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Current Chopsticks?
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Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
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Lol, site says I have no friends- wait a minute... I have no friends? Sad now.
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The years behind me grow and become brighter whilst the years ahead shrink and become dimmer, providing me an excellent opportunity to use the word 'whilst'. Now I'm tired and can't think of anything else funny to say. Let's see, classy info dump should do. I am FlitterFaux this time around, I tend to get horribly busy (still am) and leave the guild sometimes for years at a time but I just can't stay away forever. I'm not awesome enough for advanced but fast paced one lining does not work for me either so casual is juuusst right. I'm a lady, possibly past 29 but don't ask which 29th birthday I'm at, I like rainbows which is good because they're hard to escape in Hawaii, I like fantasy and sci fi with liberal sprinklings of horror and drama, and I'm tired again. I'll finish the rest later. Edit: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the phone. I can start a private conversation... with myself!? Epic. Truly epic.

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Appearance of Weapon: Ryusei appears to be a massive sword at first glance, with a silver white blade split down the middle and a very large and complex looking crossguard in dull gold and dark red. The blade is straight and approximately five feet long by itself with the rest of the weapon adding another two feet to its total length. The handle forms a rough T shape with each of the three ends being hollow tubes. A large simple diamond shaped block connects the handle, crossguard, blade, and various other systems.

Name of Weapon: Ryusei

Type of Weapon: Multipurpose, roughly classified as a combination heavy melee/cannon

Description: Ryusei is a very useful but very expensive weapon. It is also easy to use but difficult to master. At first glance it appears to be a giant sword with a magnetic cannon built into the blade. Ryusei does serve as either but it is primarily a weapon that enhances mobility in combat. Each end of the crossguard and handle fire bursts of vector thrust using fire Dust crystals, one crystal for each thruster. Depleted crystals can be ejected and replaced easily. Two rotating smaller thrusters powered by a single fire crystal usually stay pointed forward.

Eight pivoting grappling hook launchers, four to each side, can aim straight out to either side, forward, backward, or diagonally. The hooks are serrated blades that open to hook into an object or target and close to be retracted by the metal cable connecting it to Ryusei's core. Each cable is an impressive 60ft long for its thickness and can support the weight of the weapon and its user easily without snapping. The hooks can also pull targets that aren't too large into melee range.

The cannon functions almost entirely on a complex system reliant on gravity Dust. The 'barrel' is between the separated parts of the blade and both spins and accelerates an object between the blades for a brief moment after the cannon is fired. Though any hard object could be used as ammunition in an emergency the cannon works best with the metal spikes designed specifically for it. These spikes are fed into the launcher via cylinder usually but a single round can be loaded by hand into a gravity field that holds it in place prior to firing. When the trigger is pulled a powerful burst of gravity shoots the projectile into the 'barrel' which adds even more velocity.

Most of the weapon is infused with gravity Dust for the simple purpose of making Ryusri lightweight for easy use. The quality of the materials used to make Ryusei, the complexity of some of its parts, and the amount of gravity Dust used make the weapon especially expensive to manufacture. So far only one prototype exists.

(Apologies, this is a very rough description of the weapon, kinda poorly written and a lot of important details are left out. But that's what I get for trying to do this last minute :P)
Sounds like a solid preference for IC so.. yes.
Really bad shape right now, going back to sleep. Will catch up when a bit better
Oh Mat you poor thing... It's OK though, Alex is there, Alex is good people. Nine foot tall paper golem might help, too. Even if it is rainbow colored (?) and named Fizzlesticks. Adorable.
An interesting proposal. I assumed we would all be just politely not screen hack/meta game but I'm a big fan of mysteries and surprises. I am wondering how it would work, doing things like that. In any case I think Az is asleep, as I should be too.
Welcome to the party @thewizardguy hope you enjoy :3

Feeling pretty sick all, gonna get some sleep..
Welcome back, I'm glad you're not dead. Yeah that's where my mind goes when people dissappear...
That works for me cause I can't even express, I mean there are no words, or they just fail me, something.

I'm very tired.

Edit: Situation improved :3
It's looking like it might turn out three teams with two players and an NPC each? Hope we see Lester again, I'm kinda fond of that asshole.

Not going to be very available tomorrow and I might come home dead. Day after should see improvements to my situation though :3
Idk, after the incident Madock was in and how he responded to it, Alex isn't going to be very keen about teaming up with him.

Mmm, right I guess that only makes sense. I have a bad habit of jumping to conclusions, need to work on that. Well I'm interested to see how things unfold in any case :3
Yrhen Oharra

@HeartlessNobody @hagroden

There was a subtle shift in the air behind Yrhen while she was speaking to Alex, and it made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She was definitely not fond of people coming up that close behind her; it was rarely, if ever, a good thing. As she finished her last sentence and before she could round on the person behind her, they spoke up. She cringed at the voice, recognizing it instantly as that of the Holliday boy. She looked over her shoulder and her scowl deepened.

He noticed. Of course he noticed, it's one of his family's own works. In that case how could he not notice? Curse it all, how do I get him off my back? Maybe he might only remember the gun and not who he sold it to? No. I'm never that lucky.

"What kind of a stupid question is that? I did what I had to do to make improvements. The bipod and a third of that wood was just extra weight. Then I had to add springs and cushioning to the stock. Maybe consider the punishing recoil in the future if you want them to sell better."

Was that too harsh?

"Though... despite those flaws i suppose it is the best rifle I've ever owned."

Now I sound too nice.

"Now stop pestering us, we're busy looking for a third to round out our team."

Just right.
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