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Slowly working on a post. Work has me scheduled a lot.

Edit: Is there a written description of what the guild looks like? (Phoenix Wing that is)

I would say that it is similar to this image. The only exception is that there is a second floor with a balcony that has a view of the ground floor and the building doesn't look worn down.


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Not really. But it probably wouldn't be that far off from Fairy Tail.

That too, thanks :D


Hey got back earlier today, although I'll busy for a few more days since I've got a friend over. Hopefully I'll have something up by Wednesday.

Okay cool, thanks for the update.
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Uh hi.

Yeah, I don't really have anything useful to post in the IC (Also lacking motivation for that) so I've just been quietly stalking this.

But me and noodles are still working on a collab so this isn't completely abandoned by us.

Oh, well that's nice to hear that there's a collab still going on :D
Oh, and hi @Burthstone, haven't seen you on here for awhile. Same thing for you too, @Noodles
@Crimson Raven
So I see that you're still trying to beat Sans?
@PandaBrady I may be missing something but, did you get approval from two GMs for your characters?

Ya sorry for the confusion.

Panda decided to PM us CS. Zarkun and I already approved of the characters CS.
I am wanting to join the RP. I havent been a player in a while. What is a good point to start reading after having read the Summary? I have a character, but Im running it by the GM before I post it and waste space with a "No" character.

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Nothing real serious that needs read up on is going on right now. So just start in the last three or four pages I would think. Also, you need the approval of at least two GMs, not just Caits.

I would also like to mention that there was the Magic Games that occurred two months ago. So you characters might be aware of that event.

For a bit of detail of it, the Games were interrupted by the King and Queen of Fiore who ended the Games on the last day with no winners. Phoenix Wing, Dragon Fang, and Frenzy Plant were guilds that were known by most with some big players on their teams. The other guilds were Rider Blades, Iron Enigma, Pirate Lord, and Tough Love. By the end of the games Iron Enigma suddenly left on the last day, and Pirate Lord and Tough Love accepted Frenzy Plant's offer to them.

That should be about it for knowledge that a spectator might have when watching or hearing of the Games.
@Krayzikk@Onarax@Plank Sinatra
Just want to mention that I'll have a post up when for Wes and Rei once @Onarax is back. I don't feel comfortable having the post possibly being buried away behind other posts. So anyone one of you three, please just tell me when @Onarax is ready.
Grane Falo | Adamond City, Outer Station

Before Saya spoke to the armored man, he seemed preoccupied with something but quickly looked up as he heard her voice. “Thank you your reassurance. But do not worry about that. I was just given a message that Aldridge himself will be guiding you through the city. He should be meeting you on the monorail car that is arriving here.”.

It took some minutes, but the car finally arrived into the station. As the car door slid open, a ramp extended out to allow two armored guard to marched out with someone else between them. The guards also had a majority of their body covered by their armor and fabric, what could only be seen of their true form was the bluish glow emanating from their helmets. However, the man in the middle has his true form slightly visible enough to be seen. This was the Wizard Saint, Aldridge. Although the guards had their attention focused faced forwards towards the group and Aldridge facing Grane directly, Saya, Grane, and Dochas would feel a strange sensation quickly phase through them. With a hollowed voice, the Saint spoke.
“Grane Falo, it has been about 15 years since you last came here. What business does the Magic Council have here?”

”Two. One involving Dru’s current location and second involving help with understanding the recent earthquakes that are occurring in this sea.”

Aldridge and his guard stood nearly frozen in place for a few seconds until finally responding. “Then you may enter the city as our guests. Please board car.” The guards stepped aside, allowing group to enter first. “But I would like to state right now. Once you enter that car, none of you are allowed to use your magic until you leave the city. If there are no questions, then let’s go.” Although saying that last part, Aldridge quickly turned away before they could ask a question led the group inside the car.

As they began their walk to the car, a Grane's voice could be heard in everyone’s minds except for Aldridge’s people. ”I suggest that everyone follows his rule of not using magic and not test him on it. Although the title of Saint goes to extraordinary wizards, they usually have good ethics. Of the four individuals who we given the Saint rank to, Aldridge is the one that we have the least information on.”

??? | Myrtle Town, Marketplace
@Krayzikk@Onarax@Plank Sinatra

As the two wizards entered the market area of the town, there were already a few shoppers at this time. Some chatted with the shop owner, walked around as they viewed each store wares, or simply found a comfortable place while waiting for most of the stores to be open.

“Hey, you two early birds there! Over here!” Not too far away from the two wizards was a man calling them over as he “Greetings fellow travelers, what brings you to this border town? Looking for some nice souvenir of Fiore?”
Hm, I don't think Ariel is doing anything in particular right now. Though I'm not sure if she can go anywhere right now.

Would do you feel like having Ariel do?
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