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Current I'll be quiet for the next couple of days as my body recovers from 4 vaccines at once.
4 days ago
This site looks weird on a PS4.
6 days ago
Traps are gay and God knows it.
6 days ago
I've got a PS4 motherfuckers
7 days ago
Save a place inside the walls of your cluttered mind / Let’s listen for silence / And sail back to when you crumble and decay / There’s no love in this violence / No love anymore






I'm dying inside
and all I see are demons

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I would love to make avatars on PS but I don't want to invest the money into it... Grumble grumble I don't get a student discount Grumble grumble.


pirate it or get GIMP
I'm hoping to get my characters done sometime next week (aka Sunday onwards) but they won't be here within the next couple of days. Had 4 vaccines at once yesterday and my body's kind of having a meltdown over it.
In Probity 4 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Hello all! Been thinking of making a character for this dandy looking RP, but I'm torn between two characters I'd like to make. One would be the reverend, as that seems to be a key role. Is it possible to play two characters under any circumstance, or must I make a choice?

I'm making 2 and nobody has shown opposition as of yet, so I'll go out on a limb and say 2 are allowed.
I got spurs that jingle jangle jingle.
In Probity 7 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay
What happened with your other character?

I'm making two.
In Probity 7 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay
@Grim ill beat you will my cheap coffee and excellent menu

I'll beat the pants off you with my wide range of alcoholic beverages and nightly charades.
In Probity 7 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay
@Grim I'd be up for that, no promises that I won't serve alcoholic beverages

We will have the most Christian fight the world has ever seen.
In Probity 7 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay
I might make the barkeep so we could have a little friendly competition/rivalry, @Sirkaithethird.
Indeed it is. People can change from day to day, and if it isn't agreeable to them, I suppose then ultimately, it is their loss.

However, I think you may also want to think of this other person's perspective. While some people are not bothered by minute changes, or even barely notice them, it's not always the same. Some people are dependent on a stable environment or routine - such as people with OCD, who feel the incessant need to do things in certain ways at certain times, or else their whole world will come crashing down. As someone with Asperger's Syndrome, I, too, can be bothered if certain things don't turn out how I expected them to. Their reasons may not be the same as you perceive them to be. Some people are just babies about it, true... but, for others, it's more... complicated.

In summary; you can look in a mirror to see around the corner, but if you're not looking around the corner with your own eyes, can you truly say you know all of what's on the other side? Thus, do not pre-emptively say you know so, and act accordingly.

I'm sorry but no amount of philosophical viewpoints will make up for the fact someone directly contacted a user over Skype just to demand that they never change their avatar.
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