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All that time gone and only two posts? I am disappoint.

I don't have my computer yet but I do have wifi. Will get a post once I get him to computer and catch up on all YouTube and anime I'm behind on, which could be be ton
I won't have internet access for a little over a week starting tomorrow. If a post doesn't come out soon for me to respond too then...well...guess you guys can just control Evvie doing something reasonably Evvie-ish as voting on by the guys on my team. Waiting another week for my post would be excessive.

It seems a little too early and out of place for a dramatic death scene, especially after having just done slapstick, so this seems like the best option to keep things moving.


I come back to find you guys had Evvie attempt to head butt him and her head exploded. The fight is miraculously over and the splatterer is discussing how knarly of a head explosion it was. The other heroes nod to themselves.
General Freedom is bringing out young Evvie's personality now. She'll be a bit cross with him for some time to come.
Evvie felt silly holding the defensive stance for any longer even though she certainly could have used a good rest from her speedy flight over here and from the previous exchange. She refused to stand idly by while the newcomers took all of the glory and damage for her. She used only a brief pause more as her catlike eyes took in the situation to see how she could best approach this without accidentally hurting everyone in the crossfire. She didn’t fight well with crowds of people for more than one reason, and being from another world she didn’t recognize any of these figures or their capabilities, but she’d find a way to make this work. She leaned forward and prepared her first step.


A sudden blast made her jerk in place just as she was shifting her weight. She nearly stumbled forward into a face plant but regained her balance with frantic swings of her tail, arms, and wings, a shocked expression on her face that turned to slight irritation once she realized what had happened. She blew a tuff of hair out of her face, shook her head, and tried again.

As the tussle was now in full swing playing out before her she began to sprint towards the Splaterrer’s left side in a circular motion around his perimeter, the side which had previously detonated so perhaps now had weakened or even nonexistent defenses until whatever barrier he was using could recover. As she continued her run she breathed out a far more thin and focused stream of fire, using her telekinetic control over it to limit collateral damage. This stream was large enough to cover most of the left side of her target’s torso but nothing more, hopefully not hot enough to hurt the other guy by proximity, but he seemed tough enough to handle it and if he expressed pain from it she would cease her action and try something else. However, she believed this plan might be the best shot at the moment. Judging by how she managed to do a small amount of damage previously with only a brief exposure to fire, she was sure if the foe got pinned down and blasted with her fire directly it could do some far more serious damage this time around!

As her fire was halfway to it’s target a sudden downpour of water washed over her, resulting in the trail of flame turning into a harmless puff of smoke. She skidded in place, the water puddles sending her tumbling for real this time onto the ground at high speed, throwing up a large splash of water that made it to her foe’s feet as she tumbled all the way past him like a rock skipping on a lake. This luckily put her a fair enough distance away and behind the Splatterer where it would be difficult for him to attack her in this moment of weakness, but this was of little consolation to her. She got up on her hands and knees, her face once again betraying her emotions as she looked up from this undignified position.

Seriously?! She really, really didn’t like working with others sometimes! She didn’t know if she wanted to slug the blue costumed fellow of the Splatterer more, but whatever the case someone was going to get punched. If nothing were to stop her she would get onto her feet and start advancing towards the scuffle in a huff, curving around to his left side again where an opening was currently.
If Evvie was chaotic evil then she could burn down everyone while they are pinning splatterer down with attacks. Would be effective. Unless they drop what they are doing and gang up on Evvie of course. XD maybe she does it with some allied character who uses stone golems or something to grapple the foe. Or he's slightly fire resistance so just gets all sweaty but survives. He tells Evvie he'll live for sure but e wasn't sure, he just knew it was their best shot.

Hmm...I have all these battle ideas but no story I'm actually writing.
no internet the week of the 14th.T'would be good if we can get the first round done before then.
Evvie let out a started grunt that was quickly cut short as air was forcefully taken out of her lungs. Her foe not only caught up to her but rushed her through such intense flames to do so! He had nerve equal to her own! She had to give him credit for that daring move even though he was scum for what he had done to these people. She couldn’t respect him as a person, but she was beginning to respect his capabilities as a warrior.

Her fire sputtered out as she could no longer give it breath. Once again her armor shattered at the point of impact, although given how she was moving backwards and her breastplate being the thickest part, the force wasn’t able to deliver quite as much devastating damage as what had happened to what was formerly her left greave and was now scraps of metal flaking off with every movement. A small crater formed and cobweb cracks radiated outwards but the armor was able to remain more or less in one piece.

The force of the blow sent her flying backwards, smashing into a building across the street although remaining in a standing position, resting her body within a slight indent in the wall. She grit her teeth, catlike eyes glaring at him to see his next move if he were to keep going towards her or turn his attention to one of the others. Her hands, clenched into fists, raised up to shoulder height as she took a step forward with her right foot into a defensive looking combat stance. Her damaged torso faced to the side, her right shoulder and side of her body towards him. Evvie tapped her left ankle forcefully against the wall to shatter what was left and allow the rest of the pieces to crumble. The bottom portion of her boot hanging on by a thread would just get in the way one way or another, so better off loosing it completely.
Guess I'll post after dinner then.

I need an adult.
The armor is of unknown material but can likely be equated to weight of steel.
Anom got a clear view of the battlefield in what seemed like long last as the small cat left as it was replaced by a far larger one he had never seen before. As annoying as the small one had been, he’d much prefer it to the newcomer, which had the strength to topple him and leave larger and larger gashes in his armor as it tore into him ferociously. He knew the armor wouldn’t hold forever based on the progress it was making. From his downed position he made an attempt to swing his sword towards it’s midsection should it not manage to pin his right arm down in time. Even if he couldn’t he readied the daggers generating in his arms to be used against. If his right arm was blocked, his left would turn his forearm to face under the tiger’s throat, dagger points facing up at it ready to fire in mere moments.

He tore his eyes away from this beast long enough to get a survey of his surrounds and that…that…absolutely beautiful monstrosity tearing at the villain over there. He had never seen such a thing before. What splendid musculature! What raw strength! He could stare at that dreamy thing for days, but this was interrupted all too soon by the spider man leaping next to his head and obstructing his splendid view of the thing.

“Out of the way you monster!” He shouted at the spider, flinching his head to the side just in time for the downward thrust to glance off his cheek. If the tiger didn’t stop him, he’d redirect his left forearm to face the spider and fire it towards his face. Why did this villain get in his way now of all times!
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