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I know this might sound annoying, but could I get some sort of visual on what the current battlemap looks like? I want to try and cast entangle on our enemies but I don't really know what the battlefield looks like and I'd rather not end up catching everyone in the AoE or not being close enough to cast my spells without using an action to dash.

Don't worry about it, if anything, the only visual thing of an image so far on this RP is the world map lol

I can't make a battlemap of the current situation at this moment, but will see what I can do later in a few days. But to at least help you for now. You can currently cast entanglement in a way that it won't effect your allies and only the enemies. What helps make this possible is that entangle does not require the caster to see where cast it and blue would remember a good enough layout of the place as he has seen this part of the building. So here are the following 2 options.

  • There is the masked figure with the glaive looming over the top of the stairs as he stairs Blue, Orchid, Azzen, and Najila down. Blue could place entangle so the edge of it would try be enough to reach and attempt to restrain the masked figure.
  • Down the end of the hall, you can see Angus, Aron, and Nadir vs a half elf and kobold. At the end of the hall is a closed door way that would lead to the teleport room. Blue could try to cast the spell within the correct place in the room for it to spread out and only reach to Sarfyr and the kobold. Maybe even anyone who may be in the room.

Again, sorry for no visual yet, but hopefully this helps give you an idea. If you have any more questions, then please ask away.
Felt like mentioning that the hooded figure used a attack of opportunity on you that could have blocked your path from reaching Sarfyr, but he rolled low and missed.
<Snipped quote by Expolar>

Aron managed to get to him. Why can't Angus?

I had Aron volunteer himself go charging in first, acting as the only one in surprise round and starting the initiative order, then his turn happened to still be high on the list and thus attacked. That is why why Nadir only dashed during his turn and not attacked yet. If you still want to dash down the hall and next turn use the rolls you already used, that is fine.
Sorry for the silence on my part everyone. Things have been pretty busy on my end. ^^"

I'll get a post up right away.

Its okay, I've been on that busy boat recently too. Hopefully things ease to a relaxing pace for all of us.

I know I gotta wait my turn, but would I need to dash to reach either the kobold or our Elven enemy?

That would be correct.

<Snipped quote by Expolar>

Angus offered Nadir two handaxes. Did he only take one or did you just mistype?

Edit: Also, if 10 points of damage was enough to remove a quarter of Sarfyr's health, would 34 empty the rest of it?

I happened to misread your initial post, but yes, he would take the two handaxes. Also with that damage, Angus would think that could be enough to down Sarfyr. Also its been awhile and unsure if I'm missing to look somewhere but if Angus was to move and action dash to Sarfyr, he would not be able to attack Sarfyr on that turn yet? Unless you meant to attack masked individual instead?
Sorry if its been awhile since I last posted, but here we go again for another combat. As a reminder here are some things to note when we are in initiative here:

  • To help with pacing, those players and friendly NPCs that have their initiaive beside each other can post when ever. So for this first round that would be everyone but Orchid. But once all the enemies' turn go on this list, then Orchid and everyone can post whenever for the following rounds.
  • For the round that it is a player's turn, I will wait about 7 days before next moving down the turn order. If you think you can't make a post by then, please let us know. then I will simply post as your character doing a minimal action, unless otherwise specified.
Nadir nodded as he took Angus's handaxe and pulled himself up. "My thanks, to your generous gift, my highlander friend.". As party was briefly discussing, Celeste slowly made her way through the party to see where she heard the familiar voice. The moment she got a glance inside the mess hall, she ran into the room calling his name out loud, arms open, as she embraced Nadir. ""Oh our little Crescent Moon Celeste. So glad to still see you. " After giving the two some time, Alan rose his hand "I'll charge in first to draw in their first attacks. Hopefully that will allow the rest of you all to follow safe enough behind."

As the party made their way up to the next floor, the were couple step there. At that moment, Aron took the final steps up and made a dash through the long 60 ft hall to reach where the wooden crates were being used as cover and 5ft from the teleport room's closed door. To the right of the hall appeared two closed wooden doors. While running down the hall, a kobold jumped onto the crate to fire a firebolt from a pistol, which missed. But Sarfyr, the interrogator fire 4 magic missiles into Aron. From the quick look of Sarfyr, it would appear he recovered a bit of his wounds from earlier. Providing some cover fire, Azzen shot a firebolt from the magical pistol down the hall and found a mark on the kobold. Following the lead, Nadir dashed his way ahead as well to reinforce Aron. By the time Nadir did arrive, Aron swung his sword into the interrogator, although his skin seemed hard as stone, he was still able to slash deep enough to injure the half elf. But once Sarfyr was inflicted by this wound, a flicker of an figure appeared in alcove that was near the stairs, soon revealing a dark hooded cloaked individual that war a mask with the appearance of a dragon's skull. Now revealed, the figure took a single step as it readied itself with a glaive that would slightly glint from the light outside.

Would I be correct in guessing that Nadir is unarmed?

Yes, currently it would appear that he is unarmed.
While the party was busy with the Lizardman, Azzen stepped into the barracks to see if he could find anything of interested. After a few seconds, he found a backpack that stood a bit out than the rest of the room. Once Azzen rejoined the party and the lizardman and Blue introduce each other, he threw the bag over to the lizardman, causing a familiar totem to slightly poke out. "Does the contents in there happen to belong to you? I'm also willing for any extra help as we don't know what may await us on the next floor. But with the news of a teleporter and that they have not come down yet, there is a chance that they may be preparing for an escape, in the worse scenario. We should hurry with our next move if we want to end this with some answers. Although, who's leading the charge? As they would likely shoot the first thing that pops up those stairs, just like that Najila's owl."

Nadir, after recovering thanks to Blue's healing, he stood up and began stretching in place for a few moments. "I won't sit idle and hope for Layla's safety. I will follow and even charge through all those bandits if it means protecting her."
Curious, I remembered how you described Sticky in the beginning. But I wanted to ask if there was any more description of him. And the same case too for Othie as they will part of the party for some time.
Caeada simply listened as she was finishing her chowder. Once finished and Sticky's story finished, she wiped her mouth. Soft smiled formed as Sticky asked to join her adventure. After a couple seconds passed as she pondered on Sticky's request to join, a slight giggle came out before she stopped herself and looked at Sticky "Forgive me for the laughter, after thinking about, I could not help but laugh about it, in a good way. Yes, would indeed be my answer to your request. It is just that during this whole voyage on these waters, you always seemed interested to help when I needed it. From when we first met to now, I suppose you could say that you were already helping me on the adventure enough to already be on it with me. So much so that once we leave the ship and join our party, it would not feel any different as it is now."

"I suppose my on question to you is would leaving the crew really be okay with you and the crew? That and please be aware that I have never been to the Majadan empire and I am still unsure what I may find there as my quest there is quite unclear at the moment, but I hope to at least find some answers." The last part her eyes quickly darted to the gauntlet she wore and back to Sticky. "And I'm sure we would com across some dangers here and there. But at least we are not going out there by ourselves."

Looking back out into the waters with the sunset darkening the area, she remembered back to what was previously mentioned. "Wow, why is it just now that I find out that you have been tinkering on things. Perhaps tinkering may be one of those things that will surprise you. Have you ever tried anything else than the crossbow. Hmm, perhaps we may find other things along out journey that you may find to tinkering with or simply be inspired. Or maybe you or even myself may find other surprising things. A journey of self discovery, oh how poetic that sounds." Ceada listened to anything else to what Sticky may say before turning in for the night and continue to the next day.
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