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So, do I need to have seen the show to get into this or will reading through a few wiki pages fill me in enough? I'm not against watching the series if I have to (though I know there's like 3 seasons and 3 different versions of the show).
Kuuki, Umeru

Shock would be the would-be hero's first reaction, followed by a feeling of what she could only describe as...guilt? Though they'd "won" as the teacher put it, was that only based on how stubborn they were in their attempts, despite the fight being an obvious curb stomp? If their adversary hadn't conceded the fight, or held back, there's no doubt they would've been finished a long time ago. Is it alright to call this "victory"? That's the question each of them faced now. No time could be afforded to reaching a satisfactory answer. Their plight, however superficial, would mean nothing if they weren't able to claim the points.

Kuuki had to agree with her potential classmates. Even if he wasn't actually sleeping, he'd still be a massive pain for them to try to move all the way back to the bus. Using Hiroki's turbines and Azukina's ice formation would make transporting the man-lizard all the easier. If putting him into the state he now found himself was her chance to shine, this was theirs. The gas girl had to shake her head at the girl's last suggestion. "Unless we had a million balloons, I wouldn't be able to make the load any lighter for you guys. I'm certain this plan will work, even with just the two of you enacting it."

Kūki, the Gas Converter

Could anyone have guessed how quickly things would escalate once their as-of-yet unnamed instructor left them to their own devices? Kuuki certainly couldn't (and wouldn't) have. It started when Black-n'-White didn't quite agree with the proposition Tall-n'-Tan set forth, which was ironic, considering she'd been the one to suggest they work together to take out the villains in the first place. The whole back and forth of it all didn't do anything for the gas girl but confuse her. Surely, the staff didn't mean for their to be this much hubbub. Despite their grandiose speeches, most of the others still made their way towards the group they wanted to help out. At least their actions made sense.

One thing led to another, and it wasn't but a minute or two into them being off the bus before the boy with turbines for arms yelled out for everyone to shut up. If she was being honest, she'd have to admit it startled her a bit. Not to say it was how loud he shouted that gave her a jolt, but rather, how sudden it all was. It was easy to tell the type of person he was; the type that just passing wasn't good enough for. First place was the only place. Get as many points as possible, and do whatever it takes to pass. His speech was commendable insofar as firing people up, but the strawberry couldn't help but feel that he, too, had missed the mark.

In the end, there wouldn't be any point in it. These "self-proclaimed" leader types — one could spend all time trying to convince them there's a third option, only for all their efforts to be in vain. There's only two sides. The side that's right, and the side that's wrong. A sigh escaped the girl's barely parted lips. I'll let them have their fun. Turning to the rest of those who'd gathered on her and Black-n'White's side, she decided to share her thoughts on the exam.

"Given this is the final entrance exam for a hero academy, I'm certain their going to try to hit us from left field with something that'd fly right over a weed's head. Mistreating dummies simply because they aren't real people... I'm certain that, too, is part of the exam. Treat them as harshly as you like, as long as you get the points? I don't know about anyone else, but that definitely sounds like bait to weed out the more point-oriented examinees." Parting her eyes from her group for a moment, Kuuki spotted Headphones, shouting on in a manner that seemed to suggest his quirk was more support than offense.

Approaching the boy with a wave, she patted him on the back and looked back towards Team Sidequest (as she'd call them). "Plus, it doesn't factor these guys in. Are we to believe a hero academy with any respect for itself would say that people with support quirks have any less a chance and any less a right to be heroes?" She shook her head. "Not any hero academy I want to be admitted to, I'll tell you that much. If anything, it's because of guys like this that we'll even have a chance at taking down those villains. If they were so easy that they could be taken down solo by people with almost no combat experience, then the academy wouldn't have even bothered having them. I'm certain that's how Jigokuraku Academy, who chose to give us a chance, would play their cards."

Her gaze was to anyone that would listen now. "They gave us a choice. Work alone, work together, we can each do what we want. As for me, I'm going to do what I can, working alongside those that feel the same. And if anyone looks like they need help, whether or not they want it... Well, I'll go and help them. Because regardless of what it actually means to be a hero today, that's what it means to me." Normally, Kuuki wouldn't have made such a scene. She couldn't say she'd planned on it when she started rambling, but the more she'd thought about it, the more it became clear. Some among them were putting themselves on a pedestal and making the claim that some of them here had no right to be a hero. If she'd known anything of their abilities, it would only piss her off more that they all so happened to be those with above average quirks.

Seeing the merits of another individual, as disadvantageous as they may be; that's the type of person Umeru Kuuki is. A world where heroism means competing for points and leaving the weak to fend for themselves? If that's the world they were fighting for... It could only be the mindset of someone who'd already given up. Kuuki wouldn't lie and say she couldn't understand where someone like that was coming from.

At the same time, she wasn't about to let someone else's broken ideals cripple her or anyone else's hope.
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-gasses the general populace-
Kūki, the Gas Converter

The heat that wafted through the bus in an attempt to give those inside any reprieve from the cold they'd soon be re-entering left its inhabitants with naught but foggy windows to look through. The shadow that seemed to hang over the city on this awfully cloudy day only seemed to add to a sort of symbolism; that the city had far from recovered from the events of a year ago. Not that they could've expected to. Kūki couldn't allow herself to think of it, though. Or rather, she wouldn't, even if she was reminded of it under these conditions. No, her mind was stolen by what would be the finale of the long entrance exam they'd been made to partake in. It wasn't any bother to her. Anything was more fun than the pen and paper tests of non-hero schools.

The young girl of bright red hair made it a point to familiarize herself with those around her. These would be her future classmates, after all, should she pass. Some of them looked rather plain looking, but there were a few that stuck out like sore thumbs, be it thanks to their mannerisms or their physical appearance. A boy with a USB cord for a tail, one covered in horns, another one that constantly shone like the sun, and one more who looked like they had jet propellers for elbows. Among the girls was a catgirl, one whose limbs were all prosthetic, and another whose hair was half black and half white. Kūki could only be left to wonder what kinds of quirks the rest of them had. Then, she wasn't anything particularly special to look at either.

A girl of standard height and weight for her age, her only standout feature was her hair, and Black-n-White, among several other students, had her beat out on that. Nothing would hint at how deadly she could be with but a single breath. With conditions as they were today, use of her quirk would be a bit troublesome. For one, the stifling air made breathing itself a bother. On top of that, the wind would make it harder to manage where whatever she exhaled would end up. Indeed, her quirk was already rather underwhelming — and under these conditions, even more so.

To pass the time, Kūki had taken up talking some poor girl with hair as black as the night's sky ears off. It was hard to tell whether she was being an annoyance or not, for though the girl didn't turn to give her direct eye contact, she didn't voice a desire to be left alone either. In any case, Kūki had already decided on her seat, and moving now would seem discourteous to others, with the slight possibility of offending the one she'd be moving away from. Rambling about how boring 'normal' school was, and how excited she was to be taking the entrance exam for a school she'd hope to be a little more fulfilling, it never crossed her mind how ignorant of the events that took place a year prior she might be.

After what seemed like the longest bus ride in the history of bus rides, the vehicle came to a stop. Following instructions to pour out of the bus single file, Kūki was quickly reminded of the conditions they'd left upon entering the bus. The sting of cold air in her lungs left her wishing the last part would be inside, but as the questionable female went on to tell them why they were here, it became apparent that the state of being inside was not something they'd be enjoying for some time. A grin lined the strawberry's face.

This could only be an additional hurdle for them to overcome. Working to rescue civilians, even in conditions like these. That, too, was part of being a hero. Caught up in her vision of justice, she wasn't paying proper attention enough to be shocked at how their exam instructor tossed a dummy baby into the bus, calling that an alright means of 'rescuing' them. Hopefully none of them were so impressionable as to believe that such behavior was par for the course in rescue work.

Almost as quickly as she'd graced them with her presence, was the instructor gone, leaving them to wait for the signal that would mean the beginning of the end of their entrance examination. It was hard to tell, from her description of the exam, whether or not they'd be measured against each other, but she didn't mention that teaming up to get more done was out of the question either. If they were going to do this, they might as well go all out. "Let's capture all the villains!" she exclaimed, as though she'd be unsatisfied unless they fulfilled the bonus conditionals for this 'mission' in their entirety.
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Gonna say that's where her adopter has always lived, and was stubborn about moving out, so she'd have been there through it all.

Psychokinesis (henceforth referred to as PK) is an ability that humans evolved to possess around the year 2101. The father of the first human to demonstrate an ability to use PK would become the director of the then called Psychokinesis Project. The ability had manifested itself at the age of 12, and granted the young girl the ability to levitate, speak telepathically, and use telekinesis. Scientists closely monitored the girl's condition. Realizing the danger involved with such an ability, work was quickly started to develop a means of controlling this power.

A specialized chip was designed and implanted at the upper tip of the girl's spine, just where it connected to the brain. This allowed the scientists to disrupt the signals in the part of her brains that showed activity during PK use, thus allowing them to stop her if she went out of control. Unfortunately, the girl died shortly thereafter, proving unable to deal with the stress PK placed on her brain. A pill, named Psyche, was developed to offset the effects of PK usage, which included a shortened lifespan, extreme migraines, and brain deterioration.

Further noting the combat capabilities of such a skill, and noticing a slow increase in the number of individuals capable of PK, the government began hoarding orphans to use as military super weapons. Thus, research into making weapons compatible with their newfound powers began. It wasn't long before they found a highly malleable metal that reacted extremely well to Psychokinetic abilities. Harvesting this metal, they fashioned it into a small sphere for easier portability.

During the year 2113, the first Variable was created. From that point on, those capable of using PK were deemed Constants, and the Psychokinesis Project was renamed the Variable Project. In the years that followed, several new types of variables would be created, each of them reacting differently to an individual's unique brainwave patterns. Those would be the long-range physical type, the short and long-range mental types, and the most dangerous of all, the spatial type.

In the year 2113, the International Variable Organization (IVO) was created. Best thought of as a top secret UN that focuses exclusively on variable laws between countries, it was their way of maintaining a peace. They enjoyed it for a time, until a Russian Constant went rogue and headed towards the US in 2119. The US sent out a Constant of its own in retaliation, but the rogue Russian destroyed the chip that regulated the Constant's PK usage and convincing her to run away with her. In the year that followed, the two made various enemies and allies in their quest to expose the corruption of the Variable Project to the world. It was during this time that Anti-Psychokinetic equipment came into development, as a means of combating rogue Constants.

Variable Types


Research has found that active usage of Psychokinesis shortens one's lifespan and deteriorates the brain. To counteract this unseemly effect, IVO developed a drug referred to simply as Psyche, which was administered to the brain automatically every so often via a chip implanted near the top of the spine — a chip that also served as a means of keeping tabs on Constants so they don't escape. Repeated use of Psyche has caused most Constants to develop a dependency on the drug, and, should they stop having it administered, are at immense risk of death. In most cases, a Constant will become corrupted, at which point they lash out, before succumbing to death as a result of their brains turning to mush, unable to withstand the strain of its own Psychokinesis usage.

While it is typical for Psyche to be administered via the chip, tablet forms do exist for cases of emergency.

Corrupted Constants

Corrupted Constants are those who've either used Psychokinesis far too excessively, beyond what their brain is capable of handling, those going through withdrawal from not receiving Psyche after having become dependent on it, and those who've attempted to sync with custom-made variables for which they are not compatible. Notable features of corruption are discoloration of the hair and eyes, as well as enhanced Psychokinetic abilities during the moments leading up to their death. In extremely rare cases, with careful and regular administration of the Psyche drug, it is capable for a corrupted Constant to live days, weeks, and sometimes even months before succumbing to death.

General vs. Custom Variables

General Variables are those crafted from bits of the metal that've been found to be universally accepted across Constants. The downside to having been so cheaply crafted and so widely usable is that they aren't nearly as durable as custom made variables, and are better suited for training purposes than actual combat use. Custom made variables are crafted and tailored for each individual Constant. As a result, only that Constant's particular Psychokinetic patterns will be able to successfully sync with the variable without risk of corruption. Due to their increased durability and power, custom made variables are easily able to break general variables.

Timeline of Current Events

2101 — The first case of Psychokinesis is discovered in the United States. Subsequent cases appear around the world throughout the coming month. Research into Psychokinesis and its' possible uses begin.

2104 — World governments begin to take in orphaned children that demonstrate themselves capable of Psychokinesis as test subjects, while great strides continue to be made in Psychokinetic research.

2110 — The world militaries decide on using Psychokinesis users as militaristic trump cards, subjecting them to various brainwashing methods and training them to be mindless killing machines.

2111 — Research into how Psychokinesis reacts with various substances leads to the discovery of a rare, malleable metal that would soon come to be termed as a "variable". Incompatible "syncings" resulting in death lead to the development of the Variable Efficiency and Control Test (VECT). Those who wield variables are coined Constants, and the officially named Variable Project is initiated.

2113 — The International Variable Organization (IVO) is founded to to establish rules and regulations regarding various aspects of variable development and usage. Short-range physical type variables are created and combat tested. Long-range physical types follow shortly thereafter.

2114 — Short and long-range mental type variables are developed to enhance preexisting abilities of Psychokinesis users.

2115 — Short and long-range spatial type variables are developed, but quickly banned after being deemed too dangerous for use.

2119 — BlaC, the Constant representative of the United States, is suspected to have been terminated by the Russian representative, WeiD, who'd gone rogue.

Roleplay Information

This roleplay revolves around the escape of a small group of Variable Project test subjects from a United States government facility, and their journey to find the evidence they need to expose the Variable Project to the world, as well as the trials and tribulations they face along the way. I'm looking for three to five people capable of putting out two or more paragraph posts on a weekly if not semiweekly basis, with attention paid to grammar and the like. Access to Discord is also preferred, as there will definitely be a server for this once an OOC is made and sheets start being approved. If you have any questions whatsoever about the setting or anything contained therein, feel free to ask me either in PM or here.
I'll have mine up tomorrow sometime. Don't wanna get left behind.
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