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I am new to the RP community, but I'm trying to learn all the rules of this site. I'm a causual - causual+ player who usually responds 2-4 times per week.

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I'm think I'm interested in this as well. Sounds like fun.
Hey, I'm interested! I'm also new to this site and new-ish to roleplay, so either a small group or 1x1 is fine as long as it's not super hard core right off the bat :')

I'm looking for people with the same craving as me for a good Malfoy/Potter RP. I don't care it it's Malfoy/Potter or Potter/Malfoy ;)

I tend to say I prefer to play the submissive part, but to be honest I don't really like pairings with one super-dominant character and one super-passive character. I like them to have dynamic personalities, and focusing on the chase/mind game between the characters. I prefer humor/romance/smut as genres, but a little angst/hurt is fine too, just not as a main theme.

I would like to do a school life RP set in the Harry Potter universe. I want the characters to stay true to the books, but with room for modifications and a personal touch of course. A slow process where Draco and Harry slowly develop feelings for each other, how they cope when they realize this, and how they try to act on these feelings during their lives at Hogwarts.

Looking forward to your reply :)
I'm interested in trying a RP with the "Until You" plot!
I would be interested in joining if it's not too late?
Here are my rolls, in any case. This is so exciting, and it's giving me ideas!

Genetic Make Up
Part-Lives: The general norm, people die of cancer or other genetic problems fairly young but some make it to old age. Wouldn’t appear too ugly or malformed by today’s standards, but certainly not the cream of the crop physically.

Cultural Meta-Group
Raiders: An unfortunate truth of the wastes is the prevalence of raider gangs. Savage and violent, they typically take more than they make but there are exceptions. Most don’t settle down in any place for too long, and tend to use up what they have quickly. Many treat the apocalypse as a sort of hedonistic paradise, murdering for fun, using homemade narcotics, and generally raping to their hearts content.

Dictatorship: Whether they go by mayor, king, chief, tyrant, boss or any other blandishment of power, these men are the movers and shakers in the wastes. Strong willed and often ruthless, singular individuals often take charge of small groups, as has been the case in every historical era. They may have a close knit inner circle, but they always rule with absolute power when it comes down to it.

Cultural Quirks
Xenophobic: Distrustful and always wary of outsiders, the group is often seen as cold or distant by others. Trade is hard, and diplomatic interactions are harder. Other cultural strains often run stronger in insular groups though.

Distinctive Appearance
Spikey: Their armor and cars are covered in a profusion of spines, blades, and other sharp nastiness. Does it serve a technical purpose or is it just to look badass? Only they know.

Unique/Exclusive Resource
Guzzolene: Black gold. Everyone needs it, and it isn’t too rare to come by but not too many have the means to refine it. This group does, and it can be extremely lucrative.

Equipment Quality
Ramshackle: Armor is cobbled together, guns are hand tooled, and houses/clothes are generally not in the best state. Pretty standard for most people, unfortunately.

Motor-Pool General Make Up
Fast: Sports cars, interceptors, maybe even a handful of race/supercars. Extremely fast, stylish, and fragile. Drink fuel like no one's business and will need a skilled mechanic to maintain, but the speed is generally worth it.

Special Vehicle Shit[/u]
Lances: Grenades on sticks. A shockingly effective weapon, and you can mount them conveniently on a lot of different parts of a vehicle without messing with it too much.

Flagship Vehicle:
War Rig: Huge, heavily armoured, able to carry a ton of cargo, and manned/gunned like a fortress. War Rigs command the roads, and anyone who’s anyone has one. Generally made of a truck or two stapled together, but other bodies are possible. A combine for example.

I would LOOOOOOOVE to join if it's not too late?
Hello everyone who bothers to read this :D

As my nick might suggest - I'm a huge Mad Max fan, and I especially love Fury Road. I'm currently obsessing over the pairing Slit/Nux, and would love to have a 1x1 romance RP with them. I generally prefer to play the submissive part of the relationship (Nux, in my opinion), and therefore I'm looking for someone to be my other, more dominant half (Slit). I don't like dark themes like violence, sexual abuse or that sort, but I can deal with "lighter" themes such as depressions and tragic family situations/backgrounds, etc. When I role play I want to be happy! I like to do gay RPs, usually with characters from books, movies, animes, etc. I like to drabble around in already established worlds and expand it, or AUs of an established universe with it's characters. I am open for fxm RPs as well, but I don't like to do fxf unless I have to. I am also open for RPs with OCs, but I don't have any personal OCs currently. I could always make one up if needed.

Other favourite pairings:

Kisame/Itachi from the manga Naruto
Draco/Harry from the books and movies Harry Potter
Sherlock/Watson from the TV series Sherlock Holmes

As I already said, I'm looking for causual RP-players. A pharagraf or two per answer, or one lines, depending on the intensity of the situation. I would prefere a little bit of smut as well.

So if anyone who read this thought this could be a good match, please contact me! I look forward to getting more active with the RP community.

XOXO Furiosa
Hey, I would like to try an RP with you! I'm new to this site, but I've tried RP many years ago, and would like to start up again. I don't have a character just yet, but I would like to create one that would accompany your Sal with a more happy-go-lucky attitude.

... I dont' really know the jist of this site yet, and how the notifications work. So I'll just leave this here and see if you respond to me :')

PS: I love romance and wouldn't mind some sexual content... ;)
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