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I’m still working on the OOC, thanks for the interest!
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In REPOSITORY 073 9 days ago Forum: Test Forum

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@KillBox Writing style/length is less important to me than player initiative and ability to mesh cohesively with the narrative and other players, so please don’t feel intimidated by the subjective categorization.

Since there’s roughly enough interest, I’ll work on the OOC. Expect it up within two weeks, if not sooner.
@Dusty Hah, I admire your optimism! But it would likely be a West or East coast state. I’m still bouncing between New York or Cali.
Realized my preference for RP is a casual posting rate, but advanced-level initiative and agency in players and participation, so trying out my usual preference for anime hijinks and urban fantasy here.

Haven’t set up the fancy stuff, yet, but the pitch is Demon Slayer (you don’t need to be part of the fandom or even know the universe rules for it, since I’ll be tweaking the story’s rather inconsistent universe rules anyway and detailing how the universe works if an OOC is set up), set after the eponymous demon slayers have killed Kibutsuji Muzan, the original demon, and well into the modern era.

The shockwave of his death have reverberated throughout the demon slaying world, and what was supposed to be the end of the demonic influence over humanity has only been amplified with the rampant freedom of demons once controlled by Muzan. In the times since and with the sudden explosion of demon activity following Muzan’s death, demon slayer branches all over the world have been recognized by the government as an official organization, with the modern age accommodating for and equipping them with the necessary supplies and armaments to continue the war against demons. Breathing techniques are still crucial training for demon slayers, as the age-old method of beheading a demon with tamahagane steel is still the only reliable method of killing them without the help of sunlight, and even then some of them may require more than just beheading.

The Pillars, regardless of branch origin, are still revered among all demon slayer branches (though power gaps readily exist among them), and the descendants of the Ubuyashiki line still control the main Demon Slayers HQ in Japan, though they allow generous degrees of freedom for all other branches so long as the demonic scourge is kept at bay.

Within the last millenium several notorious demons have risen to prominence, most of them recognized due to their invasion and control over various territories across the world and all of them capable, through one method or another, of creating more demons. The Demon Slayer Organization has informally ranked them according to Muzan’s method, as numbered Upper and Lower Moons, though the demons themselves ignore this categorization and only recognize each other on a rough scale of power. Regardless, the current 12 Moons are not to be trifled with as repeated attempts with modern weaponry and bombs have failed to penetrate any of the 12 territories held by the Moons and even modern advancements in forging tamahagane weapons have only been moderately successful in keeping the Moons from expanding their territories.

Given that most demons require human flesh to survive, any notion of truce or coexistence has been abandoned by all but the most desperate countries. In that vein, however, several smaller countries have openly allied with the demonic territories, promising regular shipments of humans in exchange for the demons’ aid. Within even larger countries supposedly opposed to the demon occupation, especially those closest to the territories, there are yet “arrangements” made to keep the demons placated and the number of missing people seems to grow year after year. The black market for humans has never looked better in recent times and the unscrupulous businessmen of the underworld easily deal and barter with the more intelligent demons. This is not to mention the various gangs and cartels that openly embrace their new demon overlords, who pay in treasure and powers beyond their wildest dreams.

The modern Demon Slayers, then, have more than their fair share of work to do, especially when corruption runs rampant even within their own ranks and when toppling a Moon now means toppling an empire.

The site of this RP will take place in a fictional US city where one of the main North American demon slayer branches resides and will be a mix of monster-of-the-week and hopefully some player-generated intrigue/activities along with GM-generated nonsense. To that end, I’ll likely allow both demon slayer characters and demon characters as well, with the caveat that if you create a demon character you’ll need to find some way to associate with the demon slayers (who are more than open to demon informants and allies even if some of them would really rather not rely on such means) or be in direct opposition to them such that you often meet them directly. Players can be Pillars and Pillar specialties (Wind Pillar, Water Pillar, etc.) can be duplicated across different branches, but per branch there can only be one pillar of each specialty as the designation implies the character is “the best” at that specialty within the known slayers of that branch. Players cannot be one of the 12 Moons or the general-equivalent demons that serve the 12 Moons directly.

PvP will be left to the players’ discretion and GMs will only interfere to clarify how certain powers might work against each other. It’s recommended that players work out some way for involved characters to reach a stalemate in the fight and somehow disengage, unless a player doesn’t mind killing off a character.

Multiple characters are allowed, but beyond 2 per person, please confirm with me before creating so I can see if I’m able to manage that many or not.

As mentioned the rate of posting is casual with no hard rate (1 or 2 posts a month is perhaps a soft minimum), so I’m not concerned with how long a post is so long as it covers everything that needs to be covered with as much flair as the player wants to put in. I highly don’t recommend the practice of excessively padding posts because you feel a certain word count is expected, because there isn’t a minimum requirement. Filling out what a character would do, say, and think is normally a hefty post as is.

What is “advanced” to me is the player initiative and reasonableness in taking theme- and tone-appropriate actions that are within the range (even the outer range) of their character’s inclinations.

Conversations should be compiled into a collab post to avoid one-line back-and-forths IC and I leave it to the player to decide if a conversation can just be summarized by one player’s post if the interaction has nothing particular in its details to warrant a full collab.

Discord will be mandatory.

That’s the general list of the game’s ideas and overall expectations of players. If there’s enough interest (probably five to seven people at a minimum) I’ll flesh out an OOC within a week or two.

BURGER QUEEN || 1 AUGUST 2019 || ~9:00 PM

Dave had never been one to complain. He hadn't said a word when he was expelled from his first high school over a misunderstanding, and he never groaned about the lack of job prospects in Bloomfield Bay. There were jobs, but there weren't any he could fill with his high school diploma. The service industry jobs went to younger, better-looking people who could put in more hours instead of a hobo living out of his car. He had tried applying for janitorial positions, too, but found that even there the applicants were usually plentiful and overqualified.

Occasionally, customers at the Burger Queen would mock him for having a cell phone despite being homeless, before they returned to their own brushes with poverty in every bill that needed to be paid. He understood that it was their own fears they wanted to avoid, and having him around made it easy to forget how precarious their own positions were. So he never complained when they made those comments, just like how he wasn't complaining now, as a snot-smeared kid wiped her little hands on his ragged coat in complete defiance of her screaming mother. Eventually the woman dragged her child away, scrubbing the toddler's hands furiously with wet wipes.

He noted with resignation that the lady never bothered apologizing to him. She was probably more horrified that her daughter was touching a homeless person.

His phone rang at that moment, the screen flashing while on silent, so he left the fast food on the table with a nod at the cashier and a quick look towards the restroom to indicate he would be back soon. Inside, the sterile lighting and white linoleum revealed too many piss stains to count and several dark brown spots peppering the immediate vicinity of the toilet.

"Hello," he answered, already knowing who it was.

Jared's chipper voice answered from the other end of the line, "Hey, Dave! Sorry about the late pay last time--I got a new accountant and he thought the monthly payments sent to you were 'suspicious' so he flagged them and forgot to check with me. Honestly, I appreciate the meticulous work, but the guy really grilled me about who it was going to and why--"

"They're getting numerous here, Jared," Dave cut in. It was Jared's nature to talk and talk often, the well-bred sort of assertiveness that resulted from years of trained socializing and careful sidestepping of awkward silences.

"...Is it bad? I don't think I'll be back in Bloomfield Bay for at least another month or two, and I just killed a pretty beefy one two days ago here," Jared's voice dropped, though from the stark silence in the background, Dave could tell he was already somewhere private.

"Even if you were, I'm not sure it'd make a difference. Some new type of Elegy these days. Sends lots of little things skittering around causing discontent and misery, but the big one's hiding somewhere I can't tell. Bell sounds have been maddening lately."

"Do you want me to call someone? I think Anna and Leelee are still in the area, and Anna's got that tracking ability--"

"Yeah, if you could," Dave agreed, "that'd be great." He paused a moment but continued when he heard the sound of Jared's mouth working up another silence-filler. "Hey, Jared? I know I say this all the time, but I really appreciate what you're doing. For me. And by proxy for everyone else. I know it looks weird to be helping a random hobo all the time--"

"Stop, I should be thanking you." Jared cut him off this time. Then the sound of something muffling the receiver end while Jared shouted at someone ended quickly. "Sorry about that--I was saying I should be thanking you. Most of us don't want to give up anything, even when we know the world's at stake. I'm not going to make the excuse that it's human nature, because we should know better than primal urges by now, but you're stronger than everyone I know. Don't think you should be ashamed of that. I'm not."

If there was anything Dave had to say in response, he held his tongue, afraid Jared would hear the slight stuffiness of his voice when he tried to hold back more emotions than he could.

"But hey, I've gotta go now, my secretary is absolutely reaming my ass right now, I'll call you again later if I can duck away." The call ended on a merciful click and Dave calmed his reddening face with splashes of water. Jared was wealthy, but not as much as he could be if he erred more on the shady side of business. That he had always refused to partake in tax evasion schemes and corporate exploitation meant he was often away checking in on various branches of his family's hotel chain and making sure someone else wasn't shaving off profits in his stead. It also meant he was cutting back himself in order to support not only Dave, but various other Crowns who had come to him for assistance.

When Dave had calmed down enough, he walked out as quietly as he had entered, finishing his meal and cleaning his table so the Burger Queen staff would have a little less to do.

When he was away from both security cameras and human sight, he called forth his Crown and stepped into the Greyspace. It shrouded his body in an ink-dark pallor before shaping into a thin layer of black armor over his now ash-gray skin that faded into a blue translucence around his legs and arms. It seemed to reveal much of his new body, but the texture of the new skin was hard as steel. The Crown became a horn jutting from his forehead and furled out two sharp tendrils of pulsing blue on either side of his head. The top half of his new, inhuman face was shrouded now by a sheath of that same black carapace and small divots of blue light glimmered to life along the face and collarbone of his new form.

Floating now, he turned towards the nearing sound of tiny bells, already expecting the swarm of vermin. It would take a coordinated attack and a careful tracker to reveal the main body of the Elegy and he could only wait until Anna returned to organize the friendly Crowns.


CAKE CAFE || 1 AUGUST 2019 || ~3:00 PM

The Elegies were small and numerous this time, the damn things shaped like scuttling rats and spiders coated with a surface of smooth, black ink. They were too defined to be the ephemeral, shapeless masses that were normal Elegies, but it was something to think about later for Micah as he mowed down the critters. They seemed to just keep coming and he was getting tired. The area he covered seemed deserted of any other Crowns so he decided to hang in there a bit longer until he really couldn’t hold out anymore.

The roar of a powerful engine was heard first before the rapid hollow booming of her blasters. The veritable rain of fire left the familiar ozone smell in her nostrils as she perched precariously on top of the bike trying to finish her canned tuna.

She looked bedraggled and dirty, but as she stood up, putting her weight behind the bike as she swung it in mob clearing wide arcs around the lone Crown, her dull crimson hood and her transformed look all but conformed her identity.

"Pretty reckless fighting them solo."

“I didn’t really know anyone was around here,” Micah said, backing away from her car’s movements. “But right now there’s still a ton of them! Can you take them out? My offensive capabilities are, uh, yeah.”

He didn’t wait for her to respond before a golden, ethereal ribbon beelined through the monsters and wrapped onto Nanami’s ankle. Nothing felt particularly different, but a tingling flitted through her body as the energy that she had recently depleted regenerated at breakneck pace.

The Crown of Potential wasn’t the type of person that lingered with a regular group—it was something that anyone that had the opportunity to work with the woman was likely to say. That was why, when the chimes had sounded, she’d simply left her gardening half-finished.

That was why, when she noticed two other Crowns present in the Grayspace before she arrived, Tyjha couldn’t help but be surprised. The Crown traced a path in the air with her armament, two shimmering gerberas the size of saucers following the baton’s movements as she moved her way through the crowd with an elegance only found in comfort. Two others meant Scatter wouldn’t be the easiest option to handle the sheer numbers—a disappointment, but not an issue.

The gerberas cut another line through the Elegies, their forms returning to Tyjha’s side with a sweep of her baton, the third of seven Blossoming behind her from its ethereal form. Its form grew in response to will and magic, trailing behind her until it had grown to Tyjha’s satisfaction.

Unable to announce her presence with her voice, the Crown instead used action, the largest of her flowers following instruction from her baton. It landed in close proximity to the horned crown, brambles immediately growing outward in a line to slow the approach of Elegies from one side.

“Wow, lucky me,” Micah greeted, the statement genuine. “Someone else with better powers.”

"Don't lose focus." Energized, with what little energy she had used returned, she transformed the bike entirely, forming it around her left arm. A large combine appeared, roaring like a demonic beast, the blades in front a maelstrom of sharp metal.

"Fall like chaff in the wind."

The combine roared forwards, moving with the speeds of a hungry beast. The black specks of rat-like Elegies vanished beneath the deadly attack, its power shredding through the immediate horde like paper. Dismembered rats dissipated back into the air of the Greyspace as if they had never existed. The remaining Elegies scampered away, too numerous to chase, but held at bay for now.

Micah released the spell on Nanami, breaths rapid. “It’s always been rats lately,” he muttered, still looking around in case more appeared.

Another Crown chose that exact moment to step into the Grayspace. Well, he didn’t exactly step so much as stumbled into the magical dimension, cursing and swaying all the while. Under the black garb his Crown gave him, it was difficult to tell who he was. But surprise was plain enough in his voice when he looked up and noticed Micah.

“C-Catherine!?” He called out, caught off-guard.

Micah recognized that voice, but he was having trouble remembering who it was. One of the customers who frequented the cafe. Mark…Michael…something with an M.

“Wait…Matthew?!” he blurted out when the name finally came to him. “You’re a Crown?!”

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