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I'd like my name to be Guydude21

Asami thinks on this for a moment before bluntly stating

"I suppose the best thing I can do is control the sun."
@Marmalised Junk

Asami practically jumps out o her seat at hearing this, crossing her arms and pouting while embers spark from her eyes

"Yeah, well i'm more maturer than you!"

She then sighs and shrugs at Anya's next question, sounding defeated.

"Ask them yourself, if you care so much."
@Marmalised Junk

"Asami Sonnenschein. My species doesn't exactly have a name, but its close enough to humans I just say I am one. And i'm 11."

Asami laughs at her last question, going through the process of cleaning the wound.

"Its so you don't get infected, silly."

She completely neglects to warn Anya of the sting, going ahead and bandaging the wound with impressive speed and efficiency.

"K, i'm done."

The little girl blushed in response of the threat and touched her index fingers together, making a triangle. "O-oh my, that's... Can I even say that word?" She looked to the intimidating barkeep @Dark Light for approval, her gaze diverting to the strange creature chugging down water, then back to the barkeep. "By the way, do you think I could get a cup of Molten Lava? Or boiling water, if that's not possible."

@Marmalised Junk
Next, the girl assumed the form of light to near instaneously appear in front of Anya. She locked eyes with the fae and smiled, "Aww, look at you, being all brave!" Her tone clearly indicated she was treating the other girl as beneath her in rank, despite having to stand on her tiptoes just to meet them at eye level. In the next moment, she clasped her hands together, causing a rough formation of matter to appear on the nearest empty table to them before gradually taking the shape of a first-aid kit. The girl attempted to grab one hand of the fae and gently lead her to said table. "Sit," she curtly requested as she sized up the girl and started to pull out an antiseptic, "So, what's your name, kid?"
In response to Lavender's question, the little girl shrugs, appearing unaffected, "Well, you're just very basic, so I didn't pay it much mind." When the fire hits, she only looked on in curious observation, having a look of disappointment as it continually burns. After a half-minute or so of silence, she would crouch down in front of the fire and place her hand through it, feeling and comparing it to regular fire.

"How does this differ from the fire anyone can make, though? What countermeasures does it have against other fire benders? And what constraints does it have? If it relies on your mana resevoir, i'd recommend carrying a few molotov cocktails. You'll find they're much more reliable, especially against magic resistant enemies and spell supressors." The girl got visibly excited as she laid out the barrage of questions towards Lavender, being clearly heavily invested in the subject.
<Snipped quote by PhansiteMona>

There are several going on. There are two groups in the capital city of an interdimensional government, there’s some in a bar owned by one of the characters somewhere out there, and there’s one taking place in a facility of sorts for another organization between a cosmic hive mind and a few brave souls. But I don’t see a problem at all with you hopping in, and if none of those scenes fit, then you can post something and start one up yourself and let others join it. We always try to get someone involved.

Ah, ok, what's the name of the capital city and what kind of architecture does it have? Is it based on or similar to any city in particular?
Alright, so I can join in now? If so, could I have a description of the current scene?
<Snipped quote by PhansiteMona>

The being against dimension travel could be cool—there just needs to be a reason the char is interacting cross-dimensionally in spite of that.

Idk, it seems kinda far-fetched for an 11-year old to be a hypocrite she would ignore the double standard until forced to recognize it, at which point she'd just come up with flimsy reasoning as to why her actions simply don't count.
Oh hell yeah
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