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<Snipped quote by Source>

<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*Absorbs the data into myself*

*My presence is felt physically elsewhere in the dimension*
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*Shoots them at you and Artahe instead*

<Snipped quote by Inimical>

Glimpse of Integrity.
*All of the webbings and networks that you have established, and all radiant energy that you have output, suddenly snaps and flows back into you wildly and rapidly*

*Throws out my hand to react in some way*
*Is hit by them and goes rocketing away*
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

Program Advance: Zeta Yo-Yo 3!
*A torrent of large spiked cylinders strikes the polyhedron and reflects the damage to everything surrounding it*

*Surrounds the object in a casing of energy that destroys everything that attempts to impact it*
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

What’s wrong? You don’t want to play?

You're just better off trying to dodge your whole reality being absorbed.
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*Cuts the ties with my daggers*

*Folds my arm and dissolves into the web to reappear next to Artahe*

<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*The cloak slips away from your hand when you try and grasp at it, and yet I use your very grip to propel myself through the residual of your teleportation and appear where last you were*

I think it might be best to eject this one from the dimension.
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*It hits a portion of my armor before I shoot forward*
*A large box appears below the dark hole, sucking everything in the vicinity into it with a powerful force*

*Your forward motion is met immediately with strands of energy that strap around the barrier and you, tightening and pulling you back toward it*
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*Crosses my arms to block prior to delivering a swift kick to your knees*

*Stabs through the back of the barrier as this happens, and simultaneously through you while you're pinned down*
<Snipped quote by Nemeses>

*You're caught up in a tornado that tears apart the mist*

*The bag that once tried to contain crier explodes into needles focused in your direction*
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*Follows the strands up, pushing my hand into the space where they tie together. The strands spin off in random directions and I pass through the cage*

*Turns to face Nemid's looming figure in the distance briefly and nods before returning attention back to you*
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*Closes my eyes as I pass through the wall at high speeds, blowing out of my mouth as the power starts to surround me—and the power itself parts as I pass through*

*A number of strands shoot up from around you, tying together above you and filling in, leaving you in a "bag" of energy, and I stab through its boundaries into you many times*
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