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@Drippy wonderful choice of an avatar! Everything seems fine from what I can see. You still have room for more utilities if you wish. If not it's no biggy. There will be opportunities for more items once we get going.


I'll have a think of what else he might like then :)

@Drippy Implying that a) the Government cares about the NHS, and b) it actually works in the fucking first place.

It ain't called a political football for nothin!

I'll take long waits over $$$ costs anyday of the week. Just because it could be better doesn't mean it doesn't work.

I've decided Alex is going to be a NHS political fanatic. Fear him!
You can tell things have gone to shit when there is no NHS in the UK.
It's more sacred than the Church!
edit: NGL, fuck this formatting.
WIP, I have to go have dinner but will finish when get back. Just don't want to lose my progress!!

Sanities Demise, Outlands of Skorhn, Year of the rising sun

Angharad sat draped across one of her more physically impressive followers lap, sipping from a bottle of cheap red wine. Around her her most holy congregation lounged, most had drink of their own. Her lips split in a broad smile when she noted Brother Elric and Sister Ariette partaking in the pleasures of the flesh, languidly she rose intent on the coupling, lust in her eyes.
A hush spread through the crowd distracting her attentions, at the centre of the cavern a hunched figure stepped forth.

“You all know what is to happen” His words creaked with age. “Those of you who believe to be the chosen, step forward to the obelisks.”

Her followers came behind her as she stepped forth, the crowd parted before her, no doubt in awe of her grace and beauty. Her pet paladin assisted any who found themselves unable to move after gazing upon her sublime magnificence, an understandable ailment.

As 7 others stepped forward an angry muttering broke out among the crowd, not least among her followers. Angharad examined the other claimants with narrowed eyes.

“There can only be 4, half of these are heretics! Those of you who are the true chosen ones, slay your accusers and be made known to the Gleeful Eclipse!”

Time slid to a glacial stop and for a moment there was silence, one of the others broke it, they slipped into shadows, disappearing from sight. With a yell Angharad slung her bottle at the claimant across from her in what would most likely have been a knockout blow, she reassured herself, if said claimant had not burst into flame, vaporising said bottle. The other claimants quickly followed to action.

Muttering curses under her breath she took a hasty step back, now was the time for careful and considered action. She took a deep breath, shoulders back, lungs filled.
Her followers charged past her, screaming and flooded the field.
Will have a post up this evening guys :)
Also, I'm stuck on the "rare item". What would make sense for a relatively non-lethal infiltrator/hacker archetype?

Depends if you purposefully went and got the item or if its just something you happened to get from a drop or something. It doesn't really have to match your archetype :)

But for stealth maybe something like Harry Potters invisibility cloak? EDIT: Just saw you already have limited invis nvm

Editedit: Maybe something that helps your mobility? Something like the grapple belts from Attack on Titan?

EDITEDITEDIT: Or the red pill from The Matrix, which when taken lets you fight like Neo and dodge bullets?
Sort of off-topic, but not really. Does the RPO book cover more detail about certain characters and the Oasis? As usual, movie adaptations always leave you hanging.

Either way, I'll prob read it because I loved the movie :)

I think the book goes into more detail about a lot of things yeah. For instance in the movie you don't see the main character decide to stop being a fat slob, which is a major character development point, he chooses to better himself in the real world instead of just living in the Oasis.

The movie is a really good adaptation I think because it captures the spirit of the story but a movie is only an hour or two long whilst the book has so much more information in it.

If you think about it, in Ready Player One there would be no reason for the Sixers to exist if they could get NPC's that were as good as real people, so I'd think any NPC is going to be worse than your normal person.

Obv I aint the host so that's just my opinion :)
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