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I think I'm gonna have to drop out too. I haven't really been able to get invested in this.
@RaijinslayerDon't worry, Cymophane's probably just gonna nope outta there.
Also, check out my new sig.
@RaijinslayerNo, Cymophane's there.
Seraphinite left out the only other Gem in the shield-thingy.
Edit: Should clarify that I'm not saying you should edit your post, just that Cymophane will most definitely react to the attack.
If (Or more likely, when) the Chloe/Seraphinite fight breaks out, it's going to be pretty interesting seeing how the other newborns react.
@GutshotAyyyy congrats!

I will, hopefully, be getting a post up this weekend. I've really been dragged down by work lately, but the good news is I finally found myself a Lawfirm!


<Snipped quote by Raijinslayer>

"Fuck it, she's a traitor and she kicked me, I'm going to obliterate her"

"If you don't mind, I'd have in on this..."
Also Star vs the Forces of Evil has almost finished its 2nd season. Its really good.

Can you compare it to something?
Edit: In terms of content/theme, not how good it is.
@rocketrobie2It's fine. I wasn't in a rush, so thanks for responding quickly anyway.
You forgoot one
I'm going to cry.
This is real.
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