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As Othie eventually became more cheery, Caeda was a bit overwhelmed by the sudden talkative personality compared to when they first met when she tried to threaten Caeda to stay away. But seeing how positive Othie's mood has become, simply smiled as her pixie friend fired every question and thoughts. Once Othie quieted down and became a bit gloom, spoke up. "Well, I was born and raised in a place called Bayrest. Most of the people living there have elven ancestry as it can especially been seen through the culture there. I'm glad to call it my home as it was indeed quite the nice place." Caeda too found herself reminiscence her home and began to feel a bit homesick. But perhaps that was why she felt uneasy with a few of the crew on the The Sea Wolf. The crew members really weren't that bad, but leaving home for this ever presence unending feeling to travel east, misplacing her own feeling of confusion wouldn't help, especially when stuck on this ship.

Caeda pondered this, but then realized that she may have been in her thoughts for too long and now found her attention was down to the gauntlet than initially on Othie. "For where I'm going, east is all I know and I wish I knew more than that. But how about this Othie. Your home really sounds wonderful, especially from how you describe it. So how about I help you return home? No one should be taken away from their home if that is where they wish to stay. Do you think you would be able to find some direction of your home if we use a map?"
*Deeply breathes in and out*

I still live...
Caeda would be using gold to buy a bit of extra food for the remaining days for Othie. But would a gold be enough to put down for the remaining days until we reach land.
During the day of the approaching storm, Caeda spent a gold piece for some extra food for today and following days as she wanted to make sure she had some spare food for Othie. Although the pixie would mention that she would not eat and was quite small in comparison to the person, Caeda still bought the extra and mentioned "I am still buying you some food, regardless of your mood. Starving won't help heal your wing faster and would only make you feel weaker, but eating should help give you some energy. Especially once we're on land and find someone to heal your wing. You're going to want some energy when you start flying again." As the storm approached, Caeda remained in her room with Othie, as she thought the storm may be too much for the tiny pixie, especially for the pixie's current state.

Seeing Othie's current mood and concern on the weight on her damaged wing, Caeda decided to spend most of her days in her room with Othie resting nearby to keep her company and not feel alone, reminding Othie that she is always free for a chat. Not only was the pixie small, but still recovering that Caeda wanted to make sure Othie remained safe from anything dangerous, like the cats that she mentioned that attacked her. Usually when Caeda did have to go somewhere, she tried take Othie with her and hid the pixie in her backpack.

Finally able to finish the character sheet, your thoughts?

Caeda stood watching and tried helping from what she could see through the whole treatment. As she watched over Othie, she kept a closer eye on Buggsy. Still she had trouble trusting a bug bear, but as Othie's wing appeared to have a better state than initially found, Caeda gave a deep sigh of relieve as she gave him a very thankful expression. Then Buggsy mentioned the price for the treatment. She looked away as she reached into her bag for ten sovereign, but while looking away from Buggsy, her facial expression appeared annoyed. She felt that the good deed would have been enough, but decided to not make too much trouble of it and handed over the payment.

Once finished, Caeda decided to go back to the deck of ship to continue her night watch, that and felt that Othie would be safer and watched. Especially those cats that could come crossing through, see Othie and attack the pixie. So for most of her night shift, she would try to wait up until even dawn for when someone else could arrive to take her place. This way, Caeda and Othie could spend the time later in the morning to rest and then catch up with their sleep and should.
Seeing how confidence Buggsy was about this, Caeda was feeling a bit reassured in his ability to treat Othie. Although the surgery smock looked overused, she tried her best to think of the bright side of this like, perhaps it shows Buggsy having experience, but what if ... no. Caeda mentally told herself that she has to help Othie. As of now on the ship, Buggsy may be the only best one on this ship that could help treat the pixie. Slowly, Caeda's moved one hand away to reveal Othie resting on her hand. "Can you fix her broken wing? please tell me her wing can be treated and eventually be healed to work once again." Still Caeda believes that there is time to have the wing treated, but the idea of it be a possible permanent injury is slowly scarying her if it becomes likely.
I also don't mind Discord as I feel we could be more easily reached through there, especially for those who may usually be there checking things like me.
Just want to mention here that I'm interested in joining.
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