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The years behind me grow and become brighter whilst the years ahead shrink and become dimmer, providing me an excellent opportunity to use the word 'whilst'. Now I'm tired and can't think of anything else funny to say. Let's see, classy info dump should do. I am FlitterFaux this time around, I tend to get horribly busy (still am) and leave the guild sometimes for years at a time but I just can't stay away forever. I'm not awesome enough for advanced but fast paced one lining does not work for me either so casual is juuusst right. I'm a lady, possibly past 29 but don't ask which 29th birthday I'm at, I like rainbows which is good because they're hard to escape in Hawaii, I like fantasy and sci fi with liberal sprinklings of horror and drama, and I'm tired again. I'll finish the rest later. Edit: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the phone. I can start a private conversation... with myself!? Epic. Truly epic.

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Physical Education

Skye read through the pamphlet carefully as the pregame shenanigans unfolded around her. I'm sure we played this variant in Rokhang once or twice. It wasn't very popular though and I'm not sure this is quite the same. I think I'll just have to fo my best. At least this isn't a cliff challenge. But I think this... might be fun. It's been a long time since I got to play a game.

A cold shiver brought the soaked faunus back to reality. She realized she had been standing there absorbed by the rulebook for quite some time. Apparently in that time one of the players from the other side had switched to theirs and several people on both sides had gotten rid of their shirts. Skye realized her own wet shirt and jacket were probably sapping more heat than they were holding im. But- Wait. Is that same girl on both teams? Am I delerious? She rubbed her eyes and shook her head, then concentrated hard on each girl. They were the same person, in looks at least. What... did I miss? And where is Jericho?

Skye was about to ask what was going on but it looked like the game was about to start. She vaguely recalled something about being assigned a defensive role once more so she backed up and found what looked like a good position.

She watched the start of the game intently and felt a rush of excitement as the opposing team quickly gained the advantage. It would be up to defense to keep that advantage from turning into a goal.

For the moment Skye forgot her weariness and discomfort and pain, focusing intently on the ball.

Yvette stiffened as Mori's breath teased her ear and her face reddened. A second lster at the second offense of using Miss Frost's first name her nails dug a little deeper into his skin. Freeing one hand Yvette held up one finger in the univeral 'give me a moment' gesture, complete with apologetic smile. With a few superfluous hand motions after that Yvette altered the behavior of soundwaves around her and Mori. No one beyond a few inches of the two would be able to hear what they were saying. Craning her neck to face Mori she made sure her expressions and body language looked like those of someone having a private but light-hearted conversation with a friend or lover. However, her words were anything but gentle and kind.

"Listen here you meddling jackass, Lady Frost doesn't have shit to do with any of this and I'm fucking insulted you have the balls to imply I can't think for myself. I am having a little fun of my own with these newbies and if you keep slandering my dear Frost's name I will make it my fucking mission to utterly ruin your life. Do we understand eachother? Are you going to be a prick and keep pushing me? Cause if not either get lost or..." Yvette paused, her pupils thin eliptical slits at the moment. " me out by playing along and keeping quiet about my...past games. If you're a very good boy I can even make it worth your while. But I fucking swear, do not fuck with me anymore. 'Kay, sweet cheeks?" She waited for Mori's response on that note still having not acknowledged the mention of Elsa.

Yvette's irises all but vanished as her pupils expanded and the fur of her tail puffed out for a few moments. Body rigid, it even looked as though the girl's breathe caught in her throat. This was proven true when she exhaled hard, and grabbed her tail to begin smoothing down the fur. Her pupils remained dialated. Following the moth chimera's appearance and his words several students began to laugh off what Yvette had said, accepting it as the more likely story behind the school. Flustered, Yvette tried to regain the crowd as best she could from her fellow second years interference.

"M-mori! Don't tell them that, it really is haunted, I swear! It's not my fault you never believed me." She shifted her attention back to the crowd after responding to Mori, giving him a subtle look only he would be able to notice. "So, yeah, now that sweet cheeks here has outed what we used to do at that place... I was a first year once, too. Just last year, would you believe it? Heh. Anyway we might have fooled around in that place once but that was before I knew. After I found out the hard way the place's reputation I have never been back there. Seriously, if any of you are gonna have fun like that, don't do it there. The fourth floor of the library would be a better place for that kind of thing." She leaned back into the boy still draped over her shoulders and reached up to gently hold his arms, as if they were indeed intimately familiar with one another. Unbeknownst to the others her sharp nails were digging into Mori's flesh. She flicked her tail across his face once, satisfied she had control again.

Across the cafeteria, in as quiet a corner as there could be at the moment, sat another silver haired feline chimera. she was largely unnoticed even though the resemblance to Yvette was unmistakable. Her face, however, conveyed nothing but exhaustion and a clear disdain for her relative. As Yvette had her fun Elsa would occassionally glance at her and scoff or shake her head. Yvette, meanwhile, did not even glance at Elsa, as if the girl didn't even exist.

The cafeteria was a cacaphony of excited conversations during dinner after all the testing had concluded. The first year students talked about how their tests had gone with eachother and anyone else who would care to listen. Many second year students were present as well, either chatting amongst themselves or with the new students. It sounded like most had passed their tests with flying colors and rare was the downcast or sour faced student tonight.

One very large group was clustered near the center of the room, around an attractive and richly dressed student in her second year, and the silver haired feline chimera was clearly enjoying the attention. Her black furred tail swayed from side to side as she conversed with the various students gathered around her. Despite all the noise her voice was crystal clear and it was easy to overhear what she was saying from almost everywhere in the cafeteria.

As more students filed in for a well deserved and much needed meal the tone of the conversation was shifting from light and animated to somewhat more serious. One of the first years had asked about the abandoned building across the small river,. Yvette Urzenheim was happy to explain what she knew of it, even if the tone of that subject was a bit more grim.

"Oh, you guys noticed the old abandoned schoolhouse on the hill to the west of the dorms? Is that not the creepiest place you have ever seen?! I heard that it was hundreds, maybe even a couple thousand years old. I'm glad they shut it down after... Whatever, the place just scares the hell out of me."

"But aren't you a second year mage in training?" A short girl with a thick frontier accent piped up. She seemed unconvinced that an old building might actually spook the other girl, but at the same time she looked a unnerved at the possibility.

"Yeah, I may be a second year, and top of my class, but even I won't go there! Especially at night, and most definitely not tonight." Yvette answered, visibly shivering for a brief moment.

"Why not?" asked the same girl, her and several others now looking less comfortable with the recent turn of the conversation. "What's so scary about an abandoned building? There were tons of those in my town. Worst that could happen was one fall on top of you."

"No one's told you about that place? Oh, that's right, aheh, the staff doesn't like rumors going around... Ahh, never mind, just forget I said anything!" Yvette sincerely looked as if that critical piece of information had slipped her mind.

As Yvette tried to change the subject several people spoke up, protesting just leaving them hanging and pressing her for more information. Yvette resisted at first but it ultimately wasn't long before the peer pressure took their toll on the young chimera. Caving under the various pleading voices Yvette sighed before finally continuing.

"Alright, alright! I guess I have already said a bit too much, haven't I? The least I can do is warn you all at this point." She leaned forward and lowered her voice, making it harder for the entire room to listen in. Her face was much more serious now and most of her audience became very quiet.

"That place... is legitimately haunted."

The group fell silent at those words, and their expressions revealed a menagerie of expected reactions to such a revelation.
Professor Zayid Leere

@Jay Kalton @Etranger @Azereiah
Research Laboratory Room #5
An individual of average size and build wearing an unmarked blue uniform called out a series of random numbers, raising a finger every now and then until they were holding up a total of six digits. Their masked face looked between the students and was met with only confusion. After a few moments like this they put a finger to the lips of the mask as if in thought.

"Ah! Yes of course, I forgot again. People like to be called by name." Professor Leere mused aloud, lacing their gloved fingers behind their head. "Mortimer, Frisa, Steiner, Rayne, Kaiser, and..." The Professor made a quiet but obvious sound of distaste before adding the last surname to their verbal list. "...Urzenheim. This way, all of you. Don't delay, please, I will be assessing you all based on your actions and words from now until the conclusion of your combat based magic examination." Though the professor's words seemed for the group as a whole Leere's eyes were locked on a well dressed, silver haired chimera girl who looked away realizing they were under such scrutiny.

Leading the students into the laboratory marked as number five the proffessor began explaining in detail what would be expected of them. They sat on the table with the materials and crossed their legs. Pointing at the feline chimera with the silver hair Leere spoke to them first. "Six three zero nine nine zero, why don't you step forward and embarras- I mean, show us what the Urzenheim name means? Goodness, to think I almost said something rude." Leere put a hand over their mouth as the now flustered girl stepped forward. Leere continued speaking as she tried to concentrate on her test, throwing the blushing student even more off balance.

Leere said a number before each other attendee's actual name, all of them notably much lower than miss Urzenheim's number. The professor explained nothing about what those numbers meant and instead made everyone's test order clear with Urzenheim, Kaiser, and Rayne first followed by Mycona, Mortimer, and Steiner. Then, while the Urzenheim girl was still trying to explain what she understood about the magical items present, stuttering while she did so, Leere walked to the cage in the center of the room. Seemingly ignoring the first student Leere theatrically unveiled the ash-hopper, and described the creature in detail.

"You will be facing an unknown number and variety of these creatures in the next chamber, and the environment will be to their advantage. You will don one of the hoods lining that wall and protect the single filter inside the mask. That, or you can breathe toxic fumes which should render an average adult unconscious within thirty seconds. The ash-hopper, no matter the size or variant, will be very much attracted to that lifesaving carbon filter. To pass this test and not be placed in remedial combat classes you must best each ash-hopper pitted against you. Obviously, you will fail this test if you die."

Hearing these words Urzenheim whipped around to face the professor, her stutter now rendering her speech almost impossible to understand. However, the girl's body language was clear enough to convey disbelief and fear. Whatever she was trying to say was ignored by Leere and the professor simply spoke over them. "Miss Urzenheim! Grab a mask and get in that room or go home. Those are your two options; now don't waste any more of everyone's time."

The girl glanced at the door behind her but a moment later strode forward and awkwardly put on one of the hoods, clearly both frustrated and extremely nervous. In the next moment before she could hesitate or change her mind Leere gave the girl a helpful push into the next room and immediately sealed the door behind her. A somewhat chubby boy who looked to be of Airelosian descent stepped forward nervously to address the professor. "S-sir, she won't really die in there, will she? I was told..." Leere held up a hand and patted the boy on the head. "Oh no no no. None of you have anything to worry about. I simply owe the Urzenheim family a... favor. Yes, let's call it that. She'll be fine and so will the rest of you." Leere chuckled and the boy notably relaxed.

"At any rate, Mr. Fen Kaiser, please demonstrate your magical abilities for me." Leere gestured behind themself at the table of materials while they tossed aside the clipboard they had written nothing on as of yet. With a 'yes sir' the round boy calmly stepped forward and seemed to be concentrating. Though nothing obvious occured Leere began to applaud after a few moments. The professor commended the boy and addressed him by a slightly lower number to those that had been paying attention to that peculiarity. They then urged the girl by the name of Zyphyria Rayne forward. This girl's demonstration was far flashier than the boy's and the heat and energy made the whole room rather uncomfortable. To this Leere responded similarly and moved on to the next student.

"Ms. Mycona Frisa, step forward please." Leere's tone as they called the next girl was obviously bored compared to the prior two. However, when Mycona stepped forward the professor stopped them abruptly and leaned very close to her face, as if suddenly very interested in the girl.
I'm sorry things aren't going well for you and I understand. Will keep your spot open if anything changes for the better in the future :3 Goodbye for now, but best wishes to you
Bawen Coridell & Emilya Vance

FlitterFaux & @ghastlyInc

Emilya exited through the cafeteria doors, holding them open for Bawen. She guided the boy to the opposite side of the building the other student had stormed off toward. She hoped she would not have to interfere there. Shaking her head Emilya took a good look at Bawen, toes to head, lingering on his eyes. She didn't like what she saw; his posture, body language, and expressions alone told a sad story she hoped she was wrong about. After a few silent moments she spoke, her tone neutral, almost conversational. Her eyes never left his.

"How is your father?"

Bawen frowns, considering the question, and its odd air of loadedness. "He is well." He says, deciding the simplist response is the safest. "Am I to presume you know him personally or simply through reputation?" he added, preparing to correct whatever misconceptions she may have about the Coridell family methods.

"Personally." Emilya noted Bawen's caution, but wasn't yet sure if that caution was bourne of concern for the family reputation or something else. "Though I haven't seen him in... a decade or so, now? He never mentioned having a son, but I may be acting presumptuous, thinking he'd tell me something personal like that. Still, I was surprised to hear your name." She paused, watching the boy's eyes carefully and offering him a chance to speak if he so chose. Her expression was much gentler now then it had been earlier.

There is a small flash of suprise across the chimera's face for a moment, but it is quietly squashed. It was rare for him to meet someone who knew his father outside of professionally. Harkin Coridell, for all his virtues, was not a man who had many friends. "The estate has been very busy since the war. More so since the empire decided to not accept us as a protectorate." He says. "And it is unsuprising. He was not fully aware of my existence until after the war. I was not formally granted the name until seven years ago. He has another, if you are any way interested. With any luck, Young Master Dorill will be in your lecture halls before too long." He adds, remebering with some mild amusement how excited his brother was when he heard Bawen would be attending school.

Emilya nodded as Bawen spoke. "I see, that makes sense then." She caught something like a brief sparkle in his eyes when he first spoke of his younger brother, Dorill, and she smiled at that. "I look forward to meeting him then. However, for the moment..." She let her smile fall away before she continued. "...I would like to focus on you." She paused briefly again, giving Bawen another opportunity to speak.

The chimera gives Emilya a curiuos look. A somewhat more difficult task than he thought it would be, considering their height difference. But more pressingly, she seemed to be acting strangely friendly for what, he had assumed, to be a dressing down of his behavior in the cafeteria. "In what regard ma'am?" He asks, voice once again going flat as he prepared for an assumed verbal ambush.

Emilya spoke gently and tried to come across as non threatening, sensing Bawen was withdrawing into himself. "It's all right. I've already made it clear what the school's views on certain behaviors are. I just want you to tell me, in your own words, what exactly happened. Start to finish please."

Bawen relaxes a little, grunting in confirmation. There is an awkward moment of silence as he collects his thoughts on what had transpired in the cafeteria. "Simply put, it was rather harmless initally." He begins, "I ran afoul of a rather...unpalletable student. Condemed him for his poor public behavior and sat down else where. Apparently the young lady was disturbed by our outburst and was polite enough to bring her discomfort to my attention." He pauses for a moment, confusion marring his face. "Then the young man apparently felt I needed his assitance for some reason. I believe he used magic to deter her, but to be honest it caught me off guard as much as her. As for the other chimera.... Luke Anus? I think he was just looking to fight something." Quietly, the sheep boy manages to grumble something about 'filthy blooded barbarian', though it's doubtful that was part of his testimony.

Emilya did not need magic to see that Bawen's perception and values were skewed, alarmingly so. Listening to what he said and how he said it she could tell he saw nothing wrong with the racially charged insult he had used. If she was reading him correctly he also saw nothing wrong with the actions of the two Brovak had dealt with. However, watching as carefully as she was, Emilya did not miss the subtle expressions on Bawen's face as he spoke of any other chimera.

This boy clearly viewed chimera as being inferior to humans, and for her it was no mystery as to where he might have gotten such an idea. She raised an eyebrow at the butchering of the other student's name but made no comment. More concerning was his muttered comment he had failed to keep entirely to himself. She considered her next words carefully.

"Why do you think so many reacted so strongly as quickly as they did in that situation? Please explain as thoroughly and as accurately as you can."

"People generally take exception when people scream about the fellowship of soldiers in public with all the subtly of a dying star." He says, flatly. "Especially when it comes from someone who should know better. That said, I was probably not as quiet in chastising him as I should have been."

Emilya was silent for a long moment, partially lost in old memories and partially assessing Bawen's thought process. "Tell me, if it had been a human doing the shouting would you have reacted any differently? What would you have said in such a case?"

"Forgoing the fact that a human wouldn't behave in such a manner..." He begins, crossing his arms and considering the question for a few moments. "I likely would have said nothing. To do so in such a situation would would be beyond my station. But as I said..." He huffs for emphasis, the noise bleeding over into a subtle breathless trill. "It is a moot point. A human would not have debased themselves in such an incredible display of cognitive impairment."

At that Emilya felt she understood the situation more than adequately. Her expression became notably sad and she looked at the ground briefly as unpleasant life lessons came to mind. "Bawen Coridell. I have witnessed far more disgraceful behavior from humans. From my own brother. From myself." She locked eyes with the boy as she continued. "Even from your own father. Do you honestly think humans are above chimera?"

Bawen stared at her silently for a moment, face flat and composed. He had been concerned this line of questioning was going somewhere uncomfortable, though now the woman's goal seemed crystal clear to him. He had to commend the professor; he hadn't been expecting her to test him like this so early.
"Absolutely." He says, voice ringing with a confidence that could have only come from practice. "Our origin is deplorable nor are we in any way a natural inhabitant of this planet. There is no conclusion to draw but inferiority. One need only observe the fact that subsequent generations of halfbreeds trend towards human features. If one can look upon a seventh generation chimera and not draw the logical conclusion that humanity is the optimal form for sentient life, then there is no helping them." He adds with a small puff of pride.

Emilya's face barely twitched before becoming unreadable. She had heard almost those exact words before, and they had the same effect now as the first time she'd heard them.

"Have you ever considered the possibility that your father may be wrong about humans and chimeras?"

"Occasionally the idea strikes me. But normally I'm able to see reason after a few minutes of self reflection." He adds primly. "It cant be helped really, considering I am one. The bias comes naturally."

Emilya shook her head slowly and sighed. There was a lot of deeply rooted damage, more than she could handle alone. Years of this one idea that chimera were inferior being drilled into the boy's head would not be easy to heal.

"The tour will be starting any moment now, so we'll have to shelf this conversation for the moment. However, if you need to talk I'll make myself available. I am going to need to send you to a friend of mine. Her name is Leonora Serannen, and she's a staff member here at the Institute as well. You need help Mr. Coridell, and I believe Miss Serannen can provide that help. I'm afraid I must insist you see her regularly, at least once a week. Is this understood?"

Bawen frowned, tempted to object to the order, but he nodded obediently. "Very well Professor. Though I fail to see the need for additional staff assistance." He says tone once again flat so to not risk further offense. "Nor as to why I specifically need help. But if it will put you at ease, consider it done ma'am." He elects to remain silent as they continued, now thoroughly confused.

"I hope in time these things will become clear to you." Emilya reached up and placed a hand on Bawen's shoulder. She looked about to say something else when the doors to the cafeteria opened and the students began pouring out. Hans also emerged, a concerned look on his face.

She retracted her hand, albeit reluctantly, and adopted her usual professional demeanor. "It seems we're out of time for the moment. Please rejoin the group Mr. Coridell. And remember to check your comments before voicing them."

Emilya stepped away from Bawen letting him rejoin the group. Hans walked slowly to her, but did not say a word when he caught sight of the subtle look in his sister's eyes. Instead he stood next to her silently, waiting for the students to pass by. For her part Emilya kept her expression in check enough that she did not disturb anyone that looked her way. She took note of the other students involved in the incident and was satisfied to see their attitudes were acceptably subdued for now. As the last students passed by the pair hung back.

"Emilya?" Hans asked at last.

The tiny professor's facade of self restraint fell and she glared darkly in the direction of the tour group, though her actual feelings were not directed towards anyone present. Her fists clenched as she began to explain. "That was Harkin Coridell's boy. Fight nearly broke out thanks to some racially charged comment from the boy... directed at another young chimera over some apparently loud and obnoxious behavior, but otherwise...

"Ah, I see now. Harkin. So he couldn't escape the old man's poison in the end. With luck maybe the boy at least can escape the cycle."

"Luck, and a lot of work. Too many students coming to us damaged these days. I think I need to pay our old friend a visit.

"Ah, you two always were an inch from eachothers throats half the time. Please don't make it personal if you can help it."

"It's not about me and Harkin, Hans. Well, not primarily. It's about the boy. Bawen Coridell."

"Mr. Coridell that kind of talk will not be tolerated here. The same goes for you Mr. Murdoc. Furthermore you are not required to be sorry for how you feel but you will be held accountable for your decisions. This includes threatening another student. Both of you need to exercise better self control in the future. Consider this a warning."

Though she did not state the fact itself, it was not hard to figure out that there would be no second warning.

Emilya took a moment to scan the surrounding area. Her eyes became briefly unfocused while she used her own Vision magic to see for herself exactly what had happened. When they came into focus again they were locked on Mallory and Emilya's harsh expression softened. She even smiled slightly and nodded to the girl. "I appreciate your attempt to defuse the situation, as well as your good judgement in not using magic to do so."

She glanced across the room to where professor Brovak and the other two students were. A darker, somewhat concerned look crossed her face. She knew now that the boy who had stepped in to try and control the fight with magic was a Breckenridge, and his breach of the rules, however well intentioned, came as something of a shock. Another concern entirely was how much attention Brovak was showing Alexander and the girl that had initially taken the situation too far. Normally he could care less as long as he fulfilled the bare minimum of his duty as a member of staff.

She decided to look into this later and turned her attention back to the students around her.

"Finish your meals, then. The tour of school grounds will begin shortly. Not you, Mr. Coridell. We need to have a few words in private." With that Emilya walked towards the cafeteria entrance, expecting the boy to follow.

Yrhen tried her hardest to ignore the boy that had come up alongside her, the very same that had disabled her arm. Her nearly ever present scowl deepened and she refused to look at the boy or stop moving.

Why did he have to follow me? Just go away!

She did not get her wish as he started talking, trying to... reassure her? Apologize? Explain the psychology of the boy she had hit? It seemed a kind and well intentioned effort but she was very much not in the mood for any of it at this point. He sounded honest enough but she was far too shaken internally to entertain any amount of trust.

She was about to tell him off when a disturbance in the air near her head alerted her to the fact that someone had managed to get in close right behind her. Far too close and a hand was coming down on her shoulder. Her instinctive reaction was to whip around and strike whoever it was as hard as she could. However, as the hand clapped down on her shoulder she froze in place. There was something very wrong with that hand. She felt no heat from it, though it moved as if it belonged to a person. Not only that but those fingers felt unnaturally thin with almost no padding to them.

Her head snapped around to see who or what could possibly have a hand like that, and she found herself even more deeply upset at the 'face' behind her. It was the bandaged and goggled face of the staff member she had seen approaching them, and his presence was especially disturbing this close, with his unnatural hand touching her. The professor's voice made it even worse. Her sense of nausea was suddenly much worse and it took all her energy to repress her shaking and the urge to vomit. She crossed her arms tightly across her chest, or as tightly as she could with one half dead, and looked away from them, glaring death at nothing in particular.

It was very difficult to focus on the professor's words with his cold hand on her shoulder but she got the gist that he was chewing out this boy, Alexander Breckenridge, pretty hard. Apparently using magic at all was against the rules, at least in the way it had gone down. On top of that the professor's assessment of nerve control magic did nothing to make her feel better.

I would have been in my rights to kill him in self defense? He must be exaggerating. I hope he's exaggerating...

By the time Brovak handed each of them the cards and released them from his grip Yrhen was grinding her teeth. The absence of Brovak's hand was like the freshest breath of air after being trapped in a small room breathing engine fumes. Deciding she was absolutely finished with being touched today she quickly walked the rest of the way to the cafeteria doors and slammed them open. Once outside she took a sharp turn and picked up her pace, looking for any secluded area where she could take a moment to catch her breath and calm down.

Rounding the corner of the building she found a space that was good enough for now; there were no people around anyway and she was not very visible from most angles. She leaned back against the wall, closed her eyes, and took a deep shuddering breath. Opening her eyes again she unbuttoned the glove of her partially numb hand and had a look underneath. She grimaced and shivered in the cold morning air.
The Professors Vance


Emilya lifted a hand as casually as possible when Mark exploded with unchecked enthusiasm. She fought to stifle the urge to laugh, not wanting to unintentionally insult the boy. Even Hans was surprised at the verbose young man though he recovered faster than his sister in this case. His welcoming smile returned and he nodded at the young chimera.

"I'm sure you'll do just fine here, recruit. Ah, the opening ceremony should be starting... shortly."

Hans had turned at the sound of the doors opening but the unexpected scene caused a break in his speech. As his smile fell away Emilya lost any previous desire to laugh. Instead she seemed to be scowling at one of her fellow professors in particular. Both siblings seemed particularly relieved when the ceremony moved on. As the students were guided towards the cafeteria the Vances waited and took up position behind the group making sure no one was left behind. Emilya addressed Hans without taking her eyes off the students.

"That boy is going to be a handful."

"Like someone else we know."

"Tch. Exactly."
Emilya and Brovak

@pkken @ghastlyInc

The Vances were deep in conversation with a group of students over the exact relationship between the school and the military when Emilya heard something that sounded like an altercation between students. She turned to look in the direction of the disturbance and was met with a wall of bodies blocking her view. She tried to see around the horde of students without having to find higher ground but to no avail. However, she did take note of professor Brovak casually making his way towards the general direction of the shouting.

Emilya groaned and rolled her eyes, knowing Brovak only bothered to interfere when his duties as a staff member absolutely mandated he do something. Excusing herself Emilya stalked over to Brovak, her heels clacking loudly against the hard floor. She drew abreast of the thin, shrouded man, still unable to see what was happening thanks to her diminutive height.

"What exactly is going on over there? I can't see a damn thing but if you're on your feet..."

Brovak replied as the pair walked along. He really should have been moving faster initially, but the situation had already resolved itself. Mostly, at least. "Some insensitive remarks by one of the new students upset quite a few people, one of whom retaliated. Another student used nerve control magic to stop what I imagine could have turned into a real fight. Admirable, but a dangerous move and even more against the rules than merely slapping someone, as I understand it."

Emilya's face soured considerably as professor Brovak relayed what had happened. "And you're just walking over to deal with- oh nevermind. I'll take it from here."

Brovak continued walking as though he hadn't heard Emilya trying to take control. "Yes. I am. The situation has resolved itself on its own, but I still need to hand out office referrals. If you could make sure that Bawen Coridell and Lucannus Murdoc are alright, I would appreciate it. I'll deal with the other two."

"Fine, fine. Just pick up the pace please? Before something else happens."

With that Emilya made a beeline for the two students on their feet. She stopped just short of the two and took a close look at both of them through narrowed eyes. When she spoke her tone of voice made it clear she was not pleased and would not tolerate any further breach of the rules.

Yrhen Oharra

@hagroden @pkken @ghastlyInc

Having made her decision she expected a fight. At the very least she expected some resistance or harsh words in response to striking someone full on in the face. If she had any hopes it would be for her actions to get through to this boy, to make him think about what he said. But what she got was...


He looked at her but in his eyes she could see nothing. He spoke, saying the words she might have hoped to hear, but they sounded hollow. It was as if they were just sounds that had no meaning. He made no move to retaliate or defend himself, in fact he was practically a ragdoll in her grip. She might have thought he was being sarcastic and mocking her if it had not been for these things. As it was Yrhen felt terribly unsettled.

I call him worthless... and he honestly agreed with me? There really is something wrong with him. Something far worse than I thought. I feel like no matter how many times I hit him or how much I shout at him... none of it will ever get through. It's like he's... Yrhen had to suppress a physical shudder as the thought occured to her. It's like he's dead inside. Pity and a deeper disgust mixed with her anger as she imagined what could have happened to this boy to make him like this, and her grip loosened just barely.

But her fingers tightened again as she saw a very tall boy stand up and turn his attention on her, demanding she let the one in front of her go immediately. Her first instinct was to tell him to fuck off but the words never left her throat as she met his eyes. When on a hunt Yrhen sometimes ran face first into some very dangerous monsters, either chasing down prey or evading some other threat. There was always a split second when that monster met your eyes and it realized exactly what you were. It was a terrifying and critical moment where you either ran, took the initiative and attacked, or died. This boy was looking at her with eyes like that and it was an internal struggle to hold her ground against her instincts.

This was a mistake. She braced herself as he clearly started to use some kind of magic. She expected some kind of weak attack, almost certainly something that wouldn't be too dangerous to use in this crowd. She felt certain he wouldn't be using anything that could seriously hurt her and she was determined to just take it without flinching. However, nothing could have prepared her for her arm going almost entirely numb and losing all function. She understood the implications of what happened instantly and she felt absolute terror in that moment.

He just shut down part of my body!

Yrhen took a step back from both the small horned boy and the tall one that had so casually disrupted an integral part of her. She clutched her arm tightly to her torso as the nerves, imperfectly affected, felt like they were going ballistic. She glared at the tall one desperately trying to cover any signs of fear, though there was very little she could do about her sudden sweating. Whoever this boy was Yrhen could only see him now as a threat unlike any she had encountered before. And like any other walking, talking threat she refused to show any weakness if she could help it.

Whether it was because she had backed off or he was just satisfied he had done enough he stepped between the two of them and his expression softened. He started talking in a soft voice completely at odds with her perception of him so far. This was even more upsetting than if he had kept looking at her coldly. It was eerie even, since he now reminded her of someone she knew. His expression, body language, way of speaking, and even his build and many of his features were not unlike her own grandfather. After what had happened this especially did not sit well with her, and at this point she was starting to feel nauseous.

She didn't have much time to consider his words and what to do next due to someone coming up behind her. Getting the sense of being surrounded Yrhen reflexively turned and dodged away from them both. She looked between the savior of the boy she had gone after and the newcomer that had been behind her. Apparently this guy also had a problem with the little hollow racist behind the grey haired sumaritan. It looked like he wanted to pick up where she had left off in a bad way. It was a strange sight, the newcomer, a tailed chimera himself, was dead set on teaching the tiny chimera a lesson, while a human stood between him and his target.

How absurd. Chimera at each others throats and a human is the one to stand up for that... that living piece of wreckage.

Glancing away briefly Yrhen noticed one of the professors slowly making their way over, as if there was no need to rush. She turned away from the scene she herself had started and walked away, back toward the cafeteria entrance. The whole thing had been pointless in the end, and now she just very much wanted to put distance between herself and the boy that had disabled her arm. Normal sensation had started to gradually return but the incident had her shaking at this point. The last thing she needed was for anyone to notice that.

If he had been even a little off target and got any part of my torso...
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