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I'm in for IC posts. I don't really think metagaming is going to be an issue with our group.
How about now guys? Less of a monologue for ya!

Haha, just kidding. The monologue will return with a vengeance. Only this time he will probably use it like a Peter Quill dance off.
Madock Holliday

Before Madock even had a chance to open his mouth again, he froze. He couldn't believe the magic that befell him and the students around him. In that singular moment, before the Professor began to speak, exhilaration and terror collided within him. Standing there unable to move, made him feel weak and vulnerable, something he never wanted to be again, but he also couldn't help but get excited. If this is the type of power he could attain by attending the Institute, the terror was worth it. Almost as quickly as the emotion had come, they escape Madock's body when the professor scolded him for talking to much. She even likened him to a comic book villain. Now the only emotion in Madock's chest was embarrassment. Did he really end up in a monologue? Was it really that bad? His mother always said he was a little long winded at times. She said that it's what made him such an amazing salesman for his father, but did he really talk that much? Didn't feel like it. Nevertheless, even if he did or didn't talk to much, he would work on it.

Then, suddenly, he could move again. He had barely registered the fact that there was such little time left to eat. Luckily he had already eaten. In order to wash away the embarrassment, he let out a soft chuckle. He then regained his composure, and sauntered off in the direction of the testing area.

The written test was going just as well as Madock expected, not well. Even though he was one of the first students who sat down and got ready for the exam, he was probably one of the very last to finish. He knew he wasn't the brightest tool in the shed and it showed. The only things he had a clue how to do were the math, chemistry, and physics questions. He found the Physics questions to be quite easy though. He even chuckled at the question involving the Law of Conservation of Energy. Physics was where Madock shined. It came easy to him, almost as easy as rifling the barrel of a gun. It wasn't until the essay portion of the exam that Madock had to pause. Why was he here? Why did he want to become a mage? The answer was simple enough, but putting it into words was hard to him. He then sat back and allowed his mind to drift. He let it drift back to the moment the professor froze him and the other student, drift back to when he watched the explosion that took his father's voice, and finally drift back to him holding Wyatt's lifeless body in his arm. After a few moments, Madock let his 5'8" frame hang back over the paper, and wrote one simple sentence.

I need to become stronger, so I never have to lose someone dear to me ever again.

The bus ride was quite comfortable for Madock. He didn't know how, but he ended up getting a seat all to himself. He used the extended downtime and leg space wisely, and took a nice little nap. When he woke, they had arrived at their destination. Madock's eyes widened as he witnessed the ruins of an old town. Most would see nothing by old ruins, but to Madock, he saw a playground of discovery. He then began to chide himself for not staying awake and memorizing the directions they took. This would make an amazing spot to explore one of these days. He would have to pester one of the professors later about this location. It was around this time that the other professor began to herd the student into a line. Not wanting to cause another ruckus, Madock slid into the middle of the line with little to no issue.

Madock listened intently to the professor, and smiled when he said it would be a combat test in teams of three. He had another chance to make a good impression on other people, and this portion of the exam was going to be held in format of a team based competition. He always loved competition, its one of the reason he got the idea to become a professional competitive shooter. When ever the chance to compete in something arose, even if he had absolutely no clue what he was doing, Madock would not shy away. Something about facing off against other people and yourself, in some sort of battle, made him giddy. Even now, his heart was racing, and his trigger figure was twitching in excitement. He didn't care how grueling and intense the practical exams were going to be. He was going to aim to be on top at the end of the day.

He then began to survey the students, trying to spot a few that may want to form a team with him. He saw a few students that looked like he would mesh well with, but almost as soon as he spotted them, they would walk away and join someone else team. His shoulders slumped slightly. This wasn't looking good. If I can't find a good cohesive team soon, I will end up rolling the dice by getting slotted with a team by way of lottery. I can not let that hap-- His train of thought completely halted. Not because he found somebody to team up with, but because he found a rifle. Without any delay, Madock picked up his bag and rifle case and slowly made his way over to the girl loading the rifle. She didn't notice him right away. She was too busy talking to another student. The exact same student, who stopped the kid from early from shoving him. He would have to thank him for that again, but the rifle and it's owner were more important. He stopped when he was about five feet away. Without a doubt, he knew that rifle. He looked down at the unsuspecting girl and gave a big smile.

"I can't believe my eyes! Without a doubt, that is our Custom Made Holliday Mk13 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle!" He slid his hand through his hair in disbelief, "It looks different though. Did you not like the aesthetic of the gun we sold you?" The gun didn't look bad, but his father would have made any aesthetic modifications to the gun, free of charge. He then looked up at the student who 'saved' him a few hours earlier and gave a soft smile, "Oh hey. Thanks for the assist a little while ago. That could've ended up pretty messy."

K, sorry that took longer than I expect. I had a bit of writers block there and couldn't figure out what to say. Hopefully that's good enough.

Madock Holliday

Madock barely had time to react. He was currently standing on someone's delicate looking wing, and another student had become suddenly aggressive. The shove itself wouldn't have been that big of deal, but he was still on the other kid's wing. The most he could do in the time he had was to shift the weight to his other leg and lift his foot so he didn't take the kid's wing with him. He then closed his eyes and braced for impact. The impact never came. A few moments later Madock opened his eyes to witness some sort of magical field restricting his aggressor's arms. It took a few seconds for Madock to digest what exactly was happening, and let out a chuckle.

"Now that's pretty neat!" He said to the boy who's firm voice confronted him and his aggressor. He let a smile cross his lips as he looked around to see the crowd that had quickly formed around them and gave a quick admiring whistle. "Now this escalated quickly, didn't it?" He asked as he turned to his aggressor, "Now, I'm not quite sure the excess violence you just demonstrated was necessary, but I apologize nonetheless if I was the one to trigger it." He let the comment sink in for a moment, "That being said! If you have an issue with me, I'm not one to turn down a challenge. I will gladly take you on if that is your whole hearted ambition, but I would prefer if you would wait until we are not in a cafeteria and after exams. It's a time for making friends and preparing for what's to come after all!" His smile dissipated, "Now if you wait and we duke it out later, hopefully we can vent whatever ales us and move on and be friends. That being said, If you insist on continuing this senseless violence here and now, I will have no choice but to defend myself and maybe enlist the aid of some nearby students who find your sudden attacks just as unjust as I do," His hands drifted down to his revolvers as he said this. He then looked to the tall student trying to mediate and the stern student who saved him from falling on his ass, "Now were all good people here. I would hate to think otherwise," His smile returned and his hands moved away from his revolvers, "Let's not allow a silly quibble like this get in the way of what's suppose to be a good day, eh?"

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Should have a post up in a little bit. Just got home from a long drive.
I have half a post ready and waiting. I'll post my reply when I wake up. Man, I reread everything, and it looks like Madock hasn't made the best impression, haha.
Well, things are escalating quickly.
Boy does it feel nice to be able to type normally, now that my fingers aren't bandaged anymore. How is everyone doin'?
Madock Holliday

Madock silently enjoyed the entrance ceremony video from the back of the herd of students. He had showed up late for the event, because he was previously off wandering around, enjoying the scenery. Luckily, he didn't wander too far away; otherwise, he would have missed the announcement to go to the cafeteria. He was excited to get there. He wasn't much hungry, he had eaten plenty of the food he packed with him on the train. The real reason he was excited was that breakfast in a cafeteria is the perfect place to socialize and make friends.

He watched as the students ahead of him began to move, following the older student. His eyes excitedly scanning the crowd, looking for the first few people he would contact first. There were so many. The first few to stand out was a boy who stood well above the crowd who just finished what seemed like a pleasant conversation with another student. He seemed like the type of person that he would hit it off quickly with. More students that stood out were a boy expertly handling a stack of playing cards, and the overly pale girl next to him. One after the other, Madock kept spotting more and more intriguing people that he wanted to talk too. He couldn't help but give a wide-eyed grin. He couldn't choose who to talk to. How could he? He was surrounded by a plethora of interesting people. He reached up and stroked his matted hair, letting a chuckle escape his lips. He was just going to dive in and see who he found first.

Once his section of the students began to move, Madock began weaving his way. back and forth, through the crowd. He was just too excited. He just had to get to the cafeteria as soon as he possibly could. He was almost half way through the pack when he reached the cafeteria, but in his haste to get through the doors, he seemed to bump into and knock over somebody. When he heard the thud of a body hitting the ground, Madock swirled around.

"Oh my, I am most terribly sorry!" He said with sincerity, "Allow me to help you to your feet." His western drawl accented his sincerity as he stuck his hand out to the unkown student on the ground.
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