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Current Replies will be no more for the rest of 2017! My life has just gotten too busy to manage. Sorry.
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Received the role of Orcus in "She Kills Monsters"! Replies will continue to come slowly because of rehearsal schedule!
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Replies are going to be slow - school started!
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I'm so proud of Kesha after listening to her new album.
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Wtf even IS time?


I should mention that I have been on this site longer that it actually says. My original account has a name I'd rather not say, and so it changed. And then, I forgot my password and the email that went along with the last one @Teddiplier. So in total, I have actually been on this site for about two years.

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Sadly, it seems this has died again.

The ride on the way was silent, each of them thinking to themselves. Morgan stared at his hands, shaking slightly. He didn't want to be here right now, on his way to fight a Jotun. He didn't even want to be a Rune. He just wanted to be home, with his mother. He wanted to be taking care of her, not with this group of older people who all had more useful powers than he did.
They arrived, and Morgan hadn't even noticed it. He shuffled out of the car, his hands grasping each side of the double blade. He felt like maybe he should've used a longer distanced weapon, but he didn't have much experience with that. He'd have to learn because he felt like he was mostly there for defensive purposes.
Everything was flying past him and over his head so quickly, that he couldn't grasp it. So instead, he grasped his blades tighter.

As Morgan stood there trying to comprehend what was happening around him, he heard one of the others yelling for someone to "put it out". As Morgan began to look up, the rush of flame engulfed the building before him and he had to shield his eyes. His heart lurched, hurting so that he stumbled a little. He looked back up, tears stinging his eyes. "Who was in there...," he said at first, not so much a question as a statement. "Who was in there?!" he screamed now, glancing over to Maeve and then his eyes landing on Silvarae's torso. "Oh gods," he muttered under his breath, looking away and around at the others who were standing with him. He heard someone yell for Laguz to hang back. Wasn't that what he had been doing?

Morgan fell to the ground, scraping his hands along the way as he gave out a yell of pain and his heart lurched once more. What was going on?! Had...had both of his other Laguz, he refused to believe it. He wasn't alone, he wasn't, and couldn't be.... But he knew they were. Something in his Rune told him that his fellow Laguz members were dead. Everything had happened so quickly. He couldn't understand any of it. What could he do? How could he be helpful?

Morgan decided that staying out of the way, for now, was his best bet. It took him a moment, but he stood up and watched as other Runes ran towards the building to try and bring the Jotun outside. Tears ran down his cheeks, not by his command, as his subconscious mourned for the two Runes he had barely even known.
@KahleenCuthald I am still here, waiting for my partner's reply. You two are fine. :)
@Tranquility That actually sounds really awesome.
I'll get my character sheet up when I am home!

Morgan hadn't known how to respond. He wasn't ready for this. He hadn't been ready for any of this. Thankfully the man who had helped him find the training room spoke, and the attention was taken off of him. And then, everything switched. No sooner that Oren had finished speaking that the man who had taken him away, Clifton, had entered. He reported of a Jotun that had entered the city. And then he had ordered them to follow him and the fight the thing. So soon? All Morgan could do was heal others and do martial arts. That was exactly going to be the most helpful in a fight. The only weapons he had ever learned to fight with in martial arts weren't pointy or sharp at all. There was the bo staff, nunchucks, and- well, that wasn't true actually. Morgan could use a double blade but he had only done so a few times. It was kind of like a bo staff. That was what he had started learning before his Rune had appeared and everyone turned upside-down.

He looked around the training room, and to his surprise, found one. He doubted he'd ever get any hits on the Jotun, but he might as well be armed while he's at it. He found that the one he had grabbed could be split in half and put into two sheaths for traveling and protective purposes. He gave a nod before, reluctantly, walking out and to the SUV that was waiting for them. He stepped inside and sat across from Maeve.
Morgan had stayed silent this entire time.

Nearest Player: @Duoya

And suddenly there was another person here before her. A man, taller than her and wearing glasses. Probably about her age as well. She gripped the handle of the pocket knife that was hidden in her hand a little tighter, looking over the man. He spoke.
"...Do you know where the hell we ar-"
And was suddenly cut off as a blue light appeared in the eyes of a painting. While he flung his own pocket knife at it, which he had been hiding in his pocket, Kiki let out a small yelp and hung on to the railing of the stairs. He watched as he almost went for the knife he had let go of before a hologram appeared and a voice spoke.
"Yes, I've kidnapped you."
K-Kidnapped?! Kiki lets go of the railing she was holding on to so tightly. Why would anyone kidnap her? She didn't have any enemies. Most people quite liked her. This was the same person that had interviewed her... so this was an experiment then. She was just a lab rat, a guinea pig, a test subject.
"Do not try and take the chips on your stomachs out."
Chip in her stomach?! She lifted her sweater to look at her stomach and around it, and found a scar. She dropped it, raising her hands to her mouth to stop a sob from coming out.
She could barely even hear what else this woman had to say, but she did hear it, as she found herself sitting on the ground with her back to the stairs. She stared at the ground in front of her, trying to register it all. Her knife had fallen on the ground beside her.
"So... I'm Brent. I'm gonna... Well, I'm gonna head on out, look for this "Halloween" guy that she talked about. I don't want to know what will happen if I run out of time, so... If you wanna come along and look for your partner too, that's cool."

Kiki looked back up at him, gathering herself now. She picked up her knife and stored it in her pocket, and found something else there too. Something she hadn't noticed before. She pulled it out. It was a purple USB, with the word Ocean engraved on it in a nice blue colour.
She stood up, nodding as she put the USB back in the pocket that didn't contain her knife.
"Okay, Brent. Let's go find our 'partner', however hard that'll be," she stated. "She mentioned islands. How big, I wonder." She was just speaking out loud, happy to have another beside her so she wouldn't be talking to herself.
<Snipped quote by GoodLuckTuck>

Wow! Small world! I went to PAX West this past weekend also!

!!! Oh my goodness, haha!
Like I said before, sorry that I haven't responded, I've been at PAX West!

I'll be balancing my roleplay life and my "real" life because I have rehearsals for a play that I received a big part in!

I defintely still want to carry this out!
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