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Caeda was really hoping these sahuagins would jump on board to actually see how much her melee skills have improved, or at the very least, not become rusty. But once again, blasting them with the gauntlet would be more than enough if they decide to stay in the water. As she was thinking of where she should position herself if these sahuagins appeared, she noticed Sticky with crossbow appear broken. The sight of it troubling her of how the crew properly maintain their equipments. "Sticky please tell me, why do you have a dissembled crossbow. If these fish people begin attacking us, you won't be able to help us. Here, let me take a look, maybe I can figure out how to assemble your crossbow."
Caeda's eyes snapped open after the first knock. The thought of work again as a guard duty reminded her too much of her home in Bayrest. Although the idea made her feel home sick, going back to a similar routine for work got her excited and out of bed. Sensing the knocks were not of furious danger, Caeda told the person to wait a moment. Presumably she guessed it was Sticky since it felt like she saw him the most, probably because she mostly see him during her training. Within a short time, she prepared her equipment at a leisure pace than rushing out. When she finished and stepped out of her room, she was correct in the assumption that it was Sticky.

As they made their way to the deck, Caeda spoke as they made their way through the ship "Thank you again for the assistance Sticky. Tell me, did Captain Ashbrand request you to help us on watch duty tonight? Would be great to have an extra set of eyes like ours to keep watch for what ever may cause trouble in these open waters. That and after our sparing matches, I am quite curious how you can handle yourself in a battle." That last part being her actual curiosity since Sticky does not have the usual orcish physique.
Caeda felt troubled that her gauntlet would lead her towards such a place. She has heard brief stories of the Majadan Empire, but felt that they were just complaints and exaggerations of their disapproval of the empire. To think that these things were fact. But perhaps Caeda simply did not want to believe such a place truly exist.

"I see, thank you for all this information, especially with the empire. I heard of the empire being militant to that extent. To think that such a place would be so extreme, especially to enslave the smaller races or keep your business with them so brief to avoid being extorted." Caeda waved as she departed and made her way to the cabin to gain some extra sleep before her night watch began.
Out of curiosity, do you have a map of Keratia?
"I suppose that is a fair trade, especially since you will most likely have to do repairs after their attack. If these things are smart may, they may try and stealth their way near the ship at night and begin their attack. Luckly with my heritage, I posses dark vision. So if you need me to replace one of your watch or need additional eyes at night, let me know. For now I'll take an early rest in my cabin to prepare for the night shift. But if we have an encounter during the day, wake me up." Caeda stood there for a few seconds until she gave the reminder "You still didn't answer my question about your thoughts on the Majadan Empire. Unless you know someone else on board who may know more about the continent?".
So I don't want to just roll a dice assuming what the skill check is without you asking me to roll for the specific skill. But if the skill check seems simple enough to assume, would you be okay if I made the roll?

I ask because I was just going to roll a History check to see how much of the Majadan Empire that Caeda knows about.
Splendid, news of the arrival to the Majadan Empire excited her, but tried to keep her composure serious and formal, especially after hearing the opportunity of coin. Having some extra coin would be great if her journey continues inland and doing the job reminded her life back in Bayrest as a city guard. That and assisting in this job would probably be the most interesting thing she would come across since she left home. Back in Bayrest she would typically deal with petty bandits and thieves. These things she mentions, sahuagins, Caeda has heard stories of such things, but felt they were comparable to the typical orcs, goblins or ogres. The only difference being that the usually reside in bodies of water.

With such trivial monsters and the extra coins that could help with her travel expenses, she nodded to Azure's offer "These things called sahuagins, if they do plan to damage the ship and remain in the water, then they will be perfect live targets for me to blast. I'll just try and relax on the deck until you or someone request my assistance. But for the monetary reward, how much exactly is this offer?" Caeda awaited her answer, and after that would follow with another question. "Another question, if you do not mind and have the time. But what can you tell me of this Majadan Empire? The continent itself I am also not familiar with, but it would probably be best if I started asking somewhere specific first."
Thanks for the answers!!!

Also who would Caeda be sparing with since she would ask anyone nearby if they were willing to volunteer? Would it be random crew members or someone you mentioned in your above post? Since she doesn't always spar, it would likely be just 1 to 3 people that she would go back to request another sparing match.
As usual the captain appears to be busy as usual, but it's for tbe best seeing as majority of the crew on board seems to be carrying his orders as they are given. But wanting some answers decided to look for Azure who she finds herself always finding instead to have these questions answered. "First mate Azure, part of me has been wanting to ask Captain Ashbrand this question, but he always seems busy. So I have decided to come to you and ask, how much longer do we have until we arrive into a port in the Majadan Empire?"

Yes for the OOC and thank you for the new thread for this adventure!!!

Since Caeda has been on The Sea Wolf for some time now, are there any names or anything else of the crew that she would be aware of?
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