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Current Currently having a miniature existential crisis while watching anime and eating cold Chinese food.
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21 days ago
Question for those familiar with reptiles: what are some species with unique coloration or abilities? I need some inspiration for an art project.
22 days ago
I think I'm just going to stop it with posting horny 1x1 interest checks.
23 days ago
Liquor jugs? I barely know her!
23 days ago
Decided on Black Lagoon. Is it weird that Revy massacring a bunch of mooks with a smile on her face is turning me on?


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Will modify my CS when I can. Going to be busy today.
I haven't been feeling well, as well as some family issues, so I haven't been able to post. I'll try to have one up tomorrow.

I understand.

Name: Gearchor (though he'll probably accept most variations of "crunch")
Race: Lesser Totenkopf Lindwyrm
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A small reptile (roughly 6 feet/2 meters from snout to tail) distantly related to dragons, the Lesser Totenkopf Lindwyrm is a carnivore known for its large appetite. Gearchor himself is slightly smaller than the norm, with a distinctive set of scars on his right forelimb.
Personality: While Lesser Totenkopf Lindwyrms are by no means stupid monsters, Gearchor shows an intelligence and curiosity not normally seen in his species, particularly humans and other races. He'll often follow them at a distance and listen in on them, and may even sneak into their camps to examine their belongings.
History: In his past life, Geachor came from a broken family. His mother left when he was young, and his father fell into a depression fueled by alcohol. So he did his best to raise himself and his little sister. However, during one of his father's benders, he became violent and started beating his children. While Geachor protected his sister while the police were on their way, he later died of his injuries.

  • Prehensile tail and tongue
  • Secondary stomach for storage (can swallow and store items around the size of a baseball)
  • Enhanced sense of smell
  • Slight resistance to magic-based attacks
  • Understands the common tongue

Inventory: N/A
A very small, weak species of lindworm. Basically a lizard with only front legs and a large appetite.
@brwntwn Working on my CS, and I have a question. My character isn't a humanoid like a goblin or Newt. Assuming my character wanted to carry/keep something, what could they do? Perhaps an ability that allows them to store items, like a pouch akin to a marsupial, or an extra stomach that allows them to store things? Or maybe they have a bag from an encounter with, say, a friendly human?
Wondering if something akin to a lindworm would be acceptable. Something small and somewhat draconian, but not a dragon itself.
Here to express tentative interest.
@metanoia No lasers yet, but soon. But the light from the rift can get his attention.
I’m guessing we all have to come up to the fountain?

Or have direct line of sight. Think frickin' laser beams.

I do--much time. My--eople need help! You m--ave them!

Umiko was thoroughly freaked out now. Whoever this girl was, she sounded distressed. "I should call the police," she decided. She pulled out her cell phone, and frowned. The battery was down to five percent. But it would have to do. Umiko started dialing 110, but stopped when she something out of the corner of her eye.

A few dozen meters away was a pond and fountain. She'd passed it maybe a hundred times before. However, there was something there that was abnormal: a bright, glowing light. Smaller than a football, and roughly spherical in shape. But what was even odder was that it seemed to be radiating a kind of energy; on closer inspection, Umiko could see holographic 1s and 0s emulating from the light like a fog.

Something about it made her want to come closer, and against her better judgement, Umiko did. What in the world is this?
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