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6 days ago
Current Happy Valentine's day!
12 days ago
The Guild uses Google AdSense, so the ads you see are based on your own browsing history and not the content of the site.
13 days ago
@rebornfan320: the fact that you look down on people so strongly probably means you're not actually a nice guy.
3 mos ago
If you look on the homepage at the specific user counts per subforum you'll see that Free is the least popular roleplaying subforum. If you want more activity, shop around.
6 mos ago
Fabricant has been noticed by the authorities. Have a nice day.


Original join date: August 2008
Moderator since: 20 January 2016
Co-admin since: 5 May 2017

24-year-old Dutch guy living in Amersfoort, NL, with my girlfriend. I love Italian food and German beer. Also Belgian beer. And Dutch beer... just beer, really. Other than roleplaying my favorite pastimes are playing videogames, going on roadtrips through eastern Europe and attending Liquicity music festivals.

In the old version of the Guild I was the record holder for 'Most Infraction Points Without Being Permabanned'.

My primary roleplaying genres are fantasy and science fiction. Big fan of The Elder Scrolls, Warhammer 40,000, Mass Effect, Fallout and others.

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Hey everyone, sorry for the disappearing act. Much like @Peik I was ambushed by real life obligations and haven't had the free time or the energy required to write anything. I'll have to declare this RP dead in the water, folks. Thank you all for participating and giving it your all and maybe we can try this again in the future.
Welcome to the Guild. You don't have to be social to RP, so don't worry about that.
Glad to hear it.
otherwise we will be left with no site to play with when something finally happens.

Been there, done that, we came back and we're still here.

Don't worry so much, is what really I'm trying to say. Save your outrage for important issues, when it's justified. Nine days of lag on your favorite hobby site isn't worth winding yourself up over to the extent that some people are.

And I'm not (passively) aggressive. Just trying to give everybody some perspective.
You seem to be misunderstanding the reason for my actions, while trying to use very aggressive ways of talking to someone who's tying to make their point come across as peacefully as possible.

No, I'm not. It was a sincere question.

I personally can't think of any website I use daily that isn't run by some large organisation, be it reddit, Facebook, news websites, etc. Whenever one of those sites is down for an unreasonable amount of time people are also upset - understandably so. If Valve (to which the Guild was compared to earlier) doesn't communicate to the players who buy their games, same thing.

I don't mind that you turned your AdBlocker back on. The point I'm trying to make is that the Guild can't be compared to companies that produce paid content/websites that deliver free content but use their monetisation model to pay their employees a living wage. You're entirely free to express your opinion on the way Mahz chooses to run the Guild, but simultaneously it is my prerogative to react by telling everyone to temper their expectations. Nobody is being paid for any of this, nor is anyone paying, and thus Mahz isn't beholden to any of you to do anything. There is no inherent responsibility one must assume by hosting a public website out of one's own pocket that's free-to-use.

It's good to remember that if and when the Guild is going through a rough patch. Save yourself the emotional trouble.

EDIT: I'm not saying this to be condescending, by the way. I realise it might look like that. I'm just getting tired of people making assumptions about what Mahz must do. He'll fix the Guild's issues because he cares about this place, but not because we're entitled to his time.
@KoL Out of curiosity, how many websites do you use daily that have no monetisation model?

(The Guild's ads only cover the hosting costs, no more.)

If the solution was as simple as a "rollback", @KoL, that would have already happened, but Mahz needs more time to identify what's actually causing the problems and that's hard (and undesireable) when you're on vacation.

EDIT: Actually, I can't speak for Mahz concerning the future of the Guild, so let me just put it another way. Nobody else has root access or even knows how to work on the Guild because that's been Mahz's modus operandi forever. It's his pet project. That doesn't mean he doesn't take the Guild seriously; he knows how important this site is to a lot of people. But, for the time being, let the man enjoy his holiday. He'll fix the problems when he can.

I don't think anyone knows this but the Guild was initially created more than 10 years ago as nothing more than a place for Mahz and his friends to RP. It's obviously grown since then but I think it's important for everyone to take a deep breath and a step back during times like these and gain a little perspective.
Unless he's been working behind the scenes?

Bingo. Most of the actual work he does on the Guild happens on way deeper levels than the frontend and he doesn't need to log into his account for that.
The big boss has been alerted of the server problems.
My apologies for the long silence. We're nearing a crucial deadline at work and I've been a little burned out from the crunch. I appreciate the patience of anyone willing to stick around this long and we can hopefully resume regularly scheduled programming shortly (read: next week).
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