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I know it's the norm to do introduction posts but it'll take forever and people usually lose interest. I also don't think it's necessary for characterisation.

Just my opinion - we should start on a typical school day, they know they have powers and they know they're going to be involved in some sort of event but they don't know if anyone else is involved. We roleplay the day, maybe bump into each other and write about their relationship dynamics. Then the Unfair Monster arrives and they're all surprised to see each other.

If you think about it, our characters aren't gonna have a chance to really develop and get to know each other until after the first monster because they need it to tie them together. Option 2 means we get to developing faster.
Just gonna place this here - though, I'm not finished. Let me know if there's something you'd change.


I know I'd prefer option two, simply because I loath those intro posts.

Edit: Oops, we're talking in the character section. Everyone should reply in the OOC.

Likely a girl from an English speaking country - maybe she's Japanese by heritage and that's why she was enthusiastic about studying in Japan. If you tell us a little more about the school and about where they live, I'll make her.
>What a treat - Absorb Glyph.
>Remain a Magic Slime.
>Cast Ridiculeap.
>Jump to the shadowed area.
>Attempt to coalesce.
I would definitely be interested in a Ghibli vibe RP.
Skinny has tasted power… No Slime in Slime World can jump like Skinny…
>Bubble, gargle and froth over with maniacal laughter.
>Name spell, Ridiculeap
>Continue Discovery.
>Save following traits:
1. Insatiable thirst for power.
2. An affinity for darkness.
3. Superiority complex.

((@Ladypug try repairing it? With Slimy stuff. My pole is fine but yours is broken... Maybe there's something to discover in that.))
Skinny loves to coalesce.
>Continue discovering.
You canned this idea? @Endling

Yeah, it's not moving fast enough... I'm starting to see that most things on this site move at a snail's pace...
@IceHeart Yay, thank you!
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