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Imperial Palace, Floyn Thal System, Empire of Astrana

Sebastian plodded up to the massive set of double doors that led to the throne room, looking up at the pair of guards who towered over him, but outweighed him only due to their heavy armor. The guards silently opened the door for Sebastian, performing the action while keeping their gazes fixed to the front. They had seen Sebastian more than enough to question whether or not he should be allowed in. At one time they had feared him, an irrational emotion given their heavy armor, but now they viewed him with either fondness or indifference.

Sebastian plodded into the throne room without giving the guards another look, his gaze focused on the three figures that occupied the room. The three beings he loved most in the world. There was father, seated atop his throne, quiet and thoughtful as ever. Lucretia was currently speaking. Despite her quiet words he could sense and undertone of frustration as she spoke, so different from all the times she had let him nap on her bed. Henry was always quick to slip Sebastian a piece of jerky or other treat, but at the moment his focus was turned away from Sebastian. He cut off Lucretia, his voice becoming louder and more angry as he and his sister began to argue.

Sebastian didn’t like it when Henry and Lucretia fought. There was only one thing he could do to stop them. He took a deep breath before letting out a fierce roar.

***** ***** *****

All eyes turned towards Sebastian as he let out a roar, the throne room becoming quiet. They all knew that they had nothing to fear from the white tiger, but centuries old instincts had them freezing and going quiet regardless. After a moment the emperor of Astrana let out a soft chuckle. “Looks like Sebastian didn’t like hearing you two argue.”

“He never does” Lucretia agreed. The imperial family had long had an informal rule that, should Sebastian let out a roar, they were to cease arguing immediately. Sebastian was both a mascot and pet of the imperial family, as had all Sebastians before him had. Ever since the Martians had gifted the emperor a white tiger, centuries ago, the family had maintained one as a pet, naming each one Sebastian after the original Sebastian, regardless of whether they were male or female.

Henry let out a frustrated sigh, earning him a glare from the emperor. “So what are we going to do about that Ressie offensive? Should I tell the Admiralty to send more warships?”

The emperor thought for a moment before saying “I find myself agreeing with your sister on this. We will not send additional forces to aid the Resurrectionists.” After a moment, perhaps feeling that he needed to give Henry something, he added “But we will continue our planned naval exercises to the galactic south. In fact… let’s expand it a bit and see if we can draw some of the Coalition’s attention away from the Resurrection for a bit.” He gave a gesture of dismissal as he said “Henry, you can oversee these orders.”
A Spleen x Iso production

Xakolant System - Local Command Station

Under the careful guidance of Commodore Sinnett, the small Astranan flotilla settled into its assigned docking bays. The ships had barely settled into place before a stream of marines disembarked to partake in the oldest marine tradition of all time, that of liberty.

Having been asked by the prince what exactly liberty entailed, Sinnett had simply shrugged and said “Getting drunk and engaging with the local women. But mostly just getting drunk.”

A small contingent of Resurrectionist soldiers flanking a diminutive man in a navy uniform made their way to through the veritable tide of Astranan sailors on their way to drink away their sorrows until they reached Sinnett and his charge. The navy man greeted the foreign Commodore with a crisp salute, “Lord Commodore Sinnett and company I presume? I’ve been instructed to shuttle you to the primary command post in this system.”

“Very good, very good.” Sinnett answered. “Is there anything we should be made aware of before meeting with your commanding officer?”

The man beckoned for them to walk while they spoke before he replied, “Regarding that, it seems the third fleet arrived for reinforcement just after you. On it was the acting High Admiral, one Olivia Lahti, she’s decided to attend the meeting alongside the systems nominal commanding officer Rear Admiral Thomas Hall. I hope this isn’t an unwelcome surprise, I was not made aware of it until a moment ago.”

“If anything its most welcome” Sinnett said, letting a small smile appear on his face.

“Acting High Admiral?” Isaac echoed, speaking up for the first time. “Is that not a permanent position in your navy?”

“It is, however the current High Admiral on the books was demoted in absentia after the unfortunate setback two years ago. It is custom not to formally strip an individual of rank unless it can be done in person, and as the former High Admiral remains cut off from support he has yet to be formally relieved. Ah, here we are.” The man gestured at a door which lead to a small private dock where a conventional transport shuttle sat. Its pilots had been lounging against it and straightened up quickly at the entrance of their superior, their contrite salutes evidence enough they’d not meant to get caught.

“I see” Isaac said in a tone that made it abundantly clear that he actually didn’t. He stepped towards the transport, but stopped as Sinnett placed a restraining hand on his shoulder. Isaac gave the commodore a questioning look before realizing that he had been delayed so two of his four personal guards could check the interior. A few moments later one of the guards gave Sinnett a quiet nod, after which he removed his hand from Isaac’s shoulder. Isaac waiting a moment before taking first one step towards the transport and then entering.

“Two years is a long time to remain cut off from supply” Sinnett commented as if the event with Isaac and his guards had never taken place. “Are your lines really stretched that thin?”

Their escort shook his head, “No. The former High Admiral permitted the ninth fleet to be trapped in a pocket during a surprise Scorpine counter offensive. The Scorpine have refrained from assaulting the pocket, preferring to starve it out, and so we’ve focused on consolidating our gains so our eventual offensive can end the war in one go. At least, that is my understanding. You’ll have to forgive me Lord Commodore, I’m not terribly involved in the decision making of the admiralty or War Council.”

“Of course.” Sinnett said as he himself stepped into the transport. “I thank you for your candor in this subject.” He took a seat next to where Isaac was and belted himself in. “I must say that it is quite an honor to have the acting High Admiral meet with the commander of a mere flotilla.” He glanced at Isaac before adding “Or is it someone else she is hoping to speak with?”

As the transports ramp retracted and doors closed the navy man admitted, “I couldn’t say. It might just be auspicious timing, what with the third fleet returning around your arrival.”

“I suppose so” Sinnett said after a moment.

The shuttle took off with little fanfare, only a slight vibration providing evidence of the vessels enormous acceleration. The flight to the command post was brief and before those aboard knew it the shuttle had landed in a wide hanger. The Resurrectionist guards and their leader departed first, the last guard to step off beckoning for the Astranans to follow.

The delegation waiting for them this time was a great deal more remarkable. At their head Olivia Lahti struck a notable presence, her hair as white as her uniform and her cybernetic eyes taking tracking those leaving the shuttle with unsettling focus. Beside her an affable looking man with a bushy brown beard and a good fewer bars on his uniform smiled widely, his nameplate revealing him as Thomas Hall.

“Lady Admiral Lahti I presume” Sinnett said after rendering a salute. It wasn’t exactly required that he salute an officer from another country, but it was good decorum. “May I introduce you to His Highness Prince Isaac?” He gestured towards the prince who rendered a slight bow.

Olivia returned Sinnetts salute and extended a hand to the prince, “Prince Isaac, Lord Commodore Sinnett, a pleasure to receive you.”

“The pleasure is mine” Isaac said as he eagerly shook Olivia’s hand. “Lady Lahti-” A cough from Sinnett had Isaac quickly rephrasing “Lady Admiral Lahti I hope you will see fit to share some of your wisdom with me.” Sinnett rolled his eyes but refrained from commenting.

Olivia gave the Prince a smile and stepped back, “Now then, there’s a meeting room just off the hanger here. I’ll be here to answer any questions, and perhaps ask some myself, but it is the Rear Admiral here that’s been preparing for this meeting and who’ll be largely leading it.”

Thomas Hall stepped up and saluted Sinnett before grinning widely, “Indeed! Come Lord Commodore, we have much to discuss!”

“Of course” Sinnett returned the salute. “Of course.” He and the rest of the Astranans followed Hall into the meeting room before he asked “So what is our first piece of business today?”

Hall gestured for Sinnett and the Prince to seat themselves in few chairs set around a large oaken table before he took his own spot and replied, “Well before we can plan on how best to integrate your force into the greater war effort we’ll need to know if you’ve received any overriding orders regarding your rules of engagement. Are there any specific actions you’ll find yourself unable to participate in, for example?”

“In short” Sinnett said as he took a seat, “I’ve been told to not fuck with any Coalition troops” The sudden foul language had Isaac flinching. “That word was His Imperial Majesty’s, not mine, by the way. And to act with honor. So no attacking hospitals or non combatant civilians.”

Hall and Olivia shared a look before Hall nodded, “That’s uh, more than acceptable. Most of the actions at the front are military in nature, though of course there are insurgent elements mixed in with the Scorpine forces. I trust that won’t be an issue?”

“We’ll have no trouble engaging any combatants” Sinnett answered. “And while we will try to limit the amount of civilian casualties we cause, we are going into this with the understanding that there will be some collateral damage.”

Hall’s smile returned, “Ah, of course. Well with that out of the way the question is what unit to attach you to, most are preparing for the upcoming offensive but I’m more than willing to leave it up to you to decide if you’d rather be the tip of the spear or its base.”

“We’re definitely hoping to get our troops some good combat experience.” Sinnett said. “We are, in part, intervening in this conflict to help ensure we have enough veterans qualified to serve as cataphracts.”

“So the tip” Isaac said with the smile of a teen who had just made a sexual pun.

“The Brilliant” Sinnett ignored Isaac’s comment, “my flagship that is, is set up in an assault configuration, so we’ve got about half the aircraft you’d normally expect. Of course that’s because we have an armored battalion, an infantry battalion, a company of Imperial guards, and a platoon of paragons.”

“Paragons?” Isaac was suddenly very focused on Sinnett, who seemed to be making a point of ignoring the prince’s one-liners.

Olivia had remained silent but pointedly raised an eyebrow at the Princes innuendo. However, at his question she said, “Special forces, if I recall correctly?”

“You do” Sinnett stated simply.

“They’re the best we have” Isaac added. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them being deployed.”

“They are the best we’ve heard of” Sinnett corrected. “And trust me, your father has had many uses for them over the past decade.”

Hall nearly replied before Olivia put a hand on his shoulder to indicate she had more to say, “Would you prefer they be deployed alongside your forces, or with autonomy? There is a… Representative of our own nations Irregular Operations Division aboard the station at the moment, if you’d rather they be deployed with discretion she could arrange for such to be case.”

“Honestly I would prefer to keep them close at hand” Sinnett begun, “but I’ve seen some of their best work, and it always takes place long before our troops are anywhere nearby. I’ll send their CO to your spec-ops division so they can work something out.”

Olivia nodded and gestured for Hall to move on, “Right, well I’ll admit I’m reluctant to put you right in harm's way but given the scale of the fleet actions being planned I’m certain a commander of your experience will come out better than most. In that case I’ll offer to assign you to the fourth fleet, they’re being equipped to lead the charge to open the northern pocket and relieve the fifth fleet. Now as for a time frame there I’m no-”

Olivia cut him off, “It will be within the month. Understand that such is highly privileged information Lord Commodore, and while I’m providing you it with the understanding I am sharing it with the Astranan government I would prefer you personally distribute it as little as you are able.”

“Should I interpret that as a desire that I not pass this information back to Astrana?” Sinnett asked in a neutral tone.

“Not precisely.” Olivia met Sineett’s eyes, “I am asking that you pass it to as few elements within Astrana as you are able. If possible, just the one I know you are accountable to. I don’t mean to question the integrity of your government, but as of now information security procedures have limited this knowledge to the highest State and War Councils of my own government. In total and at present, this information is known to just under a hundred individuals in the galaxy. For thirty years we’ve pushed the Scorpine back slowly, methodically, I merely ask you to understand the stakes when I say this offensive is meant to end the conflict once and for all.”

Sinnett simply shrugged. “I’m not required or even obligated to report the specifics of ongoing or planned operations unless I have a reasonable belief they’ll cause harm to Astrana or the Imperial family. Is there any message you specifically want me to pipe back to my government?”

Olivia drummed her fingers against the table, “I received orders directly from the War Council to inform you of the date we intend to act. The request that you limit that informations dissemination is my own. I won’t pretend to understand the intentions of the War Council, though I imagine they wouldn’t have issued the order without meaning for it to end up in the hands of your government. Personally, I’d have rather not informed you at all and thus the request you report to as few individuals as possible. That said, even as the acting High Admiral I am forced to submit to a higher power.”

“I’ll keep that in mind while making my next report to my superiors” Sinnett said. For a moment he looked supremely tired. But his weariness disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. “There will be no operational leaks on our end.”

Olvia nodded and leaned back, Hall scratched his beard and awkwardingly picked up the conversation, confusion evident on his features, “Well then. We know where to put you and, uh, when I suppose. If you’re willing to wait the month you can coordinate with the fourth fleet from here on, is that acceptable?”

“As long as you don’t mind a battalion of rowdy soldiers on your station for a month” Sinnett agreed with a smile. “Morale is high and our men are ready to show their prowess in battle.”

Hall, as much as he kept his expression neutral, paled. With a weak smile he backpedaled, “I’m uh, sure there are actions taking place right now. High Admiral! Is there anything these gentlemen can do to further the war effort in the next month?”

Olivia openly rolled her eyes, “Yes, there is. Lord Commodore if you’re interested the battle on Hestollon II is still ongoing, and it is unlikely the Scorpine will commit another fleet there after our third fleets victory there mere days ago. A reserve fleet is currently guarding the planets space, but less than a quarter of the planet has been secured by our forces.”

Sinnett let out a short chuckle at Hall’s discomfort. “I’m not sure what good we could do in less than a month, but if you want us there that’s where we’ll go.”

Olivia smiled, “I don’t expect you to conquer a world in a month, but I can’t imagine experience dealing with Scorpine regulars wouldn’t be valuable to your soldiers. They’re a capable enemy, even if you’ll never hear our news admit it. I’d be more comfortable committing you to the front in a months time knowing you’ve had prior experience engaging the Scorpine anyhow.”

“Very good then.” Sinnett stated. “We’ll focus our efforts to reconnaissance in force and supporting your troops in combat in order to acquire as much knowledge as possible while limiting how much our fighting strength is depleted before the big operation. Is there anything else we need to discuss?” He looked at Olivia and Hall each.

Hall glanced at Olivia and she shook her head, with a shrug of his own he spoke, “Not that I can see, we’ll provide you with an attache to smooth out any disputes with the local forces but beyond that I imagine our business here is concluded.”
Floyn Thal System, Empire of Astrana

“There he goes.” Lucretia whispered as she felt a slight tremor roll over the ship. She kept her gaze locked through the viewport, hoping to catch one last view of the coffin as it began its journey towards the star. There it was! She caught sight of the coffin for just an instant and then it was gone.

She ignored the hustle and bustle behind her. The sound of soldiers raising their ceremonial rifles. The call of the officer to ‘Present Arms’ and fire. The sound of the blanks discharging. The posh. The ceremony. None of it mattered to her.

“He goes to rest with our ancestors.” Her twin brother startled her as he placed his hand on her shoulder. She could hear an undercurrent of anger in his voice and couldn’t blame him. When she thought of what the Martians had done to them she couldn’t help but feel outraged as well and she had always been more calm and level headed than her brother.

“At least he can continue to watch over us” Lucretia said, trying to sooth her brother a bit. “And his light shall wash over the throne forever more.” Her brother gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze before he turned away from her, towards the pomp and ceremony.

“Your highnesses!” Lucretia let out a sigh as a man approached. She kept her gaze locked on the viewport as the man continued. “Allow me to offer you my condolences for the passing of your grandfather. May his light shine on us forever more.”

“Thank you Lord Meyers” Lucretia’s brother answered. Lucretia tuned the remainder of the conversation out, content to let her brother handle the lords and ladies that would soon come swarming. He could act as her shield this one last time.

On board the Brilliant, Xakloant System, Great Resurrection Territory

“That’s quite the setup they have here” Isaac Stuart, fourth prince of the Astranan Empire commented.

“This is the Resurrection’s forward operating base in the region” Commodore Sinnett didn’t sound especially impressed. “Those shipyards” He indicated towards a map on the bridge with the sweep of his arm, “are set up for retrofitting ships. Useful to be sure, but not exactly what I’d want at a navy base this close to the front.”

Isaac raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment further as Sinnett began giving orders that would bring his ship, an Illustrious-class escort carrier, and the four leopard-class frigates escorting it closer to the Resurrectionist facilities. The reason behind the Astranan arrival in the region was well known, to provide aid to the Resurrectionists in their ‘little’ war. Isaac had been assigned to the ship so that Sinnett could act as a teacher of sorts.

“I have a question.” Isaac said once Sinnett was done giving orders.

“Just one? That’s rare.” Sinnett’s response was enough to cause Isaac to scowl. He looked over his shoulder towards the two Imperial guards who stood at the rear of the bridge. The junior of the two guards did his utmost to not look Isaac in the eyes while the senior simply shrugged.

“Why aren’t we hiding the fact that we’re helping the Resurrectionists?”

“Hiding? Hell your father has made it damned sure the Coalition knows exactly what we are up to.” Sinnett answered.

When no further explanation was forthcoming Isaac pressed further. “Why?”

“Because he doesn’t want to fight a war with the Coalition.” After a moment Sinnett glanced at Isaac and, obviously seeing the prince’s confusion, admitted “I probably should walk you through that Your Highness. Right now we are not at war with the Coalition and they aren’t at war with the Resurrectionists. Chances are they are preparing to send troops to aid the scorpines, if they haven’t done so already. Now even when those troops arrive they still won’t officially be at war with the Resurrectionists. Much like we are, they’ll hide behind the fiction of sending a peacekeeping force.”

“Why would we allow them to do this?”

“For two reasons. First barring a major commitment of Coalition forces, Resurrectionist victory in this war is all but assured. Secondly to fully prevent Coalition intervention we would have to wage war on them and even then we couldn’t prevent them from interfering. Now as long neither of our peacekeeping forces actually attacks the other we can both continue to not be at war with each other.”

“And that’s why we’ve made no attempt to hide our involvement?” Isaac asked.

“As I’ve said before, His Imperial Majesty has made damned sure the Coalition knows exactly what we are doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sent the Coalition the exact date we left Astranan space and everything. He’s personally ordered me to set up a direct hotline with any Coalition force in the region once we’ve identified them. That way we can both be sure to dance around each other.”

“That’s insane.” Sinnett grinned at Isaac. “So despite the fact that we are both sending forces to fight in someone else’s war, we are both going to do our best not to shoot at each other?”

“Assuming the Coalition doesn’t want to fight us for real, yes.” Sinnett answered.

“And if they do want to fight us?” The only answer Isaac received was a small shrug.

Here's an updated version of my sheet. Still a WIP.

Still very much a WIP, but this is what I've got thus far.

The Planets and Territories under the Protection of the Imperial Crown of Astrana

The Empire of Astrana

Brief Description

Astrana is a human-centric country that tries to balance a strong autocratic ruler with the protections of more liberal forms of governments. While not necessarily anti-xeno, it is exceedingly rare for a xeno, or any immigrant for that matter, to gain citizenship in Astrana. Astrana does allow some foreigners to live in the country under a long-term residency status and it does encourage foreigners, both human and xeno, to come as tourists, but its society as a whole shows little interest in allowing immigration and dealing with the issue of having multiple ethnicities. Astranan emperors of the past focused on conquest, but over the past hundred years there has been little interest in conquest, with the emphasis being on the expansion of the country’s economy.

Claim: (As stated in the OOC, keep it smaller than usual; the empires have fallen.)


Type: Constitutional Monarchy/Liberal Autocracy
The government is ruled by the reigning monarch, whose powers are limited by a constitution. A parliamentary body, elected by individual planetary populations, helps with the administration of the government while ensuring that the needs of the citizens are met without infringing upon their constitutional rights. The reigning monarch assigns viceroys to govern over star systems and individual planets; these viceroys in turn have a counterpart parliamentary body that deals with the system or planet’s laws and taxation. These viceroy assignments are held until the viceroy either dies, retires, or is recalled by the monarch.

Perhaps the single greatest power of the parliament (both Imperial and planetary) is its control over taxation rights. Constitutionally it is the parliament that sets tax rates, collects taxes, and sets the government’s budget. While reigning monarchs do have their own personal holdings to gather funds from, these are not nearly enough to meet the needs of the government, thus giving the parliament great leverage over the monarch.



Technological Overview

Astrana possesses fairly advanced energy weaponry in the form of particle beams which can even be used in strike craft and armored vehicles. Shielding for spacecraft is commonplace and even some infantry possess personal shields. A few choice pieces of technology, such as the zero point generator and widespread use of cyberware, does make Astrana stand out slightly.


Astrana’s military is divided into two general components: the Imperial Armed Forces (shortened to AIAF) and the planetary self defence forces (PSDF). The Imperial Armed Forces themselves are divided into three branches: the Navy, the Ground Forces, and the Aerospace Forces.The Imperial Armed forces have very high standards for recruitment and training that, while resulting in fewer personnel overall, ensure that AIAF troops are amongst the best. AIAF prefers firepower and mobility over defense. The planetary self defense forces usually end up with those who didn’t meet the high standards of the AIAF. As their names indicate, the PSDF’s roles include protection of planets, anti-pirate operations, and rescue operations.


There are three generally accepted classes in Astranan society: the imperial family, the nobility, and the commoners. As the name indicates, the imperial family is the ruling class in the empire. The nobility is made up of viceroys, military officers, and those given a permanent title by the monarch. Anyone can technically become a noble. This is accomplished by either progressing in rank to an officer position in the military, or being granted a title by the imperial family. The commoners are a bit different from the other classes as they are easily subdivided into other classes that include indentured servants, business entrepreneurs, and high level politicians.

Most people view the military as an honorable, and desirable, career choice. This is not only because it can lead to a title of nobility, but also because it was the military that held the Zuukid back, preventing them from wreaking havoc on Astrana’s worlds. The saying “Shield of the people, Sword of the Emperor” is often used to describe the military’s duel nature as the defenders of Astrana’s citizens, while also the tool by which the monarchy destroys its enemies. This mentality of the Astranan people, as well as strong traditions in the military itself, has allowed the military to serve as an important pillar of society while also preventing any kind of military coups or general corruption that stems from an overly influential military. Another interesting saying that has come from the military is “Its come to the cataphracts.” The saying meaning that ‘they have broken through and this is the last thing we can do to respond.’ It's a pragmatic and optimistic saying as it is essentially saying “there’s a major problem and its time for the real adults to step in and fix this.”

While Kineticism was once the dominant faith in Astrana, it is now practiced by only a small minority of the population.The dominant faith in Astrana is currently the Faith of the Children of the Stars. The Faith of the Children of the Stars is less a religion and more of a spiritual outlook and moral/philosophical framework. Important components of the faith involve viewing the stars as being the “birthmothers of all life” and reverence of the ancestors.


~98% Ethnic Astranans (Humans)
<2% Other species and non-Astranan humans






Just waiting to see what was up with everyone else.
“We fled as soon as word spread ‘bout the army.” The peasant began as he settled down next to his wife. She flashed him a smile that was not quite full of teeth as she handed him a bowl of soup. The peasant happily took the bowl and an offered spoon, letting out a contented groan as he shoveled a spoonful of the soup into his mouth. “Bes’ meat we’ve had ‘n days.”

“Only meat we’ve had ‘n days.” His wife corrected.

“Are you quite sure this army belongs to the Salishid?” Arlana asked as peasants had another spoonful of soup. She was beginning to regret going through the effort of catching a coyote in order to essentially bribe the pair into speaking to her. It would’ve been easier to simply threaten to have Carr eat them.

“Nope.” The peasant answered, an amused smile spread across his face. Arlana wasn’t quite sure what amused him so much. Was it her accent or mannerisms? “Bu’ they come from the Rainlands. Who else could they be?”

“You believe they are headed for Zar Vorgal?” Arlana pulled a map out of her bag. “Couldn’t they be headed to Zar Endal instead?”

“Mayhaps.” The peasant answered before bringing his bowl of soup up to his lips and tipping it back to drink.

“The guardsmen seemed certain they were headed our way.” His wife answered.

Arlana let out a soft sigh as she pondered the situation. If her understanding of the situation was correct, even if the tribe traveled with all due haste it would arrive at Zar Vorgal well after the battle had ended. Of course she wasn’t sure that fighting the Salishid at this point would be in her tribe’s best interests, so perhaps that was for the best. It did offer an interesting opportunity however. If they arrived shortly after the battle perhaps they could scrounge up some tools or weapons from the battlefield. How many more kukris or falcatas could they make with the metal left after a battle?

“Anything else we can do fer you miss?” The peasant asked as he rose to his feet, having finished his meal.

Arlana shook her head. “Thank you.” After a moment she added “You can have the pelt.”

“Fer real?” The peasant’s eyes light up. Arlana had barely nodded in confirmation before he had snatched up the pelt. He would need whatever goods he could scrounge up in order to start a new life with his wife. Wherever they decided to try and settle down.

Arlana watched as the peasant couple left, heading West. Once they were a good distance away she wrote a quick note and gave it to Gwri. “Take this to the chief.”

Gwri gave one happy bark before bounding off towards the West as well, although his destination took him on a more Southern route than the peasant couple. Arlana wouldn’t lead her tribe straight to Zar Vorgal. That would be too risky given how little she know. Zar Endal, however, could prove to be a good place to gather some more information.
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