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Edited it.

Maybe they could have a musical next time.
Sigmund isn't singing along, though the image itself is fairly funny. The movements happened to the tune of the song and I used the quotes for emphasis. Sigmund words will always be bolded, to avoid future confusion.

So should I edit that part out or it official canon now as him trying to sing?
@Doc Doctor Is there a Doctor in the house? XD
Luckily for Evvie the man either had no time to move or didn’t even notice her rapid descent that was partially obscured by the curling smoke. She’d have little time to adjust her flight path as she exited out the bottom, so smiled to herself as she saw his ugly mug still right out in the open for her awaiting feet. At that point it was less than a split second as her full weight and speed came to bear on him, the force dragging them through concrete for a good distance before finally colliding into a car and coming to a jarring stop, Evvie riding him like a surfboard the entire way to continue the downward pressure against his skull, her tail weaving this way and that in an effort to remain balanced on him.

She expected the villain’s head to be paste at that point, but somehow he managed to remain not only intact but conscious enough to show a look of blind fury peeking up at her from around her toe. The horrific injuries of the face that stared back at her were not from her foot, although she suspected she would leave quite in imprint on him once she removed the boot. She wouldn’t let him off easy, twisting her heel further into his face in an attempt to crush him and end the fight before others would even have to get involved.

Before she could finish him off, however, he managed to reach up and catch her leg, a fact that she normally would take no heed of if not for the strange energy she saw emerging from within him. Was this only a barrier or was it something greater? She let out a cry of surprise as her question was soon met with an answer. Her greave let out a rumbling groan from the stress for only a brief moment before violently ripping apart at the point of impact, pieces of metal far stronger than steel shattering before being flung every which way with the shockwave. The resulting fire did nothing to singe her now exposed skin, which was mostly unharmed, but she knew that would not be the case should another attack hit. She was super durable to be sure, but that attack was something else. She could barely believe it’s sheer strength to rip through her armor in a single blow.

Cracks cobwebbed as far up as her lower thigh all the way down to her boot, a large chunk falling from her ankle, colliding off the monster’s cheek before clunking to the damaged earth. She noticed someone else zipping behind them for an attack, and at this point Evvie opened her mouth and let out a torrent of flame down upon the Splatterer’s face as she made an attempt to backpedal and regroup. Her sore wings couldn’t fly her out right now but she should still be fast enough to get out of his reach. After blowing apart her armor his grip would surely have left and he’d have to reach at her again in this time if he were to catch her.
I think it's my turn next, which I'll do tomorrow morning which means tomorrow afternoon. Kind of hard for anyone to do anything else with Evvies foot lodged in splatterers face.
@Lalliman, if he wants to stab through the slit, will he stab through the cat? If Pollen says the cat will move out of the way in time then I'm fine with that.
I can't settle on the name for that attack Evvie did, which is her signature move. I'm thinking of the slightly different options of Dragon's Meteor Kick, Dragon Meteor Kick, or Meteor Dragon Kick. I'm leaning towards the second option. It may seem minor but I feel it can change everything!!! On a side note, I think I should name a sci-fi ship the chosen option as well. Sounds like a fast moving air to ground glass cannon ship.

P.S. That attack is normally used as a "bunker buster", breaking through house roofs and stuff for "surprise Evvie" attack on the inhabitants. Either that or smashing onto the large skulls of monsters to kill them in one hit. It has been blocked once before by some guy who just calmly raises his hand and catches her foot without budging an inch. Everyone stares all wide eyed as he then smashes her around like the Hulk against Loki. Looks like your guy is the second to "catch it" and live, only catching it with his face isn't quit as impressive.

How was I not aware of this hilarious thread?

Could this battle be as hilarious as the one where my armored guy is being assaulted by an army of cats?
Anom’s heavy footfall was able to plant itself on the ground forcefully after the impact with the cat. Luckily for him his greave alone weighed more than it, so he just barely managed to remain standing now that he was able to brace himself with both feet on the ground. Any lesser man would have taken a tumble. The cat who had hit him would likely be the one falling here, having ran face first into metal. The impact, he imagined, could even have been fatal if it hit him poorly, but he couldn’t tell at all with all the racket at his face.

His right hand was glued to his weapon so in an attempt to remove the cat in his left armpit he couldn’t grab at it, but instead hammered the pommel of the makeshift sword down towards it’s general location. He couldn’t pinpoint exactly where the head would be so went for the likely location of it’s center of mass based on where the claws were digging onto his armor. The cat in his right armpit couldn’t be reached while he was doing this, so instead his left fist punched towards the cat on his right shoulder, the one meowing his ears off. It was really easy to pinpoint this one’s face, as one might imagine.

He felt a pressure stabbing against his left knee, causing it to buckle but his armor remained resolute for now. On the downside both of his legs were now slightly askew so he felt himself dangerously close to falling over. Perhaps that cat’s sacrifice hadn’t been in vain after all! His mind raced how to deal with this situation as more daggers began to form out of the holes in his armor. They would surely come in handy.

In all this mess he didn’t even notice the last attack hitting him, nor feel it when it had. He was now under a spell he didn't even know was upon him.
Sorry everyone, but now it's my fault. With my change in schedule this week my posting has also become erratic. I'll try my best to get a post out tomorrow.
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