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Loke Blackhardt

Loke was scrawling furiously into his pocket book as he made his way with the crowd. Everyone he had taken notes on in the previous year has changed in one way or another, and Loke had to update his now inaccurate data as quickly as possible. He had been so enthralled with his note taking that he wouldn’t have even noticed the group entering the Sun Room if it wasn’t for the sudden change of color. He paused for just a moment as he took in the ambiance of the ceremonial room. It was truly an amazing room, in both architecture and importance. Loke had visited this room only twice before and every time it was as if time stood still in this place. A another few moments of appreciation, and then Loke returned to his notes.

A few minutes later, Loke was just finishing up the last few details on the student next to him when the headmaster began his opening lecture. Closing his book, Loke looked up and watched the bear of a man speak to the entirety of the class. He made sure to pay close attention to the Headmaster as he opened with the story of the Magi. Loke had been intrigued by the legend for a while now, and he has since bought plenty of books detailing the story in a multitude of ways. Everything he has read only scratched what seemed like the surface of what was really there, and he wasn’t satisfied. The Headmaster then moved onto the details of the Sacramentum. Loke couldn’t help but smile as Magnus introduced the two magisters. This is one of the days that he has been anxiously waiting for for years. With this ceremony, so many options will open up to him, and it made him absolutely giddy. He will finally be one step closer to becoming what he wants to be. When the Headmaster began calling out the pairings, Loke promptly reopened his book and began writing down each pairing as they were called out.

“Ruby Doer and Loke Blackhardt”

Loke looked up from his book as his name was called. A sudden ball of excitement and anxiousness formed in the bottom of his gut. He closed his book, shoved it into his back pocket, and made his way up to the podium. Once he had finally reached the podium he slipped off the two duffle bags worth of luggage he had on his shoulders and ascended to the top. Once there he respectfully greeted the two magisters, and turned to wait for his partner. “Ruby Doer,” he whispered to himself, “She’s in my notes. If I remember correctly. She’s roughly the same height as me at 5’7”, Red Hair, and her most recognizable known associate is Korrigan a.k.a Korrey...Yeah sounds about right.” He was hoping that reciting everything he knows about his soon to be partner would ease his nerves, but alas it had the opposite effect. “...Yeah. Great. That didn’t work. I just sound like a madman rambling random facts to himself now.” He let out a long sigh and silently waited from that moment on.

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Alrighty. I updated his biography to fix the scholarship issue.

I will probably leave the Hacking part as is, thanks for the warning. He won't be hacking anyone, he is more of a social engineer anyway.
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Here's my CS. Let me know how it looks~
Hello. Is this still open?
I have sneaking suspicion that Sora and Aileen will be butting heads on multiple occasions.
Sora hummed a little tune as he ducked and weaved passed the people in the bustling city streets. Slung over his shoulder was a bag, filled to the brim with cash. The bag originally belonged to the owner of several stores and establishments that reside within Mundin. Just a few hours earlier, the business owner had decided to buy into a high-stakes game of poker. Unfortunately for him, Sora was playing in the same game. After just forty-five minutes of playing, Sora had already taken everything the entrepreneur had placed on the table. A smile slid it’s way onto Sora’s face as he remembered the businessman’s face as he lost. The mix of anger and complete bewilderment on his face, after he lost hand after hand, was priceless. Although this wasn’t the reason that Sora attended the game. The real reason he was there was simply for information. The surplus of money was just a happy addition to what he really went there for. Several of the people playing in the game, including the businessman, were not what one would call law abiding citizens. They were all involved in the city's criminal enterprises, in one form or another, and Sora was there to see what their plans were for today’s festivities. Much to his disappointment, there were no great big plays being made against the city today.

Sora quickly stopped humming as he made a sudden and sharp turn into a nearby alleyway. He knew the city’s street and alley systems like the back of his hand, and this was the most efficient route to Parliament. He wasn’t interested in today’s festivities, and he decided to go inform the soldiers of the lack of criminal activity. A couple years back, Sora approached the MDU and MPU with an offer. He offered to become a confidential informant in return for relative freedom to work within the city. This was initially met with nothing but laughter, and Sora took his leave. The next time Sora showed up at MPU headquarters, he brought information that not only resulted in several successful drug busts, but also brought a criminal drug smuggling ring to an abrupt end. The MDU/MPU had no choice but to accept his offer at that point.

A left turn and then a right. A few minutes passed as Sora snaked his way through the alleyways. Most of the alleys were empty due to the fact that almost everyone in the city was currently funneling into St. Jeanne Plaza. Sora made one more left turn and kept going straight until the alley suddenly opened up. The sight before him was none other than an empty pathway leading straight to the Parliament Courtyard. He stood there only for a moment as he pondered his approach. He then reached into the bag, pulled out the money he used to buy into the poker game, put the cash into his jacket pocket, and then made his way up the pathway. The walk didn’t take too long, and soon enough he found himself in front of a small platoon of guards and what looked like a supplier of equipment. He was glad to see that his assumption that the Prime Minister would be delaying his involvement in the festivities was correct.

A smile crept onto his face as he said, “Well, well, well. Isn’t it my favorite platoon of goodie-two-shoes. How’s guard duty treating y’all?” He took a short pause to toss the bag of money off to the side and away from him, “I seriously don’t know how you guys do it. This looks like one of the most boring jobs on the planet, and I should know, my father was a college professor”, he chuckled, “Anywho, Your faithful spider has come to report on what news has fallen into his web!” He bowed towards the soldiers as he finished his sentence.
If I may ask, would it a be a reasonable assumption for Sora to be an informant for the MDU/MPU? He gets to keep close tabs on the law enforcement within the city, and they would have someone keeping a close eye on the underbelly of Mudin. I'm just looking for a good reason for him to make his way to Parliament. There is still one more spot to switch over to Parliament as a "civilian", right?

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