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Hey, @Expolar, just checking in to see if you might get the chance to get a post done. Not to rush you, it's still the holiday season so people will be busy but I figured I'd check.

Thanks for mentioning. My attention has been away from here a bit longer because of this time of the year. But I should be able to get a post up within a fews as a trek back to our previous character posts just to make I don't accidentally make any continuity mistakes lol

Also is @Onarax still around? Before I took my break I was waiting for a post from him, but I could also make another post with our characters if he wanted to respond to a different post or something.

@Krayzikk@Onarax@Plank Sinatra@Lmpkio

I should have mentioned this a week ago, I really am sorry for not saying anything sooner. Things in my life have kept me too busy, that I can't find time to sit down and focus on the RP. I hope that once I'm free, I should have some time to continuing posting. For an estimate of when I'll be back, it should be sometime in the middle of December.

Again, sorry for my lack of activity on the RP.
Whoops, sorry @Expolar, I forgot to tag you when I posted.

Thanks for the mention, I should have a post up some time this week.
Umm I just read over the collab post again (idk why lol) and I uh noticed you didn't get rid of some parentheses...
It's right after the short fight lol Where you edited in some stuff after I had already responded. They were my parentheses too XD

Well that's a bit embarrassing lol.

Thanks for mentioning that, I thought I already took out the parentheses that were in the collab.
Also you haven't added Ash to that tab lol
Ash isn't given enough love around here. Not in Cait's tab, not in your tab, where's the love XD

Just added her, thanks for the reminder.
@Expolar Sorry, I dropped off. Life got a lot busier than I expected, and being completely unable to post 3 weeks in a row really killed my rhythm. Hopefully I can have a post up by Friday.

Okay, take your time. I just really wanted to know it would help me know how I should pace and advance things for you three. If you want to read or remember, my last post related post with Rei is right here.

She can fight Ash >:D Ash loves a good brawl lol

I suppose that could also work. You could try doing things in a collab and post it later as some kind of reference/mention of the fight. Maybe if Cyra happens to find Ash to be intimidating, maybe she could fight Enma instead lol. Or maybe one of Lugubrious's Frenzy Plant members could probably work too.
Alright I need to have Cyra join the Rune Knights. That's the group the Magic Council has right? Get things rolling.

That would be correct. But are you sure? There are those two jobs that Lugubrious posted. @Lunarlors34 and @hatakekuro, were you two planning on having your characters take Lugubrious's job?
I finally did it, I did the post.

@Krayzikk and @Plank Sinatra, I know that I already asked yesterday and I don't want to make it feel like I'm rushing you three. But is everything okay with @Onarax? I already made a post for Rei, but I haven't seen him on the site for several days. So should I expect him to still be away for some time, if so, then that would help me plan and rearrange a few things in advance for your characters.

@Lugubrious and @Lunarlors34, as you two can see the collab is up now. So I can't wait to see how this job with Enma and Ash will go :)
Also for Monsoon, he left after the mission and if the two wake up and wonder where he is, just say that he escaped.
Shadow Heart Capture Mission Collab

Grane Falo | Adamond City, Outer Station
Once everyone was on board of the monorail, there wasn’t any warning as their car immediately picked up speed and made its way into the city. Arriving, the group was in a similar station as before, only this time the entering building was covered within a thin blue mist. The same mist was still outside once they exited the station. Now on streets, they could the ghost like residents of Adamond City doing their routinely business as they traverse through their city of stone and metal ornaments decorating everything in site.

Aldridge acted as their guide through the city as he geologist was filled with question. “The mist is the concentrated amounts of ethernano in the air.”

“The same mist is used to power most things in the city. That would include the power to the monorail.”

“Adamond has been here long enough that I stopped counting.”

“The mist provides the natives residents here with enough sustains to survive here for many generations.”

“Only native residents of the city live here, other living things that try living here will find it problematic when protecting themselves from the mist.”

The question answer session eventually came to an end as the group reached the center of the city, which stood a palace. Once they were inside, two golden and red striped pattern roped figures stood as they awaited Aldridge’s return and would take Dochas and the geologist away to help investigate the strange seismic activities that have been occurring in the sea.

Escorting the remaining two Council members, Aldridge brought them to a room with that appeared to be a conference room. In the center was a small circular table with chairs and a large monitor screen on the side of the wall. On the other side was a door that Aldridge led the two members into and revealed some machines with buttons, switches and screens. As he began typing on the screen and pressing a few buttons, he pointed the council members over to the seats “A long time ago, as part of our agreement to help transfer his human body into a ragdoll, he agreed to allow me to add a special tracker inside him that only I knew how to track. Please sit, it will take me a few minutes to find Dru in our database and track his last known location.”

After some time, the giant monitor on the screen turned on to reveal the map of Ishgar and a red marker blinking on the country of Joya. “It would appear Dru already arrived in the country of Joya as planned, but that still doesn’t explain why he hasn’t sent us any messages in the past few weeks.”

“If you intend to see Dru, I could make arrangements. Currently I have someone near the border that could act as a way point for the teleporter here in the city. “

“Yes, that would help us travel there than by regular means. The sooner that we get there, faster that this mystery can be solved.”

Leaving the conference room, the group soon found themselves in the barrack area where some armor ghost figures were training. Entering a building with large doors, inside was large spacious room with metal tiles on the ground and a single pedestal at the end of the room. Walking to the end and tapping the top of the pedestal’s surface for a few seconds, the ground began to tremble for some seconds until the metal floor in the center of the room began to slightly open to have a seven foot tall metal archway with some runes on its sides emerged out from it. Once the mechanisms below the ground stopped making and the archway stood in place, a translucent flow similar to the city bluish glow collected into the archway and formed their portal.

“As requested, your portal. I would like to join you and meet Dru for what has been decades since our last meeting. But I have other matters of importance to attend to from here. As a final note, that portal is one way. I rather not expend too much ethernano for a distance as far as Joya. Good luck on your mission.”

With that said, Grane and Saya stepped into the portal. As they traveled through, the short seconds felt as if their spirit is being pulled away from their while also experiencing an odd feeling of being in both a warm and cool area. They soon felt their body snap back to together and normal as they took their first step out from the exit of the portal. The air here felt a bit different, but that could probably be easily explained because from their current elevation they could see the clouds appear to be closer where they currently stood. Where they stood was the mountain range that surrounded the country of Joya. The portal behind them began to deconstruct and transform. As its transformation finished, what now stood was a tall fully armored and hooded person with blue mist emanating from their metal mask. Seeing as the two arrived safely, the armored person nodded and walked away.


With the group back at two again, Grane and Saya spent some hours traversing the mountain range. Using his teleportation magic, Grane was able to reduce their travel time, but didn’t feel his teleportation range was close enough to the base that he remembered. They would eventually reach their destination of the base and Grane would sit down and take some breaths after teleporting so many times and from far distances. Directing his attention to the nearest rune knight, he asked ”I am Grane Falo and this is Sayatachhi Nijiko. Both of us are Council Members, and I would like to speak with whoever is in charge at this base.” With that said, the knight saluted and marched away.

Rik | Myrtle Town, Marketplace
@Krayzikk@Plank Sinatra

“That would be correct, Bosco was where I was born and raised. I planned on visiting my cousin here and luckily I arrived before those marauders did. If you two are here to help, why not go the northern outskirts of the town. After the last visit from those marauders, most seemed to have ran off in that general direction.”

Seeing as more people are arriving into the marketplace, Rik wasn’t in the mood to deal with the same routine that just happened. “Anyways, sorry that I can’t sell you two anything, but perhaps we could have an exchange words. Some would say a conversation. As I mentioned, I’ve been in town for a while so I already got used to seeing familiar faces. But after looking at you two for some time now, are you two seriously going to go after those marauders? I don’t want to sound rude, but you two seem a bit young and don’t seem to that have intimidating physical strength that some rune knights here.”
I just added Sora's group and Niddhog too the character tab.

For the collab, I thought it would be best to have it posted on another IC day in the future. Basically, what ever is the most convenient for us. I can post the collab, but I feel like it would be best that I do it at another time so it doesn't feel like it is conflict with the current events that you might want to do. It happened in the morning and it doesn't feel like we're in the morning anymore.

@Krayzikk, @Onarax, @Plank Sinatra, and @Lmpkio. I should hopefully have my post up within 24 hours, sorry for the wait.

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