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Current If anyone sends me a candy cane, I will lick on one end until it becomes a sweet, sugary shiv and try to shank whoever gave it to me.
7 hrs ago
Suffice to say my day can best be described with the word "bleh".
12 hrs ago
I wish to sleep. Not because I'm tired, but because it's not even noon and I'm tired of humans being assholes already.
20 hrs ago
I will never not love when game devs take the fans' favorite punching bag and turn it into a legitimate threat for something like a special event.
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1 day ago
He found the way home.…


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Would you mind doing a RP that is not on your list?

Shoot me a PM and we can discuss.
Late night bump.
Having a bit of writer's block, but I'd like something simple and lewd.
I may as well chime in. Though I keep my feet firmly in reality (or I try to), I've never ruled out the possibility of the paranormal. I come from a religious background, so I've always believed that there are things that exist, but we can't see, be they angels, demons, or spirits. Cryptids have fascinated me for as long as I've known about them, but I need facts that show me why it's possible that a creature might exist. As for aliens… well, let's just say they need to land in my yard and come in for a beer for me to believe.

When I was young, I owned hamsters. There was one in particular that I was attached to, a male albino named Snowball. He was a smart little guy, and sometimes it seemed he'd understand what I was saying to him. But as with all pets, Snowball died (at an old age for a hamster, I might add). That should have been the end of the story.

However, a few weeks after his death, I was laying in bed and couldn't sleep. Always been an insomniac. I'd been tossing and turning for a few hours when a kind of most formed into a white ball a few centimeters above my blanket. The weird thing is, it felt like it had weight to it. Not much, but it felt like there was something there. It made its way up my body to my chest, and then went to the spot between my neck and shoulder before disappearing.

I'll tell you why that seemed fairly significant, and related. Snowball got to the point that he'd sit on my shoulder like a parrot sometimes. In fact, I could walk around the house with him like that if I was careful.

I like to think that was Snowball. Maybe doing a little check up on me, or trying to let me know that he was okay.
I had a close friend in kindergarten that I insisted was my girlfriend. My mom always told me that she thought it was really cute, but I don't remember the friend very much. Despite that, I still occasionally wonder what she's up to.
I have an… odd affinity for female characters with parental issues (ie- Asuka from Evangelion).

I got to see one of my sister's ex boyfriends pop up in the news.

For possessing child porn.

He was arrested obviously.

I trust the criminal justice system will run its course. And by that I mean criminals will enact the justice on him.
Hi, New, I'm Dad.

Welcome to the Guild.
Hello, everyone, I'm FilthyWeeb, and as the title states, I'm here for lewd RPs. Well, I suppose I should let you know about myself.

— Twenty-something male from the US (ask about time zones, if you like)
All roleplays will take place via PM
— Degenerate weeb, absolutely adore ecchi and porn with plot; in the case of the latter, the ratio is up for discussion!
— Will discuss kinks and limits in PM
— I prefer writing one or two paragraphs (seven to ten sentences) per reply, but given the context of what I'm looking for (as well as IRL issues), odds are there'll be shorter ones

Without further ado, let's get into what you're undoubtedly here for. Any underlined role is my personal preference.

Human×kemonomimi/monstergirl (please inquire preferences via PM)
Human×demon girl
Human× elf girl/dark elf girl
Brother×sister (full, half, step, adopted)
— Cousin×cousin
— Servant×master/mistress
Student×student council/disciplinary committee member
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