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High Orbit Around Roflax, Asna System, Humankind Empire of Astrana

“Intensify forward firepower.”

“Incoming fire!”

“You’ve got one on your tail!”

“Boarding parties deployed.”

“We need reinforcemeeeeents!”

A history professor once told Octavia: Violence is what people do when they run out of good ideas. Its attractive because it's simple, it's direct, it's almost always available as an option. When you can’t think of a good rebuttal for your opponent's argument, you can always punch them in the face. Octavia was inclined to agree in most situations. But there would always be those situations where diplomacy was no longer an affordable luxury. When stating one’s opinion resulted in one’s murder, such as Humanity United was prone to doing to its opponents, it was time for violence. When one’s neighbor took a flamethrower and began to burn down your house, such as their Daisan were doing to the Federation, their reasoning behind doing so suddenly became much less important than simply forcing them to stop.

“Lady Admiral” Octavia’s squire said, “a formation of government ships is moving towards sector blue-3-bravo.” The battleship that was part of the hostile formation would be a nuisance if allowed to get behind Octavia’s ships.

Imperil, Herald, Valiant” Octavia listed off the three closest battlecruiser to the hostile battleship “destroy that ship.” She didn’t need to specify which ship she meant, her squire had already done that for her.

“Understood my lady.”

“Yes Lady Admiral.”

“Barrage away.” Particle beams were already reaching out towards the battleship in a concentrated barrage from the three battlecruisers by the time their captains had confirmed the order.

Two fighters raced Octavia’s field of vision. The next instant the lead had disappeared into a cloud of flames and debris. Octavia, despite herself, couldn’t help but flinch away at how close they fighters had come. The battle had been a harsh one, still was, but it was coming to a close. Octavia’s fleet had come charging into the system in such a way that the system’s defenders were left scattered. Over half of their capital ships had already been destroyed and those left were either in full retreat or fully engaged in a losing battle. That left the series of stations serving as minor shipyards relatively undefended.

“Lord Major Rosson” Octavia said, knowing her Squire had already connected her to the marine officer. “What is your status?”

“We are in the cleanup stage of the operation, my lady.” The marine responded. Octavia could hear the tell-tail crack of small arms firing in the background. “The two heavy cruisers are, as we expected, almost fully operational. They’d have been firing at us along with the defenders if we’d waited a few more weeks.”

“And the light cruisers?”

“Non Operational.” She could hear the frustration in Rosson’s voice. Destroying government ships was good and all, but stealing them was worth three times as much. “They don’t even have functional maneuvering thrusters yet. Shall we set demolitions charges? We have enough to destroy the light cruisers and the shipyards.”

It took Octavia only a moment to contemplate her options. “Leave them, both light cruisers and the shipyards intact. Let’s not wreck industrial facilities that we’ll be wanting for the fight against the Daisan.”

“Understood Lady Admiral. We’ll be ready to depart in fifteen minutes.”

All had gone according to plan. This time. The Coalition for Imperial Constitutionalism wouldn’t hold the system for long, but it had never intended to. Instead of trying to take the system’s planet by force, wrecking the planet’s infrastructure and industrial capacity while draining the rebel’s resources, they would instead take what they wanted and then make a dashing escape before government forces loyal to Humanity United reinforced the defenders. For once all had gone according to plan.

Arkford, Blit Star System, Humankind Empire of Astrana

You are to kill every single person found out on the streets captain.” The black shirt said. “This farce has gone on for long enough.”

“I must of misheard you” Lord Captain Noel Dupuy said. “For a moment I thought that you gave me the unconstitutional order to kill on sight any citizen in this city.”

“These citizens are rioting.” The black shirt said, a raised eyebrow belying his indignation at having to explain himself.

“They are protesting peacefully” Captain Dupuy countered. He gestured towards the crowd of humans standing before the two men. The crowd held signs plastered with anti-Humanity United slogans as they chanted their demands for the party to step down from its position of power.

“We do not distinguish between rioters and protesters.

“Perhaps you don’t, but I do.” Captain Dupuy said. “As do my men. And even if we didn’t we still wouldn’t shoot them. We do not shoot unarmed civilians.” The argument had drawn the attention of a few nearby soldiers, who were even now beginning to crowd around so they could listen in.

“Very well” The black shirt let out a long sigh, “if you will not listen to reason than I will have no choice but to charge you with dereliction of duty. Sergeant” He turned to a nearby soldier, “Please arrest Lord Captain Dupuy and notify his XO that he is now in command.” When the sergeant stood unmoving the black shirt said “Sergeant? You have your orders.”

“No one here will listen to your orders.” Captain Dupuy stated. “You are hereby under arrest for breaching article seven, clause two of the IGF code of conduct. Sergeant, remove this piece of trash from my sight.”

“What you can’t-” The black shirt began.

“Yes my lord!” The sergeant gave a smart salute before manhandling the black shirt away.

“And now we wait to see what the fleet does…” The captain muttered to himself.

ISF Undoubting, Low Orbit around Arkford, Blit Star System, Humankind Empire of Astrana

“So in short,” Lord Admiral Lolande summarized, “the IGF on Arkford are refusing our orders and placed all the black shirts under arrest while allowing the riots to continue.”

“That is correct sir.” The captain of the battleship Undoubting said. “Its nothing to be overly concerned over. There are only a few battalions planetside anyways. Just give the order and we’ll send the marines in to reestablish control over the planet.”

“I have another idea.” The admiral said. “Captain prepare for planetary bombardment. Target the planet’s capital city. I want nothing left of that city.”

“Uh… You want to bombard the whole city? Shall I issue an evacuation order?”

“Heavens no. We want to kill them all, don’t we?”

“...Them?” The captain asked with a deep frown.

“Why the rebels of course. And not just the soldiers. Those so called ‘citizens’ down there are also guilty of treason. Now prepare the bombardment.”

“I… Yes my lord.” The captain turned away from the admiral. “Prepare for orbital bombardment! Target Arkford’s capital city.”

“Ye- yes my lord! Preparing orbital bombardment. Target: Arkford’s capital city.”

Pleased with himself, Admiral Lolande tuned out the going’s on of the bridge for a few moments until something said by an officer caught his attention.

“Sir! The destroyer Argent has moved into our line of fire. Its captain is requesting that we hold off on our bombardment.”

Lolande yet out a long sigh before saying “Just destroy the Argent if it insists on rebelling as well.”

“I,” The captain began only to rethink whatever it was he was about to say. “Aye sir. Gunnery. Target the ISF Argent. Now fire.”

ISF Argent has gone silent.” An officer reported. “Its breaking up. No escape pods launched. All hands lost.”

“Excellent.” Admiral Lolande said. “Now captain, continue with the bombardme-”

“Sir!” Another officer shouted. “The battleship Warspite is broadcasting to the entire fleet.”

“Let’s hear it” the Captain said.

A moment later the voice of Warspite’s captain could be heard throughout the bridge. “Warspite will not follow the orders of a fleet admiral who is willing to fire upon his own fleet. This action, along with the intent to destroy a city of the Empire, is an act of treason. This ship will now act to purge the Empire of this filth. All loyal subjects of the Empire to arms!”

Admiral Lolande let out another sigh. “Captain destroy the Warspite, then commence the bombardment.”

“The battleships [i]Warspite, Repulse, Indomitable, as well as several battlecruisers, heavy cruisers and numerous screens have just formed their own command net!” An officer reported a moment before the Undoubting began to shake. “They have us outnumbered three to one!”

“Oh shit.” The captain muttered. It was those words, more than anything else, that caused the blood to drain from Admiral Lolande’s face.

“Captain!” Lolande shouted. “Hail the rest of the fleet. Tactical retreat. We’ll return with more forces later!”
Still very much a work in progress, but here's what I've been working on.

OCC is now officially up:…
Nation sheets go here. Please acquire approval from a a GM before posting here.

Credit goes to Willy for actually making the sheet outline for us, and for those of you who don't know, click raw and copy paste the bbcode into docs and type it in that way so it's already formatted when you post it in guild! Thank you.
History has a sickening way of repeating itself. So many species survived the threat of annihilating themselves via nuclear war on their homeworlds, only to point those same weapons at their neighbors the moment they colonized space. Quaint ideas such as fascism and monarchism reappeared. War, it seems, is inevitable regardless of the era.

Welcome to Galaxy Aflame! Here we have a prety large and spacious galaxy full of story and adventure, but let's get to the specifics. There are currently three known civilizations (since you guys have yet to make any [not your fault, there are no sheets :O].) One civilization that I will call the Feds (Sigma), one I will call the Empire (Spoon) and one I will call the Daisan Order, or Order (Gold).

So for many generations there had been rumors of entire civilizations disappearing in the outer rim of the galaxy, the causes were attributed to legends of internal strife, civil wars, and classic hubris... but what we of the shallow space didn't know was that none of that was true. Many years ago a species set off to protect their own chance of survival and turned on their political allies and friends, their war machines revved and factories were erected. Soon a massive droid army took over all neighboring systems, with each planet being cored to build even more war machines or colonized through intense terraforming, indigenous species were annihilated. Entire systems and civilizations have been stripped and cored, or blasted to such a degree they are unrecognizable. Dead planets began popping up, and crazy contraptions began to spread from the rim... and we had no idea.. until five years ago.

On an Urban planet owned by the feds, a quiet summer morning heralded a event that would shake the galaxy. As people commuted to work, hollered out their goods, and talked with their friends and family, the Deep space menace came without warning. A massive metallic spike ripped through the atmosphere, scarring the plumb morning sky with streaks of fire. As it crashed into the urban center a massive explosion erupted and soon more spikes plummeted from space, pounding the planet. Those that survived the impacts soon realized that these spikes were factories, and they had already begun pumping out terrifying droids of horror and battle, the planet was quickly conquered. Only after the fall of a few more planets in a similar fashion did the Feds get a name for their antagonist: The Daisan Order... the label clearly printed on the breastplate of a destroyed battle droid.

Quickly the Empire sprung into action, with it's impressive armada and massive military backing the feds the two managed to hold off the massive droid hordes. For five years the two civilizations slowed the process of the Order, but now civil war has broken out in the Empire: will this be the final push the Daisan order needed to secure it's place in Total Domination, or will other civilizations rise to meet the challenge of a foe so dangerous and so mysterious, we don't even know what they look like? And what of elsewhere in the galaxy? Is the Order alone in its homicidal tendencies or are their others that share its aspirations of galactic dominance?

1) Don’t be a child. Seriously, if you can’t act like a reasonable human being then this simply isn’t the RP for.
2) You are expected to post 1-2 times every 7 days (Collabs count, just make sure all involved are given credit in the post somehow). If you do not make a post within 14 days with no prior warning you will be dropped from the RP.
3) This is an advanced RP. I expect you have to correct grammar and spelling in your posts, at the very least. One or two mistakes per post is fine, and expected, but if I see ten “teh”s in your post we will have a problem.
4) Please don’t join if you are going to disappear after one or two posts. You know who you are.

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A quick update: I'll be working on getting the sheet skeleton and OCC up after lunch. I should have both ready to go in a few hours.
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