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Just doing a bit of a poke to see how you're doing since its been about a week since your last post. But no pressure, especially if you're busy.
@Dark Light
With the investigation check, you don't find anything of interest on the corpses of the kobolds, except for each having a shattered glass vial that once contained a strange liquid that is now spilled and scatted on the ground. The wood containers in this room, like the ones you moved earlier, appear to be empty or containing some hay. For the 4 small pile of bones on the table, your captors were probably just eating the bones of some small prey animal. But a question is raised that, if there was 4th pile that someone ate from, where was this 4th person and what are they doing?
What rolls do you need to search this room and study the bones?

a investigation roll would be enough.
Down below in the room right outside of the jail room. Orchid and Aron quickly tried to put out the fire that spread from the initial fires of the bonfire spell. Special thanks to Azzen's quick thinking of moving the nearby wooden containers away from the growing fire, thus preventing a bigger fire that they would have been more to contend with. But with those that he moved, they felt quite empty and a simple inspection of those moved, would reveal nothing or some hay within. The other containers appear to still be okay with the fire reduced and no longer spreading, along with the table of 4 pile of small bones, with one of the pile only being on a plate. Celeste looked around in the new room and had a slight cough with remainder of the smoke. After hearing Orchid, she tugged on Najila's robes and spoke up softly seeing as the situation appeared to relatively calm down once again. "Yeah, like what the orc said. With Ironbane in the front and with your spell Desert Rose, we can easily charge and knock down our way out." Saying with a bit of excitement in her once nervous voice.

Meanwhile ahead, Angus, would have walked up 20 feet of steps, and would find the hall making a sharp turn to the right and a open wood door on the left leading to a room. Just from looking out from the door to this well lit room, he could see a few large chests and crates nicely organized with parchments attached to them. Looking to the closet papers he could see, he could see the two beside the door simply listing out some foods and the other listing padded and leather light armors. For the lists attached to the large chests at the end of the 30 ft room, they were a bit too far to read unless stepping closer. But overall, this looked more of a proper storage room than the containers near the jail room below.

Added a bit more detail to the room that Angus found.
Mentally Caeda tried to think of what to say as she accidentally mentioned Othie. The worst thing that could happen is probably paying for Othie's fare on the ship as she stowed away on it. But Caeda wished to respect Othie want to stay hidden and apologize for potentially exposing her. "Othie is the name of this gauntlet. It told me, or shared a sense, of the foul presence in the storage." She was unsure how convincing she made that story, especially as she isn't used to lying on the spot, but she continued. "And The room above the storage is my cabin. So if I am going to be able to comfortably sleep tonight from today's deck encounter, then do you think you could grant me access to the storage to at least investigate?" Caeda hoped that Azure would simply grant her request and not worry to much of Othie.

Caeda was happy to have Othie join her as she checked on everybody on the ship and glad they were doing okay recovering. But the feeling of concern of this ominous presence in the storage simply grew. Seeing as there were a lot of people not busy, Caeda tried to find the first mate, Azure. Eventually finding Azure she approached, asking "First mate, how are you after the battle after the deck." She waited to hear Azure respond, but as soon as she finished, Caeda quickly followed with. "The storage, how often is it checked? Othie here mentioned sensing something foul in there and as I was walking through the ship, I too felt this strange presence when passing by it. And Othie only started feeling this once the battle on the deck happened. So tell me Azure, what do you think this could be?"
How many bolts were the kobolds carrying?

Kobold A has 5 and B has 4.
@Dark Light
With your perception roll, from the growing black smoke and fire, its a bit difficult to see what was once there. Although from what can be seen, there is not much of ash or scorched things besides except the wood itself remaining from what can be seen within.
I have a couple questions:

1. Are you still accepting players? I have a character I want to test out and practice writing.

2. You're allowing UA content, what about homebrew? I have a subclass I'm working that I'm thinking to introduce. If not, I'll stick with a Hunter Ranger for class.

3. This character's backstory involves a civil war and a faction of Dark Elves separating into their own kingdom, and I want to ask if it's okay to include that here, since I want to make sure I don't clash with your setting.

1) Currently not accepting anymore players.

2) UA content is allowed, but not homebrew. But I do allow sight tweaks to existing classes if it is reasonable.

2) I'm open to ideas, but with how much that may be, it would likely be a longer discussion to find a way, if possible, to fit into the current lore of the world.
Yeah, that kobold definitely be dead. The turn order is gone, but not the growing flames from the initial sudden 5 ft cube of magical fire is spreading.
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