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Since losing her Church, and putting in her urgent call for assistance, Arianna Lombardi has had very little to do. It would be equal parts uncouth and suicidal to simply open a hunt on every Magus in the city, and to begin the slow process of destroying the sinners that have descended on this city. That can come as a part of 'clean-up'. Once the Masters fight and kill one another, she can do her best to pick her favorite to win. That's the way things are, because the Germans ruined the fight.

Herr Herstelle should've killed her. It's not a good thing, but at the point that he was taking the Holy Church, would it honestly have made things worse? The answer, in short, is no. Even if she were murdered, the Burial Agent was coming. Even if she was not murdered, the Burial Agent was still coming. Would her death make him more dangerous? More vicious? More powerful? Almost certainly not. So, then, had he killed her then and there, he'd have removed someone able to kill any Master she saw fit. But, in return? She really would offer him mercy, if he surrendered and gave up his rights as a Master, when - not if - his Servant falls in combat. But until then, the Germans have made an enemy out of their Overseer. Perhaps not an enemy of the Church as a whole, but certainly an enemy of Arianna.

... If, a passive one, for the time being.

The last several hours, since she moved away from the church, have been spent at a hotel bar, slowly working through their stock of whiskey. Remarkably, due in equal parts to her physical conditioning, and her tolerance of alcohol, it's yet to seem to effect her. She drinks, and it's like nothing even happens. She's already taken a room, and left some of the larger weapons in place there, but for the time being, she's idling. Waiting for things to crack, like the glaze of a fired pot smashed under the weight of a sledgehammer.

Of course, if the Church really thought ahead, they'd organize something akin to a meeting point, or some line of contact between the Burial Agent and the Executor. But, that didn't happen, so she'll just wait. If they are supposed to meet, they will meet. If they aren't supposed to meet, they won't. She might not believe that, but she has faith in it none the less. Luck is a divine thing.
Daily reminder that none of you are free from sin.

The Executor bows her head for a moment, with something like a smile on it. It says something about their enemy, maybe, but nothing surprising. And, as far as Arianna is concerned, nothing that the Japanese wouldn't have done, either. When it comes down to it, the only difference she considers is willingness to execute. The Nazis executed, and, for the moment, have secured what is a real advantage.

It just won't translate into an advantage for long. "Yes. Once I have my Church, people have somewhere to turn to again. This isn't supposed to be a war between the Masters - ideally, none of you will die." That is the ideal, of course, of the Overseer of the Holy Grail War. The ideal of Arianna Lombardi is closer to, 'every single one of them will die', but that's just the conflict between Executor and Overseer. Normally, Magus are... acceptable. Tolerable. She doesn't exactly like them, but it would be insane to try to kill every single Magus that exists. Executors are only used for extreme special cases. People who are more monsters than men. As far as she's concerned, the mere act of committing war and violence with Heroic Spirits, while in a populated city, qualifies them for extermination. This happening at all is absurd. It would be one thing if it were done somewhere isolated, but a city? The risks to the common people aren't acceptable.

Regardless of that, she shrugs, and adjusts her bags. "Yes, well. I'm going to hole up in a hotel on this side of town until this blows over. Keep me posted, if you would, so I can get back to work." And, with that, she turns back around, to head up the road. The further she gets from what's sure to, eventually, be a battleground, the better. She wants both sides to feel unrestricted by the presence of the Overseer nearby. Removing her presence removes the implication that they're culpable for any acts of war they commit here. Without an Overseer, anything goes, and that kind of brutality is exactly what Arianna Lombardi wants.
Arianna Lombardi, Overseer Executor

She slows to a stop, and glances over her shoulder, and then turns around. "Oh." He must be the Japanese soldier. They each sent someone in that role - and, it seems, they each sent a man to her Church. Very visibly, she sizes him up, and exhales. "Yes, I'm from the Holy Church." She doesn't quite say she's a holy woman - that has different implications, to her, and she's no nun. Not at all. Her face shifts, to a smile, and a hand settles at her hip.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Sergeant." She does not return the bow, nor should it be expected. At least she has the nicety to address him in his own tongue. Well practiced, but she's a foreigner, and it shows in some parts of her diction. "I'll tell you now that you should be more careful with who you say things like that too. At best, you frighten some woman, and at worst, you make people start asking questions. Anyway."

She clears her throat, to take a more formal tone with him. "I appreciate the information, but I regret to inform you that, due to the actions of the Nazi delegation, I am forced to retreat. To give it to you in short? I can't act as Overseer, at this time. The Nazi there, Master of Archer, demanded my surrender of the neutral ground. If you and your people could push them out of the Church, and secure it so I could return, I would be happy to continue that duty - and compensate you, in the form of extra Command Seals. His Servant may be in the area, so you should be wary. I also, since I don't have a Church for shelter, can't protect any Masters who exit the war."

That has a pretty clear split meaning. On one hand, it's face value is that no one has a safe place to hide out in. But, it also means that, for the time being, both sides are perfectly free to kill one another. The Overseer is literally not able to do anything about it, and, as a matter of fact, doesn't even exist right now. What's left over is an Executor who's playing heretic into heretic, and offering to pay off one side for it. There's no shame in that. Not for her. If the Nazis wanted a fair war, without massive favoritism, they shouldn't have forced her out. At this point, she's perfectly pleased to collaborate until she has the war back under control. After that, she'll reward the Japanese, and decide exactly how impartial she'll be from there on out.

Of course. She doesn't intend to do nothing but play one side into the other, and provide material support to one. If she were just a member of the church, she could do that. Instead, she'll be able to assert herself. "Also. Thank you very much for coming to see me on honorable terms. I respect that quite a bit, especially in light of what the other side did instead."
The Executor doesn't waste her time with more words for the Magus. There was never a real chance of her actually betraying her Church - her Lord - for the paltry offer of some fascist. Even through her pleasant demeanor, a chill of revulsion rocks through her stomach. For a moment, seeing the swastika tattoo'd on his palm, she thinks she might be sick. She does want to stand there and argue with him, if not for his morals or ethics, than for pure logos. Holding this site means that those who lose and fail might not die. But, in a way, him taking the church from her is a very unselfish act. Instead of having a place where he could be safe, he gives an advantage to his side of the war.

That's what makes it so outlandishly foolish. There's no way that the rest of them could agree to put their lives in danger so directly. It's insane. They're insane. Her mouth opens as he stops, so she lets her words die on her lips. They wouldn't have mattered at all. Anyone who thought that they could tempt a member of the Church with something like that is too delusional for words. And that's perfectly acceptable. He's a heretic, so he's insane as a rule, rather than as an exception. To her, every single one of these people are already fools, and each are damned. It isn't even that he's a Nazi - the Imperial Japanese are certainly no better. It's a war between a pair of monsters, using beasts to wage it. A disgusting affair, and one she's not remiss to distance herself from. After all, there's nothing she can do. Were she to strike, he would die. Of that, she has no doubt. She even has an opening to close to him, and that's a death sentence. But... His Servant. In any other place, at any other time, he would be dead on the ground by now. But not here.

The most she'll push is a light joke. "Well, try not to destroy the altar. It's very rude." And then, she's away. Just for a bit - she's hardly settled in. In a second, she's back with a pair of bags and a shockingly diverse range of weapons. No more words for him. She's out of the church proper, and thus, no longer a formal Overseer. Therefor, she has no formal implication of neutrality. As soon as she conceded the church to the Nazis, she lost her position, and defaulted to another.

She, until further notice, would instead act as an Executor. One with a number of Command Seals enshrined on her arm, with no restrictions or expectations for their use. In some way, they basically just belong to her now, until such time that she has them stripped by some unknown mechanism of the War, uses them, or gives them away. As she's away, and shifting the rifle up over her shoulder, she sighs, and shakes her head. "Now you fucked up."

In all reality, she has no intentions of leaving town. That would be horrifically irresponsible, what with so many powerful heretics making war in the area. Before she leaves the church ground, she stops. There are a lot of really obvious problems. Namely, she needs to hide a lot of weapons. The rifle is simply left behind. It's nothing special. The pistols, the American ones, can go in a bag - not well hidden. If someone looked in that bag, it's obvious. The revolver, and most of the knifes, are hidden on her person. Including the most important one. The one that makes sure she wins against Magus. Once she's adjusted, she leaves the church. Now, she just has to figure out her next step. There wasn't a plan for what she did if she was allowed to just leave the church after an incursion. She has some amount of the local currency, a map, and her wits.
Morning of August 27th, 1939. Holy Church of Fuyuki City.


The woman is not dressed as if she were attending church. And, of course, she ought not be - there isn't likely to be a service in this church. Not while it serves as the home base of the Holy Church's Overseer, and a shelter for defeated masters, during the Holy Grail War. Instead, she's dressed somewhat casually. Loosefitting clothes. The Overseer doesn't even stop sweeping, shifting dust and dirt accumulated from disuse into a small wooden tray. Just to finish with what she has in front of her, and bring her eyes up to the Nazi and his Servant. Already? The war has just started, and already someone's making a play to take the Church?

She sighs, and shakes her head. Mumbling something. A prayer? A curse? The Nazi might not be able to tell, but the Archer could surely hear her plain as day. A quiet murmur in Latin. Absolutely a prayer. "Might I suggest you... not do that. I am here, from the Holy Church, to assure the war goes on in a way befitting you."

That's a snipe, by the way.

"You gain close to nothing by driving me away from here, excepting a location that I'm not sure you can actually hold or maintain. Especially once the Japanese hear that the only thing keeping the war on rails has been driven away. They can, and will, attack with impunity, and when you, or one of your companions, lose a Servant, there will be no where to go. They will hunt you like dogs, chase you down, and tear you apart. If I may be even more bold, Herr, this is a critical mistake. I really don't want either of us to have to deal with this kind of thing. Believe me. It only ends in more bloodshed." But what does a Nazi care about murder?

Her tone changes, though, and she laughs, leaning on a pew. As if she wasn't really all that intimidated in the first place. She is - the Servant could kill her before she could move, surely - but, that doesn't mean she has to show it. When she speaks again, it's much lighter. "But, well, with all that said, if you insist, I'll go. I'd prefer to take a bag, but I'm not exactly in a strong place to negotiate. So! I'll be out of town by midnight. Best of luck!" And, just like that, the Overseer resigns.
Incredibly 11th hour, and not even kind of what was asked for. I am sorry.
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