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Okay, here's what I've got. I will warn you that until recently, I am not super familiar with the setting, so I took a number of liberties in my character sheet (almost entirely in the background). If you need me to change them, just let me know. :D

Sorry for disappearing for the past few days. I was going through finals. I'll have a character up sometime this evening for you to look over. :3
I'm interested as well. :3
@WeepingLiberty I just wanted to say that I'm still around, and that I would benefit from you posting again. :D
I'm around. :3
Lucy stifled a giggle as the man jumped a little at the sound of her voice, feeling a little bad for startling him. He seemed to recover quickly, however, giving Lucy a look over before beckoning her forward once he finished his analysis. Obediently, Lucy stepped closer to his backpack as he introduced himself as Alec and explained that he was lost too, but could tell that they weren’t near the equator or the poles. While his conclusion hadn’t been the answer that Lucy had been looking for, she supposed that knowing where they weren’t could be helpful. It was certainly more helpful than not knowing anything about their location.

”It’s not like any place that I’ve ever been,” Lucy said in response to Alec’s question about her thoughts on the area while he rummaged through the pockets of his black jeans. Now that she was standing closer, she noticed that Alec possessed short black hair and light brown eyes and that he was wearing glasses. It also appeared that he wasn’t quite as tall as Lucy had originally thought, though he was still significantly taller than her. ”The forest seems…” Lucy said, pausing to think of the right word for the air the forest seemed to project. ”I dunno, unfriendly? It’s really creepy.”

After he finished rummaging through his pocket, Alec held out a pocket knife, a flashlight, and a pen and explained that they were the only items he had that would be useful in their current situation. ”All I’ve got is some painting supplies,” Lucy responded, taking her backpack and opening it towards him so that he could see the assortment of paints, brushes, and small, rolled canvases in the bag. When she thought that he had looked long enough to get the idea, she closed her backpack and put it on again. ”Though I’m not really sure how useful they’d really be.”

Lucy’s eyes, appearing golden in the afternoon sunlight of the clearing, widened noticeably as Alec mentioned that he could possibly tell where they were based on the stars at night. ”You can tell that kind of stuff from the stars?” she asked somewhat incredulously. She knew, of course, that that was how people used to travel, especially across the ocean, but the idea that she would meet someone who knew how to do stuff like that in the modern day was a little surprising.

Alec’s question as to how Lucy got there distracted her from her amazement at the depth of his wilderness survival skills. ”This is going to sound crazy, but I’m pretty sure that I was sucked into a painting,” she replied, idly pushing some dirt around with her boots. Before she could explain further or ask him how he got there, they were joined by a tall girl with fiery red hair that was dressed in a black jacket and jeans who was asking if either of them knew what was going on.

Lucy shook her head and opened her mouth to say that no, neither of them knew what was going on, when they were joined by another plainly-dressed man with dark hair and, almost immediately after he managed to ask his own questions, another tall girl with very light hair. Before Lucy could introduce herself or explain that she didn’t know anything about where they were or what was going on, they were interrupted by another girl with dark hair calling out to them as if answering the pale-haired girl’s statement-question. As she approached the group, Lucy noticed that she was quite a bit taller than herself, perhaps even taller than the pale-haired girl and the redheaded girl. She was also dressed rather strangely compared to their motley gathering, as she was wearing clothes that, while dirty, seemed to belong in a medieval painting, an impression that was only reinforced by her curtsy as she welcomed them to this place called Astoria.

”Hello, my name is Lucy,” Lucy said, introducing herself to the the group as a whole, though her focus was on the newest arrival. ”Could you tell us who you are and what’s going on?”
@Skyrte I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on a post. I'll probably hold off on posting it for a few more days to allow other people to post first though.

@WeepingLiberty I just wanted to clarify, but is Ari visible in the clearing? Upon rereading your post, it seems that that's what you intended, but it would appear that neither Skyrte or I picked up on it at first. If Ari would be visible in the clearing, we might have to tweak some of our posts.
Lucy hummed softly as she double-checked the contents of the pink and black backpack that was sitting on her unmade bed, the sound of Bob Ross’s deep voice emanating softly from the television across the room as he went about painting a snowy landscape. While Lucy had stopped actively watching the episode quite a while ago, she had left it on as she packed her bag to lessen the oppressive silence that seemed to pervade the house whenever her older sister was away at work. Satisfied that she hadn’t forgotten any of her painting supplies, Lucy turned the television off before grabbing her bag and heading downstairs to get her feet dressed and grab something to wear over her turquoise-colored t-shirt if she got cold while she was out. Because she was heading to the woods in the park in order to paint, Lucy decided to wear her hiking boots, which were black with pink accents, and her lavender-colored hoodie.

Once Lucy was completely ready, she stepped out onto the porch of the modest home and locked the door before she began to make the short trek to the park. As she walked, Lucy tried not to think about the gymnastics competition that was happening in a few days, though that was certainly easier said than done. She just couldn’t shake the feeling that she should be spending the last couple of days practicing her routine, even though her coach had told them all that that would actually end up hurting more than it would help and that they should take the last two days before the competition relaxing and recovering from their last practice. And so, in an attempt to take her mind off the competition, at least for a little while, Lucy figured that she would paint for a few hours in one of the clearings in the forest in the park.

Before too much longer, Lucy had arrived at the woods and was making her way towards the clearing she knew to be towards the center. Considering the fact that this was an urban forest, it was pretty tame, with a number of trails, some more pronounced than others, crisscrossing through the interior. As such, it didn’t really take all that much longer to reach her destination. Once at the edge of the clearing, Lucy sought out a relatively flat piece of ground to set up the easel and camp stool that she had carried with her. After everything was set up as Lucy wanted it, she sat down and began to paint, humming a wordless tune occasionally as she did so.

By the time Lucy was putting the finishing touches on her painting of the clearing, the sun had moved to hang high overhead, marking the time as being around noon. Pleased with how the painting had come together and desiring to quell the rumblings of her tummy, Lucy left it to dry for a few minutes as she went about eating the small lunch she had packed for the day. Though her lunch consisted of only a crunchy peanut butter and blackberry jelly sandwich and an apple’s worth of apple slices, it would easily hold her over until dinner. After Lucy finished her lunch, she went to set the finished painting of the clearing aside so that she could set up a new piece of canvas and paint something else when she noticed that her painting of the clearing included a menacing-looking black spire that she didn’t remember painting.

”How did that get there?” she wondered aloud as inspected the painting more closely. Upon closer inspection, Lucy noticed that there were a number of other slight differences between the clearing she was currently in and the one that had appeared on her canvas. The most glaring of these was the fact that the forest represented in the mystery painting was far denser than the forest she was currently in, with a menacing air about it that gave her the shivers. The second most notable difference was the fact that none of the trees in the painting matched up with the trees she could see across the clearing. The painting-trees had leaves and bark that were significantly darker in coloration than their real counterparts, which only served to amplify their intimidating air. ”Did I really paint that?” Lucy asked no one in particular, her voice tinged with concern. Maybe the stress of the upcoming competition had gotten to her? It seemed unlikely, but it was the only explanation that sounded even somewhat reasonable.

Almost without thinking about it, Lucy brushed the index finger of her left hand across the creepy obelisk to verify that it was a part of the painting. As her finger made contact with the obelisk, however, she felt something grab onto her and begin pulling her into the painting, however impossible that sounded. Of course, the confusion she had felt upon noticing that her painting had transformed somehow quickly gave way to panic as her whole hand slipped impossibly into the painting. ”H-Help! S-Someone!” she yelled as she fought against the mysterious force with every ounce of strength that she had. Unfortunately, her flailing about for purchase only managed to hook her backpack straps around her legs before the force multiplied in strength and yanked her through entirely.

Once through the painting, the force vanished entirely, leaving Lucy to fall to the ground from about five feet in the air. The impact knocked the wind out of the petite girl, rendering her unable to do anything more than lay where she had landed and try to catch her breath for a few minutes. After she had managed to catch her breath and extricate her feet from the straps of her backpack that had entangled them as she was pulled into her painting, she pushed herself to her feet somewhat shakily and looked around at her surroundings. It seemed that the clearing she was on the edge of was exactly as the mystery painting had depicted, and Lucy couldn’t help but take a hesitant step further into the warm sunlight that filled the clearing as the menacing air of the forest pressed down on her.

Lucy’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone nearby, probably male from the sound of their voice, yelling profanities and something to do with sea urchins. Looking in the direction the voice had come from, Lucy could see a man standing near the center of the clearing and looking at the forest, much like she had been. From the tone of their voice, and the language used, Lucy felt it was safe to assume that they weren’t happy about being in the middle of the woods either. Regardless of why they were upset, Lucy felt that the presence of another person would help take the edge off her panic. Plus, they might know something about where they were or even how to get back home if she was lucky. ”Hello?” Lucy called out, having decided to walk over towards the man and introduce herself. ”My name is Lucy, and I, um, think I might be lost. Do you know anything about where we are?”
I'll try to get a post up either tomorrow or Friday. :D Is there any particular way you had in mind for our characters to be transported to the other world?
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