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I am interested. Would possible like to play a half human, half demon who serves Run if that would be OK.

Alrighty then

[url=http://'… no Exorcist Wiki[/url]

What if Rin Okumura chose to follow Satan into Gehenna and become the Ninth Demon King? That if, is the basis of this Roleplay an AU in which Rin became the Ninth Demon King, the King of Corruption. I have further ideas but that all means nothing if I cannot amass a decent amount of players who will not only play but help plan. You don't necessarily have to be knowledgeable about the series itself just willing to educate yourself via the wiki or just willing to ask questions. I am looking for at least 4 others. Once you state your interest down below, PM me your character idea. I would say with your initial character idea don't mind the Blue Exorcist lore too much because I am up to date on Manga and will help your character conform to the lore.

    • I'd say a few years so Rin has had time to consolidate power as a Demon King and to spawn/claim a bunch of demon races under his banner. I planned to have him claim demon eaters, and half humans while have him create races from having living things transfuse with demon blood.A few years so these will be real threats and creates a new dynamic for all those who are part demon.
    • Rin himself has probably shown been making moves in Assiah as he wouldn't require a vessel so in reality he has more mobility in Assiah then Mephistopheles and Lucifer who both need to maintain vessels despite how long they spend in Assiah. Rin operates alongside King of Light Lucifer leading the Illuminati and with Rin they have furthered their activities and research.
    • The Order has been just being the order fighting the demons and the Illuminati. Specifically they are trying to find out what the Illuminati is up to in order to develop a plan to stop it.
    • As for other main canon characters,
    • Yukio is being an exorcist but he has been enticed by the Illuminati to join them but without being around Rin his demonic nature has not been emerging and he is split between Killing Rin or joining the Illuminati
    • Shima is full time Illuminati
    • Rin killed Pakku and Konekomaru
    • Izumo actually tamed the Nine Tailed Fox and it now serves her, she is an Upper Second Class for taming such a high level familiar
    • Bon is a Middle Second Class Dragoon and Aria, he most of all is driven to kill Rin
I'm down
What about they're mandated to serve on police forces or military with a faction of superhumans who don't want to follow that mandate.
They would be brought in for a specific task
@Fleet Admiral

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Oh okay. Since its dealing with normal people coming into the multiverse, would that mean ut would be more plot driven as opposed to the sandbox style, or would things focus on a lot of characters from here suddenly appearing over there?

I'd say it would vary between plot driven and character driven.
@Fleet Admiral

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Dynasty warriors Gundam 3
I did have an idea to a light novel based anime multiversal RP similar to how DWG3 was set up where the characters find themselves in some strange alternate dimension.
@suku I know the status says full but I am well versed on the DxD lore and an avid fan of the series. I hope you'll accept me and I promise to be a great addition to the Roleplay.
I initially believed this idea could very well be used as a part of this persistent Roleplay, so here it is.

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