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Current It's too damn hot to sleep.
4 days ago
Note to self: invest in decent headphones. Preferably ones that are one solid piece instead of several pieces that fold up.
6 days ago
I wonder how many people would be trying to kill me if I said soccer/football sucks?


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Bump! Looking for something something you might find on Fakku or HH.
Bumping this.
@Hammerman I'm sorry, but I already have one of those in the works.
Bump. Looking for monstergirls.
@tobiax Ah, so someone buried their booty. Hope they left a map for me and my parrot to follow.
@Naw Thanks for the welcome. Though I do find it funny that your particular avatar has a reputation of seducing an attractive alien on a weekly basis.

@Altered Tundra Thanks!
Hello, everyone, I'm FilthyWeeb, and as the title states, I'm here for lewd RPs. Well, I suppose I should let you know about myself.

— Twenty-something male from the US (ask about time zones, if you like)
All roleplays will take place via PM
— Degenerate weeb, absolutely adore ecchi and porn with plot; in the case of the latter, the ratio is up for discussion!
— Will discuss kinks and limits in PM
— I prefer writing one or two paragraphs (seven to ten sentences) per reply, but given the context of what I'm looking for (as well as IRL issues), odds are there'll be shorter ones

Without further ado, let's get into what you're undoubtedly here for. Any underlined role is my personal preference.

Human×kemonomimi/monstergirl (please inquire preferences via PM)
Brother×sister (full, half, step, adopted)
— Cousin×cousin
— Servant×master/mistress
Student×student council/disciplinary committee member
— Ask me about dere types

Please note that this is a WIP, and more ideas (and formatting) will be added in the future. If interested, please feel free to leave a reply or shoot me a DM. ^^
A little bird told me about this site you have here, and I've been lurking for some time now. However I was sold when said bird informed me of certain rules. So, after reading said rules, here I am, seeking some 1×1s. These GIFs should probably get my point across.

Anyways, hope we can get along! I look forward to RPing with my fellow weebs.
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