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Sorry for the late response, but I think I'm going to have to drop this. I'm just not feeling into it anymore. Sorry
”Oh, well, I think I will sit down and catch my breath for a few minutes then,” Aurelia said in response to Macarona’s suggestion, taking a seat on the ground near where she had been standing. Though she tried not to show it, she had to admit that it felt really good to get off her feet for even a few moments. She had basically been running about and helping the Healing Academy with preparations for the festival since dawn, so she was pretty grateful for the break.

As Aurelia sat there, listening absently as Dorma and Miss Macarona discussed the purpose of the stage and who would be performing for the event, she admired the construction of the stage for the festival. It certainly appeared well-built and durable, and it had probably taken a lot of time and effort to put together leading up to the festival. Though she couldn’t know for sure, Aurelia was fairly certain that it’s construction had required the work of both the angels and the demons of the Garden. In that way, it seemed almost like a monument to the community that the two groups had worked together to create following the war from so long ago.

All of a sudden, Aurelia realized that she had zoned out and started daydreaming a bit, coming to with a bit of a jerk before she stood up and addressed Miss Macarona. ”Now that I’ve rested a bit, is there anything you would like me to help you with?” she asked, still blushing lightly.
I'm still around. I'll probably try and get a post up tonight or tomorrow evening.
Aurelia nodded politely while Miss Macarona thanked her for the delivery of the package, glad that neither she nor the demon girl felt it necessary to mention how she had dropped the box. In fact, Aurelia couldn’t help but notice that it seemed that the demon girl who had been talking with Miss Macarona barely took any notice of her at all. Not that being easily ignorable had ever particularly bothered Aurelia. ”It’s not a problem at all!” she said, smiling brightly as usual, once Miss Macarona had finished thanking her. ”It’s important that everyone pitches in so that we can have an amazing Gray Festival after all!”

As Miss Macarona talked with the demon girl, whose name was apparently Dorma, about the fact that Yosafire and Froze had gone to the forest to collect apples, Aurelia took the time to massage her arms a little through the puffy white sleeves of her uniform to try and alleviate some of the ache that had set in as she carried the package of refreshments. Though Aurelia was only somewhat paying attention to their conversation, she couldn’t help but notice how much Dorma perked up at the mention of Yosafire nor could Aurelia miss how quickly she seemed to deflate upon hearing that Froze was with Yosafire.

”I’m supposed to head back to the Healing Academy’s tent now that I’ve dropped off the package,” Aurelia said once Dorma reminded Miss Macarona that she was there to help with the stage. ”But seeing as how no one else is here to help, I suppose I could stay and help for a little bit as well. Though I’m not sure how useful I’ll be.”
Upon reaching the area where the stage was being set up, Aurelia’s arms finally gave out and she dropped the box of refreshments that she had been instructed to deliver to the workers there. Fortunately, she managed to avoid dropping the heavy (for her at least) box on her toes, though a few items did bounce out of the box with the impact. Aurelia quickly picked them up and returned them to their rightful location inside the box while scanning her surroundings for Miss Macarona, the angel she had been instructed to deliver the box to. It turned out that it wasn’t particularly difficult to find her, however, as there were very few people around currently. In fact, there was only one other person that Aurelia could see in the field, a demon girl wearing a red hair ribbon that was talking with an angel wearing a green sweater which would be Miss Macarona.

Unfortunately for Aurelia, the intended recipient of her package was on the other side of the field from where she was currently standing. And so, still panting a little from exertion, Aurelia picked up the box again and began shuffling across the field. While Aurelia understood the Healing Academy’s policy of having the newest graduates run all of the errands during the Gray Festival, she still thought it would have just been more efficient to just send someone who could easily carry the box. But, she wasn’t one to complain, and it had seemed important to the older members that she and the other recent graduates participate in their tradition, so she simply focused her energy on putting one foot in front of the other.

As Aurelia approached Miss Macarona and the demon girl, she decided to call out so that they weren’t just waiting for her to awkwardly cross the last few feet once they noticed her. ”H-Hello, M-Miss Macarona? This i-is a package f-from the Healing A-Academy tent.” Aurelia said, effort straining her voice. By the time she had finished her pseudo-introduction, she had made it to within a couple of feet from Miss Macarona and the demon girl. At about the same time, her arms gave out again, and she unceremoniously dropped the box again.

”S-Sorry,” she continued, blushing noticeably. ”It’s a box of refreshments like water and snacks for the people helping to prepare for the festival. They also wanted me to remind you to have people drink lots of water so they don’t get dehydrated. Oh! And also that if someone get hurt or feels off, they should head to the Healing Academy tent for treatment.”
@Darkmoon Angel Yes, I'm still interested. :D I got sick over the weekend, so I wasn't really checking my subscriptions like I should have. Sorry about that.
I'm interested in this. :D Personally, I would like to do the second plot. But maybe we could have a base of operations on Ravnica at some point?
@Darkmoon Angel Thanks! I'm glad you like her. :D Out of curiosity, when do you think that we'll be starting this?
Okay, here's what I've got. I will warn you that until recently, I am not super familiar with the setting, so I took a number of liberties in my character sheet (almost entirely in the background). If you need me to change them, just let me know. :D

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