like Rahele’s demonstration, Brandon’s was a straightforward affair that consisted of him repeatedly launching stones into the air with a stomp before slapping them into the ground in front of him. Though it wasn’t nearly as flashy as Artemis’s manipulation of earth had been, Anyu thought that it seemed pretty impressive how he was able to keep it up without appearing to get tired or altering his timing at all. He even managed to maintain the same even rhythm while singing some strange song!

The next student to take the test was a large, snake-like Tosuri named S’Hraa whose demonstration involved using lots of different images to show off his different skills until the end when he vanished only to reappear behind the teachers a few moments later. If he hadn’t been describing what his abilities were before he vanished, Anyu probably would have thought that he was using a slower form of the teleportation that Artemis had used seeing as how she hadn’t been able to detect him at all once he vanished. Even though it wasn’t like Artemis’s teleportation, Anyu was still pretty amazed by how many different ways S’Hraa was able to use his magic.

Unfortunately, once S’Hraa had received his evaluation, Den called for Anyu to come forward and demonstrate her own meager abilities. Afraid that hesitating might make some of the others upset, Anyu hurried over to the square despite her reluctance. ”M-My name is Anyuki,” she stammered as loudly as she felt comfortable, which meant that the other students could probably just barely hear her. ”I-I, um, don’t know what my affinities are. S-Sorry.”

After watching her fellow students effortlessly proceed through their demonstrations with confidence and determination, Den was admittedly caught off guard by how nervous Anyu appeared to be. It was also abundantly clear that she felt bad for not knowing something that everyone else had. ”Hmm… Well, that’s not a big deal. It’s not all that uncommon for us to get students that haven’t received any formal education in magic,” Den responded gently in an attempt to put Anyu more at ease. ”We’ll probably be able to figure out what they are after seeing your demonstration. Go ahead and begin whenever you’re ready.”

Afraid that she might end up getting in trouble if she didn’t at least try to do something, Anyu closed her eyes and took a deep breath to help her focus when Den told her to begin her demonstration. Though she had never consciously tried to use her magic before, she had a vague idea of how it might work. Every time she had accidentally used magic in the past, she had felt some kind of icy energy surge through her and into her surroundings. She could even feel some of that same energy flowing out into the air around her in order to create the tiny snowflakes that were currently falling nearby. And so, she figured if she could find some way to make that energy surge on purpose, she might be able to do something.

Unfortunately, Anyu quickly realized that knowing what it feels like to use magic and knowing how to use it are two completely different things. No matter what method or level of effort she used to make the energy surge, it remained pretty much unchanged from its usual state.

”Okay, Anyuki, you can go ahead and stop now,” Den called out once he figured that he had seen enough to make an accurate assessment of her abilities. Unfortunately, that meant that her demonstration had only lasted for about a minute. The fact that the only thing she had managed to do in that time frame was make it snow a little bit around herself wasn’t a very good sign. Maybe she had even less training than Den had originally assumed? If so, why had the Headmaster’s department decided to place her in the same House as a group of students with far more experience? Sometimes their decisions just made no sense.

”First of all, I think that it’s pretty clear from your performance that you need a lot more training in how to use your abilities,” Den continued once Anyu had directed her attention towards him, somehow appearing even more nervous than she had before. ”In particular, your ability to make it snow despite the heat leads me to believe that you have some natural talent as a mage. It also indicates that one of your affinities is probably for the School of Evocation with a specialty for manipulating water, which is good to know.”

”Th-The snow wasn’t part of it,” Anyu responded as Den made a note about her potential affinity. Though she was afraid that he might be upset with her for failing to actually do anything during her demonstration, she knew that she had to be honest about it. And so, fidgeting slightly as Den turned his attention towards her, Anyu took a deep breath and continued. ”I, um, wasn’t able to do anything with my magic. S-Sorry.”

”So it’s not something that you can control? Does it always snow around you?” Den asked, his tone slightly incredulous. Anyu’s only response was to answer each of his questions with a small, hesitant nod. That certainly made things interesting. ”Well, that tells me that you definitely have an affinity for Evocation magic and that it’s probably your only affinity. It also tells me that you have less experience with using magic than I had originally thought. That means that you’ll probably have to take a few remedial classes on the basics until you manage to get some control over your abilities.”

Once Den had finished giving her his assessment, Anyu couldn’t help but heave a little sigh of relief that nothing horrible had happened and that she hadn’t gotten into any trouble. The assessment itself was ultimately unsurprising to Anyu, however. She had always been aware of her own lack of control and figured that she would have to work hard if she wanted to learn how to use her magic to help people. On top of that, she had always known what her magic was typically like, though it was admittedly nice to know what the proper name was for it. It made it sound really official and important in her opinion. All things considered, Anyu didn’t think that she could have really asked for anything more.

”Okay everyone! Gather ‘round!” Den called out once he had finished talking with Anyu. When the other students had gathered in front of him, he continued. ”First of all, I want to thank you all for taking the diagnostic test seriously. Having an idea of your current abilities will help me and the other teachers figure out the best way to help you develop and hone them while you’re students here.

“Now, I know that some of you are going to be upset with me for this, but you do have an assignment to turn in at the beginning of class tomorrow. Don’t worry, it’s a really simple assignment. All you have to do is fill out a form asking about what additional classes you want to sign up for. These possible subjects that are covered by these classes include things like learning one of the magecrafts, learning a new language, or even learning how to fight with different kinds of weapons. I expect everyone to sign up for at least one class, though you could sign up for two if you really wanted to. I’ll be dropping the form off after dinner. Apart from that, you’re free to enjoy the rest of your evening.”
Character Name: Den, Mentor of House Meadowmist
Time of Day: Early afternoon
Location: The practice fields
Interacting with: Brandon@Avant

The next student to step forward in order to take the test was a Dwarven man with blonde hair who introduced himself as Brandon Argyle of the Republic of Bergen in a solemn tone of voice. ”He seems like a mature, responsible kind of guy,” Den thought as he noted that Brandon had affinities for the same Schools as Marius. ”Maybe he would be a good influence on Marius and Sylvanna? Might be worth considering if they end up being even more eccentric than they appeared to be.” Filing that thought away for later, Den gestured for Brandon to begin his demonstration when he was ready.

Brandon began his demonstration simply by stomping the ground in order to cause a moderately sized stone to rise from the ground in front of him. While the stone was still rising in front of him, he slapped it away with a barrier that he had created in his hand so that it embedded itself in the ground. More stones followed the first as Brandon began to stomp his feet rhythmically. Maybe Brandon was planning on demonstrating his magical endurance instead of his precision or raw power like the other students had done? It would certainly be an uncommon choice if that’s what he was going for.

As Den watched Brandon’s display progress, he couldn’t help but note the differences between Brandon and Artemis’ styles of working Evocation magic to move earth. At first glance, it appeared that Brandon’s style was primarily focused on using explosive bursts of magic that he synchronized with his movements. It seemed very similar to how people took a deep breath and focused before attempting to lift a heavy object in one motion. Artemis’s style of working Evocation magic had seemed to focus more on moving earth with dexterity and precision. In a sense, she had been using magic to guide the earth rather than force it to move as she wanted. Of course, neither style was necessarily better than the other, though one might be better suited to certain applications than the other.

Towards the end of his demonstration, Brandon suddenly began to sing loudly and clearly in a language with which Den was unfamiliar. While he belted out his strange song, he continued to stomp and launch stones into the ground a few feet in front of him with the same even rhythm that he had established at the beginning of his demonstration. Moments later, he had finished and looked upon his work appraisingly before explaining that he had created the rune of his house using the smaller stones. Curious, Den and the other proctors moved closer upon hearing this in order to get a better look at the shape before scribbling a few more notes on their clipboards.

”Very well done, Mr. Argyle,” Den said as he finished making his notes. ”Your demonstration clearly showcased your endurance and your ability to multitask, even if you didn’t display quite the same sort of raw power or precision that we have seen already today. It’s also a little impressive that you were able to localize your barriers to your hands, though I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard of Abjuration being used for launching rocks. Of course, it’s not revolutionary or anything, but it requires more finesse than it would appear to at first glance. I’m sure that you’ll do quite well here as your schooling progresses.”

Once he finished giving her his evaluation and Brandon had rejoined the other students, Den called out for the next student to come forward and demonstrate their abilities.

Character Name: Den, Mentor of House Meadowmist
Time of Day: Early afternoon
Location: The practice fields
Interacting with:S’Hraa@Lurking Shadow

The next student to approach the square in order to demonstrate their proficiency with magic was a large snake-like Tosuri that introduced himself as S’Hraa. Following the trend that the previous couple of students had set, he also mentioned that he was from the Hri’Saa tribe. ”Huh. Our first Illusionist,” Den thought idly as he noted which Schools S’Hraa had affinities for. ”I wonder what elaborate display he’s planning on showing us for his demonstration.” Perhaps unsurprisingly given the nature of their magic, Illusion mages often seemed to come up with some of the most interesting and elaborate displays for their demonstrations in Den’s opinion.

S’Hraa began his demonstration by creating an illusion of a human who was covered in bruises and cuts. As he spoke about the body’s natural healing process and his ability to use Animancy to speed the process along, he made it so that the illusion’s cuts and bruises faded away as if he was healing them. A few moments later, he shifted the illusion to display different parts of the human body as he mentioned his ability to locate specific injuries in those parts of the body with his magic. He continued to discuss his ability to determine the best spot to inject the different alchemical concoctions that he could make to paralyze or kill his target quickly, demonstrating what he meant by springing forward and “injecting” a yellow liquid into the illusion.

Evidently opting to demonstrate his abilities with Illusion magic more clearly, S’Hraa proceeded to create several copies of himself that scattered in different directions. Each of the copies appeared to move independently of the others, which made it tricky to tell which of the images, if any, was the original. A brief moment later, all of the images vanished, which prompted the proctors to look around for where S’Hraa might have gone. Though it was fairly clear to them that S’Hraa had used his Illusion magic to make himself invisible, that didn’t mean that they knew where he had moved to while hidden. As such, they were rather all rather surprised when he landed behind them with a predatory look.

Though he hadn’t been frightened perse, Den had still jumped when S’Hraa suddenly appeared behind him. As such, he took a moment to tidy his clothes and finish his notes before opting to give his evaluation of the Tosuri’s performance. ”Perhaps what stood out to me the most in your demonstration was your extensive knowledge of anatomy. Even if you weren’t able to actually demonstrate your ability to heal using Animancy, it’s clear that you have received an exemplary education in the subject as a whole. Of course, this isn’t the first time that a new student has been unable to display their proficiency with healing magic, so don’t feel like that’s a mark against you or anything.

“Your demonstration of your proficiency with Illusion magic was somewhat simple, but effective. The ability to weave multiple illusions together to enhance their overall effects is something that many new Illusionists struggle with, even if the individual illusions are relatively simple affairs,”
Den said. While somewhat longer than the evaluations he had made of the other students’ demonstrations, he really didn’t want S’Hraa to feel that his inability to properly demonstrate his proficiency with Animancy was going to be held against him. As it was, it would be hard to justify being hard on any of the students that had already demonstrated their abilities. It seemed that they were a particularly talented bunch this time around.

”Okay, I think that there’s only one student left, right?” Den asked after S’Hraa had rejoined the other students. His gaze swept across the group of students several times before he noticed a small figure that he hadn’t seen come forward to demonstrate their abilities yet. ”I knew we still had one more to go! Come on over and show us what you can do,” he called out to Anyu, while gesturing her for her come forward.
Character Name: Den, Mentor of House Meadowmist
Time of Day: Early afternoon
Location: The practice fields
Interacting with: Artemis@FurFox

The next student to step forth and take the diagnostic test was a Moon Elf girl who approached the square with a determine stride before calmly introducing herself as Artemis Eldon. As Den noted which Schools she had affinities for, he had to admit that he was simultaneously relieved and disappointed that Artemis seemed remarkably normal compared to Marius and Sylvanna. On the one hand, it meant that her demonstration would probably proceed rather smoothly, which was further supported by her calm and collected demeanor. On the other hand, it probably wouldn’t be as… interesting, for lack of a better word.

”Okay, Ms. Eldon, you may proceed with your demonstration,” Den said once he and the other proctors had finished scribbling down their notes so far. Upon receiving permission to begin, Artemis knelt down and placed her hands on the ground, which was a fairly clear indication that she was planning on demonstrating her ability with Evocation magic. Such hypotheses were confirmed a few moments later when a section of the ground in front of her burst apart and flew into the sky before Artemis maneuvered it to fall directly on top of her.

Moments before the clod of dirt collided with her, Artemis vanished from sight for just an instant before reappearing just out of the way of the pile of dirt she had been controlling. ”I really got a bunch of talented students this time around,” Den remarked to himself as he made a note of Artemis’s ability to use Conjuration magic to teleport. Though she had only crossed a very short distance using her magic, it was still a rather impressive feat considering the fact that she was just a novice. It usually took Conjurers several years of study and practice before they were able to teleport at all, though it did apparently become easier once it had been done the first time.

Evidently not content to finish her demonstration by showing of her ability to use teleportation magic, Artemis promptly turned to face the pile of dirt that she had been manipulating before and used her magic to mold it into the a geometric model of a regular cat. Once satisfied with the appearance of her sculpture, she solidified the dirt so that it would keep its shape before conjuring a large hat and placing it on the sculpture’s head. A few moments later, she declared that she was finished and went about retrieving the hat and moving the dirt she had been using back into the hole that she had pulled it from.

”Very well done, Ms. Eldon,” Den said in a congratulatory tone as he finished making his notes. ”Though I’m sure that you are aware, I must say that being able to use Conjuration magic to teleport is an incredible accomplishment for a new student. Of course, the precision you displayed when working earth aligned Evocation magic is also noteworthy. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited to see more of what you’re capable of as the semester goes on.”

Once he finished giving her his evaluation and she had rejoined the other students, Den called out for the next student to come forward and demonstrate their abilities.

Character Name: Den, Mentor of House Meadowmist
Time of Day: Early afternoon
Location: The practice fields
Interacting with: Rhiale@Moyai

The next student to approach the square in order to take the test was a silver-haired human woman who calmly introduced herself as Rahele of Modiri and stated that she had affinities for the Schools of Animancy and Alteration. Her use of a location as a substitute for her last name was a little puzzling, but Den wasn’t all that concerned about it. It wasn’t all that uncommon for the Guild to accept students that had troubled pasts that they would rather forget. Odds were that Rahele was just one such student. Regardless, Den didn’t have that much time to consider the possibilities before Rahele signalled the beginning of her demonstration by placing her hand over her eyes.

While she had clearly worked some sort of magic by briefly covering her eyes, it was a little hard to see what that might have been. Den and the other proctors were just too far away to really make out the change in her eye color or the slight shine that they had obtained due to her magic. Fortunately, the Guild had a policy of making sure that a proctor with an affinity for Divination was present for these tests for just such occasion. Said proctor, a stocky Gnome with an impressive gray beard, was nodding occasionally and making notes as Rahele looked around the field for something.

A few moments later, however, Rahele used magic with an effect that Den could see, namely the arrival of a fairly hefty crow from another section of the practice field. Rahele then proceeded to spend the next several moments speaking quietly with the bird as if negotiating something with it. While she spoke too quietly for Den to hear what she was saying, it was clear that the negotiations weren’t going exactly as planned from her annoyed expression at points. Eventually, however, she seemed to come to an agreement with the crow, as it flew off to retrieve a branch for her.

Rahele then used the stick to prod a stone from nearby on the practice field a couple of times. As expected, the flimsy branch nearly snapped each time she used it to press the stone. At least that was the case until she used her magic to make the stick glow brightly and shoved it at the rock. Upon making contact with the enchanted branch, the rock cracked open with seemingly no more effort than it would have taken to snap the branch originally. Then, without dismissing the magic that she had laid upon the stick, Rahele snapped it in half in order to show that she had actually used the stick as a conduit for her magic to weaken the rock instead of strengthening the branch.

After taking a few moments to confer with the Gnome proctor about what magic Rahele had used in the beginning of her demonstration and finalize his notes, Den responded to Rahele’s finishing comment. ”I wouldn’t worry. Your performance was quite good. Your ability to use Animancy to communicate with animals was certainly interesting, even if your negotiations did take you a little while. I understand that it isn’t a particularly hard ability to learn, but it’s still rather uncommon in these parts. It was also refreshing to see you use Alteration magic in a way that didn’t humiliate one of your teachers. In all seriousness, having the ability to morph aspects of yourself that aren’t necessarily physical shows that you have a lot of skill with Alteration. I’m curious to see how you advance that during your time here.”

Once he finished giving her his evaluation and she had rejoined the other students, Den called out for the next student to come forward and demonstrate their abilities.
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