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Plan on posting later tonight. Don't know if this tournament is still going on though.
Now that was flat out unfair! How was he supposed to know she could summon armor at a moment’s notice? With any other opponent he would have already won, but now his eyes widened in shock and fear at this revelation. If his thrust hadn’t glanced off to the side he would have broken his blade, but this luck was of little immediate help as he was in the most rotten situation he had been for some time. The force behind his blow did next to nothing to stop the behemoth momentum bearing down at him, leaving his only option at the moment to do his best to dodge and regroup. He winched in pain as a crushing hand grasped around his wrist. So much for his only option, as short lived as it was.

It took all his willpower to keep a grip on his sword with the pain flooding the joint, but he somehow managed. Perhaps he could still catch her off guard and stab her with it if she for just a moment lost her powerful grip on him.

She may have been wearing armor on her torso, but her face was wide open! He wasn’t the strongest but he knew the following move could still hurt her good if it connected. His left hand shot forward as his foe’s own left did the same, only his target was her nose, his hand extending palm outward in a classic palm thrust. He let out a pained gasp as her attack smashed against his throat, but this would do nothing to halt his own attack as it would connect within that very second should nothing have been done about it.
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I can get to it in the next couple days.
Although not normally one for straightforward attacks, given the situation he thought it prudent to execute a quick and easy move that could potentially end the battle right then and there without much showmanship involved on his part. Anyone familiar with fencing could recognize this basic move, although how well an unarmed woman could counter him remained to be seen, especially with the speeds he was capable of and if his ferocity could catch her off guard.

Just as she got within lunging distance he lashed out to do exactly that, his sword arm straightening into a thrusting maneuver with the point of his blade aimed straight towards her heart. At the same time his front foot kicked outward to land back down onto the ground with his knee at a near right angle, his back leg pushing his body forward to close the distance between the two combatants. He was committed into the lunge until his forward foot had landed and the stab was complete, but afterwards he knew if the attack didn’t land a critical blow he would have to quickly recuperate and execute his next move, whatever it may be based on her reaction.

He tried to keep this attack as light as a lunge could be, enough to pierce through an unarmed woman such as herself but not continue with all the force he could muster barreling through her, as that would be overkill and leave it harder for him to recover. He saw some of what she was capable of, but over committing when he didn’t know all of her secrets could be a fatal mistake.
Planning on replying tomorrow...err, today after work, technically, given the time.
<Snipped quote by Dynamo Frokane>

It'll be up sometime within the next few days! Was busy celebrating Christmas with my family, and then had a bunch of medical appointments to deal with afterwards. Will get back to this as soon as I can manage.

Christmas? Family? Ba humbug!
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It's already been posted.
Evvie was concerned for the winged allies safety, thinking about what she could do to help when all of a sudden thoughts that weren’t hers filled her head instead and interrupted her. Her flapping stuttered from the surprise, almost causing her to dip into the electrified water before she could recover her altitude. She had no idea who had invaded her mind at first although pieced together that it was the person who had attacked from behind.

“I’m sure I can damage him however I want,” she thought matter of factly, not overly fond of taking orders from others, especially random people she didn’t know, and being in a rather foul mood due to how the battle had gone so far. She flapped in closer but didn’t engage in melee range yet because her fire breath may indeed be the best option and she didn’t want to get friendly fired in the coming attack. Her eyes carefully focused on the two below her to see if the two separated so she could get a better opening.

She regretted her tone but couldn’t apologize right now. She took a deep breath to ready herself for her attack which would come as soon as the opening was achieved. If the two remained together she’d have no choice but to drop down and get a better angle to only hit the splatterer more from the side.
From behind a tree a little distance away, Alexander quietly watched the scene playing out in front of him with mild amusement. With his fancy manner of dress he was quite unlike the other ruffians gathered around in front of him, the ones more eager to recklessly throw themselves into a fight with the physically imposing woman with no sense of plan or purpose. It took a while but this reckless attitude of theirs had diminished from defeat after defeat. They still tried to act tough, at least the ones who hadn’t been beaten to a pulp, but they certainly weren’t stepping up to bat now.

In all honesty he would be content to allow himself to be called a coward and just walk away. She was clearly a dangerous opponent at least on his level, and as such it would be foolish to engage in a fair fight. However, orders were orders. He was sent here to further his training, and as such he was expected to fight the strongest person he could find. Well, he clearly found her.


He stepped out from behind the tree, having seen enough and his mind made up how to fight her in this David and Goliath situation he now found himself in. He strolled passed the ring of men into the middle of the circle where his target was waiting. With the two of them standing so close the size difference was all the more relevant. Alexander was just a runt.

“Guess I’ll do,” he said, using his left hand to gently pat the hilt of the blade attached to his hip. “Don’t mind if I use a little assistance here?”

That question was for the most part rhetorical. Of course he would use the sword if it would help him get out of this battle the victor. He widened his stance and hunched slightly over slightly on the balls of his feet, turning his right shoulder towards her and gripping onto the handle with his right hand. He wasn’t one the make the first strike. She would come to him, he could feel.
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