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Current Working together with a team to try and reboot the forum's arena into something greater. Check it out and get your input as well!


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I've gained the inspiration I need to get my character ready for my fight. He's the best friend in my main trio of characters for one of my settings where it's kung fu style with magical weapons inspired by animals (technically monsters but they themselves are inspired by real world animals). His weapon is inspired by the pangolin. Should give him a unique fighting style with his gauntlets that can turn into protective sheets. Relatively fire resistant sheets. Should come in handy for our fight. XD

Love how this was super active for like 3 days but then when someone wants to actually fight everyone shuts up.

They only want to argue.

I should really get to posting that character for my fight.
New painting about borrowing from fortnite? They are very popular so have some ideas that could help.

So we could have seasons that change every season in some way to develop lore and have speculation by those not in the arena, causing them to want to get involved and see what's going on. We could have maps that we often fight in (I know we have that but who looks at our maps now?) and have them change mysteriously in fun ways to keep combatants on their toes. Release special cosmetic items for winning tournaments, like your character can wear a cape we talked about in lore. Maybe they don't offer any real advantages besides lore and showing off or maybe they can do something cool, but of course these items would be limited from certain things such as tournaments if they are too OP unless we do have a tournament where all bets are off.

Focus on coolness over micromanaging details could work in the favor of this concept as newcomers tend to be leaning more towards. So it would be more casual, yes, but more fun for most. Those who favor strict attention to detail can still agree on such battles but the main focus would be on the fun stuff getting lots more people involved.

Main plot doesn't need to be fleshed out immediately but instead revealed over time. Rifts open up from different settings. Oddball assortment of characters pop into same world and decided on a tournament arc to get to know each other and settle differences. yay! So people don't need to feel the need to keep their character winning and surviving at all cost, the afterlife world also connects to a rift so we can come back with some plot whatever reasons why it doesn't work sometimes to add suspense but most common stuff it works to explain why heroes would slay each other in tournaments.

Also events that could be PvE, not just PvP, could be more common. Say we go on a quest for some secret treasure and everyone who participated in it gets a special coin they found in a chest. Each season participation can give you a badge you can wear as well.
<Snipped quote by Inkarnate>

I have a fantasy knight character with some above average fire magic abilities.

I'm not fighting any lolis, do you have an appropriate opponent?

Maybe the people who hate the subforum are disgruntled lolis upset with that blatant discrimination? Guess I won't be able to use a character from my setting "super loli wars: revenge of the lolinator" any time in the near future..

On a serious note, my nephew is over and I'm more tired than expected later at night when I have free time to do stuff. He'll be gone in a couple more days but I haven't been able to make progress on my character sheet all this time. My apologies.
@ImportantNobody How about I get medieval on your ass with my knight gal above?

Mid Tier

Okay. This will be a good excuse to not use my own half dragon girl.

Evvie: "take this!!!" *breaths out flames, rodetta just stands there.
Rodetta: "ha, now I've got you!!!" *creates a volcano, Evvie just stands there.
Evvie; "nice hot bath you got there."


Rodetta uses her ability and Evvie randomly falls to the ground, smitten by it. Rodetta wonders why it works and says it usually only works on small drakes or baby dragons. Evvie assumes she is implying that she's really short (being only five feet tall). Could be fun if they were on a team.

By baby dragon, are dragons considered babies at different ages than humans? Evvie's only a teenager so in dragon terms that could be a baby
@ImportantNobody I'll fight you

What character? I've been amassing a group of characters from various settings I'm coming up with over the year so can match most of yours I'm sure.
I'm still lurking.
hello, my name is Liseran and I'm kind of new at this, but the arena interests me very much, and I was wondering if someone could give me a run down on how this place usually works? like, are there any special requirements before I can even join in the arena role play, or can I just ask anyone if they would like to role play? is it more of a collaboration between two people, do I like have to plan this out with someone, or is it just as you go along?

I also see that there's a point system on my account, and I have absolutely no idea how that works at all, so I'm kind of just guessing at it. I'm enjoying myself on the site so far, lots if nice people, and this seems a lot more complicated than the usual rp, but I think I can handle it.

You can ask anyone. Only requirement is they want to fight you too. XD Sometimes we have tournaments with multiple people but most of the time it's 1v1. Entirely up to you. Most of the time it isn't all planned out but people post back and forth trying to get the upper hand. The stats are just for if you both agree on the battle being ranked, than if you win or lose it goes on your record there. Nobody really uses it at the moment
This is dead as fuck, but a friend tried to make an Arena roleplay and discovered they couldn't set it as Ranked. Any reason for it? Do you need to have a certain amount of Arena posts or is it just a thing that only a mod can do?

You only need mod approval to change it after it's already been posted to the best of my knowledge. I'd try it again if the forum was having a hickup.
Alexander let out a pained cry as the back of his head slammed into the ground along with the rest of his body. All he could see was flashing lights before his vision returned to normal, revealing the snarling face of his foe hovering over him just out of reach. He did his best to squirm his way out of his situation but the woman’s grip was solid. He’d never come across someone so strong. Not any human being, at least.

He gritted his teeth, feeling the available oxygen leaving his body, his lungs now aching along with his head and neck. There was no escape. Narrowing his eyes, he released his grip on his weapon, allowing it to clatter to the ground. He wasn’t about to continue a fight he couldn’t win merely for pride’s sake. Pride would get him killed or at the very least more injured than he already was when all he wanted was for this battle to end so he could nurse himself back to health.

His pained expression attempted to take on a more bored, aloof look, his eyes darting off to the right to look at nothing in particular. In short he was playing it cool. She didn’t seem like a murderer or else he would certainly be freaking out right about now. He just hoped she’d let go of him soon or else things might turn dire.
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