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Current Finally getting started on my Bulma Briefs cosplay! I'm so excited, I love the character, so this is gunna be fuuuuun brah
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why are all my characters grade-a dickheads?
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Hello, hello!

I've been roleplaying since I was in 6th grade, probably traumatizing all my roleplay partners in the process with my cringey writing in the process. I've improved, though, and will hopefully continue to hone my skills.

I have a fondness for stories and characters that are incredibly hammy and cheesy. The more over-the-top, the better. My favorite roleplays are usually in the fantasy or sci-fi genre, although occasionally I'll dab in horror if I think it looks interesting.

I'm a big fan of both western and japanese animation. Some of my favorite anime are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, One Piece, Puella Madoka Magica, My Hero Academia, and Sailor Moon! I also really enjoy Futurama, Pinky and the Brain, and Rick and Morty. There are tons more I like, just can't think of 'em at the moment.

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Don't even worry about it, I totally understand being busy and the like. If you are still willing to do this I would be happy to get this going!

I'm still here! I apologize for my long absence, I've been lurking on here but I just feel stumped creativity wise lately. I'll try to get my shit together tonight, though.

@Cherrywitch Sorry I couldn't get Eir's color right, hopefully you can settle for that off-salmon color for now, haha.
A timid, but firm voice tore Elias from his descending panic at the hopeless situation. Startled, he turned to the voice to see the fragile looking mage staring at him, her posture tense as if itching to flee. Before he could snap at the girl for yelling at him, the hounds lept towards the carriage- more specifically, Elias's precious face- in a repulsive clump, snarling and frothing at the mouth with a hungry expression on their deformed faces. He froze as the creatures lept for him, and only his fingers twitched, as if to summon a spell.

As soon as they lunged for the carriage, the beasts were impaled, huge ice crystals shooting up to keep them at bay. Elias lept back to avoid being splattered with blood, recalling what Lady Valtoris had shouted just moments before.

"Please... you have to pay attention. Without your barrier, they'd all come in at once. I'll block you." The girl pleaded, her eyes shining. The nobleman felt a sudden urge to laugh- he had expected to be scolded by her, which would have been both humiliating and an innapropriate way to adress an aristocrat. Yet, somehow being pleaded with made him more angry. Did anything make this little thing angry? Why, if someone ran up to her and stole everything she owned, she would probably apologize and tell the crook he forgot to take her purse.

Grumbling nonsense insults, Elias pushed his glasses a little further up his nose, and once again activated the shield, this time extending his hand a touch more, hoping that this time the shield would cover the whole wagon. Meanwhile, Lady Valtoris, the coachman, and the lumbering pile of metal had busied themselves as well fighting off the hounds. Lady Valtoris backed up towards the wagon, so they were secured more or less from all sides. If Elias wasn't so terrified he would have watched much more attentively. Even from a distance, it was easy to recognize her expertise on elemental magic.

Unfornutatly, his swooning was cut short as the carriage halted abrubtly. The horses whinnied in fear in front of the carriage, and although Elias couldn't see what was causing their fear, he could definetly feel it in the way the ground shook. Elias, still extending his hands to maintain the shield, poked his head out the window to see what was causing all the fuss, and instantly wished he hadn't. Strangely enough, someone seemed to be fighting it.

" And I thought this couldn't get any worse," he grumbled, past the point of terror. At this point, he was just annoyed with this whole ordeal. The shield began to glow brighter and denser in an attempt to protect the carriage and it's inhabitants. Elias didn't need to push himself for long- an anguished wail rose from the creature as it fell to the ground with a thud. To finish off the beast, the thief blew it to bits, causing blood and guts to fly through the air like rain. Once again, Elias fought the bile rising in his throat. Honestly, was shooting the thing really neccesary? It looked dead enough to him, no need to overdo it. He glared at the thief as he climbed in, complaining on the victor of the fight, which appeared to be the strange metal being.

Elias frowned. " It might be strong, but I'm hardly convinced that hollow metal creature's even the slightest bit clever." He snorted.
Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been procrastinating a bit, but I'll try to get up a post sometime this weekend. I'll have plenty of time, I'm sure.
@Lady Selune

Go for it!

Ewwww. As someone who considers driving for 30 minutes torture, I sympathize.

Finally done! I see there are kind of a lot of people here, so if you rather not have me, that's fine.
I really like the characters in this! I'll get started on my chara sheet soon.
Awesome, glad to see some people are interested! I'm not exactly sure when the roleplay will be up, since this is my first time making one. I would expect it up sometime next week?
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