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I'm a former janitor who works in a little deli located inside a brewery. Give me coffee in the morning, give me tea at lunch, give me beer in the evening, all these things coupled with my computer makes me a happy little writer.

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@The Dow Dragon No worries. I'd have much rather not have persons invading me either. :) I've dabbled in the DS games, but it's tough to get through with invaders. :(. Best of the hunt to you. (still, if you are stuck, let me know where and I may be able to give you a few hits on where to go. Nothing game-breaking, I get how it feels to beat that boss without any help. :).


Same for you: I'm CoyotePass in PS+. Add me, or let me know if you need any tips. This game is too good to stop at Forbidden Woods. :)
So, yah....I am GAME!

This was my first souls game. It's got to be my favorite.

(Ps. If you need tips or PS+ online play, add me: CoyotePass. I've finished the game and some plus. Just let me know what level you are. :) )

Yes, I have been intrigued. (irl, I nerve cut my thumb, which has made typing an...ordeal. So, hence all my activity has slowed significantly.)

I believe it best to iron out the over arching details:

1. Is this a Nation-ish play? Hence, I control The Monarch and Gad, as they come from the same land, and you would control the Orcs and perhaps the female gladiator? A much broader story line where perhaps we start with Gad and the female gladiator, and then extend to the other aforementioned political characters.

2. If not a Nation Play, then I'd suggest we stick to our created worlds. So, myself playing either Gad or the Monarch, and your self playing the Female Gladiator or another of your favorite Orcs. We could easily start this one in the Arena.

a. I could also attempt to be the female gladiator. I don't quite know as much about the Orcs as yourself, but I am always willing to incorporate as much as I am capable. I've the basic understanding of the Orcs as you've presented and I believe I would have fun with the information given.

TCB: Got more coming, just have to change irl locaton.
@MikkishtheLeprechaun I don't see why not. Are you talking about the guilds in the sunlit city?

I'm trying to figure out how to get us writing more cooperatively. I wanted to suggest that in each post, you highlight something that you give a name and then another player takes over that name and fills out the information. For example,

I am writing about the toad men, but I highlighted the skull-fens to signify that I want someone else to do a write up about the skull fens. I think this would help further the whole 'cooperative worldbuilding' aspect. What do you guys think?

I believe if we implement this system as well as what we are currently have, it can do nothing but enhance some possibilities.
Taking Timothy

Short Story, Suspense?

This one reminded me a bit of Death Note. Although the supernatural being in that was a death god and the boy was an ace-student with a detective father. But, maybe the idea of a human+supernatural pair may work as a jumping off point? Maybe introduce another demon who also has a host boy. As a suspense, the new pair could be cunning and the narrator and his "ward" would need to get better despite the fact that the boy's parents are calling on 'the Lord'.

And I also got the vibe that you could work it as a dark comedy, especially with your narrator. Where two demons had two different but similarly twink-ish boys. The demons may need to prove their worth to a higher power to stay as demons or perhaps they just are long time rivals who need to one up each other. So, they try to 'fix their twinks'.

The beginning obviously has some darkness to it, and it may be sacrilegious to give it humor, but the demons also have very little

Well, now I'm rambling.

ps. Thanks for the ideas on my post. I posted the short story as a potential RP. Your notes on the female narrator were enlightening. I've never looked at her in that particlar light. Really she was kind of personality-less to me, which maybe why I stopped. But, now I've got some where to go. Thanks. :)




Took a bit of inspiration from Norse mythos on that one. :)
I apologize, I have little time to respond but wanted to none the less. Eleon would work well in this environment, or maybe a mixture of #1 and #3. Locke to be the monarch, with Gad as the human participant in the arena. I'm fully prepared for this to be a multi-chara Nation RPG. I have ideas how to intermix #'s 1 and 3 to be cohesive with your own. Gad would also take the the title as "Runner" stated in the middle paragraph of #3. I'd have to take a day or so to rewrite the two ideas into one. But, as you say, if this doesn't work it still has potential to lead to something else.

I'd love to hear your ideas for any of the four listed in my first post. I'm dying for new things to write.
I've birthed so many bunnies that I think my warren may explode. So many potential ideas, I think I need help...

Here they exist in no particular order, with a cursory once over for grammar and spelling. These are the raw ideas, (as I would spend way too much time making them presentable and therefore lose hope, to eventually let them rot on my hard-drive for a few more years.) I have interest in something as simple as another person picking a character (or making a new one) and jumping off into the deep end with just the concepts, with the exception of two (and you will know which two, trust me) (not yet posted).

Maybe, you only liked one line! Tell me what it was and we can try something entirely dependent on that. :) Maybe you had NO idea what was going on...then just skip it. :P You won't hurt my feelings. Some of these bunnies may have been dead for a good reason.

Some of these were stright-up RP characters, some were Nation starters, and some are short stories I never finished but don't want to leave alone. Take a look, comment or PM, anything. I just hate to sit on old stuff forever.

Maybe you have a wandering established character you would like to insert into any of these ideas. Really, anything. The only bad response is no response. I just want to play (hard or soft, causal or hard-core, anything. For Real)







Now, beware of rambling. This one is more of a stream consciousnesses for a potential plot...


This next one really needs to have at least one irl male player (as I am female). It needs to ride a line: to not bash any particular sex or gender but to point out the flaws of all sides. This one is a pet project that need not be taken personally seriously. I WILL be exploring subjective ideas, during the course of which (if I have an interested party or parties) should NEVER be taken as a personal attack. This one I require a person to be over 18, if only for the fact that I want to look at ideas that may not have yet been experienced or explored in a person under such age. I'm 27, by no means a time-tested adult, but I've been in society for long enough to really want to explore. {So, potential trigger warnings?} If I were to find a few players, we would do initial play in private and then "publish" it in chunks here publicly once we are comfortable. (Think how Hulu used to wait 8 days after an episode aired on Network Television to make it available to stream on their site.)

..............And more to come! As, I am brushing the dust off my old hordes.
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