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Need these two posts removed (player was kicked, so tidying up):

Thank you for your time!
@Eviledd1984 Hey, there, you kind of seem to just want to do your own thing disregarding entirely the theme/context of the RP. I was aware you wanted an Ultraman-like character but to actually set up a scene that discordant isn't something I'm into, sorry. I'm obviously not a stickler for realism, but that was a bit ridiculous all the same and I get the impression this game isn't quite the style that would best fit your character.

I'll be booting you from the RP for my own sanity, but it's nothing personal. Thanks for playing and good luck with further RPs. This decision is not up for discussion. Do not post further in the OOC/IC/CHAR threads. Do not PM me.

Oh, I forgot to mention it here since I mentioned it in Discord, but I was working on the IC post the past few days now that I'm free from finals. There were some setbacks and poor planning like me trying to work on a post in edit mode, Firefox crashing, progress lost, etc.

It'll be up soon once I get it all typed out again.

@PapiTan Looks good to go! Throw it in the CHAR tab and we can get started soon.
Cosmic Fairy got you beat, but yeah, looks good.
Oop, I'll fix that. Edit: Should be working now. Had the wrong link set to permanent.
Small note that if you see future CS's get popped into the CHAR tab without any discussion in the OOC tab, it's because people already discussed it with me in Discord.
@Vertigo I say they're not FCFS as a disclaimer in case multiple people want to have the same Ethereal, but generally if no one else is like "Hey, I have a sheet for that same Crown, hold up" they're effectively FCFS.
@GreenGoat Looks fine, just note that her vehicles will disintegrate after she uses the hammer attack or after she uses them for an extended amount of time under the buff regardless and she'll need to go steal more people's cars. After you add that throw her in the CHAR tab.
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