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In The City of Gems 18 Mar 2017 20:23 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I think I'm gonna have to drop out too. I haven't really been able to get invested in this.
In The City of Gems 14 Mar 2017 21:54 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@RaijinslayerDon't worry, Cymophane's probably just gonna nope outta there.
Also, check out my new sig.
In The City of Gems 14 Mar 2017 21:52 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@RaijinslayerNo, Cymophane's there.
In The City of Gems 14 Mar 2017 21:49 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Seraphinite left out the only other Gem in the shield-thingy.
Edit: Should clarify that I'm not saying you should edit your post, just that Cymophane will most definitely react to the attack.
In The City of Gems 9 Mar 2017 15:06 Forum: Casual Roleplay
If (Or more likely, when) the Chloe/Seraphinite fight breaks out, it's going to be pretty interesting seeing how the other newborns react.
In The City of Gems 3 Mar 2017 2:08 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@GutshotAyyyy congrats!

I will, hopefully, be getting a post up this weekend. I've really been dragged down by work lately, but the good news is I finally found myself a Lawfirm!


<Snipped quote by Raijinslayer>

"Fuck it, she's a traitor and she kicked me, I'm going to obliterate her"

"If you don't mind, I'd have in on this..."
In The City of Gems 28 Feb 2017 23:50 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Also Star vs the Forces of Evil has almost finished its 2nd season. Its really good.

Can you compare it to something?
Edit: In terms of content/theme, not how good it is.
In The City of Gems 27 Feb 2017 4:09 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@rocketrobie2It's fine. I wasn't in a rush, so thanks for responding quickly anyway.
In The City of Gems 26 Feb 2017 22:01 Forum: Casual Roleplay
You forgoot one
In The City of Gems 26 Feb 2017 5:10 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'm going to cry.
This is real.
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