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Somewhere in the East

“Fajar” Fajar shuddered as his name was called, falling immediately to his knees.

“Yes my lord?” Fajar said, keeping his gaze fixed to the floor. He always felt chilled to the bone when speaking to his lord, but it was far worse today than normal. He risked glancing up just enough to see his lords armored legs, noticing a second pair nearby. So that was why.

“Are your troops prepared?” Fajar’s lord asked.

“They are my lord. We can march West at first light tomorrow if it is your wish.”

“Our wishes matter little. Don’t they Lord Goscelin?” The guest of Fajar’s lord let out a short laugh.

“You will head out at first light then.” Fajar’s lord, Goscelin, said with a grunt. “You may go.”

“Of course my lord.” Fajar rose to his feet and gave one long bow before turning and leaving. Never before had he been so thankful to receiving orders to march to war.

Once Fajar had left Goscelin turned to his companion and asked “How goes your preparations Llyr?”

“Very well.” Llyr answered. “If matters in Lynnfaire remain as they are… well let’s just say things are settling into place exactly as I want. And if Lynnfaire’s internal troubles ends early… well I’ve a few plans for that too.”

“Just be sure that your games gets the results we desire.” Goscelin said with a bit of venom in his tone.

“They always do.” Llyr calmly responded. After a moment he asked “Where is Ynyr?”

“Last I saw he was charging off to Utrye.”

“By himself? Why?”

“He sensed the shrine of a Fallen One.

Llyr didn’t respond for a moment. “Well he is ever the valiant one.”

“That he is.” Goscelin agreed.

Farwest Sea

Word of trading ships coming to Osentia from some far Eastern country called Yattunys had spread all the way to Olira in recent days. It was thus that the merchants of the region were filled with hope when sightings of unidentified ships began. These hopes were soon crushed, however, as the types of ships, known as Junks, were not only distinctly different from those of Yattunys but also quite hostile to all the shipping in the region.

Sailors were becoming increasingly afraid of the Junks, which were proving themselves to be pirates time and time again. Worse yet, there was seemingly little local sailors could do about the issue on their own, as each of these ships apparently had a skilled mage as part of the crew. The good news was that should a ship surrender to a Junk without fighting, the crew and ship were left unharmed, although its cargo was stolen. That is if the Junk flew a black flag.

The Red Junks, as they were known due to the red flag they flew, were another matter entirely. They didn’t seem to care about stealing cargo so much as simply sinking ships and killing their crews. Some sailors even claimed that the Red Junks were enslaving the crews of defeating ships, although there was no real evidence to support this.

While the problem of the Junks is thus far small, it has been rapidly becoming a much larger threat. If not handled swiftly, the Junks may prove to be too much of a threat for even the combined might of several countries fleets.

Guild screwed up on me. >.>

Edit: So I finally got a post up. Its small, yes, sort of just getting me back into the grove after 2 weeks of inactivity. Next week shit is going to get real though!

An important note: I'm going to be cleaning out the RP. If you do not post or contact me by Friday I will remove you from the map.
@Helios You can move over to the character tab. (I would like to see more info about your heroes though). Sorry for the delay on getting back to you.
Hey guys, sorry for not having a post up yet. Been feeling like shit for the last few days. That said I won't be getting two posts up this week like I had originally intended, but I'll definitely get one up by Friday. If I don't you can take me out back and Old Yeller my ass.
Alright guys. Vacation is basically over. Its my intent to have a post up both Monday and Friday this next week to kick things back into gear.
@Landoval13 Looks good. You can move over to the character tab when ready.
Yurnero has informed me that he no longer wishes to participate, so his slot is now open.
<Snipped quote by Darkspleen>

Yo, don't scare me like that.

Oh my god! Lol. I didn't even notice I'd spelled the name wrong.
Unfortunately I need to travel out of town for the next few days, so in all likelihood I won't be getting the normal GM post up on Friday. Instead I'll shoot for later in the weekend. I will have access to the internet, so I'll be able to communicate while I'm away.

Also I'm going to make the following weekend an RPing vacation, so I won't be posting during that time and I won't expect anyone else to post as well. If you wish to post during that time you are free to however.
@Silvir I appreciate your interest in this RP. Unfortunately I feel that your sheet in its current form indicates that you are not up to an advanced writing standard which is a requirement to participate in this RP. While I do recognize that the sheet you posted is a WIP, I want you to realize that you do have a fair amount of refinement to do in order to bring it up to advanced standards.
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