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One Punch-y instagib five-post fights are not considered marks of skill or distinction for us; they're considered marks of scorn for a player considered beneath the attention and effort required of a proper fight.

I understand where you're coming from for most of the post but I have to disagree in this point. Someone could outclass a fellow fighter with a brilliant opening move, but this would be rare to happen for skilled characters to die instantly. At least for fiction. In real life it's way more likely someone would go down instantly unless it's unarmed combat and even then one good punch can instant ko someone.
@Doc Doctor
My niece and nephew are visiting for a lot of the summer and they enjoy playing with me a lot once I get off work, but I'll try to get a post tomorrow. My alone time is limited.
The centaur, however, sounds like using 2 PCs in one fight, naturally making things a 2v1. If it was a horse, it would feel more fair, but the fact it's a centaur, who has equipabble upper body with additional arms, makes that easily unbalanced from a fight standpoint.

The opponent would have to be more powerful or team up with someone else or it could be an event type thing, like characters fighting against small armies. It's not something arena battles typically are but possible.
A youtuber Shadiversity came up with something I never thought of before. A centaur riding into battle...with a human rider. That would be interesting to have to fight against. The human rider would be free to do a bunch of combat related things without worrying about controlling a horse, and said "horse" has two free hands to wield their own weapons. Now if we could just come up with something for the centaur to ride, or something to ride the human. Of course a fairy could ride a human, or maybe a small goblin and then a fairy. The centaur could technically ride a dragon but them being a centaur loses the benefits.

I'm thinking of creating a player versus event roleplay where we're pitting against unique opponents such as that. I imagine them part of a militaristic kingdom.
At the moment Umbard was not overly concerned about his leg now that the immediate danger had passed. Although certainly feeling numb from a pinched nerve, he knew that he would have a couple hours before permanent damage might be done for lack of blood flow. How much this would effect his fight he wasn’t sure, but what he was sure of was that he would find a way to make due and defeat his cowardly opponent regardless.

“I can beat ya with only one leg and both hands tied behind my back!” He bellowed gruffly as he made a newfound effort to pull himself out of the pit. Thanks to Evvie’s heroic distraction the monster of the pit no longer had control over him and he managed to pull himself up onto the surface with bulging biceps. He looked around himself to try and spot his enemy while panting on his hands and knees. Admittedly that took a lot out of him and he needed a moment to recover.

Meanwhile, Evvie didn’t notice the wicked hand that reached out and grasped onto the hollow bones that made up her left wing. She let out a shrill cry as it snapped like a twig under his grasp. Her own blood dripped down into the pit with Umbards. She looked in shock at her mangled wing and the monster that had snatched her while she wasn’t looking. Before she could fight back she was tossed downward into the darkness. With her single wing she tried her best to remain airborne but she was only able to awkwardly slow herself down.

Her feet slammed hard onto the pile of bones below, drawing blood and letting out the same crunching noise her wing had produced. Luckily the bone pile managed to break some of her fall. Unluckily, whatever had managed to cause so many bones to pile up was now after her. She winched and tucked her injured blood red wing in close to her body. She wouldn’t be flying back out of here any time soon. She breathed out fire and coated her forearms in it to allow herself a sufficient light source down here, casting dramatic shadows on the walls from her flickering flames. Her eyes darted around above her in search of the abomination, her jaws open and ready to unleash another torrent the moment she caught sight of him. Her rigid body language showed a rare emotion from her. Fear.
@Doc Doctor
Thanks to Evvie’s quick action she spared Umbard a vast majority of the damage he would have faced. He felt the tug on his calf and a series of sharp pricks as the claws made their effort to dig into him, leaving five sharp pinprick wounds, but they were forced off almost as quickly as they had pierced him, splashing blood out as they hastily retreated, leaving only a flesh wound that looked far more violent than it actually was as blood trickled downward into the abyss after the retreating monster.

Evvie fell downward for a couple more second in pursuit, blasting her fire every which way down the canyon to make sure there was no safe place for it within close proximity before she shut her jaws and flapped her wings to regroup and catch her breath. It was then that she noticed Umbard’s wounds as a drop of blood fell past her vision. Rather than pursue the enemy further, she flapped back up and grabbed onto him from behind by wrapping tiny arms around him compared to his muscular chest. However, she managed a firm enough grip to allow her to carry him upwards. Getting him to solid ground would be the first order of business to allow him a chance to heal. Within a second or two they would clear the opening and she would toss him onto the ground ten feet or so away from the edge before landing herself, should she not be stopped. After doing so she would look around for the intruder. Meanwhile, Umbard would be letting out a series of curses of which Evvie was too innocent to know.
Battle Roygal! Let's go!

Roygals are my favorite types of battles. Let me watch!

*kicks back and grabs popcorn
Err...looks like we discussed about the post but I never posted. I'll get right on it after work.

If you get too tired or waiting you can feel free to give my characters a humiliating death.
I could hope we have enough people to make this a good roleplay and go ahead with the next phase. Maybe the OOC could get more interest as well.
Hoping a bump's alright...

*Bumps thread*

It's alright. hopefully we get more interest
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