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What about they're mandated to serve on police forces or military with a faction of superhumans who don't want to follow that mandate.
They would be brought in for a specific task
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Oh okay. Since its dealing with normal people coming into the multiverse, would that mean ut would be more plot driven as opposed to the sandbox style, or would things focus on a lot of characters from here suddenly appearing over there?

I'd say it would vary between plot driven and character driven.
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Dynasty warriors Gundam 3
I did have an idea to a light novel based anime multiversal RP similar to how DWG3 was set up where the characters find themselves in some strange alternate dimension.
@suku I know the status says full but I am well versed on the DxD lore and an avid fan of the series. I hope you'll accept me and I promise to be a great addition to the Roleplay.
I initially believed this idea could very well be used as a part of this persistent Roleplay, so here it is.

Players will be playing Enlisted, Warrant Officers or Comissioned Officers in the Symphonian Navy 4th Fleet I expect with all the choices available for characters to vary a lot in background, rank, abilities, race, and more. The RP will start with Symphonia moving to claim The Emperor Crests, Godsends, and more to strengthen and expand their empire across the globe and other realms.
Needs a reliable co GM eh
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