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The years behind me grow and become brighter whilst the years ahead shrink and become dimmer, providing me an excellent opportunity to use the word 'whilst'. Now I'm tired and can't think of anything else funny to say. Let's see, classy info dump should do. I am FlitterFaux this time around, I tend to get horribly busy (still am) and leave the guild sometimes for years at a time but I just can't stay away forever. I'm not awesome enough for advanced but fast paced one lining does not work for me either so casual is juuusst right. I'm a lady, possibly past 29 but don't ask which 29th birthday I'm at, I like rainbows which is good because they're hard to escape in Hawaii, I like fantasy and sci fi with liberal sprinklings of horror and drama, and I'm tired again. I'll finish the rest later. Edit: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the phone. I can start a private conversation... with myself!? Epic. Truly epic.

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Ashe clarified she had not captured Grimm personally and it was just as dangerous as one could imagine, but Skye was still impressed. She considered Ashe's advice on getting back her lost weight, and nodded affirmatively at her offer. Besides catching up on her studies she needed to put this at the forefront of her goals, and Ashe's help or just her company would be appreciated, no, probably needed. When she thought about it Skye honestly had no idea how weak she would be without her aura. Would I even be able to move? I'm already slower and weaker than I was...

Skye smiled at the two other girls and their enthusiasm about their shared classes. Truth be told she felt the same way; she was looking forward to spending more time with the two of them. Not only that... "Another one of my teammates takes Dust Applications as well if I remember correctly. I might spend some of the time with him as long as he doesn't mind. He's smart and... helped me out a lot since we met. But he's really nice, too, so maybe he wouldn't mind the three of us for company? I'll have to ask him when I see him." Thinking about that also reminded her she only had this one class shared with Bianca and their team leader, Jack. That didn't leave much time to get to know them during the day. But then again, they would be sharing a room, so maybe they would have more time to get to know each other later tonight. She hoped so.

As everyone prepared for the coming life and death struggle Ashe brought up an interesting point, how did the Dionaea detect its prey? She wasn't sure how knowing that would help, but Ashe must know what she was talking about.

She nodded when Ashe asked if she was ready. Technically she had been ready the moment she had arrived in this room. She also took a moment to get a good look at her new friend without her disguise. Hm, she looks better this way. But... I'm still pretty sure her eyes were not pink in the photo she showed me.

"If it is much like normal plants it could have a complicated sense of smell. But as a monster it might sense movement or heat? She knew flora communicated mostly through smell, pheromones, she thought was the correct word. But Grimm, even ones based on plants, were a whole different story, usually.

Skye was shocked by Ben's casual comment directed at the quiet redhead who had been silently studying the enormous Dionaea. Bored? Is he serious? Does he usually get bored fighting monsters? He doesn't look afraid, not one bit. Almost none of the others do. Incredible... Listening to the exchange between Ben and Bianca she was convinced that these people had to be absolutely fearless. How do they do it? Does Ben honestly consider this fun? Ben and Bianca were even making a challenge of who could cut more tentacles. They both seemed very confident, and the redhead herself was unerringly steady. Even Ashe was looking more confident about this.

Skye listened carefully as the strategic plans were laid out. She nodded at Bianca when she said to stay near her, Ben, and Sangue, then again at Ben himself when he further clarified she should guard the rear. The plan, overall, sounded very good to her limited knowledge of strategy. Skye could not consider herself much of a tactician beyond attacking a perceived weak point and adapting to changes as they happened. Such tactics worked well enough for her to survive, but it wasn't usually pretty. In fact most of the fighting she was used to got very, very ugly, despite having survived each encounter. But it sounded like this plan, though very dangerous, would work out well.

Hearing a somewhat familiar voice Skye turned to see Jack, Jumpercables' team leader, had spoken up. He was addressing another group that seemed to have their own plan of focusing on the upper parts of the Dionaea, which also sounded like a good idea to her. The other group Jack was talking to seemed to have more ranged weaponry than their own team, which, at first glance, looked to favor close range combat. She waved at Jack when he looked her way, and wondered which group he would be part of, or if he would be fighting independently from either. He certainly looked like the fast, mobile type that could manage such a thing. Technically she could as well but she functioned much better as part of a team, and definitely preferred it, as well.

When a female voice spoke up behind her she turned to see who had addressed what sounded like the whole class. Her eyes immediately fell on the speaker's weapon, a bow. This was a weapon Skye had a tremendous amount of respect for. The unofficial leader of the survivors from her village had been a master of the weapon. Using it he had saved so many lives...

She inclined her head towards the girl in acknowledgement. They would keep this beast occupied for the shooters. And in turn the shooters would make their job much easier.

Skye had no idea what was going on between Ben and Bianca. She noticed something subtle happening between them, but she could only guess at what it could be. I wonder if Ben and Bianca are in a romantic relationship? She looked pretty depressed until he sat with her, and they are smiling at each other a lot. Hmm. Is it wise for Hunters to become romantically involved? That doesn't sound like it would be a good idea considering the risks and complications. But I suppose it must happen anyway, emotions don't always take us down the smart path, do they? No. Definitely not. She had innumerable memories she could turn to to remind herself of that last fact. I'm probably making assumptions again, anyway. It's not really any of my business, either.

She did not even consider that the two had just met.

She put her sidetracked thoughts aside and turned back to Ashe, focusing again on the conversation they had begun with Yue. Ashe said something unexpected about Skye being 'cool'; something she couldn't exactly say about herself but it made her feel better. Furthermore her secret faunus friend helped smooth over the increasingly annoying mask issue with Yue, making things much easier on all of them. "It's true, thank you Ashe." She smiled and inclined her head in gratitude, then added a bit more information to hopefully put Yue more at ease. "I should be fine in the next week or two? Maybe less? I'm not sure how long these things take."

With the hard part out of the way she became quiet, content to listen as everyone talked. She was surprised to hear Ashe was without a team even though she had passed some kind of entrance examination the day before. She did empathize with the 'fish out of water comment, though, and it looked like it was the same for Yue, despite having been a student for a few days. Skye had been placed with Team Jumpercable almost immediately following her sudden acceptance early this very morning, without any kind of exam like Ashe spoke of. Why is it different for Ashe? Are there just no openings right now? Does it normally take more time to place a new arrival in a team than it did with me? I'm starting to feel more and more like some kind of exception... But why would I be? Come to think of it, didn't Luke mention someone else had been transfered from the team just before I was placed? The more she thought about it the more uncomfortable it made her feel, but she kept her thoughts to herself.

Skye was shocked and impressed to hear that Ashe knew firsthand how to capture Grimm, and she even made it sound easy. While the concept Ashe explained was decidedly simple Skye knew that any face to face encounter with the Grimm could be deadly, and was never to be considered an easy task. Unless one were a Hunter, perhaps. Although she knew next to nothing about Ashe's abilities Skye felt the girl was definitely Hunter material.

"Oh, classes? I asked for Physical Education and Dust Applications, so I'll be in your sixth period class." She answered, remembering how difficult it had been to choose her fourth and especially fifth period courses. On one hand she could really benefit from Armory Class, possibly build a weapon that wouldn't break when she tried to use it. But at the same time she had a proven method to fight and kill Grimm already, without a weapon. And the more she knew about Grimm, their anatomy, habits, strengths, and weaknesses the faster and more efficiently she could kill them. Or simply survive them. As for fifth period Survival Class... She doubted she would gain much from a first year course. More importantly now that she had the choice she felt she could use a break from concerning herself with survival every day. Of course, Physical Education came with its own challenges considering how her body worked with all the Dust embedded inside. At least the choice of Dust Applications had been a no brainer, and Ashe would be there, too.

When the matter of the Professor's absence arose Skye looked up, perplexed. Now that it was mentioned it did seem odd. She supposed Bianca might know if anyone did, so she turned to ask her teammate. "Um, Bianca? The professor, is he-" The question died on her lips as professor Port made his appearance at just that moment. Oh. N-nevermind... She laughed nervously as the stout man launched into a spirited greeting and explanation of what they would be doing in class today.

She followed the middle aged man with the rest of the class, noting with a sinking feeling that she had no idea what a Megaladeus or a Riesen class was. If she was lucky those were just technical terms for things she had already encountered. If not... Then again, does it matter what they're called? It's not like we had any textbooks or time to study the Grimm we came across out there. I'll learn the names in due time, I'm sure. She stayed facing the caged creatures as she departed the classroom, very reluctant to have to just leave them here. The rule she was used to was that once a Grimm was aware of you it was unthinkable to just leave it alive. But that did not apply here and eventually she had to force herself to let it go, grating nerves or not.

In the end those nerves were nothing compared to the reaction she felt upon seeing the monstrosity in the next room. She did not charge forward like she instinctually had with the other, smaller Grimm. This beast was the kind you avoided or ran from. Or it would be if she was alone, out in the wild. Here, as professor Port explained, the students would band together to fight and kill this thing. This was to train them how to kill one of these monsters, not just hide or escape. That's right. That's what Hunters do. That's what makes them different. She focused on the few good memories she had and forced herself to relax. Just like yesterday and countless times before that there would be only one option. Face the demon in front of you with everything you have and no hesitation.

It was somewhat different this time, however. She hadn't had this many people at her back since first escaping the decimation of her home, and never this many competent warriors armed so well. And then there was professor Port himself, there to take control of the situation if it got out of hand. She doubted it would come to that, though. It wasn't just their numbers and armaments, but the fact that they had five whole minutes to assess the creature and the environment and make plans. This was another luxury Skye was unused to having. Considered all at once this whole situation was beginning to feel sureal to her. To be able to stand in the presence of a Grimm this size and know with certainty it would be defeated... she had never felt something like this in her life. It felt good.

She sought out Bianca once more, veiwing the girl as her senior teammate and therefor the one to decide what Skye did in this battle. "Bianca. What do you want me to do?"
Devil is in the details but I can't lie, that's a fair thing to say about her.
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My epic struggle continues.
Annabelle Valentine

That's a good idea, having the scroll itself take most of the workload. It would let us fit a lot more features into the visor itself. If she does choose to go with the smaller model it will take some time to get parts that good ordered and shipped. Hmm, Ozzie's gone quiet. Either he's getting fully into his work now or... No, I'm sure he's just busy at this point. Lots to get excited about.

"No spare blades, Grenster. I only brought the essentials from home and haven't done any major shopping yet. Aren't there some generic bladed weapons over there?" Ah! And earmuffs, perfect!

She stood up to go fetch the much desired ear protection but a sudden outburst made her jump. "E-Emmie, what-?" Hold on. How is she suddenly so much taller than me? Ooooh... Emerald hadn't gotten taller. She was floating! What the hell?! This is insane! Annabelle cheered Emerald on as she began a series of aerial acrobatics throughout the classroom. Briefly she wondered if she should remind Emerald she was wearing a skirt. She picked up her scroll and began to record the event instead.

It would just ruin the mood if I pointed that out now.
Well, let's not get crazy here, folks! I'm sure there's a happy middle ground somewhere
Agreed. Of course if they want maiming, dismemberment, or are straight up looking to retire a character, however unlikely that may be... I can comply.
Awesome. Cause one day I wanna try my hand at making a mission. And if I do well enough I would like to make related follow-ups.
Assigned antagonist for any one mission runs the whole show, correct? Just wanna triple check.
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Annabelle Valentine

"You know what, Oz? Let's skip the pictures altogether. Why don't you just show me the 3D rendered model later tonight."

She did not look up from what she was doing to see Oswald's face, instead moving on to answer Emerald. "I wasn't kidding, my dear princess of Emeralds. I don't call myself the Real Mary Sue for nothing. Anyway, pretty hot idea, linking right to your scroll. Voice control, virtual keyboard, forearm or wrist mounted interface? Proooobably not gonna be able to fit all that cool stuff in the tiny version here," She said indicating a sketch that was little more than lenses with a base around the outer parts of the eye. "Super stylish but that's gonna push the limits of the tech and be as delicate as they are cool. You'd probably know best if its feasible, I don't usually make things this small. Don't worry about these things getting knocked off your face, I've got some really good adhesive specially made to be safe for use on skin. The design that's more like shades here ought to be a good in between, but honestly for durability in combat and fitting a ton of stuff in, the frame you have already made is best."

Her scroll vibrated against her wrist and she abandoned one of the sketches to slide it out. "Hold on, stay just like that for a sec. Don't move..." Anna held up her scroll to Emerald so she couldn't see the screen and checked Oswald's response. Ha! Anna the Lewd. He's got me figured out. Damn... more heavy news, too? If things are even worse than I imagined... well, I'm glad I came along when I did. Annabelle quickly switched over to her camera and snapped a picture of Emerald. There. Covered up the secret messaging and got a cute pic of Emmie. Or another cute pic of Emmie. Huh, it's only been like one day and I have quite a few cute pics of Emmie, don't I?

She put her scroll down, slid the paper with the eye piece sketches toward Emerald, and took a fresh paper to rapidly draw the two essential designs in her head for the revolver. One was as simple as possible and as close to a classic revolver as one could get, with only three shots. It would be easy to put together mostly with spare parts around the armory. The second was vagely recognizable as a revolver but the frame was vastly altered to secure an oversized six cartridge cylinder. This version was obviously going to be very heavy and bulky as well as require the most custom-made parts. But she felt Oswald could handle the weapon, which might be unweildy for most others. It would also allow him to reload less often which she personally felt was pretty important for guns like this.

"Holy crap Grenster, you're right, Emmie would look unbelievably cute in glasses!" Her next thought was jarringly interrupted by the harsh sound of the boar faunus testing some equipment, causing her to make a pained noise. "Oh man, I forgot. Are there earplugs or something around here I can use?"
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