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I certainly hope that isn't the case, @Paraffin. @Eisenhorn and I have some unfinished business to resolve! I'm certain the holiday just threw a bit of a wrench in things and @Yennefer will get right back to us 'ere shortly.
That could very easily work! Stir up a little drama before we begin throwin' punches, no? Post is up on my end... Hope it is alright.
Subtle as the vibration may have been, Aleigha Thrope recognized the difference within the room around her. Gradually, the confining space of Orion’s coveted Transition Chamber slipped away, all four walls dissolving into nothingness. For a brief period of time – seven seconds exactly according to Aleigha’s count – there was nothing surrounding her except unerring darkness. Tendrils of strange, pearlescent energy seeped into the edges of the Silver Fae’s vision, drifting lazily into existence around her fully after several moments. Though dissipated to some degree, or perhaps muffled by the strange environment, Aleigha could detect the unmistakable scent of smoke and scorched metal.
Aleigha sensed more than felt the abrupt disconnect from the neural network that allowed all Orion agents to communicate seamlessly despite time or distance. The lack of surprise that creased her brow stemmed from having detected the subtle hiccup within the shifting between time and space. The transition rarely caused so much as a faint pulse of energy, let alone the tremor she felt just prior to being transported from Orion’s newest outpost. More subconsciously than anything, Aleigha gingerly ran her index finger along the thin metallic line that peaked out from behind her left ear, displacing a few strands of silvered hair in the process.
Nothing, she thought to herself, a near-soundless huff of air escaping her in response to the lack of electrical discharge from the device embedded into her skull. The Temporal Capacitor always took ample time to recharge, though even upon first arriving to the staging grounds of previous operations, Aleigha could already feel the gathering of the necessary energy for the return trip. Which meant something was dreadfully amiss.
Surveying the expansive nothingness surrounding her, Aleigha thoughtlessly glided her hands over the various items that she carried with her. This particular mission did not call for more than stealth and perhaps a bit of cunning. After all, she need only procure some manner of relic within an unstable dimension. Now the Silver Fae was beginning to feel woefully under equipped, having only a small selection of throwing knives in addition to her customary and very much basic loadout. Though, a sense of comfort came over Aleigha as her right hand settled to rest cautiously on the longsword Saiph’s pommel.
Having no sense of direction, along with no concept of where she was and if this place was even where she was intended to go, Aleigha’s attention drifted toward the distinct sound of movement. Sixty years with Orion granted the Silver Fae with an expanse of knowledge revolving around a large variety of topics. In most cases, these held little weight or provided no support during many of her operations over the last six decades. However, even she recognized the battered, dismantled heap as some manner of vessel. And considering the state the craft was presently in, the hint of intrigue and ultimately slight surprise that creased the corners of each eye was excusable, if only because such was in response to the sight of someone disembarking the still smoldering ship.
Aleigha immediately began to weigh the various possibilities laid out before her. The presence of another could prove a threat to Orion’s objective of obtaining the unknown relic. Assuming the relic was located in this dimension to begin with. Though, this unconventional meeting could also promise some answers about where she was, and perhaps even guide her to where Orion’s relic might be. And while Aleigha did not particularly enjoy the concept of using others to achieve her own goals, working with Orion had taught her that sometimes doing so was necessary. Working with Orion also taught her to never expect something to go smoothly, let alone end without a fight – particularly if a powerful relic or invaluable piece of information was involved.
Nevertheless, Aleigha took a cautious step toward the seemingly only other entity within the area…
Checking in to see where we stand with everything. Excited to start what promises to be a very fun role-play.
That definitely was not my intent, @Nafear! I apologize for any sort of headache I've caused you.

@Liliya, we most definitely will if time permits! Also... I got several good laughs from that character of yours. Definitely lookin' forward to being able to test myself against your writing talent.
@Onigumo, I have already replied to this suggestion. Thank you though, nonetheless.
@Devil, I do appreciate your concern, again. Ultimately the choice is @Nafear's to make.
@Liliya, I, for one, am very excited to see what you crank out from that imagination machine of yours (that would be my 'I worked in elementary for several years' language showing through... Sorry)! All-in-all, you have managed to spur me into looking for my old WoD books. Goodness... This is going to be a trip.
@Devil, while I appreciate the suggestion, I have no intention of removing anything I have taken the time to craft on Aleigha. As I pointed out in my reply back to @Nafear, I enjoy the aesthetic of this character, and the power in question applies to that aesthetic just as much as anything else on the character sheet. I have no qualms with you, or anyone else for that matter being concerned about this being an abusive or "meta-game" power. You are by all rights within you right to feel that way. I have seen those instances myself... Even fallen victim to them. Regardless, I am always of the opinion to trust first that whoever I am pitted against will act within the realm of fairness and reason with any one piece of equipment or any one particular ability their character possesses. Do I expect others to be of this same mindset...? Hardly, as we all have our own experience with this sort of situation.

@Liliya, WoD... That is something I have not heard in a really, really long time. The support, again, is appreciated! And well, if you do talk to me like we are old friends, I will likely just respond in kind... Probably won't even notice!
@Doc Doctor, I definitely would not mind going in that direction in @Nafear felt better about doing something along those lines. Additionally, @Liliya is correct about where this entire tournament is taking place. There is no reason that the ability could just not function - it really would have zero impact on Aleigha's overall performance, considering that she does not rely on the ability as something to give her any sort of reliable advantage in combat.

I was even talking to my wife last night... Because there is no control, Aleigha could feel overwhelming heat in one situation (or fight), but nothing with fire actually spring up until the next. The "skip" in time is rarely a set number of minutes or seconds... Could be hours, sometimes even days. It really is mostly for aesthetics and the occasional plot point during a fight... If anything.

In any case... Can't detect sarcasm from @Liliya or not... For much the same reasons of my sleep schedule being all kinds of flubbed up. Though the overall support is very appreciated!
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