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Current How is it possible to me MORE hungry after eating than you were to begin with? Ugh


A little bit about my preferences

(18+ - Mature - Adult)

Good morning, day or night to you – depending on where in the world you are. Probably USA. Everybody on this site seems to be from the USA. If you're a neat-freak, perfectionist or a hopeless romantic, then you've come to the right place.

Ground Rules:

I L O V E good grammar, well-built sentences and good coding. If you write with headlines, centred or subbed text, colour coded dialogue, a nice balance between speech, thoughts and description I will never let you go. Ok? You're mine now. Although nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes every once in a while. That's fine.

Writing style:
I try to write in a way that let's my partner know what my character is thinking (to a certain degree) and gives them something to play off. I can't stand replies that are just descriptive and gives me nothing to build on.

Don't overdo IRL hobbies:
Using your passions and hobbies from IRL is great, but please don't overdo it. Example: If you're super into cars – that's fine. You can use your interests in the RP or make your OC have the same interest. Just don't expect me to necessarily share the same enthusiasm about cars. It's cool to bring in stuff you know a lot about, if presented in such a way that even a person with no knowledge on the subject can understand. Don't write me five paragraphs about what car engine you have and how you plan on changing the gear pack or whatnot in full detail. Rather, you should come pick up my character in your car and then teach me how to change a tire – together.

Google is our friend:
If I write something you don't understand, try to google it first. I have no problem with explaining things, but in many cases, you could probably figure it out just as well with a quick google search. Don't make me do your work for you. Of course, I will try to write in a way that either explains or lets the context explain if I bring up something specific.

Lately I've had enough free time to answer every day. It's fun if you're able to do that as well but it's not a must. Somewhere between 2-4 times a week is very acceptable. But keep in mind, the less frequent you can answer, the longer the replies I will expect. It's quite boring to wait a whole week on a reply only to receive a couple of scentences.

Shared workload:
I want a PARTNER, not a leech. I expect us to share the work 50/50, and contribute to both the planning and the RP on equal ground. The same goes for me. If you feel like I'm not pulling my weight, tell me! Communication is key to everything good.


I'm most accustomed to the slice of life genre. Although I am very open to other genres such as fantasy, science fiction, a specific time era, etc. As long as we can discuss the world building together.


I enjoy fandom RPs if I'm currently into the whole franchise. This is usually a tough cookie, because the odds of somebody else being hyped over the exact same pairing of the same fandom is pretty small, right? I'm kind of picky too as of what characters I like to fandom RP with. Let's take Harry Potter as an example. I love Harry x Draco, but that's about it in the whole franchise. I'm not that person who can ship whomever and however. It needs to make sense to me in the story that these characters could have fallen for each other.

Congratulations on making it this far down in the post. *Applause* Now, if you're feeling it thus far, just ask yourself one more question: Am I mature enough to tell it to somebody straight that I'm not interested in this RP anymore, for whatever reason? If yes, continue reading on A. If no, continue reading on B.

Huzzah! I can't tell you how glad this made me. There are few things that's worse than getting properly invested in an RP, only to be left behind a few weeks later. No note, no nothing. It's a waste of both our times. But YOU'RE not like that! Pat yourself on the back. Good human. You've been raised well.







I'm up for either a long RP or several short ones. Let's figure out details together.
I'm mostly interested in MxM, but willing to do MxF too.
Romance is a must. 18+ is preferred. No fade to black.
We RP over PM, with one IC chat and one OOC chat.
I like to use pictures during my RPs of the locations and characters we're using, but I only want drawn pictures and anime-styled characters.
I really don't like are one-sided characters. Meaning: Super submissive, shy and embarrassed characters who only stutters, or super macho, dominating testosterone machines. I like the characters to be dynamic and have multiple layers and sides to their personality.


I am H O R R I B L E at coming up with plots. But I'm good at playing second fiddle and will try to contribute to a good story. Sorry, I'm just kind of boring.

Mad Max: Fury Road
I LOVE this movie. Seriously. It makes me so happy. I'd be interested in either doing a fandom inspired RP, or an OC RP just set in this world.
I mean, look at this dork. Too cute.

Slice of life scenarios:
High school life.
College/university life.
Hmm. This is pretty vague. I don't have a whole list of concepts lying around, but let's work out details together if you're interested in this genre as well.

So yeah, that concludes the tour. I will update this if I think of anything more to add, obviously. If there's nothing to add there's nothing to update. Duh-doy.

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Ren White

City Hall

Siobhan @Almalthia started singing a duet, and Ren couldn't help himself but to comply. Their voices sounded good together, and even though he wasn't a big fan of the song it was nice to share the music with somebody else. Sometimes as a child, Ren would sneak out from his parents parties and find a quiet corner to play the piano by himself. Now that he thought about it, a little girl used to join him from time to time, also seeking refuge from the adults scrutinizing stares and questions about their future. A young man @The1Rolling1Boy appeared from the crowd, joining in on the singing. A friend of Siobhan's, maybe? He didn't have time to guess any further, before a young woman @Poi rushed past them, asking for a doctor. Ren felt his chest tighten. He wasn't a doctor by far. He was an unmotivated first year student who didn't even want to be there to begin with. Luckily, the girl kept running without bothering them any further. If it's that serious, somebody has to have called 911 already. Ren assured himself.

Ashton @Silver Fox went after the girl with a distressed look on her face. A woman of few words it seemed. Is she mute, or just… Reserved? Feeling a bit uneasy now, Ren stood up. "I'm heading after Ashton to see what's going on… Not that I'll be of much help, but I feel like it's the least I can do." With that, Ren chased after the tall blonde. It wasn't hard to see where to go. There was a circle of people with worried expressions and quiet whispers between them. Wasn't that the girl @Poi from the Coffee Pot? Sure enough, Joseph @Rabidporcupine was kneeling next to her looking very out of his element. There was a scruffy looking fellow @Reusablesword beside her as well. Ashton had already jumped in, using her necklace as a white board to write standard emergency questions on it. So she really can't talk, Ren mentally noted. "I assume you've already called 911, so all we can do now is wait." He looked between Joseph and the other man, standing there rather awkwardly. This was beginning to feel more like a freak show than it was an emergency and now he felt bad for joining the crowd, unable do do anything else himself.
I have a post planned but wanted Ren's reaction before I posted. I don't want to back seat drive him so I'll wait.

Thanks, I will try to get a post up soon. Uni started this week, and it's been pretty crazy

Oh yeah, that's kinda my fault! i guess i just assumed that you would have understood what i meant... I honestly figured that this would have happened but i shrugged it off. yeah, i wondering is Sebi could Soibhan's prince since her parents were social elites so it would have made sense if they had her go to a school like mine did, "The talented elite." It's okay if you already have plans. I was just throwing it there since i was bored and reading posts

Almalthia and I were planning something for Siobhan and Ren, I’m afraid. But hey! Sebi’s mother worked for a big pharmaceutical company, right? Ren’s dad owns a big pharmaceutical company! Located in California however, but they probably have branches in Texas as well. Maybe our characters could know each other from before because if that? Or went to the same private school or something? If it’s a boarding school the distance and location wouldn’t matter either.
Ren White

City Hall

The sound of music and chatter was getting louder by the hour. The group Ren had somehow ended up becoming a part of had moved inside the warmth of City Hall. He had gotten his wish for alcohol fulfilled, and was feeling pretty nice and fuzzy now - the voices in his head muffled. Marinalia @PrinceAlexus seemed to take a liking to him, throwing both hugs and kisses his way. Ren didn't know how to respond at first. He hoped she didn't get the wrong idea about the two of them being anything other than friends. Friends, huh. Somehow I made a... Friend, I think? The recite with her phone number still tucked inside his pocket made him smile a little.

An urge to move hit him, and Ren stood up. "Hey listen, don't you think we should dance a bit? We should, right? It's a party after all, it would practically be rude not to. Right?" Grabbing Siobhan @Almalthia and Ashton @Silver Fox by the hands, Ren led the way to the dance floor. Pushing and shuffling through the crowd, Ren's eyes landed on a grand piano in a corner, probably placed there for decorative reasons only. How long had it been since he had played last? As a child he was taught regularily, and he'd continue to practise by himself until the time he moved away from home. He steared the trio in direction of the piano instead. The piano bench was wide enough for three people to fit, and Ren sat down in the middle. Stroking his fingers along the smooth keys, a smile spread on his lips. He started to play a christmas tune, careful and slow at first, tentatively placing his fingers in the right places. Eventually his hands remembered where he should put them, and he quickened the pace of the song, humming softly along. He would never have imagined, even in his wildest dreams, that he'd be playing the piano in front of so many people. He'd always despised being forced to learn it by his father, who claiemd that a true gentleman needed to learn the art of music. But somehow, in the middle of being in a new town surrounded by strangers it felt oddly familiar and calming to just say fuck it and let the music sway him away. Not that the piano was likely to be heard over the music played over the speakers by many, except the people in the nearest area perhaps. "Any song requests? I know quite a lote by heart to tell the truth. It's amazing what you have time to learn when you don't socialize on a general basis." He chuckled at his poor attempt at a joke as he kept on playing.
<Snipped quote by Furiosa>

@Furiosa Those are some white teeth.

Sure are! Creepily so...
I finally broke down and got that discord thing today so I'm now up with the times and not a totally grumpy old fart.

that discord thing
that discord thing
that discord thing

Also. While I'm at it.

Anyone wants a location adding please PM me it or tag me and il get it on OOC page one.

All I need is a description, name , and a url link to a animated, anime, or drawn image.

Speaking of which - are there any locations we're missing that we should add? You talked about a form of transportation like bus or subway earlier, right? But that doesn't necessarily have to be carved out in details. Perhaps some more mundane locations like a shopping center, etc. We did get a food store a while back I think, but perhaps some more around the town as well as some kiosks? Just trowing ideas out there. I might make them if I have a little spare time eventually.


Yea, I used the English nap time joke again.

It is quite important that out prince get's his jolly good british nap!
I’ll probably get a post up during the weekend now that the holidays are finally over and things are going back to normal. Wohoo
Alright, so here's some thoughts about what I would like to see Ren to go through during this event

Step one: Get hammered. Check!

- Run into Sasha and perhaps finally connect the dots between Joselynn a.k.a. Sasha?! @aladdin_sane #slow
- Dance like no one is watching with the gentle giant, Ashton - woop woop! @Silver Fox
- Run into Winter and make him even more uncomfortable! or maybe drunkely apologize for his behaviour the last time they met?! @Shard
- Talk more to Siobhan - perhaps find a piano and play a certain song together? @Almalthia
- Try to play matchmaker for Marlin in order for her to get an actual date and get rid of his bad conscience for occupying her night@PrinceAlexus
- Come up with drunk schemes with e certain cardboard man?? @Rabidporcupine
- Get introduced to knew people?? #EverybodyNotMentioned

Disclaimer: List in no particular order, yo.

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