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4 yrs ago
Current My Italian friend just asked me if it's true that all Americans are fat. I'm offended but I can't stop laughing.
4 yrs ago
I always respond to OOC tags within 10 minutes, but I respond to PMs within 10 days. I don't know why- I suppose it's just because PMs are so easy to brush aside and forget about
4 yrs ago
I don't have any finals, but everyone else having finals is slowing down my RPs. Second-hand busyness.
4 yrs ago
I know it's time to go to bed, because I just started wondering if maybe the whole universe is a single cell on some alien's ass
4 yrs ago
If a tree falls in the woods and Fox news isn't around to see it, is it still Obama's fault?


I like to write things collaboratively.

And in the end, isn't that all you need to know to RP with me?

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My internet is fixed! I'm back for good!

You did say I was accepted over a week ago. >.>

Entirely my fault. I haven't been able to update anything, due to internet troubles. I haven't been able to access my saved progress on the Xim, edit the accepted sheets, or even post often.

But since I just got my internet back to normal, I'll work on all that in the morning. It's 5 AM. I'm going to bed.

<Snipped quote by Queen Raidne>

Ch'ak. Since I don't have like a long name or any indicator of what the country is.

The Confederate Coalition of Commonwealth Ch'ak'ii


Due to technical issues Hael will not be OOC for today. By popular vote, I will be you dictator and answer any questions to the best of my abilities.

Like Lauder said^^

I was unable to get online for 4 days. I have not been able to do anything during that time.

I come back and find, to my surprise, that the RP is still (barely) alive but Lauder hasn't been active on Fade at all, for the past few days.

Regardless, I'm back, at least for now, but my internet is jumping in and out every few seconds. I have not abandoned you, but I might vanish again at random.

Just so I can get a headcount, who all is still here?
Room for a late entry?

Hey, it says "apply", doesn't it?

Yes, there's room. We've had a few drop-outs lately.
You seem to be acting especially cryptic today. Everything alright? xD

It tastes like pain and slavery. Everything @Lauder does tastes like pain and slavery.

*slips table*


Did you mean "sips tea"?
Hey @Hael, I notice that not everyone who's accepted and has posted has a finished Explorer Sheet. So is my Nation accepted? And can I make post, and just wait to make an explorer post until I get my sheet completed and accepted?

Yes, you're accepted as you are now.

Woo! Go nuts!

@Hael Cool, so pretty varied. If you ever need help with pics, got some pics of bioships that may fit the bill :)

Hey, hey, show me! I could always use more variety in my conquest of all that is natural.
<Snipped quote by Sigma>

You'll see!

But mainly, Sigma, they look like normal ships, just a little bit odder. I used "spaceship" pictures that don't show much metal or such. Some are just blobs of color, while others actually look like insects or animals in space. It's a varied bunch.

The ones that I describe myself are even stranger
@Hael So, been wondering, what with xim ships being organic, what do they look like anyway?

You'll see!


You're accepted! Glad you're here!

Slow day today.

As I said, I'm going to be busy for a couple of days. I was hoping this would be able to move on without me trying to stir up conversation every now and then
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