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Oh, great to see interest still! I’ll add some locations as starters to the info (though more can always be created by players as needed) and the OOC will be up in a few days.
Okay, now that life's settled down, I am still interested in this--likely to no avail but we'll see. If anyone's left who's interested, let me know, but this is also open to new interests as well. Interest check has been updated with more info and will likely not change much between now and the OOC. Any questions can be asked here and if it's something important I missed I'll add it to the info before opening the OOC proper.
Yes [emote].
@wolverbells Oh, I didn’t think people were still interested since I ended up swamped with backlogged work after the holidays anyway, which didn’t let up as Chinese New Year slid along. Since it’d been so long since I updated, I figured interest was gone. I’m still planning to play this with a friend, though, so I did intend to finish it out later on as a 1x1 at least.

Since you’re still interested I’ll ping you whenever I finally get the time to suck some air into my lungs.
I’m still working on the OOC, thanks for the interest!

Edit for delay notice. Busier than I expected, so give me a few more days.

@KillBox Writing style/length is less important to me than player initiative and ability to mesh cohesively with the narrative and other players, so please don’t feel intimidated by the subjective categorization.

Since there’s roughly enough interest, I’ll work on the OOC. Expect it up within two weeks, if not sooner.
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