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Maya was silent for what felt like an eternity for her but could be estimated to about 4 seconds of silence.

“It's not my place to agree to it, but I believe the high general would agree.” It only took half a second for a small green check mark to pop up in the top left of her helmet. She knew the general was watching through her point of view, and she felt the weight lift off her shoulders as she saw the sign. “I believe that our high general would actually like that plan, but I would also like to extend the same offer to you. You may bring a ship with soldiers to dock at our... forward base.” She was uncertain what you would call the mining base turned military encampment.

“I do believe our high general would like to have words with you. It would help to even out the tables if we were to offer the same thing to you.” She said as invitingly as possible for her. “I hope that with this we can come to a greater understanding.”

“I hope you’ll find these terms I’ve laid out acceptable, now if you would excuse me I believe I should leave now to prepare for the journey over the gate.” She gives a small bow as she turns to walk for the door.


Gai was watching everything at only 1 frame per second.

He had his personal team of analysts watching the helmet feeds from all people wearing them. He had taken over general Maya’s helmet so at the simple press of a button he could take charge of the situation. So far he had been surprised by the general's ability to negotiate, although she did have her faux pas’.

They were now scrubbing all video sent to them for any hit of… well anything. They were looking for any information over the weapons they had, the level of their ship technology, their possible architecture, and any cultural objects that may be on the ship.

No matter how slowly he looked at it, there’s a moment where the general's helmet looked directly at a painting of an angelic like being, allowing Gai to take it in at its full beauty. Gai had to admit, he wasn’t an art guy, but he liked the art. He had made sure to take a couple of shots of it and saved it to his data pad. He’d probably find a talented artist who could make him a copy later.

As for the people’s whole mutated thing, he didn’t mind it much, they were like him. Osparians were linked to humans but changed genetically, so from the way he saw it they weren’t different, although the face shifting thing kind of threw him off.

It was at this point he heard the general offering to even the tables that he sat up straight in his chair. He wouldn’t mind dissecting the brains of some of their people, learning what makes them tick and such. As for allowing their soldiers he would hope to be able to do a few small scans on them, learn the extent of their changes, and gain some insight on how they were armed. He was currently forming ways to possibly test his future visitors.

“Well, I’m sorry to say this, but, from where I stand I can say our people do not desire these... enhancements.”

Maya was shaken up, she had been able to tell that these people were off but from what she just witnessed they were absolute aliens, truly something beyond her imagination.

“As for what we can provide, there are a number of things. We could provide medicine, which as you’ve said you’re immune to disease which may not be something your people are in need of. We could also provide you supplies, such as exotic foods, water, and natural resources. If this is truly an offer to be made in good will, the council may be willing to trade information about technological advancements we’ve made. We may also lend military support as well as trade weapons. You yourself have mentioned that your people are good at genetic manipulation. It is not within my ability to even suggest this but I could see about us sharing our research with you about gene manipulation, that way our people could… compare notes would be one way of putting it.” she said with her words escaping.

Maya took a deep breath before releasing it, thankful for her helmet's sound suppression so no one heard it.

“Now that I’ve put an offer on the table, I would like to know your intentions with our side of the gate. Would you be looking for possible territory to claim, or for somewhere for citizens to migrate.” She sent another silent prayer out. “If your intentions are for territory expansion I hope to not sadden you by letting you know that there’s no room for expansion here. As for immigration I’m sure our leaders are currently working on a system to regulate travelers.”

She kept reflexively triggering her suits’ marker system, she kept making sure that the five people she brought along with her were still there without turning around. And although she was almost half immune to heat due to her being a Spar she felt her face feel hot. If these people were looking for expansion she had to make a firm claim that they would not yield. She hoped that wouldn’t be the case, if these people were to go hostile they might not survive.

General Maya Huges was calm.

She had been prepared for this and was ready for any challenge they may face. As the door to the shuttle finally opened she stepped forward, her suit's sensors went off and she went stiff. It was the sensors for a scan, she had no idea what the scan may have been, but she hoped it was only for weapons. She had made sure her helmet was on tight before she had opened the shuttle door, this had helped to relieve some nerves.

She had a million thoughts going through her head as she was being guided through the ship. She was afraid mostly, this was new, everything she saw was new. When she looked at the people she could see humans, but they weren't quite there. Even though she herself wasn’t human, they were different, they were in the form of humans but slightly off. As she walked through she was sending silent prayers to Dai’feron, she wasn’t religious at all but she hoped it helped. As she was being led through she couldn’t help but pay attention to every little detail she saw. She admired the inside of the ship, mostly because of its peculiarities. As they were being led she made sure to leave her helmet interface recording, she knew that information was an important thing to gain.

She was being led to a conference room, she had been relaxed by three suited up Osparions behind her, she also made sure that the two human colonists were beside her so that they may be seen by everyone, like showing of a prized animal at a fair, although they had relatively few of those on Ospa. As the door to the conference room opened she immediately stepped into, what she could only describe as a weird room with a weird decorative painting.

The first thing she saw the man across from her at the table, he had given her the impression of some kind of government official, which threw her off. The second thing she noticed was the weird cult people with the metal rods. She hadn’t ever seen anything quite like them, they were like some exotic fashion show that no one would attend.

She took her place on the other side of the table, with the two humans to the back of her sides and the three Osparians standing behind them. ‘Hopefully these giants at least look intimidating...’ she thought.

“I am General Maya Huges of The Alliance. I’ve come to make peaceful contact with you on behalf of our high general, who you’ve already spoken with.” She said in her most dignified voice.

Weston felt an exhilaration from being the first to speak with aliens.

“This is Flight Captain Weston Obrak of the Ospa Alliance, from the colony Ospa. We would like to make peaceful contact if you would allow us. We would also at this time like to request privileges to dock and speak to a representative.”

Weston bit his lip and let out a sigh, due to procedure he was briefed on before he left, he had to identify that his ship was armed with soldiers. It was going to be a pain if they found out about the armoured giants after they docked. So he sighed begrudgingly before pressing the relay-message button.

“I would also like to inform you on a basis of good faith, and protocol, that our ship is currently manned by soldiers. They make up a large portion of our ship’s crew. We will of course be de-armed and come with intentions of peace, but should we be deceived or harmed in any way, it may not stay that way. We would like to be able to build a foundation of trust between our people.”

“For the betterment of Ospa “ ,he said in a mocking tone after he had let his transmission go through. This protocol bull was going to be the death of him. They might just decide that a ship full of armed soldiers is dangerous and send them away, or they might just simply open fire. The last thought gave Obrak a shiver, to be the first person to talk and die by an alien, what a legend in history he would be.

Obrak started messing with his interface to access the message previously relayed to him, he was going to archive it so that the big, fancy council could have their fun listening to it. He then leaned forward and pressed the button for the ship intercom.

“Contact with the civilization of this gate has been made, all soldiers are to de charge their weapons, we may be docking soon.” He stared out of the window before him. He grew up in a small dome planet side before joining the military as a pilot. After his military service he messed around as an asteroid miner for a bit. Now he was an explorer of the stars. He shook his head as he finally came back to the problem at hand, by now he should be getting a message soon.


Everyone was silent on the observation deck, and all life seemed to have frozen for an eternity. The foreign travelers ship had responded, it was the first sign of human survivors other than them.

It took a few minutes before the message came back to him. He had understood their intent, showed peace as an option but was firm and commanding. Gai hadn’t a single clue what could be on the other side but he had admired the way they took command. He had understood that the person talking to him must have been in a rank with authority. This means there must be people to be above and hopefully another civilization was out there.

“Send a message to the council back on Ospa, they should be let known that I’ve made peaceful contact.” He said this without facing anyone in the room, the assistants on standby all hurried out of the room. He sat in his chair facing the observation window looking out towards the gate, he pressed a green button on a console nearby. “Gai Sebai to ship 1, I need you to have your general on board to prepare to board. They’re to take with them 2 humans and 3 Osparians. Make sure any non-human races keep their helmets on.”

“Are you not planning to go yourself high general?” Asked a monitor on the wall. “No, I’m a tactician, not a soldier, I'll leave the ground work to pawns.” Gai says while gently squeezing and I squeezing his hand. “When you took over my spot on the council I never imagined you’d make it this far, your making me proud.” The monitor switched off and with it the voice stopped. He would have a lot to explain to the council, they hated when information was withheld.


On ship 1 things were in disarray.

General on ship one Maya Hues was unprepared. She had alerted on board foot soldiers to gather at the briefing room. She had selected three of the biggest Osparions on board, she had also selected the two best looking humans she could find. She would have them wear exo-suits except for the humans. She would have them remove their helmets to show that they’re actually colonists. She would keep hers on along with the Osparians, she didn’t want to know how they might react to 3 Osparians and a Spar.


A message was relayed from ship 1 to the gateway ship, “In my place I will be sending a general. They will be taking a small shuttle over to your ship.”

None of the soldiers on board the small shuttle could stand still. They were on edge being the ones to make first contact. The shuttle rattled as it detached from the main ship, after the detach it slowly started its slow drift towards the foreign ship. Maya was getting a live update to her pad, her orders were coming in only minutes before she was supposed to act on them. It was wreaking her nerves. Her orders were that under no circumstances was she to charge her gun. An uncharged gun would be useless for the first minute if a fight were to happen, this means if they were to be ambushed they would be absolutely defenseless.

Everyone was making sure their exo-suits were stored with oxygen and that their guns were left uncharged. As the shuttle finally made contact with the other ship the non-humans put their helmets on, the two humans took place to the right and left of the general.

If worse came to worst, and she failed at making diplomacy, her comms would be taken over by the high general and he could finish the negotiations for her.
And if that went wrong, the high general had the small electric core of the ship attached to a charge. This would cause a tiny explosion where the shuttle was, but act more like an EMP disabling the ship, hopefully allowing them to escape

Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that.

The signs of life had everyone on high alert.

All stations had any and all long range weapons pointed to the portal, only moments ago had one of their ships gone through, no one had expected it to return so soon. But after even just a slight scan they could tell it wasn’t them coming through. All military outposts were on high alert, they all went into defense.

As for the 2 ships that had been lingering around the portal they weren't prepared. All had hoped to see life out there other than them, but none really liked the thought of it seeking them out. As the ship came through the portal none were prepared to intercept. But as it slowly came through the 2 ships slowly drifted closer. They waited till the ship was in clear view. Wreaking the nerves of everyone, as the live feed of the ship leaving was still on, it was quickly shut off by the council. Gai Sebai, high general, had taken base at a mining outpost close to the portal. As soon as he saw the ship he had forced his way onto comms. He had the ships set it up so that he was able to send messages from 1 of the 2 ships to the travelers ship.

“This is Gai Sebai of The Alliance, you are an alien vessel coming through our gate. We would like to welcome you in peace, unless that is a choice not available in this situation. We ask first that you state your intentions, for we will not leave our home-world open to risk. Second, we ask that you allow us to board your ship to make contact, and if that is not an available option, that you land at a space dock we will designate so that we can make contact. We hope you will give us your cooperation.” He says in common.

He waited a minute to collect his breath and thoughts before he related the same message 3 more times.

The second in Osparion.

The third in a rough translation of English.

The third in binary.


On Ospa people were out of control. The live feed had been cut as an object was coming out, there had been multiple theorists already coming up with conspiracies on what it had been. Some people were fearing for their lives, they were going and stocking up on all supplies. Some people who were on planet side domes tried their hardest to get below ground on any flyers that docked. All government worker was having trouble trying to censor the net and stop certain comms from working.

The council were in uproar, they had been trying to get through to the high general but with no reply, all the assistant that picked up the comms could say was that the high general was making contact. The council didn’t like being uninformed, it was the general's job to protect, but that didn’t mean he shouldn’t share information first.


Oasis was crowded with military members, the city seemed to swallow all signs of individual life in crowds. For the first time all the members of The Council had been gathered together in one place before, usually calling in from different parts of the planet. Together they sat in an office around a circular table. Gai Sebai was the first one to speak.

“I nominate myself as high general.”

Without a word all of the council raised their hands, all except one. The human supremacist, Mark Delano.

“Why are we agreeing to let a dirty Osparian be high general? We're looking for humans, that means it should be led by humans right? I nominate myself.”

Gai shot back, “Having me as general will not change the mission objective, nor will it have influence on the racial aspects of the crew we send through the gateway. I will carry out my duty efficiently and safely.”

Mark’s face had turned brighter than the sun. “We Are Humans! We are looking for humans. When they see a crew of dirty genetic freaks don’t you think they might shoot on sight?” He asks as an open question for the rest of the council.

A voice rings through the room, “I think I speak on the rest of the council's behalf when I say I give Mr.Sebai my vote.” The council had agreed, the military privileges were given to Gai, and he’d be damned if someone was gonna get in his way.


Weston Obrak sat in a dim bar that smelled of chemicals. He was in no rush to volunteer like some people were. There would surely be more than enough people to volunteer so people weren't forced to go. Luckily for Obrak he knew he’d go. He had revived a message on his pad from a recruiter an hour before the main message went out over the planetary message system. He was going to be captain of the ship “Hermes”. He was always itching for adventure, now he was finally going to find it. He would be the first person to fly through the gate, this was going to fun. He was already in his latex flight suit.


All mining outposts and moon bases were now flooded with soldiers and engineers. They were all being turned into makeshift military forts, and the production of ships had been prioritized. Everyone was scrambling to prepare. Soldiers were being loaded onto ships and being transported to other bases, while citizens were being sent back down to the planet. Ships were being prepared to stand guard over the portal. They were the first line of defense, they would stand there and wait, they'd be the first point of contact. Everyone had already adorned their exo-suits and had made their ways onto ships. Soon “Hermes”, their explorer ship, would take flight. Everyone was on their toes, no one was prepared enough. It was almost night time in the Ospa cycle when a loud chime came over all military comms and systems. That was the green light. Billions could view the sight of these ships from live camera feed, everyone hoped and everyone believed. This would be something great.


“The glorious maker, oh how he cares for his sheep, ain’t that right ya bunch of silent fu-“ The common soldier is forced to be quiet as his commander enters the brig. Obrak was steadily approaching the gate. In all the years he was a kid he never imagined such a thing. The “Hermes” was escorted by 2 other ships to the gate. A large number of ships had been gathering at a small asteroid mining outpost. They were waiting on standby for something to go through. Obrak had no problem with the crew he was given. Along with him he had an Osparian co-pilot, there were 50 human soldiers along with 30 Osparian soldiers and 20 Spars. Along with them they were also given 5 Shadorn priests, he had no idea how a bunch of silent people were supposed to testify, they had nothing other than their small “holy books' ” ', but that wasn’t his concern.

What was concerning was that he had no idea what condition the other side of the gateway was in. If it ended terribly they’d end up in the middle of an alien civil war. But that was a worry for later. He waited as he slowly approached the gateway. The ship was silent, every breath of the crew could be heard. He watched as the two accompanying ships drifted to the sides, staying away from the gate. He slowly started going forward. It wasn’t long before he was flying in. Colors contorted and twisted, he was going through.

Wherever he ended up he hoped for the best. “For the glory of Ospa, For the betterment of The Alliance.”, he quietly mumbled.
Unknowingly a small interface had appeared before him, without knowing he accidentally selected a destination at random.

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