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Welcome fellow Supernatural fans!

First, my RP Rules and Partner Expectations:
1. Please be active.
2. Be courteous and respectful.
3. I ONLY roleplay over Private Messages.
4. I ONLY write M/F gender-paired romances with me as the female role.
5. I am looking for this to be Original and Canon characters and am NOT looking to double.
6. Please use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
7. I ask that THIRD person is used during roleplay; first is awkward for me.
8. For character images / face claims I prefer anime or digital art styles.
9. ZERO controlling my character(s) without my permission first.
10. I am looking for literate to advanced writing partners; I don't do well with one-liners.
11. I am OOC friendly.
12. I am ditch friendly.
13. Be able to write multiple characters.
14. I am looking for this to be a dark and gritty and bloody roleplay; as it's half the series.
15. I have seen all fifteen seasons, so you don't have to worry about spoilers!

Character A has a supernatural blood type. She is a blood slave to a pair of powerful vampire brothers. Crowley (the King of Hell), learns of her supernatural blood. He kills the vampires and takes her for himself to Hell. Drinking her blood, he discovers it gives him great power (like Same with Ruby / demon blood). Being the King of Hell, Crowley enjoys physically torturing her in his "down" time. Her cries of pain reach Sam Winchester and he convinces Dean to rescue her and take her to the bunker to stay with them.


If interested, don't be shy in sending me a Private Message.

Looking forward to writing this!
^ BUMP ^
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