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Interacting with Ava @Altered Tundra

Day one of classes and tempers were already flaring. The one place Harvey believed he could get away from all the ruckus and commotion going on throughout the campus now had its own disturbance.

The handsome Asian initially tried to keep to his dorm room, but that haven was quickly quashed when everyone started getting on with their mornings. The morning was still relatively early when Harvey strolled down to the library. As he walked around campus, he admired the architecture that went into every building. When he passed through the quad, there was still a thin layer of fog hugging the ground as club hands were setting up stands and stages. He didn’t stay long to see what clubs were being offered, and kept on his way to his final destination. When Harvey arrived, the library was still closed. There must have been a few minutes before they opened their doors, so the young man pulled out his phone and swiped through his varying apps. Mr. Rayner had the app for the local news station and opened it to see the headline news. The top story brought a smile to his face. In big, bold letters the headline read,


That should ruffle the feathers of the Mossos’. I wonder what they’re response will be.
As he obtained the details from the full article, a few other students had gathered at the steps to the library as well. The librarian arrived soon enough, however, to unlock the door and allow the students entrance. Harvey stepped through the front doors and was immediately hit with a sense of belonging. He always admired the sight of grand libraries with books lining shelf after shelf. If fate had other plans for the new student, he could have found himself manning a library of his own. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Harvey quickly pushed the thought aside and began his search for a specific book. After quickly understanding the filing system, the new student soon found the book he was looking for. He grabbed it from the shelf and found a decent spot for him to begin reading. Harvey laid the book on the table and read the title. In simple, plain text the words, The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli were inscribed on the front cover. The young man has already read this book a number of times, yet each time he reads it, he gleams something new from the pages. Before long, his phone buzzed with a notification. The news was simply that of a glorified stalker, this Gossip Girl, that his colleagues seem to be raving about. How his name appeared on her radar, he’ll never know. As long as the news sticks to that of social gossip, Harvey won’t mind. In fact, it would help keep up outward appearances. While Harvey didn’t think too much about this person, the possibility of learning something of use was not lost on him. So Harvey would put up with the trivial matters of the social elite of the Upper East Side.

The young Asian had made fair progress though his book when tensions started to rise. Harvey heard a familiar voice from down the table. He looked up from the novel and saw Ava Mossos conversing with someone new. The new face was British and unknown to Harvey. As the situation began to escalate, the young African-American man who was sitting across from the girls lent his voice to the situation. His intentions seemed to be in the right place, but Harvey practically knew his words would fall on deaf ears; at least in the best case scenario. While Mr. Rayner would prefer to keep out of their business, the opportunity to befriend Ava was right in front of him. The decision was made. Harvey closed his book, stood up from his seat and stepped to the other end of the table.

“Is that you, Ava? It’s Harvey from the New Year’s Eve party,” he began as he threw on a good smile, “ I’m sure these trust-fund babies will get over the comments you’re making, and Lillian seems nice enough. I think we have the same English class together. At least we’ll have plenty of chances to talk about the privileged pricks in all these novels they’re having us read.”

Placing here for DPL, since she didn't have internet-access to post.

There was a moment of silence and hesitation in the office after Audrey spoke. The moment Principal Anderson’s large leather desk chair turned around, the young woman was immediately stunned. Sitting on the chair was not the middle-aged man she’d seen from time to time, but an elegant-looking woman in her mid to late thirties. Her features were beautiful and exotic: sharp, strong jaw, astounding hazel-colored eyes, sharp nose, and a pair of luscious lips that women these days went to such great lengths to have.

The woman behind the desk spoke to instruct Audrey to take a seat, her voice velvet and confident with no sign of a threat. Then there was silence. A nagging feeling now in the back of Audrey’s mind told her she’d seen this woman before. There was something familiar about her features, something the brunette couldn't quite place. It was in the smile.

As the woman carefully examined every inch of her with those searching hazel eyes, Audrey couldn't help but feel... Exposed, in a way unfamiliar to her. Her clothes weren't at all revealing -a pair of light wash skinny jeans with a tight red tank top, wedges and a beige cardigan- but she felt as if she was sitting butt-naked in front of the older woman. It was a feeling similar to the one she’d felt back at Alexandros’ house before, when the covers of his bed had been removed to expose her face to Ava.

What the hell does she want from me?!

As if reading her mind, the woman smiled and spoke again. She began by explaining that she was there due to Mr. Anderson owing her a favor. Okay, that was good enough, but it still didn't explain what the hell she was doing there and why she had summoned Audrey.

The dark-haired woman continued to speak, but it was not until the words ‘my son’ were said aloud that it dawned to Audrey exactly who she was speaking to. Although her face remained impassive, she felt a pang in her stomach: she was sitting across from the mother of Alexandros Mossos.

In a strange occurrence for what was going on at the moment, Audrey felt relief. She was glad it had been Ava and not this woman who had caught her in such a compromising position a few days ago. It certainly would have provoked a different type of first impresssion for today.

The Latina waited a few seconds to mull over the woman’s unspoken question before replying.

“First of all, I’d like to start out by saying it's a pleasure to meet you.”Audrey began, offering the woman a small, closed-lipped smile.“Secondly, I would like to apologize for the way I stormed out of your home last week,especially since it was so rude of me to not even acknowledge your husband and yourself as you were walking in. See, your son and I had gotten ourselves into a little… argument, for lack of a better word, and at that moment I wanted nothing more than to be out of the premises as quickly as I could. I understand this might have been seen as rather distateful first impression, so my apologies.”

The young woman’s French-mannicured nails began to play with her cardigan, trying to play off her slight nervousness. The nerves did nothing to diminish her confidence or eloquence, though.

“As for why your son ‘won’t let go’ as you say, I honestly have no idea. I hardly think that's the case now, anyway. It’s been a few days since the incident, so I figured he would have found a replacement by now. He's very good at that.”

Audrey silently cursed herself. No matter how hard she’d tried, there was no way to keep the bitterness out of her voice. That last sentence, though it could easily be taken by Mrs. Mossos as somewhat of an insult to her son, she could also take it as a clear indication of hurt. She hated to expose herself like that.

Interacting with Ava @Altered Tundra and Ophelia @Melo

Just as Harvey was about to respond to Anna, a new character had entered the fray. The sudden outburst from the new arrival didn’t bode well for first impressions in Harvey’s case. She clearly bumped into Anna, not the other way around. Anna, on the other hand, was entirely too kind and apologetic by taking the blame for the small incident. The new girl at least tried to make amends after brushing herself off by introducing herself. Ava. Harvey let the name stir in his mind for a moment, while Anna commenced with introductions. The Asian man studied Ava’s face but not long enough to look like staring.

There was only one girl he knew that was named Ava but he never put a face to the name. However, Harvey already knew Alexandros Mossos was already at the party and the chances of another girl of similar familial status being at this party with the same name were minute at best. The lone Asian quickly deduced that she must be Ava Mossos; the only daughter in the Mossos family. Harvey would have to keep an eye on her. So far, she showed no sign of interest in him, but ideas were already formulating in his mind of what he could accomplish if he were to get in her good graces. For now, however, he would simply play along and continue the night as usual.

Harvey was the first to reply to Ava’s seemingly undirected question, “So far, I think these parties are just for the rich and glamourous. But then, I’m new to town myself, so maybe I haven’t seen enough parties.” The young man then looked at his watch. A small piece that wasn’t flashy but still looked good. He noticed midnight was soon approaching, and while he wasn’t about to leave, he certainly didn’t have any plans to stay out for too long. Harvey did, at least, want to have a little more fun before things started winding down. So, he turned towards his date, and kindly asked,“Would you care to dance, Ophelia? It’d be a shame if we came to a party and didn’t at least have one dance before the night ended.”

Harvey took the moment to look into each of Ophelia’s friends’ eyes before replying, “Please, the pleasure of meeting you all is mine. Ophelia hasn’t told me too much about you all, but I assure you, nothing negative was said.” Harvey extended his own hand and gave Anna a firm yet delicate handshake. Just as he was releasing her hand, Harvey’s eyes began to scan the room, and his gaze almost immediately fell upon a single man: Alexandros.

A noticeable twitch occurred in the corner of his eye, yet Harvey’s charming smile never wavered. From in between the heads of the other guests, Harvey discreetly studied Alexandros’ features. He’d only seen pictures of him up to this point, and the young man had made sure to file away every detail he could into his memory. Alexandros soon walked out onto the balcony and out of view. Harvey then returned his full attention back to the group.

Just as Harvey was about to make small talk, he felt a rhythmic vibration coming from the pocket of his trousers. Frowning, he dug his hand into his pocket and brought the phone out, immediately looking at the screen to see who was calling. Private Number was displayed in bold text across the screen.

Harvey looked up from his phone before excusing himself from his new acquaintances. “I apologize. If you’ll excuse me, I need to take this call.” He didn’t wait around for their response before heading straight for the restroom.

Unfortunately, there weren’t too many secluded places at this event, and Harvey knew for a fact that the balcony was occupied. The young man weaved through the crowds before finally coming to the restroom entrance.

An older gentleman exited the restroom before Harvey entered. Just as the main ballroom was glamorous with chandeliers and marble, the restroom didn’t disappoint. A marble countertop lined half of the opposite side of the wall, holding five sparkling white porcelain sinks with hands-free stainless steel faucets and soap dispensers. One countertop-to-ceiling mirror spanned across the same space. The other half of that wall had the same-colored and same number of porcelain urinals, again, hands-free. And on the wall next to Harvey just a few feet away stood five immaculate stalls, the dividers of which were made out of solid granite. The young Asian man took a few steps into the restroom before leaning over and checking under the stalls to make sure no one was in them. Lucky enough considering the size of the party outside, it seemed as if Harvey was alone. So without wasting any more time, Harvey brought the phone back up and swiped across to answer the call.

He brought the phone up to his ear and answered with an intense, yet, classy “Yes?”

The voice of what seemed like a young adult male with a Brooklyn accent responded. “Mr. Rayner, we’ve hit the restaurant on the corner of 10th and Broad. No one was injured, no one saw our faces, and we made sure the owner will tell their enforcers about the incident. By the time the police arrived, we were long gone.”

“Excellent. Lay low and allow the information to move up the chain. Keep me informed on any other developments. I’ll be in contact in the meantime. The Mossos’ will be looking for whoever attacked one of their ‘protected’ establishments. Soon enough, we’ll make our next move. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a party to return to.”

“Of course, Mr. Rayner. We’ll keep you updated.”

With a click, Harvey hung up the phone, placed it back in his pocket and sauntered out of the restroom. The young man quickly made his way through the crowd and returned to his date’s side and that of her friends. “Sorry about that, my mother decided to pick now of all times to ask how everything was going with college and all. I didn’t happen to miss anything while I was gone, did I?”

A collab with @Melo

Location: Columbia University → The Cross Hotel Manhattan

Interacting with: @Dirty Pretty Lies, @Aewin

Harvey Rayner took one more look in the mirror before leaving his dorm. He was about to pick up his date for the evening, an Ophelia Bergman. They had only known each other since the beginning of the semester, but they seemed to hit it off pretty well. Seeing that his suit was in good order, along with his face and hair, Harvey grabbed his wallet and car keys and exited the room. Once he left the building, he clicked the “unlock” button on his car key remote, and the lights on a midnight blue Nissan 370-Z flashed. Harvey strolled across the parking lot, entered his car and pulled out of his dorm’s parking space. The drive to Ophelia’s sorority, Delta Gamma, was short and Harvey quickly pulled into a spot close by. After leaving the car and locking the door, Harvey walked to the front door of the sorority, admiring the architecture and landscaping along the way. The grass and bushes were freshly cut and trimmed and the Greek architecture was pleasing to the eye. Harvey ascended the steps and tugged at his jacket before rasping on the door with three, solid blows. A couple of seconds went by before the door slowly began to open inward. A short brunette with light blue eyes and glasses wearing night pants and a tank top answered the door. The girl took one good look at Harvey before smiling and asking,

“Hi there, you looking for someone?”

“Yes, actually,” Harvey began replying, “I was looking for Ophelia. She said this was her dorm. She actually may still be-” Before Harvey could finish, the girl was turning her head and shouting up the stairs,

“Hey Ophelia, this guy-” the girl turned her head back to Harvey. “What’s your name?”


“Harvey’s here to take you somewhere. Probably that party you were talking about!”

Ophelia had just managed to fix her hair as she heard the calling of a familiar voice. ”Give me a minute!” She called back, quickly grabbing her phone before coming eye to eye with her date for the evening. She gave him a cursory glance from top to bottom before locking eyes. ”Looks good on you.” She told him with a confident smile. She knew Harvey as a gentleman, and this proved he could also look the part.Her sleeveless black dress fluttered slightly as she walked up closer. Both arms were adorned with thin, golden bracelets that shimmered slightly against the strong light in the hallway. She gave the girl that had let Harvey in a grateful look, then she walked off.

It was very noticeable that the normally tiny girl was quite a bit taller than usual. Luckily this was far from the first party she had attended, so walking on heels was basically second nature to her. Her father had made her go to many parties the moment she came of age. He loved showing off his daughters, and her older sisters had long left the nest by that time. That said, she hoped Harvey would provide better entertainment than her father did.

She closed the distance and latched onto his arm, wrapping hers around his almost nonchalantly. ”Well then, are you ready?” She laughed softly, expecting Harvey to take the lead now. That was what gentlemen did, right?

“Now that you’re here, I am,” Harvey replied with a grin. Harvey led Ophelia back to his car where he opened the passenger door and allowed her to slide in before shutting it behind her and winding around the car to his own seat. Harvey shut his door, turned on the car, and drove off. The rolling street lights of the Upper East Side started cascading through the windshield soon after exiting the college grounds.

Ophelia looked around the car a bit, noting a very apparent cleanliness. Ophelia wasn’t sure if he was the type to keep it clean, or had made sure to clean it for the occasion. Anyhow, it was always nice to see that someone knew how to make a good impression. ”So, tell me… Have you ever gone to parties like these?” She asked him, knowing fully well she was the one that invited him. ”These parties can be pretty grandiose… so I don’t want to throw you too much into the deep here.

Harvey took a glance at his date, making a quick note of how lovely she looked in that dress before answering her question, “Actually no. I’ve attended some parties, sure but none like this. I figured if I just kept my head low and did more listening rather than talking this first time, I’d be ok.” The light they were coming up on started changing to red and Harvey made the car come to a stop before turning to look at Ophelia. “You look amazing, by the way. I especially like that dress.”

She chuckled a little. ”Well, sure. You’d be fine… but at the same time that means you’re missing a great opportunity.” She explained. ”Every person there is someone. So find the right someone, and you could be set up for life.” She smirked. ”I know my father employed several people he found at these kinds of parties, says the bright ones know who to seek out and how. You know? So do try to chat up someone if you ever get the chance.”

She smiled sweetly at his compliments. Though she didn’t blush, she was more composed than that. ”That’s so nice of you. Thank you. You look really good as well.” She glanced at her reflection in the side mirror, quickly checking if everything was still as it should be. This was probably the last chance she got before the party. ’Is the suit new? It looks good on you.”

The light turned green and Harvey’s car was rolling once again. He took a moment to ponder her statement before replying, “I suppose you’ve got a point. If anything does come about from this evening, I’ll have to figure out some way to thank you. Maybe another date,” Harvey replied with a smirk, “And thank you for the compliment. The suit isn’t quite new, but it’s only a few months old. I try to keep all of my suits looking as good as they can for as long as possible.” Harvey flipped his turn signal on to get on the road that led to their destination.

Harvey was thoroughly excited for the party they were going to. He did prefer the idea of simply listening to everything going on, but the what Ophelia said was true, if his name got to the right person, things could get better. Then again, if he heard the right information, things could be just as well. Regardless, Harvey would take her advice and mingle with everyone, though he would still try to keep an ear tuned to everyone else.

She smirked again.”I do hope you know how to mingle and entertain your date at the same time. She teased. ”Because it would be very unfortunate if you’d have to find another way to thank me, no?” She shot him a wink, then looked away to absorb the environment. She hadn’t been to this part of New York that often. She was a new arrival to Columbia, but she wasn’t exactly new to the city either. Nevertheless, she was far from well-acquainted. The hotel was already visible in the distance.”Don’t worry too much about it. I’m sure it will be a lovely evening.”

“Well that depends on what I would have to do to thank you,” Harvey shot back with a smirk of his own. The distance to the hotel steadily closed and eventually Harvey brought the car to the front and parked it, allowing the valet to open their doors and take his car to the parking lot. Harvey offered his arm to Ophelia before replying to her earlier comment, “And as long as you stay in it, I’m sure tonight will be lovely.”

Ophelia beamed slightly. ”You practiced that line, didn’t you?” She replied before taking his arm. ”I hope your dance skills match your wit, mister Rayner. I may not be Chasing Light’s queen Huntsberg, but I’m not second grade either, I assure you.” She glanced confidently. If she had trust in anything, it were in the many skills her father forced her to learn, as annoying as it was to admit at times.

Harvey stepped off before replying, “Just keep your eyes open, I might surprise you.” The bright lights lining the hotel’s awning illuminated the path to the entrance. A uniformed doorman stood on the left side who greeted as the couple entered the establishment. They casually strolled to the elevator and patiently waited for it to arrive. With an audible “ding,” the elevator doors parted and the duo stepped in. The doors shut, and after Harvey pressed the appropriate floor key, the elevator lurched upward. Harvey took a quick glance at Ophelia before breaking the silence,

“You know, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. Nervous, but excited as well.”

”Oh? Where did that confidence of yours go? Don’t forget that customer expectation management is very important in running a business.” She said on a serious tone. Her expression then shifted to something far more playful. ”I’m messing with you. Everyone is nervous their first time. It’s not everyday you’re around people like these.” There was something fun about teasing Harvey, and she wasn’t done yet. ”Consider this a light practice session for if you ever meet my family.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t completely inaccurate.

Soon enough, the muffled sounds of the party could be heard as the elevator drew closer to their destination. The elevator came to a halt and the doors parted, allowing in the cacophony of noise and lights of the extravagant party. Just before stepping through the elevator’s threshold, Harvey quickly took in the sights and sounds of the scene. “Well, we finally made it, and it looks like the party is well on it’s way. ” Harvey quickly grabbed a couple of champagne glasses off a passing waiter’s tray before offering one to Ophelia, “Would the lady like a drink?”

Ophelia took in the atmosphere. These parties weren’t that different from the ones she had attended. A little more grandiose than usual, definitely. Her father had given similar parties, but usually to entertain a smaller, even more specific audience. It were parties like those when you knew Will bergman had a new business plan in mind, and his pedigree meant being invited to those was that there was money in it for you. This was similar, but different. More social, less business, but definitely still a lot of business. The lady scanned the room and spotted her friends. She then gratefully took the drink from Harvey before making a gesture. ”I want to say hi to my friends. Let’s go.” She said, obviously expecting him to follow without any second thoughts.

Harvey fell into step behind Ophelia as she weaved through the crowd toward her friends. He recognized a few of the faces he passed from either the news or entertainment. What everyone said seemed to be true; anyone who was somebody was at the event. Harvey just might learn a thing or two tonight. Soon enough, the pair were standing in front of Ophelia’s friends. He recognized Audrey Huntsberg both by name and face. A rising star; not knowing who Audrey was, was next to impossible these days. He faintly recognized Annalise Arnett from around college. Ophelia seemed to be good friends with those in high places; something Harvey would have to keep in mind.

”Hello ladies!” Ophelia said, adressing Audrey and Anna in a most gleeful tone and warmly embracing them both. She then proceeded to introduce herself to both Delilah and Christian. She then returned her attention to her friends and pulled her date closer. ”And this is Harvey.” She scanned her friends’ faces for looks of approval, while allowing Harvey to further introduce himself.

Harvey put on a genuine smile before beginning, “good evening, ladies. The Queen of the Dance Floor, Audrey Huntsberg. How could I not know who you are? And . . . Ms. Arnette, is it? I recognize you from Columbia. It’s nice to meet both of you. My name is Harvey Rayner. I’m quite new to the scene here; only being around since the start of this semester. Hopefully I’ll make as good an impression on you as I think I have on Ophelia here.” Harvey finished his introduction with a smirk at his date.

Location: Family Car --> Plane --> Aces High Bus --> Camp Grounds Interacting with: His parents

Adam slouched in his seat as his parents drove him to the airport. Adam had a dissatisfied look on his face the whole ride to the airport.‘At least the trip wouldn’t be too long… he thought, though he still had a distaste for plane rides: something always seemed to happen on the flight that irritated Adam. The boy loved his parents, but like most teenagers, he believed they just didn’t quite understand him and his nature. However, he wasn’t exactly in any position to protest anymore about going to camp. He had already voiced his disdain. At the end of the day, Adam had simply accepted the fact that him going to summer camp was inevitable, and that he make the most out of it. Who knows? Maybe some good would actually come out of it.

The ride to the airport, as predicted, wasn’t too long, and soon enough the family car was pulling into a parking spot. The Langford family exited the car and Adam retrieved his bags from the trunk. Hugs, handshakes, and kisses were shared before Adam gave his farewell, entered the terminal, retrieved his flight tickets, and awaited his plane to arrive. After the monotonous events of watching the aircraft arrive and park itself at the terminal, people departed the plane and Adam stood in line for his tickets to be scanned. The young man found his seat on the plane, placed his bags in the overhead bin, and buckled in for the few hours he would be in the air.

While incredibly boring, Adam was smart enough to bring a book with him to keep him company along the journey. The ride seemed to go on longer than it should have, but thankfully, nothing happened to him on this flight. After what seemed like more than a few hours, the plane began its descent to Humboldt Airport. Adam departed the plane, retrieved his bags and looked for the Aces High school bus; a big yellow bus was thankfully not too hard to find.

Adam boarded the bus and took his seat next to a curvaceous, young woman. With long dark hair, and curves in all the right places, Adam couldn’t help but be physically attracted to her. However, Adam wasn’t going to camp to find a girlfriend. If that ended up happening, awesome, but he wasn’t going to actively strive for that. The bus ride was uneventful, and soon enough, they were pulling up to the campgrounds. Along with the rest of the teenagers, the dark-haired teen stepped off the bus and took his seat in the bleachers. Adam half-listened to the camp director give their spiel, before hearing his name being called, to which he responded to by approaching the counselor and retrieving his envelope from her outstretched hand. Inside the envelope was a simple playing card: The Queen of Clubs. Adam took his position behind the corresponding counselors and awaited for the time at camp to finally begin. He didn’t want to be here, but there was nothing he could do about it now. Might as well make something of the time here.

I finally present to you, Adam Langford!

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